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Sr. Service Now Developer/admin Resume

Chicago, IL


  • A qualified IT professional with 8+ years of experience in IT industry with 5 years of hands - on experience in providing ITIL and IT Service Management Solutions in IT Infrastructure with expertise in the ITSM Suite (Service-Now) as Service-Now administrator/Developer.
  • Experience in designing, developing, customizing and administering ITSM suite of applications.
  • Good knowledge of CMDB and Asset Management Services, Business services and Configuration item relationships.
  • Experience on end to end Service catalog, Incident Management, Knowledge Management, Configuration and Asset Management, Change Management and Release Management with extensive knowledge on Content Management System.
  • Experience working with Business rules, Client Scripts, UI policies, UI Scripts, UI Actions, UI pages, Script Includes, Access Control Lists etc.
  • Experience working with e-mail notifications, inbound actions, reports, gauges, and homepages.
  • Hands on experience with Glide forms, Glide Record, Glide AJAX.
  • Understanding of IT Service Management (ITSM) and the ITIL business process along with the maintenance of Service level agreement (SLA) and monitoring SLA workflow.
  • Experience in SOAP/REST integration, web services, Discovery, Workflow and CMDB.
  • Working experience in various phases of SDLC such as Requirement analysis, Design, Code construction, and Test.
  • Configuration Development and development of Integration components (SSO, LDAP).
  • Managed MID Server, scheduled jobs, import sets and transform maps to maintain integration with associated databases and maintain CMDB.
  • Strong experience in working on user interface applications and professional web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jelly scripting and XML.
  • Development and customization of various modules in ServiceNow to fulfill the client ongoing IT Services.
  • Extensively worked with Helsinki, Geneva, Fuji, Eureka, Berlin, Calgary releases of Service Now with strong emphasis on supporting the ITSM application, understanding customer requirement and implementing solutions using the knowledge in ITSM tool and ITIL processes
  • Able to handle different projects concurrently and Lead experience.
  • Capable of learning quickly and delivering solutions as an individual and as part of a team.
  • Technical support to the team, reviews of deliverables, communication with the offshore team, track all the deliverables and to impact on the job training to the team.
  • Strong Interpersonal, communication and creative skills.


ITIL: ITSM, Service Now, BMC Remedy, HP ITSM, BMC ARS 6.3, 7.1, 7.5, 7.6, 8.0 ITSM 7.1, 7.5, 8.0 BMC Atrium CMDB 7.5.Programming Languages Java, Oracle

Scripting: Java scripting, AJAX, HTML, XML

Software Methodologies: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile and Scrum.

Databases: Oracle 10g, My Sql.

Testing Tools: Mercury QC (Quality Center)


Confidential - Chicago, IL

Sr. Service Now Developer/Admin


  • Sr. Developer for Service Catalog, rating systems, Service Requests configurations, AD Integration using SAML, Integration of federated CMDB through Service Now Mid-Server technologies, Incident Management, Problem Management, Asset Management, Knowledge Management and Change Management workflows and respective customizations
  • Implemented Data Sources and created transformation maps to import the data into the Service Now from different data sources (FILE, JDBC).
  • Used SOAP and REST Web services for integrating Different Instances.
  • Created Schedule Jobs to run scripts, to import data by running Scheduled transform map.
  • Created scripts like Client Scripts, Business rules, Script Includes, UI scripts and UI Policies to customize the instance as per Business needs.
  • Responsible for access control, security, minor enhancements such as a form or workflow editing, and UAT/Regression testing of any development.
  • Developed HR service management portal as per business requirements using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Jelly script
  • Developed UI Appearance for Service Catalog Requests.
  • Used Glide Scripting for creating UI Action and Business rules.
  • Created GROUPS for a set of users and used them for approval, assignment, receiving notifications.
  • Used Access Control Rules for securing and providing the right access to right person/role.
  • Used Update Sets for moving group of customizations from one instance to another.
  • Worked on CMDB and Asset management. Performed Data migration to import data from other
  • Applications and external databases.
  • Used SCRUM methodology for the development and SDLC module for defect tracking.
  • Responsible for Helsinki Up gradation in Service Now and involved in the analysis of the impact on the existing customization after Helsinki up gradation.
  • Investigate performance issues, learn troubleshooting tools, and use system logs to find issues.
  • Creates Workflow activities and approvals. Implement new workflows that use a variety of activities to understand how records are generated from workflows.
  • Performed updates to existing modules and workflows.
  • Worked on End to End implementation of CMDB module using Discovery tool in Service Now.
  • Worked on Software and Hardware Asset Management Modules.
  • On requirement provided solutions to the Asset Management team in re-building the workflow for in and out of an asset.
  • Loaded assets into SNOW from third-party systems using web services and import sets.
  • Implemented Discovery, Orchestration, CMDB and Asset Management for various customers.
  • Configuration of Email Notification and Alerts to notify users about specific activities in the system
  • Involved in development of Content Management system.
  • Supported the team while upgrading Service Now from Fuji to Helsinki
  • Developing standard rules for Service Processes to improve efficiency and lower cost for IT Operations Management (ITOM).
  • Implemented out of the box Performance Analytics module for Service Now Helsinki.
  • Customized widgets to view and maintain the widgets.
  • Developed various Scorecards, break, data collectors and developed custom ACLs for different roles in performance analytics.
  • Configured formula indicators, thresholds, bucket groups, and target colored schemas.
  • Experience on data upload and configuration in CMDB and other ITSM modules.
  • Manages data with Tables, the CMDB, Import Sets, and Update Sets.
  • Create, monitor, modify, and publish Service catalog workflows with approvals.
  • Development of requirement integration components (SSO, LDAP, SOAP).
  • Integrated Service Now with a third-party tool like SCCM, ADDM, Discovery to store all the credentials and to avoid breaching up of credentials.

Confidential - Minneapolis, MN

Sr. Service Now Developer/Admin


  • Analyzing the existing request items on SharePoint and migrating them to Service-Now
  • Participating in meetings with SME's and Project Managers to analyze the requirements and developing the workflow design of request items using Agile Methodologies.
  • Responsible for administering the Service-now Instances and Clone Scheduling Process
  • Developed Complex workflows in Service Catalog for interaction with Third Party Sources.
  • Handling Production support tickets and assigning them to appropriate teams.
  • Created and Maintained foundation data - User Accounts, Approvers, Support Groups, Sites, Production Categorizations, and Templates.
  • Creation of database views to extract the data from different CMDB tables and generate the reports.
  • Worked on the things relating to ServiceNow: Discovery, Automation, CMDB population, Security & Roles.
  • Orchestrated the efforts of vendors, and internal divisions/departments to internalize new IT Asset Management processes.
  • Customization and Enhancements of latest ServiceNow modules like HR Case Management, Service watch, Time card module and On Call scheduling modules.
  • Participated in Service-Now Quick Start Implementation process and worked with Service-Now in the process of implementation of Incident, Change, Problem, Knowledge and Service-Catalog.
  • Responsible for defining a new IT organization structure to support redefined IT Service Management strategy involving Application Development (SDLC/Agile/DevOps), IT Operations, IT Infrastructure, Platform Services, ERP, Productivity Services and IT Delivery and Support organizations. The objective was to unify and improve IT Service delivery to various business lines. Responsibilities included. worked on identifying the users, groups, categories and following the ITIL standards while designing these solutions.
  • Expertise on the creation of workflows for Service Catalog items in Service Now.
  • Users are populated into the system using LDAP integration and worked closely with Service-Now team and Infrastructure team to facilitate this integration.
  • Developed lot of client scripts, UI Policies, Script Includes, Business Rules across the application as per the requirement Configuring Email, inbound and outbound email actions and developing mail scripts on a need basis. scheduling cloning and migration of data from instances with ServiceNow
  • Customized UI Appearance for Problem and Change Management Application which is simple, intuitive and easy to use

Environment: Java/J2EE, SOA architecture, XML, XSD, JAXP, JAXB, Spring, Hibernate, JSF 2.2, prime faces 5.0, Java Script, Web Services- WSDL, SOAP, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, CXF, Oracle, TOAD, win merge, IBM WebSphere 8.5, Linux, Ant, Jenkins, Jazz, JUnit, Selenium Test Suite.


Sr. Service Now Developer/Admin


  • Involved creation of Service Now Applications, Modules, tables, columns as per requirements.
  • Involved in development of Service catalog which includes creating new catalog items, designing workflows for Change management.
  • Worked on integrating Service Now with external SOAP and REST based web services.
  • Involved in Implementation, Customization, and Maintenance of ITIL modules such as Incident, Change, Problem, Knowledge, Service Catalog and CMDB in ServiceNow.
  • Good knowledge of CMDB and Asset Management Services: Business Services and Configuration item relationships.
  • Involved in LDAP integration with ServiceNow for obtaining users and groups.
  • Worked on DISCOVERY and set up mid servers and check for the connectivity, Became an expert in troubleshooting Discovery tool.
  • Designed the layout, CSS, dynamic content for the End User Self-Service Portal design.
  • Created and Maintained foundation data - User Accounts, Approvers, Support Groups, Sites, Production Categorizations, and Templates.
  • Responsible for access control, security, minor enhancements such as a form or workflow editing, and UAT/Regression testing of any development.
  • Configured Scheduled Data Import for importing data files from remote server location by SFTP/FTP.
  • Developed new Service Catalog Items and fix bugs in incident, problem and change management.
  • Built ServiceNow forms from scratch along with advance customizations at the level of UI Macros/UI pages as per the complex requirements.
  • Strong experience in working on user interface applications and web applications using HTML/XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQUERY, Bootstrap, Ajax, Jelly Scripting, XML.
  • Implemented Service Now process of implementation for Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Asset Management, Service Request Management (Service-Catalog).

Environment: Service Now, Service Watch, Performance Analytics Asset Management, Incident Management, AWS, Problem Management, HTML, Java script, CSS, JQuery, ServiceNow Portal


Service Now Developer/Admin


  • Worked on AWS Cloud Watch integration with Service Now. It is created an incident in Service Now.
  • Hands Experience on monitoring tool with Service Now integration.
  • Setting up Change Management along with Advanced Risk Assessment Calculator (on a script include level).
  • Adheres to best practices in self-service design for ServiceNow Portal site
  • Discovers a wide variety of systems and applications using Service Watch
  • Have hands on Experience on Integrating ServiceNow with third party tools and Domain separations for the external users to raise incidents in SNOW.
  • Involved in development of requirement integration components (SSO, LDAP, SOAP)
  • Created 45 scripted web services, which are used in setting up a robust process for integrating ServiceNow with a Procurement Tool. Also has an in-depth knowledge about
  • Direct Web Service API of Service now, SOAP and WSDL.
  • Extensively worked with REST GET and POST using basic HTTP Authentication.
  • Good knowledge on Single Sign on and event based integrations.
  • Had good knowledge working on LAN Password Reset and integrating with other Servers using Orchestration. worked with advanced Trending Reports with Trend indicators
  • Created responsive and interactive graphical dashboards for reporting and navigating performance data for Performance Analytics.
  • Worked with key indicators, mobile-enabled scorecards, time charts, analytics, drill-downs, and dashboards.
  • Configuration of Email Notification and Alerts to notify users about specific activities in the system such as updates to Change and Problem requests.
  • Responsible for access control, security, minor enhancements such as form or workflow editing, and UAT/Regression testing of any development.
  • Responsible for maintaining and growing data held within Service Now such as our users, locations, configuration items, service catalog items.
  • Implemented Scripts Using Jelly Script
  • Manages data with Tables, the CMDB, Import Sets, and Update Sets
  • Worked on Pager Duty integration. Pager Dutyprovides alerting, on-call scheduling, escalation policies and incident tracking to increase uptime of our apps, servers, websites and databases.
  • Created Workflow activities and approvals. Implement new workflows that use a variety of activities to understand how records are generated from workflows.
  • Manages data with Tables, the CMDB, Import Sets, and Update Sets
  • Develop and manage application code, user interface, and third-party integration components.
  • Used data sources to migrate the data from excel sheets to ServiceNow through transform maps.
  • Worked on integration using SOAP / WSDL / RESTFUL.
  • Performs core configuration tasks including system policies, business rules and client scripts.
  • Strong knowledge of the server side scripting Business rules and Script Includes
  • Worked on Inbound Email actions. Worked on Email Notification, Email Templates and Email scripts.
  • On requirement provided solutions to the Asset Management team in re-building the workflow for in and out of an asset.

Environment: Service Now, Service Watch, Asset Management, Incident Management, SCCM, Casper, Problem Management, Fire eye, HTML, CSS, MS SQL server 2008, PowerShell, Jelly Script, ServiceNow Portal

Confidential, Houston, TX

UI Developer/ Service Now Developer


  • Involved in the upgradation of the instance from Helsinki to Jakarta and involved in defect fixing.
  • Worked on design and development of Service Portal using AngularJs and Bootstrap for making the portal responsive.
  • Development mostly involved in customizing the out of the box widgets according to the client needs.
  • Worked on Service Catalog, Incident, Problem, Configuration Management and Integrations, along with good verall knowledge of Change Management.
  • Worked on handling URL redirects for users logging in to the Portal.
  • Used Import Sets and Transform Maps to extract data from various sources.
  • Worked on CLIENT-SIDE SCRIPTING (Client Scripts, Catalog Client Scripts, UI scripts and UI Policies).
  • Used SERVER-SIDE SCRIPTING (Business Rules, UI Action, UI Macro, UI Page) to meet the data requirements set forth by the Customer and working on running Schedule jobs.
  • Understanding of IT service management (ITSM) and the ITIL business process.
  • Worked on migration between various ServiceNow environments using Update Sets.
  • Used Active Directory, LDAP and Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration.
  • Good understanding of Helpdesk/Service Desk, Change Management, IT Asset Management, Software Asset
  • Management, Change Tasking, Service Level Management, Portal and Service Catalog Requests.
  • Service Catalog (Request Item, Order guide and record producer) has been created based on client requirements. Also, Workflow has been created to support the Approval workflow and task assignment.
  • Created Knowledge articles to document the steps in creating the catalog items.
  • Working experience on different kinds of variables and variable sets and worked on order guides, to arrange them in sequential order to enable good user experience.
  • Maintained service level agreement (SLA) and monitored on SLA workflow.
  • Involved in reconciliation of complicated workflows to simpler form.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing for New Applications and Remediation projects.
  • Created data sources and loaded the ServiceNow tables with different data formats
  • Communicating with the end users and understanding the difficulties and as per that improving automation and • efficiencies in ServiceNow..

Environment: Analyses, Service Now, Access, Excel, ITIL


UI Developer


  • Involved in development as part of UX team to continuously accommodate changing user requirements.
  • Responsible for translating designs and concepts into highly usable and engaging web applications using a variety of technologies Implemented presentation tier using HTML, CSS by utilizing the mock-ups that were created by the design team.
  • Converted business requirements into technical requirements in preparation of High level design Document and Functional specifications.
  • Developed screen functionality using HTML, CSS, JavaScript across entire application that controls color, Layout, width, height, font size, images size and accomplished other graphic related features.
  • Used AJAX for implementing part of the functionality for Customer Registration, View Customer information modules.
  • Developed UI using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript validations and XML.
  • Created both client and server side validations.
  • Written CSS to provide a table free layout of the user interface screen.
  • Used MS Visio, Dreamweaver and Photoshop tools for web application development.
  • Developed front-end UI pages and necessary backend classes to support data access and us.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JAVA, J2EE.

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