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Ruby Developer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Around 8+years of software prowess in design, analysis, development, debugging, testing and implementation stages of various client/server web applications using Ruby, Python, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Angular 2 JS, Object Oriented Programming, ORACLE 9i,10g,11g, SQL, MySQL.
  • Experience in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) which includes requirements gathering, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance of software applications and testing Client/Server and Web applications.
  • Proficient with relational databases SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Experience in implementing Rails Migrations and Active Record, Action Pack, Action Mailer.
  • Good exposure to TDD and BDD using Cucumber, Rspec, Capybara.
  • Developed full stack web applications in Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience in using Redis for key value data storage.
  • Excellent knowledge of Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and other services ofthe AWS family.
  • Good experience on working with AWS cloud services like EC2, S3, ELB, Auto scaling, Elastic Beanstalk,Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, Direct Connect, Cloud watch, Cloud trail.
  • Created AWS RDS database instances consisting of PostgreSQL, My SQL, SQL server and AWS RDS Aurora database clusters.
  • Have proven experience in Model View Controller (MVC) Architectures using ROR framework (Rails 2, Rails 3, Rails 4, Rails 5), Rails framework and Ruby.
  • Expertise in distributed Version Control Systems like GIT and SVN and deploying application on Amazon and Heroku.
  • Hands - on experience with Integrated Development Environments like Eclipse, Net Beans, RubyMine, Sublime, Atom, Text Mate.
  • Developed and Deployed applications on Application Servers like Nginx, WEBrick, Phusion passenger, Unicorn and functional usage with Apache Tomcat Server, JBoss Server and WebLogic Server.
  • Experience using different software development methodologies like Water fall model and Agile development.
  • Experience of several ruby gems such as Omniauth, paperclip, cancan, devise, simple form, Prawn, Chef.
  • Designed and developed web applications using Rails specific to client’s needs and requirements.
  • Experience in Developing applications in RubyMine using Active Record concepts which includes Models, Views, Controllers, Callbacks, Validations, Query interfaces and Associations.
  • Worked on writing test cases usingRspec and used automated testing tools such as Cucumber, Capybara.
  • Familiar with developing Controllers, Models and creating tables using Command Lineand GitBash.
  • Good Experience on Client Requirements implementation of process management system (PMS)


Programming Language: Ruby 1.9x, 2.0x, 2.3.0x, Python 2.7

Web Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Restful, CSS3, HTML5, HAML, XML, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX

Frame works: Rails 2.3.5, 3.2.7,, 5.0.1, 5.1.4

Testing Frameworks: Rspec, Cucumber, Redis.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQlite, Oracle, Mongo DB.

Web Servers: Nginx, WEBRick, Thin, Puma, Unicorn, Apache, Phusion Passenger.

IDE: RubyMine, Eclipse, Netbeans, Sublime, Atom, Text Mate.

Version Control: AWS, GIT, SVN, Heroku.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, LINUX (Ubuntu).


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Ruby Developer


  • Analyzing the requirements specified by the client and then implemented according to them.
  • Used ruby to write the business logics as per the requirement of the product owner.
  • Object oriented concepts are mainly used to design applications.
  • Worked on Integrated Development Environment like RubyMine.
  • Writing Ruby Wrappers and using Ruby Gems for Voucher, Advices and CHS modules.
  • Used CAPISTRANO to configure development process for ROR application.
  • Implemented Agile methodologies, RESTful coding and following best secure coding practices, priority to Test Driven Development.
  • Used Puma, Sinatra which worked well for the API, and internal apps.
  • Designed applications using object oriented programming (OOPS) concepts.
  • Involved in handling code reviews and bug fixes.
  • Used RSpec and Cucumber to create Test Driven Development (TDD) and Experience with all the RVM, GEMS and libraries for this version of the Ruby/Rails.
  • Implemented productive and efficient search and filters for retrieving reports of data.
  • Hands-on experience using GitHub, Amazon EC2 and deployment using Heroku.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for improved efficiency of storage and access.
  • Excellent knowledge of Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and other services of the AWS family.
  • Good experience on working with AWS cloud services like EC2, S3, ELB, Auto scaling, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, Direct Connect, Cloud watch, Cloud trail.
  • Implemented productive and efficient search and filters for retrieving reports of data.
  • Used GIT as Source version repository and push code automatically on to production servers.
  • Normalization and de-normalization is carried out by writing Stored Procedures and simple queries using PostgreSQL database.
  • Worked on schema and data migrations using My SQL database and played an important role in managing and maintaining database.
  • Translated functional requirements from business users into technical designs that meet business objectives.
  • Worked on user Interface for website with ERB, jQuery, RJS, Ruby, and Ajax for View, Controller and Model in Ruby on Rails Framework on Linux Operating System.
  • Involved in Database migration using Active Records, CRUD Operations in creating, updating and destroying the tables.
  • Used scaffolding statements to generate Controllers and Views and to create tables using Terminal, Git Bash.
  • For Database Migration used Active Recordsand involved in using Active resource, Action View and Action Controller in Rails framework.
  • Created and maintained custom systems using Restful Rails.
  • Design and implemented REST API to Create and maintain custom systems using Restful Rails.
  • Responsible for most view/controller changes, as well as model/database integration.
  • Used agile and scrum methodologies in project development.
  • Database modeling and design Involved in developing and implementation of the web application using Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience with all the GEMS and libraries for this version of the ruby/rails.
  • Implemented sorting and paginations functionality for entire application which involves the implementation of sorting and pagination functionality for displaying the list of values in the screen without hitting the database.
  • Performed necessary refactoring to the code as per the revised design
  • Action Mailer is used for applying user mailing module.
  • Performed Unit testing, Integration Testing, GUI and web application testing using Rspec.

Environment: Rails 4.2, Ruby 2.2, MySQL, RSPEC, Active Record, YAML, HAML, SASS, Bootstrap CSS and HTML. Text Mate, Ruby Mine and Net beans IDE 6.9.1, Cucumber, jQuery, JSON, GIT, AWS.

Confidential, Mason OH

Ruby on Rails developer


  • Involved in the design and development phases of the application using Ruby, Rails (3.1) framework and RubyMine IDE.
  • Lead the team in collectively developing the code for the application and deploying new features and refactor some existing features.
  • Worked on Active Record Classes such as migrations, controllers and views using Rails console.
  • Used scaffolding statementsto generate controllers, actions and to create tables.
  • Involved in developing and implementation of the web application using RubyMine, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and jQuery.
  • Worked on Action Mailers in sending mails to the customers signed up for the website using SMTP.
  • Implemented CRUD operations for the application using MVC architecture in Rails framework and migration standards in migrating schemas for MySQL database.
  • Worked on normalizing data by using data integrity rules and implemented some stored procedures using MySQL database.
  • Worked on Rails, CSS, jQuery, Java Script to design the front-end application and the backend was maintained using Active Record Classes to create migrations.
  • Developed and tested many features for dashboard using Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, CSS JavaScript and Rspec.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, and Autoscalinggroups, Optimized volumes and EC2 instances.
  • Managed code with Git and unit testing in Rspec framework.
  • Developed and tested many features in an AGILE environment using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
  • Worked on rendering, redirecting and linking to different pages in the application to make it easy and comfortable for the end users.
  • Developed web application with minimal effort using Sinatra library bound with HTTP and ruby language.
  • Worked on implementing validations in Active Record Model and developed application with data integrity using Active Record Associations, Callbacks and Query Interfaces.
  • Implemented User Authentication using Devisegem for the web pages who signed up for it.
  • Integrated third party applications such as banking domains, Facebook and twitter into the application using Omniauth gem.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Experience in debugging the developed code and the application through RubyMine.
  • Worked on Restful API to communicate with the third parties.
  • Working on Test driven development (TDD) with MiniTest, Rspec and Behavior driven development using Cucumber, Capybara.
  • Deployed applications using WeBrick server, Phusion Passenger.
  • Coded JavaScript for page functionality popup screens
  • Developed complex APIs for third party integration (JSON file format) and Authentication as specifications using Sinatra Framework.
  • Followed Agile development methodology and Scrum for the project.
  • Performed Unit testing, Integration Testing, GUI and web application testing using Rspec.

Environment: Rails 3.2, Ruby 2.0, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, Rspec, JSON, SVN, MySQL, UNIX, Virtualization, AWS.

Confidential, Windsor Mill MD

Ruby Developer


  • Analyzed, Design Specifications, Development and Testing phases to ensure full understanding of individual deliverables of Gazelle Web application using Ruby on Rails MVC framework and TDD based programming.
  • Working in Agile Based environment & Participate in meetings related to Daily Scrums, Backlog Grooming, sprint planning & sprint retro. Wrote unit test cases for JavaScript code using Jasmine.
  • Work with marketing, Product Manager, UX designer and business analysts to understand and validate end-user requirements.
  • Documented the Re-Design, Re-platforming stages and operational problems by following standards and procedures using a software-reporting tool JIRA.
  • Wrote ROR scripts for Bootstrap from Frontend and scripted controller files to cache the object stored in the Bootstrap.
  • Called Restful HTTP services from Contentful (CMS) to interact with User Interface and was responsible for building the code to staging and Development Environments. Integrated Graph QL server with CMS that knows how to normalize the returned data and maintain a consistent data snapshot with a partial knowledge gained from requests to the server.
  • Integrated a new website layout with the existing website using REACTJS components with ES6, component lifecycle, flux concept, props, JSX, Mixins, Component mount and events.
  • Worked in consuming RESTful web services using jQuery and React.js along with JSON parsing to render the response data to User Interface.
  • Used JavaScript and Bootstrap for page usefulness popup screens, Sale and discount tags for the products.
  • Built a Node-powered workflow involving Web pack.
  • Enhanced Circle CI and Code Climate for the application in GitHub to warn about the build and failures and discuss with QA team to solve those failures.

Environment: Rails 5.1, Ruby 2.2.3, GitHub, Vagrant, Circle CI, Code Climate, React JS, Redux, JavaScript, Contentful CMS, Web pack, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Graph QL, ES6, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai.


Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Responsibilities included developing new fixtures, refactoring, fixing bugs and interfacing with the product development and quality assurance group
  • Developed applications using Ruby on rails with database as MySQL, and client side view part with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Involved in the design of the front-end application using Rails 3.1, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Worked and implemented the concepts of Arrays, Hashes, file reading, Inheritance, modules in developing the code for the application.
  • Designed and developed Controller and View part of the application using scaffolding statements.
  • Active member in client interaction during the customization of the product according to the client’s requirements.
  • Worked on ruby which was very important in traditional rails application and as a report generating application.
  • Implemented the query part of the reports using Ruby language, MVC architecture and ran the rake tasks to dump the database to CSV file.
  • Deployed web applications from Rails to GitHub server for backup and to communicate with the team remotely.
  • Developed new features, fixing bugs, interfacing with the product development and software quality assurance group.
  • Focused on Ruby development, inside of a traditional Rails application, and as part of a report generating application.
  • Developed the user authentication and order processing modules for customer facing application.
  • Develop user friendly and sophisticated graphical representation of the catalogue of items that would be configured for a piece of equipment.
  • Responsible for most view/controller changes, as well as model/database integration with other members of team.
  • Deployed application and provide continuous maintenance using Git and Heroku.
  • Involved in unit testing and integrated testing of the application

Environment: Ruby 2.0, Rails 3.0, WEBrick, HTML, CSS3, AJAX, Java, JQuery, JavaScript,SQLite3, Heroku.


Java Developer


  • Involved in SDLC Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and testing of application developed using AGILE methodology.
  • Used Java, JSP Servlets for the back-end and setting up the database.
  • Used JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to develop the front-end of the application.
  • Apache Tomcat, web server was used for deployment and administration of components. Used Eclipse as software development platform for developing the whole application.
  • Developed the helper classes for better data exchange between the MVC layers.
  • Developed SQL scripts for data migration. Expertise in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures for the database and backend tasks.
  • Designed class diagrams, sequence diagrams using UML and prepared high level technical documents.
  • Responsible for End User Training and Application support. Involved in Client interaction as well as Client Demonstration.
  • Collaborated with one team member on code reviews, testing, and website review.

Environment: Java, Java EE, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Servlets, JSP, XML, Eclipse.

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