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Full Stack Developer Resume

Glen Allen, VA


  • Around 5+ years of diversified experience in Web development, System Analysis, Technical Design, Development, Implementation, Performance Tuning, Testing and Release/Build management in all stages of Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in various Information Technology areas involving OOPs, Java/J2EE, SOA/ Web services and Frameworks (Struts, Hibernate and JSF), Model, View, and Controller(MVC).
  • Have end - to-end software development life cycle experience including Architecture, Design, Development, Application Industrialization, applying Performance Testing/Analysis, Optimization, Production and Application support.
  • Expertise in designing and developing enterprise and web applications using Java and J2EE technologies like Core Java (Threads, Networking, Collections, Exceptions), JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JUnit, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, HTML and CSS, XML, JNDI, JMS, JSTL.
  • Well versed in using Software development methodologies Agile Methodology, Scrum and Waterfall software development processes.
  • Experience with Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodology using tools like Unified Modeling Language (UML), Enterprise architect (EA), Rational Unified Process (RUP) using Rational Rose.
  • Worked extensively on Service Oriented Architecture and proficient with web service development using TOP-DOWN and BOTTOM-UP approaches.
  • Experience in development and deployment of applications using JBoss, BEA Web Logic Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application and Apache Tomcat.
  • Expert in HTML5/CSS3 development and have experience in AngularJS 1.x and Angular2, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Backbone.js, Require.js, node.js.
  • Extensive experience inAngular.JSfor application implementation, proficient in creatingmodules, controllers, route-Providers, factory services, ng-repeat, customizable filter, HTTP get/post methodsanddirectivesto realize functionalities likeRESTful webservice with Ajax call, input validations, searchable and sortable contents.
  • Working Knowledge of MVW frameworks likeBackbone.Js, and Bootstrap.JS
  • Used persistence frameworks Hibernate ORM, JPA, to map POJOs to a relational database.
  • Good knowledge of NoSQL databases like MongoDB and its advantages over relational DB's like NoSQL databases, MongoDB, Cassandra DB.
  • Hands on experience in an advanced JavaScript framework like Jquery/JSON to implement front end validations and various user interface events.
  • Using AWS EC2 to build secure, highly scalable and flexible systems to handle unexpected load bursts.
  • Experienced in leveraging RDBMS like Oracle, MySQL.
  • Expertise in using Development Tool Eclipse, JGrasp, and NetBeans.
  • Experienced in preparing to build and deploy scripts using ANT and MAVEN.
  • Experience in various databases Oracle, DB2, Postgre SQL and SQL Server and LDAP.
  • Experience in debugging teh java code with all teh testing tools and logic flow using eclipse UML plug-in and rational testing tools.
  • Worked with version control systems like Clear case, SVN, CVS, GIT, etc.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL

Design Pattern: Singleton, Front Controller, MVC, Observer, Adapter, DAO, DTO Decorator, Session Facade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Transfer Object, Strategy.

Client Scripting: Angular JS, JavaScript, Applets

Server Scripting: JSP1.2/2.1, Servlet, JSTL

Web Technologies: Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Tag Libraries, JAXP, JSTL, DHTML and HTML, CSS, BOOT STRAP, Angular JS

MVC Framework: Struts 1.1/1.2, Spring 2.0/2.5/3.0/4.1

ORM Framework: Hibernate 3.0/4.0, Hibernate Search ORM 4.5, JPA

JavaScript Framework: Angular JS, jQuery

Ajax Framework: JSON

IDE: Eclipse 3.4/3.5 STS, LUNA

Web service Specifications: JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, JAX-RS(Restful).

Web service Tools: SOAPUI, Advanced Rest Client.

Web service Imp.: Axis 1.0/2.0, CXF


Messaging Services: JMS, MDB

Middleware Technologies: EJB 2.1/3.0

Build Tools: ANT 1.4/1.5/1.6, Maven 2.2.1

Black Box Testing: JWebUnit, JMeter

White Box Testing: JUnit 3.0/4.0/4.1.

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Test Driven Development


Databases: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, Sybase 11.9/12.0/12.5/, DB2, SQL Server7.0/2000/2005, MySQL

Application Servers: Web Logic 6.1/7.0/8.1/9.0/10.1, JBoss 4.2.2/4.3, Apache Tomcat 5.5/6.0, Web Sphere 5.0

Platforms: Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7, Unix/ Linux.


Confidential, Glen Allen, VA

Full Stack Developer


  • Followed Agile SCRUM methodology for development and implementation activities.
  • Identifying teh technical areas dat contributed to teh issues and documenting them.
  • Used JavaScript for client-side validations and Created UI with HTML, CSS & JavaScript (jQuery) with AngularJS Creating Dynamic and Rich Design Layout with JSP.
  • Created reusable directives, factories and services in AngularJS
  • Developed web applications using Spring MVC, JQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap and Back end coding and development usingJavaCollections, Multi-threading, Servlet,Javabeans, Exception Handling etc.
  • Developed teh enterprise application by integrating JSF/Spring/Hibernate Frameworks.
  • Used various Spring modules to develop teh application such as Spring IOC, Spring Boot,Spring MVC, Spring DAO and Spring REST Template.
  • Designed and Developed End to End customer self service module using annotation based Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java Beans and JQuery.
  • Involved in teh development of microservices for 4 models.
  • Transitioning to microservices based approach to break huge monolith functionality wise in microservices
  • Worked on Functional decomposition of monolithic application to microservices application
  • Worked with architects on formalizing plan to run microservices on cloud
  • Designed and developed Micro Services business components and Restful service endpoints using Spring Boot.
  • Wrote micro service to create User specific algorithm and created/altered database partitions using jdbc template and Spring data JPA.
  • Developed Micro Services to provide Restful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC
  • Worked on application to automated content extraction using DocumentumProcess Builder email content and file system extract.
  • Provided connections usingSpringJDBCto teh database and developedSQLqueries to manipulate teh data.
  • Extensively used teh Spring Integration defining request and response channels to make teh internal payload travel through different Transformations.
  • Researched and implemented teh performance in teh NoSQL databases, MongoDB, Cassandra DB.
  • UsedJBPMto control some of teh workflows in a different module of teh application providing teh interface documents for approval.
  • Design and manipulation of JBPM process for teh client activities in order to manage teh people queue for each activity.
  • Implemented teh task dashboard of different JBPM workflows using BPMN 2.0, business rules using business rules using Drools.
  • Wrote transformations using XSLT and integrated with Spring Dependency Injection to transform request and response XMLs,
  • Used Hibernate Cache for query to improve teh application performance.
  • Developed RESTful service interface using Spring MVC to teh underlying customer event API.
  • Customized RESTful Web Service layer to interface with DB2 system for sending JSON format data packets between front-end and middle-tier controller.
  • Hands-on experience with Jersey implementation of JAX-RS to develop RESTful service and integration development by using Jenkins.
  • Implemented Cassandra NoSQL database and associated RESTful web service dat persists high-volume of user data, Worked with XML and JSON contents.
  • Responsible for implementing VINtelligence and Clue Auto modules enhancements into WebService Proxy using RESTful web services.
  • Designed and developed a RESTful and SOAP style Web Services layer to interface with a DB2 system.
  • Used Maven for application dependencies management.
  • Wrote custom JUnit test cases to perform teh unit testing and used ServiceNow tool for bug tracking.
  • Design Patterns like Facade, Singleton and Factory Pattern were used.
  • Involved in coding, maintaining, and administering JSP components to be deployed on a spring boot and Apache Tomcat 6.0 application servers
  • UsingAmazon Web Services (AWS)for Design and implementation of public facing websites.
  • Using AWS EC2 to build secure, highly scalable and flexible systems to handle unexpected load bursts.
  • Developed Contract First Web Services using Spring-WS to communicate with Database Tables.
  • Involved in teh complete development, testing and maintenance of teh application of teh whole application

Environment: Java/J2EE 1.6, JSPs, Servlets, XML, XSLT, HTML, JSTL, JavaScript, AJAX, AngularJS, WebSphere Application Server, Oracle 11g, Spring framework, Spring DAO, Spring Integration, RESTful, Web Services, JUnit, Maven, ServiceNow, Windows XP Professional, JavaScript, AngularJS, BackboneJS, CSS, Struts, Hibernate 3.0, Spring, Backbone JS, HTML, DHTML, JBPM, Apache Tomcat, DB2, JUnit, LinuxNoSQL databases, MongoDB, Cassandra DB.

Confidential, Massachusetts

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in teh analysis of functional specifications.
  • Understanding functional specifications and designing custom solutions to match teh requirements.
  • Lead a team of developers to code, unit test and deploy SSRS reports and dashboards for Office of Early Learning. Made frequent trips to client site along with design team to review each business process for each Iteration of FLELIS project to complete each design document for Reports and Dashboards.
  • Designed and developed UI component of teh application using Node.js framework along with HTML 5.
  • Used Apache POI for uploading Excel files and optimized teh load time by extensively leveragingJava8 lambda expressions, Streams, and parallel Streams.
  • Used Oracle streams for data migration and data distribution.
  • Having good working experience in deploying applications using Lambda, ECS and Docker containers.
  • Worked on teh creation of various subscriptions and topics using SNS and SQS based services and automated teh complete deployment environment on AWS.
  • Involved in automated deployment of ebs and chroot based automated deployments on to teh AWS cloud ec2 instance servers.
  • Enhanced various screens using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Ajax and tag libraries.
  • Since teh application is data-intensive and runs across distributed devices, used Node.js to make use of its core features like Event-Driven and Non-Blocking I/O model.
  • Transitioning to microservices based approach to break huge monolith functionality wise in microservices
  • Worked on Functional decomposition of monolithic application to microservices application
  • Worked with architects on formalizing plan to run microservices on cloud
  • Implemented core Bootstrap layout components such as Page Header, Dropdowns, Pagination, Navbar, Labels, Panels, and Badges.
  • Used various Bootstrap plugins like Modal, Tooltip, Popover, Button, Tab, Alert, Carousel and Scrollspy.
  • Deploying applications using Lambda, ECS, and Docker containers.
  • Developed teh application based on main modules of Spring framework such as Core Container, Data Access/Integration, and Teh Web.
  • Implemented Spring Inversion of Control (IoC) using Dependency Injection to handle Web Services.
  • Gradle was used as build management tool and to manage dependencies in teh application.
  • Created/migrated Gradle scripts from ANT scripts for project build automation.
  • Implemented different REST APIs such as user and transactional using frameworks CXF & Spring REST and implemented Web Service security using OAuth protocol.
  • Designed teh real-time analytics and ingestion platform using Storm and Kafka. And Writing Storm topology to accept teh events from Kafka producer and emit into Cassandra DB.
  • Designed and developed a 'Convention Based Coding' utilizing Hibernates persistence and ORM capability to enable dynamic fetching and displaying of various table data with JSP tag libraries.
  • Implemented Spring AOP along with AspectJ annotations as part of interceptor implementation for REST APIs to handle requests and responses.
  • As part of handling REST API requests and responses used Flexjson & JSON-lib as JSON Parsers to serialize and deserializeJavaObjects into and from JSON.
  • Implemented Multithreading to handle concurrent calls/requests without any/minimal delays.
  • Developed application using Gradle 1.0 asJavabuild tool to handle automated builds and GlassFish 3 as an application server for deployments.
  • Prepared Functional Test Cases for Mortgage process according to teh business Requirements and executed teh test cases in HP QC (ALM)
  • Worked with Advanced Rest Client and Jersey clients to test REST APIs and used JMeter as a load testing tool to measure teh performance of different Services.
  • Integrated Cobertura with Gradle to generate teh code coverage for teh application and Participated in teh design and development of database schema and Entity-Relationship diagrams of teh backend Oracle database tables for teh application.
  • Used GitHub as version control to handle different code versions and releases of source code.
  • Used Hudson as CI tool to handle deployments and Bugzilla for teh issue and project tracking.

Environment:Java1.8/1.7, Spring 3.0, RESTful Web Services, Hibernate 4.0, Node.js, Bootstrap 3.0, HTML5, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Oracle 11g, Kafka, Shell Script, Rabbit MQ, CXF, Spring REST, Advanced Rest Client, Jersey, OAuth, JSON, Flexjson, JSON-lib, Ehcache, JMeter, Eclipse, JUnit, Cobertura, Gradle 1.0, GlassFish 3, GitHub, Hudson, Bugzilla, IBM Clear Quest.


Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Requirement Analysis followed by Effort and Estimate Preparation
  • Design HLD, LLD and Project Kickoff.
  • Coordinate with all bank internal systems for all LLD assumptions.
  • Responsible for JAX-B jar creation and perforce structure creation.
  • Responsible for creating REST and SOAP interface for front end and back end integration.
  • Responsible for building teh application using Maven functionality.
  • Coordinate with teh Offshore team for day to day activity and deliverables.
  • Implemented Caching, Validation and logging modules using Spring AOP and Auto wiring
  • Conducted load testing with JMeter
  • Performance analysis using JConsole, Dynatrace, and JProbe
  • Responsible for conducting code quality analysis using Sonar tool
  • Coordinate with teh online banking consumer application teams and teh service providers to design and enhance teh model.
  • Help online banking teams to integrate teh module into their application and support them during Integration testing.
  • Responsible for coordinating with teh Testing team for all level of testing (SIT and CIT).
  • Provide day to day status update to Project Manager and Weekly dev status to Client Manager.
  • Responsible for providing an estimate for all change controls.

Environment: Spring3.0, Was 7.0, Linux, Putty, Eclipse, Java 1.6, CDM, IBM IFW, Apache Axis, Web Service (SOAP and REST), GZIP compression, Perforce, JUnit, Hudson, JIRA, Maven, Soap UI and HP Quality Center


Jr. Java Developer


  • Followed agile methodology (Stand up meetings, Sprint development, retrospective meetings and Pair programming).
  • Implemented Spring 2.0 for business layer and developed JSP files for developing UI.
  • Designed and developed code for MVC architecture using Spring framework.
  • Developed Spring configuration files to load teh context of teh application.
  • Developed presentation layer using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Utilized design patterns: Value Object, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Singleton, Data Transfer Objects, and DAO.
  • Developed and Supported a Java Swing Application.
  • Responsible for planning in teh migration of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications to teh J2EE environment.
  • Worked on Apache server for deployments and maintain teh applications.
  • Implemented persistence layer using Spring JDBC to store teh data in Oracle 11g database.
  • Configured Maven dependencies for application building processes dat created Pom.xml files.
  • Responsible for teh deployment of teh application in teh development environment using Apache Tomcat 6.0 application server.
  • Built from teh ground up, a structured and multi-layered J2EE application in accordance with teh Hibernate and Spring.
  • Developed application code using Eclipse 3.6 IDE and configured with Maven, Tomcat server and JUnit.
  • SVN was used for code versioning system and Hudson for building teh application in teh repository and for production code maintenance, CVS TEMPhas been used.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing teh application.
  • Utilized Easy mock for mocking teh service objects in test classes.
  • Log4J was used for logging teh application errors, warnings.

Environment: JDK 1.6, Core Java/J2EE (Servlets, JSP), Spring 2.0, Spring Batch, Apache, Hibernate, JDBC, IBM WebSphere, Lotus Script, Eclipse 3.6, JavaScript, JTA2.0, Oracle 11g, DB2, SQL, Web Services, TOAD, XML, XSL, Junit 4, Log4j, SVN, Swing, JIRA, Maven.

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