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Sr. Java Developer Resume



  • 7+ years of experience in design, development, maintenance and support of Java/J2EE applications.
  • Working knowledge in multi - tiered distributed environment, OOAD concepts, good understanding of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Experience in working in environments using Agile (SCRUM), RUP and Test Driven development methodologies.
  • Experience in working in Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms including programming and debugging skills in Unix Shell Scripting.
  • Experience in container based technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Open shift along with development of Micro servicesarchitecture using Spring Boot
  • Expertise in development in Servlets, JSP, Spring, JDBC, Hibernate, SOAP and REST web services, Hibernate.
  • Worked on different module ofspring including Spring IOC, Spring ORM and Spring AOP.
  • Extensive experience in Java/J2EE programming - JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL,JMS, EJB2.0/3.0.
  • Expert in building Microservice applications using Spring Boot for developing RESTful web services
  • Expert knowledge over J2EE Design Patterns like MVC Architecture, Front Controller, Session Facade, Business Delegate and Data Access Object for building J2EE Applications.
  • Experience in Front end web technologies using HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, TagLibs, AJAX and Bootstrap technologies.
  • Experience in writing Test Plan, Test Cases for Web and Client/Server applications.
  • Have performed Acceptance TestDriven Development (ATDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Experienced in developing MVC framework based websites using Struts, JSF and Spring.
  • Experience in building web applications using Spring Framework features like MVC (Model View Controller), AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), IOC (Inversion of Control), DAO (Data Access Object) and Rule Engines (Drools4.1), XML API and tools.
  • Good Experience inNoSQL databases like MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra databases.
  • Experience with Rules Engines, especially Drools and its integration with J2EE applications.
  • Expertise in Object-relational mapping using Hibernate.
  • Expertise in developing and consuming Web services including different technologies and standards likeDTD, XSD, SOAP, WSDL, JAX-WS, WS-Iand Apache Axis.
  • Experience in configuring and administering MQ-Series and experience in developing messaging systems using JMS.
  • Experience in installing, configuring, tuning IBM Web Sphere 8.x/6.x, BEA Web Logic 10.1/9.1, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS 6.x/5.x.
  • Good Knowledge of using IDE Tools like Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder, Rational Application Developer(RAD)for Java/J2EE application development.
  • Expertise in database modelling, administration and development usingSQL and PL/SQL in Oracle (8i, 9i and 10g), DB2 and SQL Server environments.
  • Experience in using ANT and Mavenfor build automation.
  • Experience in using version control and configuration management tools like Clear Case, CVS and Subversion.
  • Experienced in using Operating Systems like Windows 98 / 2000 / NT / XP, AIX and HP-UX.
  • Experience in designing, developing and implementing E-Commerce, B2B applications using J2EE technologies in Telecom, Banking and Insurance domains.


Programming Languages: Java, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripts

Java/J2EE Technologies: JDBC, Servlets, JSP 1.2/2.0, JMS, EJB 2.0/3.0

Web Development: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, JQuery, AngularJS

Frameworks: Struts 1.x/2.x, Hibernate, Spring 3.5/3.0, JSF 2.0

XML/Web Services: XML, XSD, WSDL, SOAP, Apache Axis, DOM, SAX, JAXP, JAXB, XMLBeans, JSON, Restful Services, JAX-WS, Apache CXF, JAX-RS

Messaging Technologies: JMS

Application/Web Servers: IBM Web Sphere 6.x/7.x, BEA Web Logic 10.1/9.1, Apache Tomcat, 7.x/6.x, JBOSS 6.x/5.x

Methodologies/ Design Patterns: OOAD, OOP, UML, MVC2, DAO, Factory pattern, Session Facade

Databases: Oracle 11g/9i/10g, SQL Server 2008/2005,NOSQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2

IDEs: Eclipse, RAD, WSAD

Build Automation: Ant, Maven, Cruise Control, Jenkins

Testing and Logging Frameworks: JUnit, Log4J, Mockito

Rule Engine: Drools 3.0/4.0

Tools: Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio, XML Spy, TOAD

Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/NT/XP, 7, 8, AIX, IOS, Linux,Unix, Sun Solaris, HP-UX.


Confidential, NJ

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in design discussions with Architects, development and testing phases of project.
  • Refine stories with Business and estimation of effort
  • Developed proxies for making a Rest calls to MSO Services developed for Broadband, Telephony and Video
  • Developed Micro Service to provide RESTful API utilizing Spring Boot withvarious data persistence frameworks such as Hibernate and JPA and messaging engines.
  • Implemented business processes to develop email notification components using JMS API.
  • Build Docker images; create build and deployment configurations to deploy applications on Open shift.
  • Have coordinated and interacted with platform team for all cycles of cloud deployment (Open Shift).
  • Developed Rest APIs in Spring boot utilizing Swagger.
  • Worked with NoSQL database Mongo DB and worked with it to perform many different operations.
  • Extensively worked with spring frameworks and Hibernate. Writing Spring beans hibernate mapping files.
  • Used Hibernate as an ORM tool for connecting to the database and accessing information
  • Involved in creating Spring Webservices for Policy change transactions.
  • Mapped (one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-one relations) DTOs to Oracle Database tables and Java data types to SQL data types by creating Hibernate mapping XML files Oracle database was used, wrote stored procedures for common SQL queries.
  • Performance tuning using SONAR
  • Using JBPM designed and developed a web based platform for task automation.
  • Involved in Business Process and Decision Management Design using JBoss Drools Rules Engine.
  • Used Maven/Jenkins as a Continuous Integration.
  • DevelopedMicro servicesfor all the models using combination of Spring Boot and Spring Security.
  • Used CVS for version control across common source code used by developers and deployed the applications on WebLogic Application Server
  • Writing Unit test case using Junit for the developed code.
  • Developed DAO components to interact with DB2 using JDBC Driver.
  • Developed Message flows without Message set which used custom XSD/XSLT transform into XML and Fixed Length Message.
  • Implemented SQL logic for database lookups, Metadata-Driven Processing, Message Validation/Transformation,
  • Exception Handling and Stored Procedures for batched code set lookups.
  • Provided on-call support during the pre-production testing and also the project release

TECHNICAL STACK: Java 1.7/ 1.8, J2EE, Drools Rule Engine, SQL,Linux, Micro Service, Maven, Jenkins, Spring Core, RESTful Services, Spring IOC, Hibernate, jBPM, Log4j, JUnit, Eclipse, JSON, NoSQL, CVS, AWS.

Confidential, New York

Sr. Java Developer


  • Coordinated and attended user meetings to understand and capture requirements.
  • Participated in Requirements Analysis, and Design and Development phases of the project and worked in Scrum Methodology.
  • Designed the application using the core J2EE design patterns Singleton, Session Façade, Business Delegate, and Service Locator.
  • Documented the design documents using Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams using the Rational Application Developer.
  • Developed GUI using Struts, HTML3, CSS3, XHTML and JavaScript, Angular 2 framework to simplify the complexities of the application.
  • Developed rule modules using Rule Engines, Drools.
  • Used Centralized repository for Drools Knowledge Bases.
  • Implemented Spring MVC, which includes writing Controller classes for handling requests, processing form submissions and performed validations using Commons validator.
  • Integrated the application with spring framework for implementing Dependency injection and provide abstraction between presentation layer and persistence layer.
  • Worked on Micro services and Spring boot for designing/developing the cloud platform to build a perfect SOA using spring cloud and spring web services.
  • Used SpringAOP to log agent’s statistics on documents tab usage.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to send request to server and updating GUI pages using callback functions.
  • Developed the interactive web page using spring, Hibernate, Ajax, XML technologies like XPath, XSLT andObject oriented JavaScript.
  • Designed and developed effective mechanism to automate existing processes using PostgreSQL.
  • Worked on finding data discrepancy in the Postgres databases with respect to already loaded data.
  • Developed various Database interaction objects by implementing the DAO Patterns and used JDBC as Model Component.
  • Developed Testcases on JUnit. Used Log4J for logging and tracing the messages.
  • Developed APIs when required, Generated Reports using Jasper report
  • Hands on experience on GITfor source code management system for software development.
  • JBoss Server was used as the application server for deploying the application.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and Bug-Fixing and achieved the maximum code coverage using JUNIT test cases.
  • Involved in exposing and consuming RESTful web service.
  • Used Maven to build and deploy applications and helped to deployment for Continuous Integration using Jenkins and shell script
  • Was part of production support team to resolve the production incidents.
TECHNICAL STACK: Java 1.7, J2EE, XML, Drools Rule Engine, JavaScript, Micro services, HTML5, XHTML, Maven, Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring WS,Windows, Hibernate, Log4j, JUnit, PostgreSQL, Eclipse, JSON, RESTful Services, GIT, CSS3, AJAX, JBoss.

Confidential, New York

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Gathered user requirements, analyzed and wrote functional and technical specifications
  • Created Use Cases, Sequence, Object Model and Component UML diagrams using UML tool
  • Employed Scrum concepts of Agile Development Methodology for software development.
  • Designed front-end, data driven GUI using JSF, Face lets,JSP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS
  • Designed, implemented and deployed J2EE web application using JSF MVC framework
  • Implemented business processes to develop email notification components using JMS API.
  • UsedJBPMby integrating with STS to provide drag and drop support to create a workflow and we embedded in our application to run as a service.
  • J2EE to communicate legacy COBOL based Mainframeimplementation
  • Configuring and analyzing JCL to executeMainframebatch
  • Involved in developing PL/SQL storedprocs and Informatica Workflows to migrate data from • LegacyMainframe/AS400 based systems.
  • Involved in publishing the web content in the portal site by using the Oracle ECM.
  • Wrote SQL commands and Stored Procedures to retrieve data from Oracle database
  • Developed web services using SOAP, WSDL, XML and Apache Axis
  • Developed the application using Singleton, Business Delegate and Data Transfer Object design patterns in the project.
  • Involved in creating a reusable component usingReact JSfor DOM manipulation
  • Identified usability and develop functional and smooth, easy-to-operate and eye-catching web applications using EXT JS, Angular JSand React JS
  • Developed web pages using spring framework (Spring MVC, Spring Core, and Spring Boot).
  • Used Junit and groovyfor writing unit tests for that code
  • Working with Spring Securityhas improved support substantially for adding security to service layer methods.
  • Developed HibernateDao Classes using Spring JDBC Template, worked with Hibernatefor object relational mapping and connection management.
  • Used Multithreadingto do the application development and for running the different tasks at the same time.
  • Involved in database development by creating Oracle PL/SQLFunctions, Procedures, Triggers, and Packages.
  • Extensively used Web Services like SOAP and WSDL to communicate between systems.
  • Developed DAO components to interact with DB2 using JDBC Driver.
  • Implemented SQL logic for database lookups, Metadata-Driven Processing, Message Validation/Transformation, Exception Handling and Stored Procedures for batched code set lookups.
  • Used log4j for logging and CVS for version control.
  • Configured and deployed web application in Weblogic Server using ANT tool
  • Developed custom reports using Crystal Reports and wrote test cases using JUNIT tool.

TECHNICAL STACK: Java (JDK1.5), J2EE, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, XML, CSS, JSF 2.0, SOAP, JBPM, React JS, Angular JS Hibernate, Oracle ECM, Eclipse, Oracle10g, WebLogic 9.1, UML, XSLT, Ajax, Log4j, ANT, CVS

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