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Tech Lead Resume

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Hopewell, NJ


  • An innovative and vision - driven IT professional wif over 17-years of progressive experience in technology architecture/development/operational roles in Confidential.
  • Designed & implemented complex enterprise class projects (Web, EAI, ESB, SOA, B2B & Big Data) by applying various architectural design principles, patterns & frameworks and focusing on performance, maintenance, reliability and availability.
  • Constantly seek ways to increase efficiency in service deliverables and reduce operating expenses through architecture upgrades, consolidation or replacement of existing hardware/software wif new strategic, open source adoption, state-of-teh-art & more cost-TEMPeffective enterprise solutions.
  • Proficient in SDLC methodologies (Waterfall, Agile SCRUM & KANBAN) for project deliverables and creating technical artifacts using UML notations based on business requirements.
  • Worked on scalable & distributed processing of large dataset using Apache Hadoop and in-memory computing capabilities wif Spark using Scala/Java API’s.
  • Experience working wif Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric framework for development of smart contracts.
  • Extensively worked on creating/leveragingBPMModels to facilitate building process, document, event and people centric workflow systems.
  • Proficient in complex event processing and business rules creation using TIBCO BE, ILog/ODM & Portrait.
  • Expertise in SOA based development including REST & SOAP web-service using JAVA stack, TIBCO BW & .NET
  • Designed and implemented high volume messaging platforms wif low latency using RV, EMS, MQ, JMS and Kafka.
  • Worked on UI development using HTML, JQuery, JSON, ASP.net and JSP/Servlets.
  • Worked on X-12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, FIX & SWIFT documents for EDI and FIX processing.
  • Strong working knowledge of concurrent programming, data structure and algorithms.
  • Experience in designing, development, documenting conceptual & logical data models and data dictionary for application databases, meta-data repositories & no-sql databases.
  • TEMPEffectively managed ambiguity, complexity and shifting priorities to meet expected results wifin time, budget & quality standards.
  • Committed to excellence and dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service & uncompromising ethics.


Big Data: Spark (RDD, SQL, Streaming, ML), HDFS, S3, MR, Hive, Oozie, Zookeeper, Kafka, Sqoop, Flume, Storm, Cloudera Manager, Kubernetes, Dockers, Zeppelin, Jupyter.

TIBCO: iProcess, BW, Adapters, BE, EMS & RV.

Languages: Java, JavaScript, Scala & C#.

Application Server: IIS, Tomcat, JBOSS, Weblogic & Websphere.

Databases/Tools: SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, HBase, MongoDB, Sybase, TOAD & MS SSIS.

Modeling/Tools: UML, Rational Rose, MS Visio & TIBCO BusinessStudio.

Java Stack: J2SE, J2ME & J2EE (JSP, Servlet, EJB, JPA, JMS, JMX, JCA, JTA).

Frameworks/Patterns: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, MVC, TOGAF, SOA, Jersey, J2SE/J2EE Models & Design patterns.

Testing/Logging Framework/Tools: Scala SBT, ANT, Maven, jUnit, & Log4j.


Tech Lead

Confidential, Hopewell, NJ


  • Worked wif clients to understand business needs/issues proposed solutions and translated requirements into necessary technical artifacts/HLD/LLD documents using UML notations.
  • Followed Agile & SLDC methodologies for project deliverables and implemented solutions by applying TOGAF framework, SOA approach, MVC & various design patterns.
  • As part of merger & acquisition, worked wif architecture group to reduce, streamline, optimize teh technology cost and evaluates technologies & products to align wif teh business strategy.
  • Working on initiative to develop smart contracts using block chain hyperledger fabric framework.
  • Build wealth management client Data-lake to provide unprecedented opportunities for bank focusing on customer-centric businesses based on brokerage and bank balances. Teh client, account & balances data are received as part of daily/weekly/monthly feed from external systems and loaded into Hadoop.
  • Teh Data-lake platform being utilized by business users to design marketing programs (offers) based on grouping customers data-set into distinct segments based on client type (Merrill Edge Self Direct & Merrill Edge Advisory client). Targeting set of customers wif message/offer based on their account balances and demographics. Run ad-hoc queries to track offer evaluation based on brokerage & bank balances, view historical data and generate reports.
  • Involved in NPI initiative to capture, log and monitor business user/FA's activities related to Non-public info. BI & audit team run statistics to analyze suspicious, abnormal system behavior, unusual activity and unauthorized actions using Hadoop/Apache spark.
  • Worked on migrating Logging/Audit messaging framework from TIBCO EMS to Kafka.
  • Worked on design & implementation of data loading & processing using Spark (Scala/Java API’s) and analysis using Hive queries. Worked wif engineering to configured Auto-sys jobs to load to data into HDFS and run spark/MR/HIVE processes.
  • Worked extensively on defining canonical data model, WSDL definitions, Copybook, Data-formats & XML schemas.
  • Developed processes, components, micro-services, SOAP and REST webservices based on SOA approach for integration, orchestration & data processing. Teh services are hosted on JAVA, .NET & TIBCO BW platform.
  • Implemented messaging based middleware/ESB platforms to communicate wif external systems like Mainframe, Siebel & Salesforce.
  • Developed custom rules engines and implemented event-based solutions using corporate tools (TIBCO BE, ODM, JAVA & Portrait) for evaluating tier/commissions based on client's assets, matching/busting trades & state machine process for loan approvals.
  • Developed common logging platform, frameworks, re-usable component and secured webservices using SSL mutual autantication & SAML.
  • UI & Dashboard development for Call Center, Referral processing, Offer, Deal Management system using spring HTML, JQuery & spring MVC.
  • Designed and created Databases, tables, functions, store procedures and triggers and worked wif DBAs to achieve better DB performances and query optimizations.
  • Worked wif engineering to configure systems/services for high availability/scalability and performance tuning.
  • Configured Hadoop cluster and monitored all spark jobs running on teh cluster using Cloudera Manager.

Senior Developer

Confidential, Chicago


  • Architect & implemented middleware system and UI component for processing of Auto claims.
  • Participate in design & analysis phase of teh project and involved in architectural decisions of logical & architectural data flow diagrams for each component.
  • Define XML schemas, WSDL definition, COBOL copybook and coordinated wif external partners for agreement.
  • Created processes using TIBCO BW & JAVA dat poll & load reports into Oracle EDMS along wif claim information for processing.
  • UI development using JSP/servlet, spring framework hosted on weblogic app server.
  • Exposed SOAP webservice using TIBCO BW for external partners to connect and retrieve claim information.
  • Worked on creating tables, functions and store procedures on Oracle platform.
  • Implemented logging/audit messaging bus using TIBCO EMS for services to log info asynchronously.
  • Worked wif engineering for service deployment, configuration of FTP & Allstate DMZ server for external vendors for sending electronic reports.
  • Implemented middleware platform using JAVA/BW replacing traditional RPC calls and integrating wif external systems.
  • Worked on custom adapter using Java and developed teh business processes using TIBCO BW for message routing & transformation.
  • Developed multi-threaded custom rule engine using Java to evaluate offers based on current usage/billing.
  • Implemented ESB for communicating wif mainframe system using TIBCO MQ Adapter and other external systems utilizing RV as messaging platform.
  • Imported XSD/Schema documents to provide downstream processes wif schema inputs and service definitions.
  • Developed TIBCO BW processes for data orchestration & transformation between mainframe and external systems.
  • Integrated DB2 wif ESB using TIBCO ADB adaptor for real-time event generation based on DB updates.
  • Worked wif engineering for setting up TIBCO platform and configuration of adapters, transport and BW engines in load balance and fault tolerance mode.
  • Developed B2B application to communicate wif trading partners online using EDI as business protocol.
  • Prepared technical design document based on teh functional specification for EDI 810, EDI 856, EDI 832 and EDI 850 documents.
  • Configuration of trading partners, EDI protocol, SFTP transport and processing of inbound/outbound messages using TIBCO BusinessConnect.

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