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Solutions Architect/software Engineer Resume

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Raleigh North, CarolinA


  • Confidential is a seasoned technologist with expertise in applied software engineering, advanced technology solutions implementation, and enterprise distributed systems programming.
  • Having worked at the vanguard of the Financial Services industry in its movement towards secure, electronic, eBusiness enablement, Confidential has developed a core competency in the construction and delivery of scalable high - performance distributed processing systems for mainstream banking, brokerage and insurance businesses - primarily for many of Wall Streets acknowledged premier finance houses.
  • Engineering work in other industry verticals include Telecommunications, Defense Electronics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Commercial Building Construction - having held the positions of Chief Architect, Development Team Lead, Business Analyst, Project Manager and Senior Software Applications Programmer.
  • Steve is a polyglot programmer with experience coding on both Microsoft and UNIX platforms developing large-scale, enterprise, distributed processing systems for Web and Desktop. Steve's multifaceted expertise includes fluency in all SDLC phases, having held positions in each of the attendant lifecycle roles and has also served in a CTO capacity as well as other senior management positions.
  • With mastery attained in business process (re-)engineering, distributed data, knowledge systems/rules engines and SOA, Steve also possesses specialty expertise that spans complex systems integrations, shrink wrapped product design and implementation, large-scale distributed data solutions, DW/BI, Big Data technologies for large-scale parallel processing and advanced analytics programming.
  • Confidential has been a technology partner with Forte, Documentum, ILOG, SAS, PwC, Confidential Professional Services, SUN.COM Professional Services, Intuit and Salesforce. In efforts serving the furtherance of the industry to design and champion open XML vocabularies for business system integration, industry standard protocols and common TPAs, Confidential has served on the FIXML committee from its genesis and partnered with Intuit to complete the final implementation of the OFX protocol.


Solutions Architect/Software Engineer

Confidential, Raleigh, North Carolina


  • Developed Loan Origination, Secondary Mortgage Market and MBS Trade Lifecycle POC on Bluemix Confidential Blockchain and HLF in Java.
  • Deep-dive training on HLF blockchain code, use cases and features.
  • Worked on DevOps architecture using Jenkins with integrated test tool suites for automated CI/CD of QA of HLF.
  • Performance testing of Bluemix Confidential Blockchain on zSystems LinuxONE.
  • Implemented Kafka backbone connecting the Confidential SalesConnect (SC) and Enterprise Sales Analytics (ESA) systems to Confidential Bluemix and established federation to AWS via a custom KPL Kafka-to-Kinesis gateway written in Java and Scala and deployed on EC2 allowing interoperability to Bluemix Message Hub (MH).
  • Designed Docker container architecture on Bluemix for deployment of Open Source Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor (TICK) images. Implemented TICK Stack Components for support of Grafana Sales Performance Dashboard; implemented dashboard visualizations based Kafka-driven sales messages.
  • Completed implementation of an Confidential Bluemix Streams application written in SPL and Java providing SC message enrichment and orchestration. Sixty-Five Topic subscriptions published by SC - Confidential ’s production Sales OLTP and DW/BI engine for global sales; are processed within a multi-composite Streams Application architected around modules for Ingestion, Orchestration, Enrichment, ODS Rules processing, Analytics and time series conversion, etc.
  • Integrated schema stored locally in Object Storage and provided to Apace Spark processing engine for analytic forecasting to generate the probability of sales closure matrix. Final output of results and pertinent display data published using Kafka to Prometheus for representation in Grafana Dashboard.

Global Enterprise Architect

Confidential, Raleigh, North Carolina


  • Provided technical leadership to global projects for ensuring consistency and effectiveness regarding the introduction of new technology into global initiatives.
  • Achieved goals to evolve global adoption of Confidential Global Model Office RAs.
  • Created Solution Architecture blueprints for Confidential Line of Business Units in US, Latin America, Asia and EMEA.
  • Reverse engineered current state systems architecture for global region IT centers and elaborated Point-of-Arrival architecture roadmaps for the attainment of full MO compliance.
  • Architecture Lead for Global Operations Metrics Project.
  • Developed an automation solution for a fragile semi-automated manual/spreadsheet based metrics generation and reporting process distributed across 44 countries for delivering operational numbers for KPI dashboards used by executive management.
  • Developed the business architecture, performed system analysis and business process re-engineering to correct erroneous reporting of important numbers to the street.
  • Re-cast the original DW design to leverage the Confidential Big Insights platform leveraging Informatica for ETL, CDC and DQ from SoRs into regional ODSs designed for first pass cleansing, transformation and staging.
  • Engineered distributed data acquisition implementation via SMFT to stream regional data to the enterprise data lake for more comprehensive cleaning and transformation.
  • Developed operational schemata (e.g. Hive, DW) for Cognos, QlikView and construction of advanced analytics models.
  • Business expertise gained in Insurance for Group and Individual LOBs.
  • Participated with the EA team on the Global Platform Reference Architecture (GPRA) representing Confidential ’s next generation micro-services platform. Performed lab work POC implementations using Redhat, Oracle, Confidential, Netflix, Mule, and Open Source hybrids.

Development Manager & Senior Programmer- Contract

Confidential, Raleigh, North Carolina


  • Analyzed existing system functionality and developed the blueprint to implement a distributed system architecture based on SOA principles and designed according to Confidential Enterprise architecture and development regulations.
  • Created the architecture, detailed designs and software development specifications for subsystems, services and enterprise integration.
  • Implemented SOAP and REST Web Services, Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Data and Java services, including JEE MDB code on WebLogic 12c against a new Legal Database Repository (LDR).
  • Developed Informatica workflows for LDR load and CDC.
  • Built interoperability services and system workflows to integrate new Netting Engine to compute netting determinations for trades.
  • Developed SOAP Web Services interoperability for data synchronization with the LDR SoRs.
  • Collaborated with CS security team to configure security for new Salesforce Contract Negotiation (SCNS) system leveraging Cypher Cloud.
  • Contributed to the design of SCNS and coordinated with Salesforce consultants on design, integration and security.
  • Designed, implemented and deployed Informatica 9.5.1 workflows for initial LDR load, intra-day journaling and real-time update.

Salesforce Certified Senior Developer-

Confidential, Wilmington, North Carolina


  • Designed and coded Apex integration solution enabling bi-directional data exchange between Confidential core and purchased external C# application for SBA Loan Origination.
  • Created the capability for a primary brokerage company to establish a Salesforce-based business to Originate SBA Loans on behalf of their client lenders resulting in a projected increase in revenue of over $1M/month.
  • Coded bi-direction messaging capability to communicate directly with SBA.gov using government standard XML ETRANs protocol for end-to-end SBA Loan submission, negotiation and adjudication.
  • Completed certification study and 1st pass certification examination for Salesforce Developer 401 in 3-week period; no prior Apex coding experience prior to on-boarding. * A family emergency required the need to relocate to Cary to care for aging mother

Principal Consultant

Confidential, Reston, Virginia


  • Designed REST endpoints for pricing scenarios and programmed JSON request/response interactions using Spring MVC on tcServer.
  • Implemented and tested multi-threaded transaction semantics for the GemFire Data Access Layer used as an in-memory-database and a distributed data cache subsystem.
  • Programmed Hibernate annotations for GemFire referential integrity, data validations and transactions.
  • Used STS, Jenkins, SVN, PMD, Find-Bugs, CheckStyle, and Jackson for JSON I/O as part of an agile - based project.
  • Lead Architect for Central Credit Pricing Phase 2 - Pricing Utility Application providing BUBD pricing of Fannie Mae products.
  • Responsible for performing a comprehensive analysis of all Fannie Mae pricing systems. This artifact alone was the key deliverable highly valued by the client; providing a detailed view of all current systems involved with pricing and securitization.
  • Created models detailing data flows, exhaustive system interface inventory with payload specifications, business rules used in production transaction for the entire MBS securitization pipeline, securitization lifecycle and primary business processes.
  • Analysis produced cost-based implementation plans with least impact assessments for solution recommendations, which included solution options based on alignment with Fannie future state re-engineering plans.
  • Developed a business validated tactical least impact assessment and go-forward recommendation.

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