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Java Programmer Analyst Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Accomplished full stack Senior Java Engineer with around 10 years of experience in developing applications using Java/J2EE technologies in Insurance, Financial and Healthcare domains.
  • Highly experienced in designing, developing and debugging applications using technologies like Java, Angular4, NodeJS, Webpack, React, JavaScript, J2EE, GWT2.0, JQuery, Jasmine
  • Experience in implementing Responsive Web Design (RWD) using Bootstrap
  • Experience in Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular, created Multiple & Nested Views, Routing, Controllers, Services and Custom Directives
  • Experience with Angular4 & ES6 Features.
  • Extensive experience with core J2EE technologies like JSP, EJB and Java beans.
  • Hands on Experience with SOAP, RMI, Web Services and object serialization.
  • Extended experience in designing of large J2EE based time sensitive applications using established OOAD principles, SOA, concurrent programming, open frameworks and design patterns.
  • Experience in development and implementation of Restful Web APIs, and exposes endpoints using HTTP verbs like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE
  • Experience in developing J2EE applications using frameworks such as Spring, Struts, Eclipse RCP, Hibernate, Log4J and JUnit.
  • Proficient in application development using spring modules Spring - Core, Spring-AOP, Spring-DAO, Spring-ORM, Spring remoting, Spring Data REST
  • Expertise in designing and developing Web services using Spring-WS and Apache Axis 2.2, Apache CXF 2.2.4
  • Strong exposure to XML technologies such as XSD, XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, JAXP 1.1, JAXB 2.0
  • Well versed with CI and CD tools such as GitHub,Gradle, Jenkins,JCov,Checkstyle, Artifactory
  • Experience in programming web servers and application servers (Tomcat 7.0, BEA Weblogic 10.3, Jetty Web server, JBoss EAP 6, IBM WebSphere 5.1, Oracle Application Server 10.1)
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of UML, Unified Process at the Enterprise level and familiarity with popular process methodologies like Agile, Waterfall
  • Proficient in writing stored procedures, triggers and functions.
  • Well versed with Ubuntu operating system and shell commands.


Programming Languages: Java 8, C

Application Frameworks: Struts 1.1x, Spring MVC3.x

Persistence Frameworks: Hibernate, iBatis

Desktop Application Framework /Tools: JavaFX8, Scene Builder, Scenicview

Unit Testing Frameworks: JUnit 4.9

Web Technologies: Angular 4,Angular 2,Node JS, React JS, Webpack,Jasmine,Javascript1.6, JQuery 1.11, JSON, AJAX,HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, XML,JSTL

Application Servers: JBoss EAP 6.0, Tomcat 7, IBM WebSphere 7.0,Weblogic

Developer Tools: Eclipse (Mars), IBM RAD 7.5

ALM Suites: IBM RTC 6.0.3, Atlassian, JIRA

Build Automation tools: Apache Ant 1.3x,Maven 3.2.5,Gradle 3.2.x

Web Services: SOAP and Restful Web services

Databases /Tools: Oracle 12c,Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 2012,TOAD, PLSQL Developer, Mongo DB, Mongoose, Mongo Profiler

Source Version Control: SVN, CVS, GitHub

Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu

Middleware Technologies: Websphere MQ,JBoss MQ, ehCache, Oracle Coherence 12.2,Drools,jBPM


Confidential, Charlotte NC

Java Programmer Analyst


  • Implemented initial GUI design in JavaFX8 to display real-time data from Coherence caches.
  • Implemented Services for integrating GUI to Coherence Continuous query cache listeners.
  • Implemented various aggregation formulas to calculate aggregate real-time Pnl values.
  • Implemented Custom JavaFX table and Columns to support filtering and aggregation capabilities.
  • Analyzed solutions to export the data to Excel format.
  • Implemented Custom column menu for the table to select visible columns.
  • Integrated the standalone application to FXDesktop framework to support saving user preferences.
  • Deployed common trade jar on Linux servers to pull real-time data from risk services and sync with coherence caches.
  • Created shell script to execute the jar on Linux servers.

Technologies and Tools Used: Java FX8, Java 8, Oracle Coherence 12.2, Junit4, Spring Boot, GIT, Jira, Eclipse, Scenebuilder, ScenicView,Linux, Putty, Filezilla

Confidential, McLean VA

Java Programmer Analyst


  • Created custom time control in Angular4 to accept batch run times according to user requirements.
  • Implemented authentication and authorization module using Angular 4 and TAM.
  • Implemented REST services to invoke the batch process and generate the XML
  • Involved in fine tuning the XSLT to decrease the processing times to render in different browsers.
  • Implemented test cases in Jasmine.
  • Provided Production support to do Root cause analysis and troble shoot performance issues.
  • Deployed the executables on Linux servers.
  • Created shell scripts to execute the jar files on Linux servers.

Technologies and Tools Used: Angular 4,Jasmine, Spring Batch, Java8, Linux, Putty,Eclipse, TAM, SonarQube, Github, Junit, TAM


Sr. Java/JEE Application Developer


  • Ported the legacy application to new desktop SPA (Single page application) using Java 8, Java FX, Scenic view, Scene builder.
  • Worked in complete agile environments and involved in regular PI planning and Sprint sessions as well as grooming sessions where we task out stories as well as regular daily stand-ups.
  • Involved in sprint review, sprint planning, retrospective with Scrum masters and Product owners.
  • Involved in analysis, detailed design, design reviews, code refactoring, development, code reviews, unit testing, performance tuning, smoke testing, integration testing, regression testing and Acceptance testing of the various use cases that are part of our development tasks.
  • Worked on refactoring, code improvisation, multithreading and performance tuning, unit testing following code standards and best practices as a part of development of each use case.
  • Developed Rich UI Components such as Accordions and Modal Windows in JavaFX.
  • Created high quality, maintainable, and performance code for automated test cases and followed ATDD using Java our development.
  • Used GitHub repository for Version control and used Junit with for Unit testing the application.
  • Implemented various Validation Controls for form validation and implemented custom validation controls using Object Oriented JavaScript.
  • Used Jenkins for CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Development) and Sonar for monitoring projects and code quality.
  • Integrated imaging capabilities with Java FX
  • Built custom controls to support complex business functionalities in JavaFX.
  • Wrote PL/SQL queries and procedures for implementing security in the application.
  • Converted existing rule spreadsheets to Decision tables in Drools.
  • Seperated object model for rule execution with type conversion to be handled by technical rules.
  • Leveraged Jboss jBpm 4.x to automated business processes regarding communications between different processes Deplye
  • Designed custom forms to support rule validation.
  • Developed build automation using Groovy scripts and Gradle.
  • Provided technical support to solve production issues.

Technologies and Tools Used: Eclipse (Mars), Rational Team Concert, Github, Gradle, Jenkins, JUnit, Checkstyle, Oracle 12c,Java8, JavaFX, ScenicView, Scenebuilder, QFTest, JBoss EAP6.0, Gradle, PL/SQL developer, Spring, Hibernate, Drools, jBPM, JQuery, JSON,Linux, Putty

Confidential, Boise ID

Sr. Application Developer


  • Worked closely with a team to integrate designs, components, and ideas together.
  • Preparation of Estimation for the business components.
  • Implemented Agile Model Driven Development for initial requirements envisioning and iteration modeling.
  • Conducted model storming sessions to design prototypes.
  • Worked in cutting edge technologies like AngularJS, Java 8, NodeJS, REST services, Spring framework.
  • Developed code to call the web service/APIs to fetch the data and populate on the UI using AngularJS ($http, $resource).
  • Customized AngularJS filters in several locations to get the required output.
  • Effectively conducted Code Review and tackling of performance related issues.
  • Conducted retrospection meetings after each iteration.
  • Scheduled and conducted in Knowledge transfer sessions.
  • Followed AGILE (SCRUM) methodologies, had done sprint planning every two weeks and setup daily stand up meeting to monitor the status.
  • Implemented Agile Model Driven development and Test driven development for achieving quick results in a short timeframe.
  • Implemented appropriate indexes (B-Tree, Geospatial, Text) for performance improvement.
  • Implemented Mongo Management Service for automating a variety of tasks, including backup/recovery and performance management.
  • Recommended and implemented best practices for Rest API integration framework/model.
  • Developed MongoDB and API prototypes and proofs of concept.
  • Implemented optimal backup and recovery.
  • Assisted in detecting performance problems using Mongo Profiler.

Technologies and Tools Used: Java 8, Spring Framework, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Angular JS, Node JS,Jasmine, Bootstrap, Git, Maven, Tomcat 7, Apache Webserver, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JUnit, REST, Soap, Soap UI, Eclipse, ATDD Java-Cucumber, Jenkins (CI/CD), AWS platform tools,Mongo DB, Mongo Profiler, Mongoose

Confidential, PA

Sr. Software Engineer


  • Demonstrated strong competence on implementing SDLC phases of crucial applications in the Marketing domain such as Broker Administration Commissions System and Individual Medicare Commissions.
  • Demonstrated ability to take ownership of business problems and drive them to resolution.
  • Determined operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions.
  • Participated in documenting and demonstrating solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code
  • Developed new UIs for Individual Exchange customers Broker Administration Commissions System application using the MIS Framework.
  • Implemented the UI changes for Individual Medicare Commissions application using Spring Framework for Medicare Rate Changes.
  • Enhancements projects using Java 6, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Developed legacy application enhancements in Struts, JQuery and iBatis.
  • Developed JUnit test cases.
  • Implemented a Web Services layer SOAP &, using Axis 2, into their existing product.
  • Migrated source versioning system from CVS to GitHub.
  • Implemented Atlassian as ALM suite for embracing agile methodology for software development.
  • Maintained Bug triage using HP Quality Center 10.
  • Effectively conducted Code Review and tackling of performance related issues.
  • Responsible for configuring and deploying the application on WebSphere servers.
  • Worked closely with testing teams for Test Data creation for QA, Regression and System Testing.
  • Recommended changes on improving operations by conducting systems analysis, policies and procedures.
  • Scheduled and conducted in Knowledge transfer sessions.
  • Provided technical production support to do Root cause analysis and fine tune performance issues.
  • Developed standalone programs for creating migration files with Guava APIs.
  • Wrote the PL/SQL procedures and queries to pull data for Medicare member conversions.

Technologies and Tools Used: IBM WebSphere RAD, Oracle 11g,Java1.6,EJB, PL/SQL developer, TOAD, MS SQL Server, Spring, Hibernate, Struts 1.x, JQuery, Javascript, CVS, Github, Ibatis, Axis2, Atlassian, HP Quality Center, Websphere MQ, Rabbit MQ, ehCache, Guava APIs, REST, JAXB, Soap UI,XSD,XSL, JSON, JUnit, WinSCP, Putty,Filezilla,Shell scripting


Software Engineer


  • Designed comprehensive framework using Spring MVC, JSTL, JDBC Template, Hibernate JPA
  • Responsible for analyzing and evaluating user requirements.
  • Preparation of Estimation for the business components.
  • Participated in creating detailed design documents
  • Implemented UIs using Spring MVC framework, Web components using JSP, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Effectively implemented Spring Authorization and Authentication.
  • Implemented the daily batch update processes using Spring Batch and Quartz framework.
  • Implemented robust charts and diagnostic reports using Flot(JQuery) plotting library.
  • Integrated various procedure calls and SQL calls using JDBC template and Hibernate.
  • Implemented Spring batch to update the patient data daily across multiple databases.
  • Fine-tuned the Spring batch process by updating the flushing mechanisms.

Technologies and Tools Used: Eclipse, Oracle 11g,Java, PL/SQL developer, TOAD, Spring MVC, Spring Authentication, Spring Batch, Spring DI, Hibernate, JQuery, JSTL, SVN, Axis2, JIRA, Tomcat 7


Software Developer


  • Implemented the cross browser compatibility for the application.
  • Developed the Auction Rate securities module.
  • Implemented FIX protocol using QuickFIX Engine.
  • Involved in front end design using JSPs, JavaScript, AJAX, action classes
  • Wrote SQL queries for CRUD operations.

Technologies and Tools Used: Java, PL/SQL developer, TOAD, Struts, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, ehCache, JMS, Jboss MQ, FIXML, WebSphere MQ,CVS, JBoss 4.x,Eclipse, Weblogic, EJB

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