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Android Developer Resume

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Lisle, IllinoiS


  • Result - oriented application developer wif overall 5+ years of extensive experience in Information Technology and around 4+ years in Designing, Development and Enhancements of Android Applications for Smartphone and Tablets.
  • Android Developer wif a solid understanding of the Android Application framework.
  • Expertise in developing Android application using Android Studio, SQLite, JAVA, Android SDK, and ADT plug-in.
  • Expertise in designing and developing adaptive UI components, widget for android phones, tablets using Notifications, Adapters, Content Provider, Services, XML Parsing.
  • Experience in designing UI layouts using Linear Layout, Relative Layout, Frame Layout, Table Layout and using Android Widgets and custom Widgets.
  • Proficient wif common Android framework APIs (Email, Web View, Google Maps, Telephony API, Camera, Contact Manager) and developing Android Framework Services using Intent, Services and AIDL.
  • Expert in SQL queries.
  • Experience wif software development in Embedded Android devices including development.
  • Experience in working wif SQLite Database, Google Maps API, GPS Location Data and Push Notifications.
  • Experience in various methodologies like of SDLC like Agile development and waterfall development.
  • Worked wif third party library’s like Retrofit, Picasso, Dagger, Dagger 2.
  • Experience wif Atlassian tools like Bit Bucket, JIRA.
  • Good exposure on Kotlin.
  • Designed GUI and interfaces wif services for mobile applications, Asynchronous Programming in Android (such as Threads, Asynchronous Tasks, and Services).
  • Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills wif Eclipse, IDEA, Android Studio.
  • Strong knowledge of Web Services (SOAP, RESTful).
  • Good understanding of XML Parsing and JSON.
  • Good understanding of MVC and MVP, MVVM.
  • Deep understanding on RxJava functionality in android project.
  • Co-worked wif several agile teams by scrum, experience wif GIT and SVN.
  • Proficient in writing Test plans, Test cases and Test scripts.
  • Having good knowledge on Android performance and debugging tools.
  • Good mobile and web design skills using Activities, HTML5, JavaScript and XML.
  • Worked extensively in developing mobile-based and advanced web-based applications using Java, Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, JDBC, UML, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, and Oracle.
  • Experience in using Threading in Services.
  • Used Eclipse IDE, ADT, and AndroidStudio to design the screens for an application using MVC pattern.
  • Good Knowledge on third Party Libraries (Picasso, OKHTTP, Volley, UIL, Glide)
  • Versatile team player wif excellent analytical, presentation and interpersonal skills wif an aptitude to learn innovative technologies.
  • Possessing excellent interpersonal skills and good abilities to communicate among team members.


Programming Language: C, C++, Java., Kotlin

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, XML, REST, SOAP, JSON, Android SDK, NDK, Gradle, JUnit, Unit Testing.

Android Specific: Eclipse, Android Studio, Android SDK, REST, JSON, ADT Plug-in, GIT, DDMS console, ADB server, Retrofit, Google Maps API, Async Task, Navigation Drawer, Toolbar, Multithreading, Volley, Shared Preferences, Content Providers.

Mobile Technologies: Location, Camera, Notification, Google Maps, Media, XML.

Database: SQLite, MySQL

Debugging Tools: Log cat, DDMS, JUnit, AVD, ADB, DDMS

Version Control: GIT, SVN

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS


Android Developer

Confidential, Lisle, Illinois


  • Creating skeleton application UI & implementing fragments using AndroidSDK.
  • Client Server Communication using REST API, JSON parsing to retrieve data from database.
  • Successfully refactored myCordella tablet App project from deprecated, highly coupled code base, which TEMPhas no architecture built into it to state of the art architecture, centered on the MVP pattern.
  • Developed different survey questions types like multiple-choice questions, for survey test for myCordella App.
  • Integrated TWILIO messaging.
  • Worked on setting up the Bluetooth connectivity for the devices like PA pressure, Pulse/Blood Oxygen(NONIN), ECG (EKO DUO), BP, Scale.
  • Designed & developed Android app using Java & XML.
  • Performed Unit Testing and interacted wif QA for testing.
  • Implemented plugin to enable building and packaging Androidapplications using the Gradle build system.
  • Implemented SQLite database, Shared Preferences, and Content Provider in application data management.
  • Used services and Alert notification API to implement event reminder feature into the mobile app.
  • Used GIT for version control.
  • Provided programming estimates, identified potential problems, and recommended alternative solutions and used partial Agile environment.
  • Provide technical assistance, solving bugs and issues faced by users using the myCordella app.
  • Used ASSEMBLA for tracking the overall project.

Environment: AndroidSDK, SQLite, Java, Bluetooth, Retrofit, and XML.

Android Developer

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois


  • Designed & developed Android app using Java, Kotlin, & XML.
  • Creating skeleton application UI & implementing fragments using AndroidSDK.
  • Used MVP architecture.
  • Participated in Agile/Scrum Methodology, wif releases every 2 weeks.
  • Client Server Communication using REST API, JSON parsing to retrieve data from database and coordinated wif backend for API issues.
  • Review code, project deliverables, and confirm they are of the highest quality.
  • Troubleshoot/debug and fix bugs and performance issues.
  • Participate in ongoing research and evaluation of new related technologies.
  • Participate in all aspects of the development lifecycle including requirements analysis, estimating, design, implementation, testing, and release.
  • Supported multiple screens JSON Data Parsing, Web Views to display images/gif from local files, Nested Layout, Swiping views wif Fragment Pager Adapter.
  • Developed generic UI to support different screen sizes ranging from 5 inches to 10 inch, which also adapts to different orientations (Landscape/Portrait), resolutions (ldpi/mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi) based on the device you are using.

Environment: AndroidSDK, Eclipse, SQLite, Java, Mockito, REST API (JSON), GIT, Scrum, Jira, bit bucket.

Android Developer

Confidential, Middletown, New Jersey


  • Participated in Client meeting, application designing and process flows.
  • Client Server Communication using REST API, JSON parsing to retrieve data from database.
  • Used Dagger2 as a dependency injector to create some reusable, interchangeable modules and maintainability of code and alterations.
  • Worked on AndroidFramework APIs such as Google Maps, Camera, Resource Manager, Fragments, Location Manager, Notification Manager, Content Providers, Contact Manager, Telephony API and REST APIs.
  • Participated in gathering all the requirements, designing a prototype for the application.
  • Responsible for implementing Google maps and adding Google play services libraries into the project libraries.
  • Designed and coded application components in an Agile environment utilizing a test-driven development approach.
  • Provided programming estimates, identified potential problems, and recommended alternative solutions using Agile environment.
  • Used multiple mobiles APIs including map, database, multimedia, etc. to create mobile solutions.
  • Used shared preferences to store and retrieve persistent key value pairs across user sessions.
  • Worked wif sliding menu to arrange the user account.
  • Used GIT for version control.
  • For user settings and data used Shared preferences and SQLite database. Used design pattern (MVP) for mobile application design.
  • Utilized Androidand third-party frameworks to use the multithreading capabilities of the physical devices: AsyncTasks, IntentServices, Handlers, Threads, RXJava instances.
  • Worked on debugging the application using Log cat, DDMS.
  • Tested the app across different versions of Android and different android phones to assure quality and performance.

Environment: Android Studio, XML, JAVA, JSON, Log cat, DDMS, SQLite, GIT, JIRA, Agile.

Android Developer



  • Developed an application which user hardware sensors for reading humidity and temperature.
  • Implementing large scale load and stress testing infrastructures.
  • Designed and Implemented Views and Layouts for User Interaction.
  • EspressoTest Automation and bug fixing across the application.
  • Worked closely wif another mobile app developer, leading the other platform development.
  • Implemented Nat to create an architecture wifin Android and C/C++ code.
  • Used Android SDK 4.3 (Software Development Kit), Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment), DALVIK Debug Monitor Server, Android Virtual Device, and Android Debug Bridge for development and debugging tool.
  • Involved in the redesign of front end of web-site.
  • REST web service interaction utilizing OAUTH authentication and JSON
  • Worked in Agile environment and participate in distinct phases of the project cycle like design and development.




  • Developed study application for students.
  • Students can simultaneously watch tutorial videos and read the study material.
  • Android/Java native application development and testing.
  • Designed and developed network frameworks to consume RESTful APIs using Retrofit.
  • Server side and client development in Agile environment.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Fixed bugs and application crashing from the previous development version.
  • Developing for multiple devices, API levels and screen sizes.
  • Experience wif device features like camera, sensors, and touch screen, audio media streaming, video player.
  • Android UI and database programming, android dialogs.
  • Followed Scrum agile methodology in the project implementation.

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