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Scala Developer Resume



  • Senior software with expertise in Scala, Java and other programming languages and web frameworks
  • Integrate Akka framework with KMIP and AWS like Cloud Based Services
  • Congnito for encryption key and token generation.
  • Working knowledge of Akka (Actor Based Framework), play framework (MVC)
  • Distributed the UKM Project to run on different platforms using Akka Framework (to make them platform independent and scalable).
  • Working knowledge of AWS Services like KMS, Cognito, IAM, S3.
  • Knowledge of Key Management Interoperability Protocol. (Understanding of KMIP Specs).
  • Working knowledge of JWT (Json Web Tokens) for Session management.
  • Working knowledge of bug tracking tool Jira
  • Knowledge of Continuous integration tool Jenkins


Languages: - HTML, Spark, Hadoop, Java, JavaScript, Object Pascal, Scala, closure, MQ messaging, Json, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, XML, XSL

Operating Systems: - Linux, UNIX (HP/UX, Solaris, SunOS), Windows

Web/Application Servers: - Apache HTTP Server, Jakarta Tomcat, BEA Web Logic, ATG Dynamo


Confidential, Maryland

Scala Developer


  • Developing internet applications and websites using latest technologies in Scala. Worked on 4 different projects. 2 main core projects are as under:-
  • Developed high-performance distributed queueing system. Scala, Spark, Hadoop, Redis, Akka, closure, MQ messaging, Json
  • Developed new functionality for interactive healthcare system. Pre-launch confidentiality precludes further detail. Java, Scala, Play 2 Web Framework, Ebean.
  • Developed, with another consultant, prototype of mobile video app for mass consumer use. Pre-launch confidentiality precludes further detail. Scala, Android.

Confidential, NY

Java Developer


  • Our team developed an internet applications and websites in Java. I worked on 4 different projects. Main core projects are as under.
  • Description: The system is a fully automatic billing solution. It integrates many features: administrative hosting control, client signup module, automatically invoicing feature, refund system, discount system, report generating system, reseller feature, client email notification module, clients account control system and more.
  • Used technologies: Java 2, J2EE, JBoss 3.0.6, Blazze 1.0, JFC/Swing, Struts, spring, Hibernate, Eclipse, Oracle 11g, Perl
  • I was Responsible for the designing and development.
  • I developed administrative client GUI (Blazze, JFC, and Swing).
  • I developed customer’s client GUI (Webwork, JSP)
  • I created server side logic as EJB beans.

Confidential, IA

Java Developer

Used Technologies: Java 2, J2EE, JSP, Jakarta Tomcat, Eclipse, Web Logic, and MySQL,Java, C/C++, Applets, HTML, IISMs SQL Server


  • Development and implementation of the project
  • Analyzed users needs and planed information streams (UML, Rational Roses);
  • Developed and implemented a database structure and software modules (SQL, Ms SQL Server, MS Access);
  • Designed the server applications for a financial analysis and representation of the stock quotation in real time
  • Developed client environment for financial analysis (Java 1.1, Applets, HTML, JavaScript, IIS 3.0 -4.0);
  • Responsible design and implementation of the server side software, business logic and database structure of the project (UML)
  • Implemented business logic on server-side as Entity Beans and Session Beans (EJB, JDBC, WebLogic)
  • I developed web-based software modules (JSP, HTML)
  • I implemented software utilities for the site administration.
  • Developed front end software modules in JSP, HTML;

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