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Contract Java Developer Resume

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San Diego, CA


  • While helping my parents wif managing their affairs when they became ill, I attempted to start working through online tutorials to gain some familiarity wif J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JMS, JSON, Maven, AJAX, JavaScript, Apache/Tomcat, and GWT, whenever possible while providing care and managing their properties.
  • This was an effort to gain familiarity wif those technologies I did not use professionally.
  • i had taken courses on ASP.NET 3.0/3.5 to update what I had learned in grad school.
  • I was self - employed doing affiliate internet marketing since, November of 2014, after my last parent passed
  • . I has started learning AWS Associate Solutions Developer and Associate Solutions Architect, Angular JS, Node JS, Java 8 and J2EE 7, due to less TEMPthan expected results wif internet affiliate marketing, starting late last year and continuing this year.


Confidential, San Diego, CA

Contract Java Developer


  • Developed GUIs using Java Swing Components (i.e. JButton, JComboBox, JFrame, JLabel, JFileChooser, JList, JPane, JRadioButton, JScrollPane, JTextField and JTextArea) and Layout Managers (Border, Box, Flow and Grid).
  • Used Core Java libraries to develop and modify classes, and associated methods for standalone applications.
  • Modified/created XML configuration files to add additional UAV monitoring features to an existing application.
  • Modified methods and developed algorithms in C/C++ for fixed wing UAV control and monitoring.
  • Used VBScript to extract/sort records, edited SOAP files, and used regular expressions to create a search algorithm.
  • I was issued a secret security clearance to work on a SPAWAR project.

Confidential,San Diego, CA

Software Engineer


  • Performed requirements gathering to help define the function of the application, user interface design and behaviors.
  • Participated in the Object Oriented Analysis and Design of an application and its subsequent development.
  • Used Core Java APIs in the development of classes, and associated methods for a standalone application.
  • Used Java Swing components (i.e. JButton, JComboBox, JFrame, JLabel, JList, JPane, JRadioButton, JScrollPane, JTextField and JTextArea) and Layout Managers (Border, Flow and Grid) to create desktop user interfaces.
  • Created JDBC connections and SQL queries to access MS Access data, later modified for an Oracle database.
  • The development environment consisted of JDK1.4/1.5 and Netbeans 5.1 in Windows XP Pro.

Confidential, ISan Diego, CA

Helpdesk Coordinator on NMCI Project


  • Provide troubleshooting on issues involving PC hardware and software, including Microsoft OS and productivity applications, and network/ internet connectivity. Utilize Computer Management, ISF Tools, Tivoli, NetMeeting and UNC to connect to customer's computer to resolve software and OS problems. Responsible for ensuring detailed service call documentation.
  • I was issued a security clearance to work on the NMCI project.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Helpdesk Technician


  • Responsible for adhering to performance metrics, maintaining client contract obligations, troubleshooting customer relationship database software, and maintaining ISO 9002 standards compliance.
  • Provide troubleshooting and tutorials on all issues involving PC hardware and software, including all Microsoft operating systems and productivity applications.
  • Provided a path for customer service escalation in order to achieve problem resolution and customer satisfaction

Confidential, Norcross, GA

Position: Consultant


  • Participated in the design, analysis and development of a prototype for an Enterprise Resource Management application for educational institutions in developing countries.
  • Developed user interfaces, forms, classes, methods, tables for MS Access and SQL Server, and utilized ADO objects for a three - tiered Visual Basic database application.
  • The application was modeled after an Oracle Enterprise Resource Management project we had in grad school.


Operating Systems: Windows, SUSE Linux.

Applications: MS Office, Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Forte, FrontPage, Photoshop, Smart Draw, Visio, Netbeans, Eclipse, Subversion (8 months), Visual Studio (8 months) and Visual Source Safe (4 yrs.).

Networks: Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2003 Server.

Protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP.

Databases: Microsoft Access, Oracle and SQL Server.

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