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Senior Software Developer Resume

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East Hartford, CT


Senior Software Developer

Confidential, East Hartford, CT


  • Design and development of J2EE / .NET applications.
  • Coordination between offshore teams and onsite customers.
  • JSF, Struts, Hibernate, Oracle, SQL Server.

Computer Scientist

Confidential, Windsor, CT


  • Development and support of J2EE applications for Pratt & Whitney’s JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) & RL10 Space programs and General Dynamics' Bath Iron Works.
  • From requirements gathering to application architecture, development, testing and production support.
  • Torque API, Hibernate, iBatis, Documentum API, JSF, Struts, Spring and Oracle ADF JSF frameworks. Websphere & Weblogic application servers.
  • JDeveloper, Eclipse & WSAD IDEs. Building of HTTPUNIT tests. Recognition awards.

Senior Internet Developer

Confidential, Farmington, CT


  • Development of ASP.NET e - commerce websites
  • Full development cycle of Websphere Commerce Express version 5.5 website utilizing DB2 database.
  • Website was build using complex J2EE architecture.
  • Development of EJBs, JSPs and complex java back-end code.
  • Gathering requirements, creating project scope and development.
  • Integration with AS/400 utilizing Websphere MQ version 5.3.
  • Heavy website customization including inbound and outbound XML messages.
  • Mentoring the rest of tech personnel.
  • Improving development process from gathering requirements all the way to QA to pushing sites live.


Confidential, Hartford, CT


  • Generic ETL application to process multiple data feeds, including XML, flat files and DB to DB direct reads.
  • Data was processed through IBM MQ and direct file reads from FTP drop zone. Application was designed to accommodate any future data feeds without modifying the code.
  • All business rules were built in XML mapping files to properly map incoming data into target Oracle database.
  • This design allows future data feeds to be added within minutes by creating a new mapping file without spending company’s money on IT resources.
  • This complex ETL is a standalone JAVA application with multiple supporting XML and Properties files to allow great flexibility in case of target database changes or / and incoming data feeds.
  • Solely architect, design and implemented the application and successfully moved it into production environment.

Software Consultant

Confidential, Hartford, CT


  • Design and implementation of COM+ complex application to handle Asbestos and Environmental claims for Claims department.
  • Solely Designed and implemented middle-tier for processing of various types of Payments such as Manual Checks, ACH, WIRE, RAP, GAP, SRS. Written in VB 6.0 initially application was rewritten in VB.NET utilizing Oracle 8 database.

Technical Lead / Software Architect

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Lead a multi-national development team of 6 software engineers based out of San Francisco and Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Developing a Web based application for the financial industry. This product is designed for the international marketplace with multilingual support. Implementation is based on a Weblogic application server using full array of J2EE components: Java, EJBs (CMP & BMP), JSPs, Servlets, XML, HTML, DHTML, Java-Script, J-Integra, QuadeBase EspressChart and Oracle 8i.
  • Responsible for integrating the product with 3rd party applications (MS Outlook, ACT, GoldMine) utilizing COM/DCOM.
  • Implementing the backend business logic for financial operations as well as the front end GUI and middleware.

Web Architect / Java Developer

Confidential, New Haven, CT


  • Responsible for the conversion of a Client/Server Visual Basic application utilizing a MS Access database to a Web based solution written entirely in Java on SQL Server 7.
  • Designed and developed the database schema and application.
  • Wrote a VB module to support replication and conflict resolution.
  • Developed a JAVA based charting engine (servlets / classes / native JDBC driver) utilizing both native APIs and QuadeBase EspressChart APIs to produce custom GIF/JPEG images for various clients.
  • Developed a JAVA engine to parse XML data and update live web databases from a client/server application to allow clients see immediate changes on their websites using the charting engine.
  • Developed entity EJBs. All development was designed to run on both JRun and Weblogic servers.

Web Developer / Consultant

Confidential, Glastonbury, CT


  • Personally developed a web based Staffing application that facilitated personnel skills data collection.
  • The site was developed using Visual InterDev, ASP, java-script vb-script, ACCESS and HTML. Personally responsible for all development.

Assistant Vice President

Confidential, Enfield, CT


  • Responsible for all steps in research, design and implementation of Decision Support Systems (DSS) for the www.citifi.com web site, call center and mail processing center.
  • The DSS system was developed using ASP (Visual InterDev and Dreamweaver).
  • Implementation was through the extensive use of java-script vb-script and HTML/DHTML. The Data Warehouse was created using OLAP Server and Active-X Scripts.
  • Java Applets were created to access the data warehouse using JDBC.
  • The Data Warehouse integrated information from a variety of sources (SQL Server, Oracle and Informix databases).
  • Responsible for the migration of Campus Card, a desktop application.
  • This application is available through laptop connections in many colleges across U.S. to facilitate opening a Citibank account.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Springfield, MA


  • API calls.
  • Visual Basic 6.0, MS Access 97.
  • Over 5,000 agents nationwide will use application.

Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Wethersfield, CT


  • Database design in a SQL 6.5 environment for a complex Confidential phone business.
  • Redesigned an obsolete, non-relational database into a fully functional relational database.
  • Added many new tables to create a database that meets the increasing business needs and elimination of manual data handling.
  • Designed and implemented a Visual Basic 5.0 front-end that provided an accelerated, simple access to a database that stored as well as accommodated effective maintenance, and minimized invalid data entry.
  • Report generation was implemented via MS ACCESS 97 employing the data stored in SQL, FoxPro, and MS Excel 97 databases.

Applications Development Programmer

Confidential, Longmeadow, MA


  • Programmed comparative, Insurance Rating Products for 50 states of Property & Casualty and Commercial lines insurance for use on the Internet.
  • Products were produced utilizing Cold Fusion and Java applets in a SQL 6.5 server environment.
  • Created and maintained stored procedures written in SQL.
  • Used project management skills for research, debugging and resolution of implementation and production level issues.
  • Developed and maintained Java applets and Cold Fusion modules to ensure accuracy and efficiency in information exchange.
  • Excellent quality workflow maintained in a highly visible Internet environment.
  • A self-motivated, research driven and dedicated person resulting in a highly effective independent and team focused employee.


Confidential, Windsor, CT


  • Designed Commercial Lines Insurance Rating Applications in 50 states utilizing Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic and Visual C++ programming languages.
  • Development, maintenance and debugging of Commercial Lines Insurance Rating Applications.
  • Developed utilities and trained personnel, to increase the efficiency and timeliness of maintenance level programs for the department.
  • Designed Visual Basic applications and trained personnel to improve the processes of the Quality Control department.
  • Visual Basic application designed to support the conversion of existing data and new files from Pascal to SQL, allowing flexibility of necessary changes and the decrease in overall maintenance time for the team.
  • Efficient, timesaving utilities were developed, converted and documented in Turbo Pascal, Borland C++ and Visual C++.
  • Proven track record of increasing efficiency, timeliness and quality of cross-functional units by creating utilities to be executed in every day workflow scenarios.
  • Creation of user-friendly editing applications to modify binary encrypted files, thus assisting new employees in their training and production.

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