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Sr. Java/aws Developer Resume

Falmouth, ME


  • Overall 8+ years of IT experience as Java Developer in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) core area such as Analysis, Design, Coding, Implementation, Testing, and Deployment of Object Oriented and Web based Enterprise Applications using Java/J2EE technology.
  • 3+ years of experience in core AWS services (S3, EC2, ELB, EBS, Route53, VPC, Auto Scaling etc.) and deployment services (Elastic Beanstalk, Ops Works and Cloud Formation) and security practices (IAM, Cloud Watch and Cloud trail).
  • Excellent understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies like Agile, Scrum, RAD, RUP and Waterfall.
  • Experience and in - depth Knowledge of AWS Components and services like EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, DynamoDB and Security groups.
  • Migration of existing systems toAWSand using the snapshot method for the EBS volumes.
  • Utilized Cloud Watch to monitor resources such as EC2, CPU memory, Amazon RDS, DB services, DynamoDB tables and EBS volumes.
  • Handled operations and maintenance support forAWScloud resources which includes launching, maintaining and troubleshooting EC2 instances, S3 buckets, Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) and Relational Database Services (RDS).
  • Developed API for usingAWSLambda to manage the servers and run the code in theAWS.
  • Amazon IAM was used to maintain the user credentials and involved in creating custom IAM policies to various groups defined within the organization.
  • CreatedAWSSecurity Groups for deploying and configuring AWSEC2 instances.
  • Experience in designing and deploying a multitude application utilizing almost of theAWS Stack including S3, EC2, SNS and SQS.
  • Experienced in migrating applications to AWS and application deployment in the cloud (AWS) with CI/CD tools like Jenkins.
  • Experience in deployment of java applications and components as services through SOAP, RESTful, UDDI and WSDL.
  • Experience in developing web applications with various open source frameworks: JSP, JSF, Spring Framework (MVC), JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML and CSS.
  • Expertise in Core Java API, Multi-Threading, Collections, Serialization, Exception Handling, Swing developmentand Application utilities.
  • Extensively worked on open source frameworks such as Spring MVC (POJO, Multiple controllers, Dispatcher servlet, View Resolver, Services, DAO, and DTO).
  • Hands-on experience with Spring Core such as Inversion of Control (IOC), Dependency Injection, Autowiring, Annotations and Event Handling.
  • Solid experience integrating Spring Hibernate ORM (HQL, XML, Criteria API, Reverse Engineering, Hibernate DaoSupport, Persistent Data, Component Mapping, Associations, and Annotations).
  • Good experience in developing applications with SOAP and RESTful Web Services.
  • Experienced in consuming data from RESTful Web Services using JSON and used Postman for testing the Web Services.
  • Having hands on experience in deploying web and J2EE enterprise applications on Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere.
  • Expertise in various Java/J2EE design patterns including Data Access Object, Session Façade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, MVC (Model View Controller), Factory and Abstract Factory, Front Controller, Transfer Object and Singleton in the development of Multi-tier distributed Enterprise Applications.
  • Hands on experience with version control systems like CVS (Concurrent Version Systems), SVN (Apache Subversion), CLEARCASE and GIT for providing common platform for all the developers.
  • Used persistence frameworks, Hibernate ORM, JPA to map POJOs to a relational database. Have good knowledge of JDBC connectivity.
  • Extensive experience in SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers with databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and MS SQL Server 2008.
  • Experience in NoSQL database design and implementation using different NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Experienced in build tools such as ANT, Maven and Gradle.
  • Proficient in using various IDEs like Eclipse STS, IntelliJ and NetBeans.


Operating Systems: Linux, Windows.

Java Technologies: Core Java, Java Server Pages, Servlets, JDBC, Java Beans, Multi-threading, Event Handling, Swing Web Services.

AWS Cloud Technologies: EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, IAM, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Cloud Formation, EBS, S3, Route53, VPC, Lambda, Auto Scaling, Dockers, SNS, SQS, SWS.

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, EJB, JMS, AJAX, JSTL, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT, Angular JS, JQuery, Node JS, JavaScript, JAX-RPC.

Application Servers: Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere and JBoss.

Build Tools: Maven, Ant, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Net Beans.

Databases: MySQL PRO, MS SQL Server, SQL Plus, Oracle, MongoDB, DynamoDB.

Frameworks: Hibernate, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, AngularJS, Struts, NodeJS.

Testing: Junit 4.1, J-Mock, Easy Mock, Spring Test, TDD.

Design Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Rational Unified Process, Rapid Application Development, Test Driven Development.

Version Control: Rational Clear Case, SVN (Apache Subversion), CVS (Concurrent Versions System), VSS (Visual Source Safe) Team Foundation Server and GIT.


Confidential, Falmouth, ME

Sr. Java/AWS Developer


  • Used AWS Cloud platform and its features which include EBS, AMI, SNS, RDS, EBS, CloudWatch, Cloud Trail, CloudFormation, Autoscaling, CloudFront, S3, and Route53.
  • Migrating and maintaining build and test environments into the Cloud Infrastructure.Configure, monitor and automate Amazon Web Services as well as involved in deploying the content cloud platform on Amazon Web Services using EC2, S3 and EBS.
  • Creating S3 buckets and maintaining the policy management of S3 buckets along with Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • Configured anAWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Database Subnet Group for isolation of resources within the Amazon RDS Aurora DB cluster and created notifications, alarms for EC2 instances using Cloud Watch.
  • ConfiguredAWS Identity Access Management (IAM) Group and users for improved login authentication requirements and efficiently handled periodic exporting of SQL data into Elastic search.
  • Converting existingAWS infrastructure to server less architecture (AWS Lambda) deployed in AWS Cloud Formation.
  • Built Jenkins jobs to create AWS infrastructure from GitHub repos containing Java and Yaml scripts.
  • Used Java8 & Core Java involving concepts like Collections, Multithreading, Data Structures, Algorithms, Exception Handling and Polymorphism.
  • UtilizedSpringannotationsand XML configuration forDependency Injection. Involved in Building RESTful API's to communicate over internet via JSON to get the required information based on the requirement with help of Spring Core container to implement IOC concept to avoid tight coupling.
  • Designing and developing RESTful API and services using best practices to interact within the Microservices and with the front end. Using Spring MVC and spring rest.
  • Provided connections usingSpringJDBCto the database and developedSQLqueries to manipulate the data.
  • Expertise in implementing client-server business applications using Micro services.
  • Expert in Spring Boot which is radically faster in building cloudMicroservices and develop Spring based applications with very less configuration.
  • UsedSpringDAOconcept in order to interact with database (MySQL) using JDBC template.
  • Experience in working with Object Relational mapping (ORM) Tool through Hibernate.
  • Developed unit and integration tests for existing Microservices using JUnit and Mockito.
  • Involved in Agile Software Development to deliver the tasks on each Sprint not missing deadlines.
  • Used Docker to virtualizes deployment containers and push the code to EC2 cloud using Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Asynchronous messaging is executed by utilizing JMS API for point-to-point messaging.
  • Generating logging by Log4j to identify the errors in production test environment and experienced in Ant, Maven and Gradle tools.
  • Implemented Docker containers for the Enterprise build system.
  • Used GIT controls to track and maintain the different version of the project.
  • Functionalities include writing code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, JSON, and Bootstrap with MySQL database as the backend.
  • Proficient expertise in design, development, coding, testing and implementation phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and using JIRA.

Environment: Java 1.8, Eclipse 3.2, Netbeans7.1.2, IntelliJ IDEA, JQuery, Spring 4.0, Web Services, Oracle 11g, DB2, SQL, MVC, Jersey, JSON, Node.js, Unix, Linux, Log4j, Junit, Selenium, STS, Apache Tomcat, Gradle, GitHub, JIRA, EC2, S3, VPC, Redshift, SQS, SNS, SWF, IAM, EMR, Cloud watch, MongoDB, AWS Lambda.

Confidential, Greensboro. N.C

Java/AWS Developer


  • Implemented SDLC phases of crucial applications in the Marketing domain.
  • Extensive experience inAWSAdministration: EC2 platform, S3 storage services, VPC setups, IAM.
  • Expertise in AWS services like Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, Auto Scaling, IAM, Elastic Bean Stalk, Data Pipeline and Security Groups in a highly available and scalable production environment.
  • Involved in designing and deploying a multitude application utilizing almost of theAWS Stack including S3, EC2, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SNS and SQS.
  • Expertise in Managing Active Directory Domain Services, Creating Trust Relationships, Site replication, DNS and Group Policy Management inAWSVPC Environment.
  • Handled operations and maintenance support for AWS cloud resources which includes launching, maintaining and troubleshooting EC2 instances, Virtual Private Clouds (VPC).
  • Deployed applications onAWS by using Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Consumed AWS lambda functions written in NodeJS.
  • Developed the enterprise application by integrating Spring/Hibernate Frameworks. Created data models in Cassandraand Implemented distributed parallel processing. Implemented Kafka in exchanging Data in the form of the message.
  • Developed S3 buckets for EC2 instances to store all the content including HTML pages, images, CSS files and script files.
  • Used Java multi-threading to implement batch Jobs with JDK 1.7 and JEE 6features.
  • Implemented dual security application using Java/Groovy/Grails that eradicates the hazard of compromised credentials during authentication.
  • Used Java, JSP, JSTL while enhancing the functionality and responsible for creating database tables on DB2.
  • Designed and developed Restful service interface using spring MVC.
  • Used Spring Boot for building cloud Microservices quickly and develop spring based applications with very less configuration.
  • Expertise in developing modules using Spring Framework for Dependency injection through configuration files and ease the integration of different frameworks.
  • Performed Inheritance based OR mappings in tables to simplify the data in HIBERNATE.
  • XML configuration forDependency Injection using Spring annotations.
  • Developed the web UI using Struts, JSP, Servlets, AngularJS, Ajax and Custom tags.
  • Functionalities include writing code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J-query and making use of the Bootstrap framework.
  • Experienced in web application development for backend system using AngularJS with cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.
  • Developed Oracle SQL Queries and Stored Procedures.
  • Developed Test Driven Development (TTD) for both new and existing applications.
  • Implemented various test cases using QF Test as the test automation tool for frontend JavaFX and JUnit as backend.

Environment: Java-8, J2EE, EJB, Agile Methodology, Hibernate, Web services, Restful, AWS, UNIX, LINUX, UML, SQL, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, Spring Boot, MySQL, RDS, PL/SQL, Node.js, Maven, GIT, JIRA, Jenkins, Docker, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, IAM, EBS, S3, AMI, VPC, Lambda.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Java Cloud Engineer


  • Worked on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a multitude of applications utilizing the AWS stack such as EC2, VPC, Glacier, Route53, S3, RDS, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trial, SNS and IAM, focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, Load balancing and auto-scaling in designing, Deploying and configuring.
  • Created an AWS RDS Aurora DB cluster and connected to the database through an Amazon RDS Aurora DB Instance using the Amazon RDS Console.
  • Used Amazon Cloud Watch to monitor the application performance and used the logs to identify any threshold limits.
  • Tested the applications using JUNIT, Mockito and configured through Maven surefire plugins as a part of continuous integration.
  • Used Jenkins to create and manage Docker deployment pipeline for custom application images in cloud.
  • Developed Microservices & APIs using Spring Boot and Used Apache Kafka cluster as messaging system between the APIs and Microservices.
  • Used Kafka operation and monitored (via JMX) with Ops personnel
  • Configured Jenkins for successful deployment and testing in production environments.
  • Used Java multi-threading to implement batch Jobs with JDK 1.7 and JEE 6features.
  • Worked on performance tuning of cluster using Cassandra Configuration file and JVM Parameters.
  • Implemented RESTful Web Services to retrieve data from client side using Micro Services architecture and used JPA to communicate with Databases.
  • GIT is used as code repository and JIRA to assign, track, and report the issues in the application.
  • Designed and developed Business Functionalities using J2EE Technologies in Agile/Scrum Execution.
  • Functionalities include writing code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J-query and making use of the Bootstrap.
  • Developed Test Driven Development (TDD) for both new and existing applications.

Environment: Java 1.8, Eclipse 3.2, Netbeans7.1.2, IntelliJ IDEA, JQuery, Spring 4.0, Web Services, Oracle 11g, DB2, SQL, MVC, Jersey, JSON, Node.js, Unix, Linux, Log4j, Junit, Selenium, STS, Apache Tomcat, Gradle, GitHub, JIRA, EC2, S3, VPC, Redshift, SQS, SNS, SWF, IAM, EMR, Cloud watch, MongoDB, AWS Lambda.

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Implemented Spring MVC framework for developing J2EE based web application and used various J2EE design patterns like DTO, DAO and Singleton.
  • Developed back-end logic with Core Java using technologies including Collection Framework and Multi-Threading.
  • Involved in the coding of Distributed Multi-threaded Enterprise applications using J2EE technologies Servlets, EJB, JDBC and JMS.
  • Implemented a RESTful service on the server side using Spring and used Hibernate that interacts with the Database to obtain the claim details.
  • Good knowledge and experience with multiple Servers like IBM Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat and JBoss.
  • Used Maven to build the application and deployed on Web Logic Application Server.
  • Used Java Message Service (JMS) for asynchronous exchange of information between systems.
  • Developed Test classes using JUnit and Easy Mock and test coverage using EMMA plug in.
  • Used Spring MVC for implementing the Web layer of the application. This includes developing Controllers, Views and Validators.
  • Implemented the caching mechanism in Hibernate to load data from Oracle database.
  • Developed Front End pages of the application using HTML5, CSS3.
  • Implemented Oracle stored procedures and SQL scripts for data loading.

Environment: Spring MVC, Agile, Core Java/ J2EE, Apache Tomcat, IBM Web Sphere, Hibernate, Servlets, Struts, EJB, JDBC, JMS, JBoss, RESTful service, Eclipse IDE, Oracle, SQL, HTML5, CSS3.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed the application using with Java technologies like JSP, Servlets, AJAX, Hibernate, Java Beans, XML, and JAXB.
  • Designed components for the project using best practices andJ2EE design patterns such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), Data Access Object, and Value Object.
  • Extensively used the Spring Core for Inversion of Control (IOC), Application Context and ORM modules in the project.
  • Hands on experience on CXML in implementing Modules involving E-Commerce based order/receipt, catalogue transport and Punch out operations for certain specific clients.
  • Experience Struts customs tags such as HTML, Logic, and Bean Tags depending upon the requirement.
  • Hands on experience in usage of AJAX to create interactive web pages.
  • Developed Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP), Jax-WS to route the submittals to the EJB components and render-retrieved information using Session Façade, Service Locator (design pattern).
  • Experience in deploying and testing the web application on WebLogic application server.
  • Used Hibernate for all the database mapping and Implemented ORM with HIBERNATE to make the Persistence class objects of the domain model to access Oracle database tables.
  • Used Log4J to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.
  • Implemented JDBC template in the data access object layer to access and update information in the Oracle11g Database.
  • Developed Use Cases, Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams and User Interface diagrams in UML using Rational Rose
  • Used ANT scripts to create JAR, EAR, War files and Deployed the application on WebLogic application server.
  • Involved in developing JUNIT Test Cases to validate the type of data in the XML Files.
  • Performed SQL tuning using SQL Trace, explain plan for optimizing query performance.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit and integration testing when needed. Collaborated with users, database administrators, and team members involved in the project implementation.

Environment: J2EE, Hibernate, IBM RAD, Spring Framework, HTML, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Jax-WS, WebLogic 10.3, Oracle10g, XML, WSDL, Apache ANT, cXML, LOG4J, CVS, JUNIT, Flex 3.0, Action Script 3.0, UNIT, JAXB.


Jr. Java Developer


  • Implemented Struts Framework in the presentation tier for all the essential control flow, business level validations and for communicating with the business layer.
  • Developed Struts Framework Action Servlets classes for Controller and developed Form Beans for transferring data between Action class and the View Layer.
  • Developed the front-end UI using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Implemented Struts Validators framework to validate the data.
  • Developed Ant (build.xml) targets for build and deployments on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Developed Stored Procedures in the Oracle 9i database.
  • Performed impact analysis on the dependency projects of OneSource Project.
  • Involved in writing unit test plans and developing test cases using Junit.
  • Used Configuration Management and Version Control tool CVS.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, SDLC, JDBC, Struts, JSP, Java Script, HTML, XML, PL/SQL, Eclipse.

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