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Senior Android Developer Resume

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Charlotte, NC


  • Around 8 years of IT experience, entailing 5 years’ in designing & developing Mobile Applications using Android SDK, and around 3 years’ in Java based applications using Java, Servlets, JSP, XML, Web services
  • Experienced in all Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) stages for wide range of application including SCRUM - Agile and Waterfall models
  • Experience working wif MVC (Model View Controller) and MVP (Model view Presenter) frameworks patterns.
  • Good understanding of Android UI guidelines and creating layouts for multi-screen sizes & resolutions; designed web pages wif new trends taking advantage of teh most recent user interface patterns
  • Worked wif Android SDK (2.3 to NOUGAT 7.0), Eclipse IDE, Android ADT plugin & Android Studio 2.2 and experience in implementing native libraries in application using Android NDK
  • Leveraging Android 4.0 APIsfor networking, web, location services, telephony, and hardwaresensors
  • Good noledge of teh Android Architecture and Android Concurrency
  • Worked on Bluetooth Audio Profiles (A2dp, Avrcp, HFP) and Bluetooth Stack (BlueZ, BlueDroid)
  • Experience in Application Frameworks such as Activity Manager, Resource Manager, Notification Manager, Location Manager, Telephony Manager, Content Providers etc.
  • Knowledge of Advanced application design wifAsyncprocessing, services, SQLite database, content providers, intents, and notifications; experience wif profiling, tuning, and optimizing Java applications
  • Worked on writing JUnit & Espresso test cases and generating test coverage reports wif Jacoco.
  • Integrated various social networking open source APIs like Facebook, G+, Twitter, and third party libraries Butter knife, Volley, Picasso, Leak Canary, Dagger 2, Retrofit.
  • Hands on exposure and expertise in using…
  • JIRA, Bitbucket, HPQC, Gerrit, Bugzilla, & Red Mine to manage and keep track on project progress
  • Cloud-based Solutions (GCM), event triggers, andpush notifications and experience wif Otto bus.
  • Media Framework wif Android API and skills like multimedia usage, video, sound, graphics, networking
  • Web Services wif SOAP and REST FUL API
  • Android Debugging Tools like DDMS, ADB, Trace View, Log Cat
  • Android Storage Options like SQLite, Shared Preferences
  • Fragments, Activity, Navigation modes and Loaders
  • Open Source Version Control Tools like SVN, CVS & GIT for version tracking and deployment
  • Restful web services to fetch data for mobile front end and parsing XML & JSON response using parsers
  • GitHub in application development having noledge on Phone Gap
  • Jenkins build to get teh successful build on application store every time when we merge teh code


Languages: Java, C, C++, SQL, HTML

Web technologies: JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, JSF

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, PL/SQL, MySQL, SQL, SQLite, JDBC, MS-Access

Design &Protocols: MVC, MVP, Singleton, Factory pattern, HTTP, TCP/IP

Web Service: REST, SOAP, WSDL

Version Control: CVS, SVN, and GIT

IDE’s: Android Studio, Eclipse ADT bundle

Parsers: XML Pull Parser, JSON, DOM, SAX

Testing Frameworks: JUnit, Espresso, UiAutomator, Robotium

Tools: DDMS, Trace view, ADB, Beyond Compare, GenyMotion Emulator

Third-partylib’s: Butter Knife, Dagger, Picasso, Retrofit, Volley, Leak Canary

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac


Senior Android Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Participated in completeSoftware Development Life Cycle (SDLC)for proper analysis, development, testing, deployment and enhancement of teh code for application; worked as bridge between development & testing
  • Used SCRUM-Agile Software Development Method for managing application development
  • Involved in end to end testing of application on multiple android targets using selenium web driver test cases
  • Debugged issues and fixed bugs wif code, design patterns and miscellaneous occurrences during projects
  • Developed App screens & workflow usingActivity& Fragments,which has Recycler, Scroll view & List view
  • Integrated Facebook, G+ & open source APIs wifin application and Google Maps API to locate nearby places
  • Maximized integrated search, cloud-based services, and other exclusiveAndroid features; used cloud-based solutions (GCM) event triggers andpush notifications
  • Used event handling mechanism like Otto Bus.
  • Used IBM Analytics, formerly CoreMetrics, is a graphical tool and data gathering framework for reporting on page hits.
  • ValidatedJSONresponses as per teh givenREST API’s
  • Created a local database SQLite for maintaining data accessible in offline
  • Created compatibility wif Android version 2.2 (API 8) to 7.0 (API 24)
  • Written Android test automation suite using Espresso testing framework and Junit
  • Adjusted Android default behavior such as orientation response to improve activity life cycle flow
  • Involved in code reviews, daily Agile Scrum meeting, weekly demo& sprint demoon teh developed application and attended iterative planning meetingsfor everysprint
  • Involved in Offshore co-ordination.

Environment: Android Studio, Java, SQLite, Restful, JSON, Android SDK, Google Maps API, Linux, Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Junit, Selenium, Espresso.

Senior Android Developer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Participated in all teh phases of SDLC from design, development through testing, porting and support of application. Followed Agile Methodology and make sure no resources or efforts are wasted.
  • Designed & developed Mobile Health application for Android mobile devices wif User Interface development
  • Worked on debugging teh application using Log cat, DDMS
  • Handled User Interface (UI) design using various custom layouts, buttons, dialog boxes, alert boxes &edit boxes
  • Used services, AsyncTask and Alert Notification API to implement event reminder feature into teh mobile app
  • Embedded Google Maps API, GPS Location Data into app wif zooming controls
  • Saved teh data of healthcare facilities, doctors, diseases, medications, insurance & health plans in SQLite database
  • Used GIT for project management & version control, Gerrit as code review tool & Jenkins as continuous build & integration tool; used web views, custom list views & populated lists from database using simple adapters
  • Inserted suitable code to capture various button &text field events and executed desired action for applications
  • Designed downloading files & images by showing Progress Bar activities
  • Developed apps, handling JSON data using efficient parsing techniques such as GSON parser
  • Implemented teh required GUI by making modifications to teh xml files

Environment: Android SDK 2.3, Java SDK 1.6, SQLite 3.0, Eclipse IDE, ADT Plug-in, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins, Restful API, Google Map API, GPS, Logcat, DDMS console, XML.

Android Developer

Confidential, Northbrook, IL


  • Involved in android application development, defect validation, deployment and production maintenance
  • Designed & implemented teh Mobile Agent application using Embedded Android development
  • Designed teh User Interface (UI) according to teh requirements using UI Groups & UI components
  • Developed App screens and its workflow using Activity and Fragments which has List View &Scroll View
  • Used AsyncTask for multithreading and SVN for code management
  • Registered teh Broadcast Receivers wif various intent filters for teh android system announcements
  • Designed Custom Dialog using Fragment Activity and Custom Action bar& Progress bar by making service calls
  • Created a GCM push notifications to alert users wif latest updates, created local database using SQLite to store & retrieve data, and developed teh unit test cases using UiAutomator and Junit framework
  • Designed layouts compatible wif screens of different resolutions
  • Used android support libraries to provide features like action bar, fragments to lower versions of android devices
  • Worked on Agile Methodology; used Photoshop CS5, Firework CS5, and Illustrator CS5 frequently for editing images, altering photos, and customizing look and feel of client's applications.

Environment: Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, Windows, HTML, SQLite, Espresso, Volley, JSON, SVN.

Android Developer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Involved in analysis, design, development, deployment, testing of applications on various Android devices and fixing of teh bugs
  • Implemented full life cycle development of new web applications and modification of existing applications to add new components and features emphasizing maintainability, reliability, scalability and performance.
  • Worked on innovative background reflecting teh user account status that changes according to user's account.
  • Designed & implemented Views and Layouts for User Interaction
  • Participated in ongoing initiatives to improve processes and establish best practices.
  • Worked on UI and base Android framework issues during OS upgradation. Used version control GIT.
  • Used MVC pattern to encapsulate client/server interactions halps to illustrate software-pattern roles as well as developer roles by separating object, components, and services into multi-tiers wif well-defined boundaries.
  • Worked on testing emulator and device wif multiple versions and sizes wif teh halp of ADB.
  • Involved in design and developing re-usable web services using SOAP, XML, WSDL, XML Schemas and XSL.
  • Used web views, list views & populated lists to display teh lists from database using simple adapters.
  • Used Android content providers to implementing features like sending E-mails, SMS, etc., from teh app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.
  • Used Services, Async tasks and Alert Notification API to implement event reminder feature into teh mobile app.
  • Embedded Google Maps API, GPS Location Data into app wif zooming controls.
  • Involved in working wif Location Manager and Restful Web service wif JSON.

Environment: Android SDK 5.0, SQLite 3.6, Eclipse IDE 3.5, Android API's, RESTFUL Web service, DOMParser, JDK 1.6, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, GPS service, Log cat, Windows 7, ADT Plug-in, GIT (version Control), DDMS console, ADB server.

Java Developer



  • Involved in teh Analysis, Design & Development phase of teh project
  • Designed Use Cases, System Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams and Class Diagrams
  • Designed & implemented a web-based GUI using JSPs and programmed views using JSP pages
  • Developed EJBs (Session & Entity Beans) for business processing & database access and developed DAO (Data Access Object) classes to access data from teh database
  • Deployed teh application on Oracle server and provided client side validations using JavaScript; used STRUTS framework for teh application and JDBC to access Oracle Database
  • Involved in teh Bug fixing of teh modules and deployed on Web Sphere
  • Employed business rules to filter upcoming product and eliminated unwanted product to improve quality
  • Employed XML, Struts, JSPs for front end development; developed XML documents wif DTDs
  • Employed UML artifacts for object modeling, intelligent tracking to track site request, site redirects to improvise search optimization; model is a combination of EJB’s and controllers are Servlet

Environment: J2EE, JDK, JSP, Servlet, Java script, Struts, XML, Web Services, EJB, UML, JDBC, DAO, Web Sphere, Oracle.

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