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Senior Java/j2ee Developer Resume

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Austin, -tX


  • Professional J2EE Software Developer with 9+ years of focused experience of Web based applications with provisioning of groundbreaking and customized solutions to meet changeable industry requirements.
  • Participated in entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Documentation and Support of software applications.
  • Designed and modeled projects using techniques in UML - Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams using Rational Rose and Visual Paradigm and created SDD’s and TDD’s as part of the design.
  • Developed web applications based on different Design Patterns such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), Data Access Object (DAO), Singleton Pattern, Front Controller, Business Delegate, Strong experience in developing N-Tier applications using J2EE.
  • Experienced in creative and effective front-end development using JSP, JSP Tag Libraries, Servlets, JavaScript, HTML5, DHTML, Ajax, CSS and UI responsive designs with Angular JS, Bootstrap JS.
  • Worked on Struts open source java framework utilizing Struts Tiles, Struts Controllers (Actions and Forms) and client server validations.
  • Excellent working experience with various frameworks likeJSF, Struts, Spring, CDI, Hibernate, Eclipse.
  • Expertise in programming with Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring IOC Container.
  • Aced the persistent service, Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping(ORM) with database. Configured xml files for mapping and hooking it with other frameworks like Spring, Struts and other technologies. designed and developed MVC application using Spring MVC, iBatis/myBatis, JSP, JSTL, View Objects(VO), Java Script, JQuery, DB2.
  • Have excellent Relational Database understanding and experience with Oracle 10g/11g/12c, IBM DB2 7.X/8.X, SQL Server 2005 and MySQL 5.0/5.5.
  • Integrated with multi-threading and concurrency utilities for better performance.
  • Authored business rules in IBM ODM Rule Designer/Rule Studio.
  • Experience inSecurity-Systemdevelopment for Web Applications. Involved in development of security implementation using spring security system autantications:LDAPautantication,Databaseautantication andPre-Autantication.
  • Strong experience in database design, writing complex SQL Queries and Stored Procedures.
  • Worked on test driven software development where Junit testing was employed. Experienced in using Version Control Tools like SVN and CVS,GIT, IBM RTC(Rational Tool Concert).
  • Experience in Building, Deploying and Integrating with Ant, Maven.
  • Extensive experience in using IDE's like Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, RAD 8/9.
  • Have extensive experience in building and deploying applications on Web/Application Servers like, Weblogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss and Tomcat.
  • Experience in developing Web services using Axis and WSDL and REST API. Used Swagger tool for the services documentation.
  • Implemented mapper classes to convert SOAP result from one schema to another schema using JAXB APIs.
  • Modified Order XML schema and generated JAXB API to support new fields.
  • Experienced in parsers like SAX, DOM, JDOM.
  • Experience working with Agile Methodologies including XP, SCRUM and Test-Driven Development.


Operating System: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Linux, Unix.

Languages: Java JDK 5/6/7/8, J2EE CDI, C, SQL, HQL, Unix (Bash Scripting)

Frameworks: Struts 1.x/2.x, Spring 2.x/3.x, JSF, Hibernate 2.x/3.x, Spring-core, Spring AOPSpring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, iBatis/myBatis, Angular JS, Bootstrap JS.

Databases: IBM DB2 8.x, Oracle 11i/10g, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access.

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, HTML5, JQuery, CSS, JNDI, JDBC, Java Beans, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Java Script, Angulr JS, Bootstrap JS, SOAP, REST, XSLT.


IDE: IBM RAD9, RSA, NetBeans, WSAD, MyEclipse and Eclipse 3.x.

Tools: IBM DataSudio, IBM ODM(BRMS), TOAD, SQL Developer, DB Visualizer, Maven, ANT, Log4JJunit, Mockito, Jenkins, Selenium, JIRA bug traking tool.

Version Control: Subversion SVN(subclipse, tortoise), CVS, GIT, RTC, Rational Clearcase.


Web/App Server: IBM Websphere, Apache Tomcat, Web logic, JBoss, Glassfish.


Confidential, Austin -TX

Senior Java/J2EE Developer


  • Applied Agile methodologies throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Involved in requirements analysis and gathering and converting them into technical specifications using UML diagrams: Use Case Model, Business Domain Model, Activity Diagrams.
  • Applied and MVC and front controller design patterns at front end tiers.
  • Created and Modified cron expressions from Quartz cron scheduler.
  • Involved in running the ETL jobs and analyze the flow through kettle scripts using PDI tool.
  • Involved in batch processing usingSpringBatchframework to extract data from database and load into corresponding Loan App tables.
  • Implemented the Project structure based onSpring MVCpattern.
  • Configured the SQL mappings and statements to communicate with the DB2 by using iBatis/ MyBatis persistence framework.
  • Used PL/SQL as client to connect to Oracle DB.
  • Integrated with multi-threading and concurrency utilities for better performance.
  • Invoved in doing build and deployments for development Enviroments in Tomcat Server.
  • Involved in analyzing the kettle and ETL batch files to run in lower environments.
  • Modified the cron expressions to schedule the various Quartz cron schedulars in lower environments.
  • Involved in Developing and performing Unit Testing using JUNIT.
  • Used SVN for Version Control.

Environment: Java1.8/J2EE,,, Tomcat Web Server 8.5,, Spring MVC,, JSF,, 508 Compliance,, iBatis/MyBatis 3, Eclipse IDE,, Maven build,, Oracle SQL,, PL/SQL Developer client,, Pentaho DI tool,, Cron schedulars,, Kettle 7 and ETL loads,, JUnit 4,, Stored Procedure,, SVN as version control,, Agile RUP

Confidential, Austin -TX

Senior Java/J2EE Lead Developer


  • Applied Agile RUP methodologies throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Involved in requirements analysis and gathering and converting them into technical specifications using UML diagrams: Use Case Model, Business Domain Model, Activity Diagrams.
  • Applied Object Oriented concepts (inheritance, composition, interface, etc) and Front Controller design pattern.
  • Involved in migrating the legacy (mainframe based) application to Java, and applied the best practices whicel migrating the legacy application and data.
  • Developed UI pages with the Bootstrap JS for the responsive designs of the forms and tables.
  • Used BootstrapJS responsive design to make the application mobile devices portability.
  • Used jQuery and advanced Java Script to handle the various UI aspects of the application.
  • Implemented the Project structure based onSpring MVCpattern usingspring boot.
  • Implemented SSO using Siteminder and Spring Security.
  • Configured the SQL mappings and statements to communicate with the DB2 by using iBatis/ MyBatis persistence framework.
  • Used SQL Squirrel as client to connect to DB2 through Data Direct.
  • Designed, developed, tested, integrated, and deployed large numbers of complex rules in rule flows,Drools FusionandDrools CEP
  • Invoved in doing build and deployments for development Enviroments in Websphere Application Server.
  • Involved in developing the core base Classes and designed the packaging needed for the project.
  • Involved in Developing and performing Unit Testing using JUNIT.
  • Used SVN for Version Control.

Environment: Java1.7/J2EE,,, Websphere App Server 8.5,, Spring MVC 3,, Spring Boot,, Spring Security,, Bootstrap JS,, 508 Compliance,, Struts 1.3, iBatis/MyBatis 3, RAD9 as IDE,, Ant build,, DB2,, SQL Squirrel client,, JUnit 4,, Stored Procedure,, SVN as version control,, Junit,, Jenkins.,, Agile RUP

Confidential, Southfield, MI

Java/J2EE WebServcies Developer


  • Involved in building the REST Easy web services using JAX-RS specification
  • Developed the application using Eclipse Kepler and followed Agile and Scrum methodology.
  • Used Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) throughout the project, created the components by using RESTful webservcies.
  • Reviewed Smart Auction 2.0(JSF) and designed the document for SA 3.0.
  • Invoved actively in developing the user interfaces using JSF and Richfaces.
  • Used EJB session beans for modularity, transaction management and to expose business rules to the service layer.
  • Used Oracle SQL developer as the DB. Supported the application developed in JSF with TopLink as backend.
  • Worked on migration of BRMS framework from ILOG Jrules 7.1 to ODM 8.8
  • Worked on a couple POCs using ODM DSI where bank needed the solution engine to be event driven instead of a batch process.
  • Configured data sources and deployed applications in JBoss application server
  • Deployed applications from Admin Console of Jboss Eap 5.1 as well as done the hot deployment
  • Used SonarLint for code quality and code standards, Eclemma tool for code coverage.
  • Worked in Test Driven environment using Junit testing framework Mockito to speed up the test automation with mock objects.
  • Used GIT version management server for the project version management and for build making process.
  • Involved in writing JPA and JPQL queries. Used Hibernates JPA implementation to have the application’s DAO implementation common across different ORM technologies.
  • Used Swagger for the documentation of Smart Auction Restful services.
  • Involved in building and deployment of application using Maven.
  • Used Jenkins for building deployment artifacts.
  • Worked with messaging frameworks using MDB’s.

Environment: Java/J2EE 1.8,, Rational Rose,, JBoss App Server 5.1 EAP,, EJB 3.0,, ILOG Jrules7.1/IBM ODM 8.8, Restful,, JAX-RS with RestEasy,, Swagger,, Oracle SQL Develoeper 4.1,, Oracle 12c,, TopLink,, JPA 2.0 using Hibernate,, Postman, DHC Rest clients,, Angular JS,, SonarLint,, Eclemma Code coverage,, Jenkins,, Json,, GIT,, Maven 2.0,, JSF and Richfaces, Junit with Mockito,, Agile,Scrum,, Log4J

Confidential, Austin, TX

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Followed Agile Rational Unified Process throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Involved in requirements analysis and gathering and converting them into technical specifications using UML diagrams: Use Case Model, Business Domain Model, Activity & Sequence Diagrams and State Diagrams.
  • Applied Object Oriented concepts (inheritance, composition, interface, etc) and design patterns (singleton, strategy...Etc).
  • Responsible for designing front end system using JSP technology, HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Developed the migrated applications using Struts 2.0 MVC framework.
  • Developed UI migration pages with jQuery and extensive Java Script.
  • Developed web Single Page Applications (SPA) using Angular JS for several migrated applications.
  • Authored business rules in IBM ODM Decision Studio/Rule Studio. Implemented Reteplus and fastpath algorithms for rules execution. Authoring BOM, BOM to XOM mapping, RuleFlows, BALrules, Decision tables, Decision Trees and technical rules.
  • Migrated Ilog Jrules 7.1 to ODM 8.8.
  • Involved in writing repetitive task automation using Perl and Bash scripts, troubleshooting and hardware and software upgrades.
  • Responsible for designing and reviewing web services WLSD, their structure, data types and operations with Application architect team.
  • Developed Services and Entities using EJB 3.0.
  • Design JSON responses according the request, send it back to the front end after the logic processing.
  • Involved in the design and decision making for Hibernate OR Mapping.
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access the information in the database.
  • Applied Spring IOC Container to facilitate Dependency Injection.
  • Integrated AIDE Business Rules Engines implementing business rules using RTC.
  • Used IBM RTC for version control and for integrating the tasks and stories, and worked on integration of the IBM RRC with RTC.
  • Involved in doing build and deployments for various Environments in WebLogic Application Server.
  • Re-factored large code base to conform to best practices to spring design patterns.
  • Involved in Managing Web Services and operations using REST API.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures using PL/SQL for the data migration.
  • Implemented Stored Procedures for the tables. Involved in writing batch process using Perl for executing the Stored Procedures.
  • Involved in designing reporting generating system from XML files using XML technology, JAXP.
  • Involved in Developing and performing Mock Testing and Unit Testing using JUNIT and EasyMock.
  • Built project using Apache Maven build scripts.
  • Verifying and monitoring the Application server logs, and monitoring the server logs through XPO tools.

Confidential, Madison, WI

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in the design and development phases of Rational Unified Process (RUP).
  • Designed Use Cases, Class Diagrams, and Sequence Diagrams using Visual Paradigm to model the detail design of the application.
  • Application was built on Struts - MVC framework and Hibernate as business layer.
  • Designed and developed the GUI using swing for Standalone Desktop Interface.
  • Developed Struts Action Classes, Action Forms implementing Struts Validation Framework, using Struts Tiles
  • Extensively used XML Web Services for transferring/retrieving data between different providers.
  • Consumed Web services with Apache CXF Framework.
  • Develop the ORM using JPA and EclipseLink.
  • Developed web Single Page Applications (SPA) using Angular JS.
  • Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Developed custom Forms and Reports as per client requirements and making them web enabled using Oracle Reports builder 10g and Oracle Forms builder 10g respectively.
  • Used JMS Queue communication in authorization module.
  • Handled change/problem/release/escalation procedures. Install and configure Apache, Tomcat WebServer in various environments.
  • Designed and implemented Business Delegate, Session Facade and DAO Design Patterns.
  • Used JAXB API to bind XML Schema to java classes.
  • Consumed Web Services (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI) from third party for authorizing payments to/from customers.
  • Used ANT for building the enterprise application modules, Used GIT for Version control, Log4J to monitor the error logs and performed unit testing using JUnit.
  • Deployed the applications on WebSphere Application Server. And involved in Portal application development using WebSphere.

Environment: Java/J2EE,, Rational Rose,, WebSphere Application Server,, Tomcat 5.x,, Struts,, EclipseLink,, Angular JS,, Backbone JS,, XFire,, Web services, JQuery,, JMS, JAXB, RAD as IDE,, Maven build scripts,, Oracle,, Oracle Forms 10g,, WebSphere Portal development, PL/SQL,, ClearCase,, GIT,, JUnit, Agile,, SCRUM., Log4J

Confidential, Appleton, WI

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed detailed business requirements document using UML, Use case diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams for new requirements
  • Worked in an agile development process based on Scrum
  • Employed Model View Controller as structural framework of application, other design patterns like data transfer objects, service locator, business delegate and front controller were also used
  • JSP was implemented as facade of application with usage of EL, JSTL and other custom tags. Used AJAX and Javascript to handle asynchronous requests; and CSS was used to keep uniformity in look of the application.
  • Utilized Apache Tiles plug-in in web application front for composite view pattern to keep the structure consistency. Inheritance feature was also implemented for code reusability in tiles definition.
  • Performed server-side validations using Struts validations.
  • Implemented Model View Controller(MVC) architeture using Struts Framework.
  • Implemented Struts Framework and took leverage of MVC pattern.
  • Transaction management was based on Spring AOP; and Spring IoC container was used for independency injection.
  • Spring hooks were used to integrate Hibernate at persistence layer.
  • Configured Hibernate to work with different forms of mapping like one to one and one to many relational. Handled n+1 issue with hibernate to avoid multiple trips to fetch date from database.
  • Defined system requirements hosting systems for both JBoss Fuse, as well as define database requirements for JBoss Operations Network (JON).
  • Configured hibernate to work with Spring, by setting up Session Factory in Spring context file. Used named queries hql database find and updates.
  • Build project using Apache Maven build scrripts
  • Deployed the applications on JBOSS application server.

Confidential, Miami, FL

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Responsible for understanding the business requirement.
  • Worked with Business Analyst and halped representing the business domain details in technical specifications.
  • Also halped developing UML Diagrams: Use cases, Activity diagram, Sequence diagram, class Diagram.
  • Was also actively involved in setting coding standards and writing related documentation.
  • Developed the Java Code using Eclipse as IDE.
  • Developed JSPs and Servlets to dynamically generate HTML and display the data to the client side.
  • Developed application on Struts MVC architecture utilizing Action Classes, Action Forms and validations.
  • Developed client side components utilizing Java Swing Framework.
  • Tiles were used as an implementation of Composite View pattern
  • Was responsible in implementing various J2EE Design Patterns like Service Locator, Business Delegate, Session Facade and Factory Pattern.
  • Code Review & Debugging using Eclipse Debugger.
  • Involved in the design and decision making for Hibernate OR Mapping.
  • Developed Hibernate Mapping file(.hbm.xml) files for mapping declarations.
  • Configured Queues in WebLogic server where the messages, using JMS API, were published.
  • Consumed Web Services (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI) from third party for authorizing payments to/from customers.
  • Writing/Manipulating the database queries, stored procedures for Oracle9i.

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