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Sr. Servicenow Developer Resume


  • An Experienced IT Professional with 9 Years of IT experience with 6 years in ServiceNow as a Administrator, Developer and Architect.
  • Experienced as aServiceNowtechnology analyst with experience on implementing end - to-end Service Catalog, Incident Management, Configuration & Asset Management, Release Management and Change Management with extensive knowledge on Content Management System and Demand Management.
  • Leading ServiceNow platform solutions including ITSM, GRC, SecOps, and Asset Management spaces.
  • Worked on most of the releases of ServiceNow including Calgary, Eureka, Fuji, Geneva,
  • Helsinki with hands on experience in web development using HTML, CSS, Java Script and J-QUERY.


Programming Languages: Jquery, Java, Angular Js, Jelly Script, ASP.net,Perl

Platform: ServiceNow, HP Service Manager, SDLC

Web Technologies: ASP .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, XML, PHP, JSON

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Technologies: Agile, Design Patterns, ITIL, CSP, MVC, Scrum, Machine Learning

Other Tools: QTP, code using Glide Ajax in Client Script, SQL Developer, Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Office, Crystal Reports, Client Script/Calling server side, Eclipse



Sr. ServiceNow Developer


  • Experience in creating Configuration items (CI), service catalog for Service portals.
  • Configured workflows and created automated scripts for automated approval for events.
  • Implemented LDAP Integration to load user and group data to Service Now using Import sets and Transform Maps
  • Development & Administration for ServiceNow ITSM Platform
  • Build and maintain a highly custom public-facing HR/Onboarding portal
  • Manage successful upgrade from Helsinki->Istanbul, including bug-fix development
  • Code in JavaScript & Java to enhance platform functionality
  • Implement and manage ITSM platform, ServiceNow, for various IT processes and tracks
  • Build and implement new, fully custom SDLC module
  • Manage successful upgrade from Eureka -> Geneva, & Geneva -> Helsinki ServiceNow versions
  • Code in JavaScript & Jelly to enhance and customize platform functionality and appearance
  • Design & code highly complex multi-process workflows
  • Worked to develop new service catalog items and fix bugs in incident, problem and change management. Involved in end to end implementation of Service Now solutions. Worked on Service Catalog, Dashboards, and Event Management and Incident Management module customizations along with enhancements.
  • Integrations with other systems and tools and supervised upgrades. Performed day to day administration tasks. Proven Experience of Support, Customization, LDAP configuration, Jelly Scripting, Glide Script, Glide AJAX, UI Pages, CMS sites.
  • Involved in gathering the requirements from the Business Team and creation of technical Task Documents to develop workflow, implement the workflows in Service Applications and administer the tools.
  • Experience in the development and customization of Service Catalog Items and Workflows.
  • Workflow management - Created Workflows, Sub flows and Tables on Helsinki.
  • Strong technical knowledge of ITSM Products Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Asset Management, SLM, SRM, CMDB, AIE
  • Developed user interface elements for Web-based applications based on program specifications using JavaScript.
  • Setting up Configuration Management, defining the CI classes and their relationships.
  • Managing Email notifications through Tables and Workflows.
  • Service Catalog (Request Item, Order guide and record producer) has been created based on client requirements. Also, Workflow has been created to support the Approval workflow and task assignment.
  • Implementing End-End Service Catalog items for the existing business processes.
  • Created new Business Rules/Script Includes/Client catalog script/Client Script.
  • Created Business rules supporting various email, notifications and also tables.
  • Created data sources and loaded the Service-Now tables with different data formats.
  • Created and managed SLA definitions for different Service Groups.
  • Worked on establishing Links to knowledge-based articles on Geneva and Helsinki.
  • Worked in Incident, Change and Problem enhancements and Co-coordinating with the UAT team for any improvements.
  • Worked on identifying the users, groups, categories and following the ITIL standards while designing these solutions.
  • Participated in Service-Now Quick Start Implementation process and worked with the process of implementation of Incident, Change, Problem, Knowledge and Service-Catalog.
  • Developed lot of client Scripts, UI Policies, Script Includes, Business Rules across the application as per the requirement. .
  • Incident Management and Problem Management activities.
  • Worked on enhancement of change workflows.
  • Created record producer application for some teams as a special requirement.
  • Worked on internal portal for accessing all the business services by using Service Now Content Management Application.
  • Administered HI Service-Now account for scheduling cloning and applying patches for the Service-Now instances.
  • Responsible for regular administration of the instances and making sure that everything is in sync between all the instances.
  • Data Population for New Catalog Item, Maintenance of CI (Configuration Items) and workflows in CMDB module.
  • Development of UI pages using HTML and jelly scripting for SP (Service portal).
  • Extensively worked with REST GET and POST using basic HTTP Authentication.
  • Handling the Web responses and Parsing the XML and JSON data to load into tables using XML and JSON parsers in Service Now.
  • Extensively worked on the Implementation, Configuration and maintenance of Business Rules, Client Scripts and UI Policies.
  • Implementation of ACL, Workflow, Survey functionality.
  • Worked on DISCOVERY and set up mid servers and check for the connectivity, Became an expert in troubleshooting Discovery tool.
  • Defined new process classifications as per the clients requirement. Wrote on classification scripts and other primary steps.
  • Involved in creating and configuring the SLAs as per the requirement
  • Involved in variousServiceNowcustomizations as per client's requirement.
  • Customizations inServiceNowforms, workflows, notifications as per client's requirement
  • Creation of catalog Items with Variables and Variable sets.
  • Gathering Requirements from client creating catalogs items.
  • Maintaining product catalog to import the configuration item records.
  • Manages data with Tables, the CMDB, Import Sets, and Update Sets.
  • Worked on UI Pages, Transform Maps and Schedule Jobs.
  • Created suggested relationships for configuration items in CMDB.
  • Involved in creation of reports, dashboards inServiceNow.
  • Responsible for addressing Service Now Issues and give training on Incident/Problem/Change according to the business needs and updates.
  • Worked on Notifications as part of customizing inServiceNow.
  • Installed MID Servers on remote desktop and conducted tests required for Discovery.
  • Writing Scheduled jobs and Schedule Imports depends on the requirements inServiceNow.
  • Customizing the forms and Lists of Incident and Problem Management tables.
  • Creation of Workflows and Execution plans for the catalog items.
  • Involved in working with process owners to develop workflow, implemented the workflows in Service Applications and administer the tools and enhanced requests by Java Scripts.
  • Worked with Service Now Event Management by configuring Event Mapping Rules, Event Transform Rules, Alert Rules, Incident Templates.
  • Have taken part in Data loading of CI Attributes for CMDB using transform mapping and Import Sets calling multiple scripts includes for processing the attributes and loading them in CMDB.
  • Developed client side and server side validations using validation controls using HTML5, JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Designed and implemented Service Catalog items with custom workflows with REST API calls for automation
  • Writing Catalog client scripts and UI policies to make client side changes.
  • Created various SLA as per client requirement with the Incident Management applications.
  • Wrote custom workflow for Change Management process to run the approvals and Task as per the Change Request Type.
  • Designed Test Management Process for all ITSM modules for post Upgrade regression testing,


Sr. ServiceNow Developer/Architect


  • Implementation of the ITIL processes like Configuration management and Service Catalog in Fuji instance.
  • Developed Fuji instance in such a way that the custom related Business rules or UI Actions or UI Policies etc. related to any module are reduced as much as possible and the instance is mostly build Out Of Box.
  • Customized workflows for approvals and associated tasks.
  • Configuration of Email Notification and Alerts to notify users about specific activities in the system.
  • Developed UI Appearance for Service Catalog Requests.
  • Configured Service Level Agreements to define certain levels of service from both internal and external providers.
  • Writing Business Rules, Client scripts, UI Policies and UI Actions to customize the instance as per Business needs for the CMDB module.
  • Created reports, workflows, data imports for services.
  • Create, monitor, modify, and publish service catalog workflows with approvals.
  • Create and use update sets to move customizations between instances.
  • Backed up required update sets during the time of cloning and reapplied again after cloning and worked on them for the CMDB and Catalog modules.
  • Using Import Sets for data loading from external file or database to the ServiceNow.
  • Tested, analyzed, collaborated and assisted with translating business requirements into technical requirements to ensure a smooth implementation of applications or modules.
  • Actively involved in Scrum meetings to get clarification on the requirements.
  • Good understanding on agile methodologies.
  • Worked on Fuji upgrade project from Eureka.
  • Worked on both Eureka and Fuji on the CMDB and Catalog module.
  • Experience in implementing end-to-end service catalog and CMDB.
  • Responsible for maintaining and growing data held within Service Now such as our users, locations, configuration items, service catalog items.
  • Worked on many ACE reports and findings recommended by SNOW to improve performance of the instance.
  • Worked actively on upgrade activities from Eureka to Fuji.
  • Reviewed all Business rules and transform maps on CMDB and re written in efficient way.
  • Redesigned and developed generic workflows.
  • Developed complex Transform scripts for CMDB.
  • Designed and developed Surveys and Survey Conditions.
  • Exported services from Eureka to Fuji and worked on it to make sure they work as intended in Fuji.
  • Used transform maps to get data of the custom tables from Eureka to Fuji.
  • Designing, configuring and customizing new applications and the CMDB module.
  • Performed a role of developer and implementerServiceNow ITIL tool in project.
  • Designing and developing the Self-Service Portal.
  • Worked on GRC application (Governance,riskandcompliance).
  • Worked on Content Management System (CMS) and Self-Service portal using Jelly Script and UI Macros. Managed Employee Self-Service portal (ESS).
  • Served as Enterprise Change Manager and chaired weekly CAB meetings in a global outsourced environment.
  • Collaborate with the GRC team on the development of the GRC solution.
  • Implementing, configuring, on boarding, and administrating GRC plugins.
  • Defined the functional needs for our ITSM system,ServiceNow, and architected the specific implementation.
  • Call clients, setup WebEx meetings, investigate cases, analyze error logs, install Archer software, support Archer-SecOps-VRM-Security Analytics integration, re-create scenarios in vm.
  • Writing Scheduled jobs and schedule imports depends on the requirements
  • Worked on Project Portfolio Management PPM module to view all the related projects and application Confidential the same time and track their progress by Gantt charts. Also worked on demands in the PPM module.
  • Worked on creating various Import sets and Transform maps for data uploads using excel sheets.
  • Created Database views to create reports across multiple tables.
  • Created Service Catalog templates for various use cases which are used for Catalog Admins to develop catalog items.
  • Examines, tracks, and reports on application issues and maintains documentation on project issues and defect metrics.
  • Collaborates within team and across product management on process improvement initiatives.
  • Develop and assist staff in the execution and support of Release and Testing Management best practices
  • Implemented process improvement processes into the data center as related to Change Management.
  • Created Domain based List Views.
  • Created Custom Workflow Activity Definition and custom Action model for workflows.
  • Developed processes, documentation and training for Incident, Problem and Change Management.
  • Created Custom Access on form fields using UI Policies and ACLs.
  • Modified Personalized List Columns on a list view, based on access.
  • Created UI Page using Jelly which gets triggered by UI Action on form.
  • Created UI Page to take action on Workflows, or to process workflows.
  • Developed consensus during organizational change engagement.
  • Created and Tracked support cases withServiceNow.
  • Created client's scripts/UI policies with high-level customizations like attaching a custom event and DOM-injection with JQuery and Prototype.
  • Developed business process improvement plan and process to integrate Incident, Problem, Change and Availability Management.
  • Conducted assessment of existing change control, incident and problem management processes to develop and implement continuous process improvement plan.
  • Work as a Business process consultant cum technical lead forServiceNowpractice
  • Create requirements definitions and technical specifications documentation.
  • Configure Service Portal for Customer Service management process
  • Performed integrations and process automation usingServiceNowOrchestration.
  • Gathered specifications from the IT department and delivered a product/release that meets the needs presented.
  • StreamlinedServiceNowdemandmanagementprocess and managed release lifecycle
  • Created and implemented process documentation for incidentmanagement
  • Assessed the state ofDemandGeneration against what was required to increase sales opportunities, then worked with marketing and sales to develop a plan that included marketing campaigns, lead generation, qualification, nurturing, and a handoff process to sales
  • Created and Tracked support cases withServiceNow. Created a lot of client's scripts/UI policies also with a lot of high-level customizations like attaching a custom event and DOM-injection with JQuery and Prototype.
  • Worked across IT and other Operations Divisions to design, develop, and implement ServiceNowsolutions consistent with customer requirements.
  • Performed integrations and process automation usingServiceNow Orchestration.
  • Working knowledge on Single Sign on (SSO) and event-based integrations.
  • Hands-on experience in writing jelly script to create web pages from a high-level page description using templates from the existing library.
  • Played part on end user self-service portal management.
  • Design and maintain Service Portal for user access to Knowledge Base and Service Catalog.

Confidential - Manhattan, NY

Sr. ServiceNow Architect


  • Involved in the complete end to end cycle of coding, testing, debugging, maintaining and refining the computer software in Service Now to produce the required product in an Agile development environment.
  • Involved in providing the design solution, technical methodologies and processes solution to meet the customer requirements. Manage and coordinate activities during the overall ticket life cycle in Incident and Problem Management
  • Involved in working with process owners to develop workflow, implement the workflows in Service Applications and administer the tools and enhanced requests by java script
  • Performing quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Implemented modules like Service Catalog, CMDB, Discovery, Password Reset Orchestration, Incident Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management, Configuration & Asset Management, Change Management and Release Management with extensive knowledge on Content Management System.
  • Created reports, workflows, data imports for Incident, Problem, Change, Service Request and CMDB
  • Created and Maintained foundation data - User Accounts, Approvers, Support Groups, Sites, Production Categorizations, and Templates
  • Performed Data migration of CI Attributes for CMDB using import sets.
  • Responsible for preparing design level, program-level and user-level documentation.
  • Created Procedure guidelines used in supporting Technology and Application issues.
  • Implemented, documented and maintained the Service-Now platform to meet specific business needs to support ITIL and business processes.
  • Configured Service Level Agreements to define certain levels of service from both internal and external providers
  • Responsible for maintaining and growing data held within Service Now such as our users, locations, configuration items, service catalog items.
  • Use business analysis skills to directly interface with customers to design and build applications that meet business goals and objectives.
  • Utilized Java Scripting to deliver solutions that automate and audit business processes using UI Policy, Client Script, UI Action and Business Rules.
  • Responsible for maintaining and growing data held within ServiceNow such as our users, locations, configuration items, service catalog items.
  • Development of requirement integration components (SSO, LDAP, SOAP)
  • Design and Configuration of workflows
  • Configuration of Email Notification to alert users on ServiceNow activities.

Confidential - Chicago, IL

ServiceNow Developer


  • Implement and manage ITSM platform (ServiceNow) for all IT processes and tracks
  • Develop and update ServiceNow ITSM tool in JavaScript / Glide / Jelly scripting
  • Created multiple applications for different Business Owners.
  • Created Service Portal pages for the applications as per business requirements.
  • Writing Business Rules, Client scripts, UI Policies and UI Actions to customize the instance as per Business needs for applications.
  • Create, modify and publish Workflows for multiple applications based on requirement.
  • Gave access to end users to submit requests from Service Portal page
  • Created categories, sub-categories, items for the application and used them in Portal page.
  • Created and utilized Update Sets to move all the work from one instance to another.
  • Validated all the work by myself and also had UAT (User Acceptance Testing) by the Business to get their approval.
  • Created multiple email scripts and used them in the email notifications as per business requirement.
  • Created multiple Inbound Email Actions as required by the business.
  • Worked on various defects which occurred before and after migration of work and fixed them.
  • Prepared Design Documentation and Training Guide for Service Catalog Module.
  • Worked on building end-to-end applications for different business owners.
  • Create multiple SLA's and use them in the applications.
  • Actively involved in Scrum meetings to get clarification on the requirements.
  • Good understanding on agile methodologies.
  • Created multiple ACL's for the applications.
  • Worked on fixing various incidents and used update sets to push the fixes from one instance to another.
  • Design & Implement new knowledge management & self-service portal systems
  • Build, organize, and deliver technical training around ITSM tools platforms

Confidential, TN

Web Developer


  • Developed a software tool written in PHP to automatically generate HTML code snippets, saving time and coding errors
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  • Maintain channel content with proprietary content management system using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax and create graphics in Fireworks, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Worked with the communications team to drive internal promotion of company programs, initiatives, guiding principles and mission.
  • Worked closely with social media team on proprietary CMS web sites and social media marketing.
  • Created reusable PHP software component that leveraged into other projects, accelerating development progress.
  • Forecasted launch dates for all products and communicated changes as they arose.
  • Provide written design documents, test plans and test results. Play a direct role in programming, maintenance, technical support, documentation and administration of the applications.

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