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Mobile Java Architect Resume

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San Francisco, CA


  • I am a Mobile developer having around 10+ years of experience with a vast array of knowledge in many different backend and frontend languages, responsive frameworks, database and best code practices.
  • My objective is simple to be the best software developer that I can be and to contribute to the technology industry all that I know and can do.
  • I am dedicated to perfecting my craft by learning from more seasoned developers, remaining humble and continuously making strides to learn all that I can about development.
  • Having 4+ years g Mobile Application Development experience in analysis, design, development, and implementation and testing. I specialize in developing applications for Android and iOS platforms with rich and intuitive GUI.
  • Experience in functionaltestingusingmanualand automated procedures
  • Mobile: Android Mobile Apps development, Hybrid PhoneGap mobile, Android SDK, XML.
  • Expert in Objective - C, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch with rich understanding of frameworks, memory management, multi-threading, best practices, and development tools.
  • Expert in Object oriented design patterns in Cocoa/Cocoa Touch.
  • Hands on Experience in developing Mobile Applications using Android.
  • Strong hands in developingMobileand web applications with rest web services.
  • Possess strong knowledge of the Android Activity/Service lifecycle callback methods.
  • Always on the lookout for new technologies to enhance software products. Currently investigating and deploying several iOS apps using TouchDB (CouchDB for iOS) to provide smooth customer experience in offline and facilitate real-time collaborations.
  • Shipped apps to the AppStore and have the knowledge ofiOSDev Center & iTunes Connect.
  • Experience managing the creation of mobile applications utilizing both HTML/JavaScript (PhoneGap) and native technologies Java on Android, and Objective-C on iOS platforms delivered through the App Store and Google Play.
  • Deploying iPhone application to the iTunes App Store.
  • Experience using Ajaxto reduce the network load and update only the certain components of the website.
  • Passionate about creating innovative mobile applications
  • Expert level skills on developing mobile libraries to consume Mobile APIs. Expert level skills in developing custom UI components for iOS native environment.
  • Proficient with common Android framework APIs (PhoneGap, Web View, Google Maps, Telephony API, Camera, Contact Manager).
  • Experience in Web development with JavaScript,Dojo, JQuery, JSP, XML, and HTML.
  • Possessing strong analytical skills, an excellent team player with good leadership qualities and strong oral and written communication skills.


Backend: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python

Frontend: CSS, HTML, XML, JavaSCript

Frameworks: Angular, Bootstrap, Mocha, Jasmine

Database: MySQL, Mongo, Cassandra, PostgreSQLTools Eclipse, Android, C#, C++Server Side Node, Spring, Hibernate

Methodology: Agile, TDD/BDD, CI/CD

Other: NPM, Gulp


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Mobile Java Architect


  • Used JavaScript & Titanium tools. Implemented the entire Prototype of email app, including SQL Lite database schema and query design, JS based HTTP request to fetch email data and UI design & implementation.
  • Worked on debugging the application using Logcat, DDMS and writtenJUnittest cases.Worked in team to develop iOS and Android application.
  • Create custom mobile and PWA applications using Angular 4, Ionic 3 and TypeScript stack for cross platform deployment.
  • Design conceptual hybrid mobile application using Ionic 3 Framework, Angular & TypeScript to track quality inspectors per job certification status.
  • Developed a hybrid mobile app in Ionic Framework for client.
  • Used Ionic 3 framework to build an iOS and Android job posting app.
  • Applied HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Angular together with the ionic 2 framework.
  • Worked independently to design and develop an Android and iOS compatible task management app with the Ionic framework.
  • Deployed code on Ubuntu Linux system hosted on AWS and developed a mobile web app using Ionic Framework and AngularJS.
  • Worked with ionic framework for making application as a hybrid application.
  • Created primary Ionic components including lists, grids, cards, and other mobile optimized controls.
  • UsingHTTPSto send and receive JSON Topaz EMR data to Armor cloud server.
  • ArchitectedJavaScriptapps with the following; pure JS, HTML, CSS, XML, SVG and Ajax.
  • Created login authentication, and registration usingPHP, and SQL on a MySQL database.
  • Design and enhance Outage map system to display additional information of Storm usingJQuery, java, XML.
  • Build responsive web designs application using AngularJS & NodeJs for the development of application.
  • Expertise in Working alongside another developer to build out the custom responsive web design to help meet a short deadline using Squarespace, HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
  • Participated in the decision to utilized Apache Cordova to build the application, which in turn, significantly reduced development and research time.
  • Works on Apache Cordova and Ionic framework for cross platform mobile app development.
  • Used ReactJS to build the UI components, developed filters to display different dimension of data and font size modifiers.
  • Developed Navigation bar, manu bar, drop down list with React widgets and bootstrap.
  • Designed domain specific language system using groovy/grails framework.
  • Maintained a custom Django CMS running on AWS, Docker and Ansible.
  • Developed numerous websites ranging from large university sites to small marketing microsites with django CMS.
  • Maintained web applications developed with Mezzanine and Waigtail Django CMS. Developed new functionalities and fixed bug with Python Django, REST API, Third party API integration, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Solr search engine on Linux Ubuntu.
  • Involved in hands on programming on the core application development using multithreading, Groovy and Grails that combines Hibernate and Spring.
  • Created Custom objects on Axeda Platform using Groovy and Grails Script.
  • Used ImageMagick and Ruby on Rails to build thumbnail updater service to allow designers to create and push.
  • Created features using Ruby on Rails to allow in house staff to manage an increasing number of app components through the CMS.
  • Design, develop and implement ColdFusion and PHP based Spiderlink Web Services online billing application.
  • Implemented Mongo DB as the Back-End storage system of the application.
  • Developed several REST APIs using micro-services style of architecture with Kafka as message broker and Mongo DB as backend database.
  • Implementation of the Business logic layer for Mongo DB Services.
  • Designing the schema in the Mongo DB.
  • Shared hosting duties include setup of new Virtual Web, FTP, SSL Certificates, ColdFusion, PHP, MySQL and SQL.
  • Developed and implemented search feature using PHP and Ajax patterns using asynchronous script loading.
  • Implemented React router for building the single page application.
  • Responsible for translating design mockups into usable responsive web design.
  • Design and implement disaster recovery for the PostgreSQL Database.
  • Patch, Upgrade and keep the PostgreSQL DBs current.
  • Optimized postgresql.conf for performance improvement. Review all PostgreSQL logs for problems.
  • Bridge the gap between the design/engineering teams by regularly consulting on how to best convert flat images into responsive web design.
  • Worked on Responsive Web Design adjustment with CSS, enable the website to run correctly in all devices.
  • Ported an iPhone iOS application to Android to include SQLite database management and several data entry views and GUIs.
  • Created mobile applications for Blackberry, Android, Windows 7, and iPhone mobile phones using Java.
  • Publishing the application in production for all platforms
  • Developed an Android keyboard entry game with different selectable skins in a dynamic drawing threaded environment.
  • Developed part of the Mobile app with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap libraries.
  • UsedAjaxto reduce the network load and update only the certain components of the website.
  • Developed MVVM phone application using Windows Phone 7 SDK and Silverlight
  • Developed HTML Mobile application with HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, JSON and RESTful web service.
  • Develop prototype application on Android handset and tablet for viewing editing, sharing, and creating montages of photos, videos, events and albums which can be transferred wirelessly across other devices.
  • Managed the creation of mobile applications utilizing both HTML/JavaScript (PhoneGap) and native technologies Java on Android, and Objective-C on iOS platforms delivered through the App Store and Google Play.
  • Designed and implementing a Node.js based mobile text and voice messaging app and its cloud backend.
  • Extensively used Oracle programming using SQL and PL/SQL.

Tools: Ionic, HTML, XML, Java, HTTP, AJAX, CSS3, Jquery mobile, Backbone.js, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone7, iOS, PL/SQL, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, SVN, JUNIT, Angular.js, Node.js, Backbone, Bootstrap, MySQL, Git, Eclipse, Rest, JavaScript, Soap, Rest.

Confidential, Waterloo, Wisconsin

Mobile Java Architect


  • Developing webkit browser based mobile app using technologies like Sencha touch, DOJO and PhoneGap.
  • Used PHP and MySql to develop several web sites, SEO (search engine optimization) skills.
  • Proposed a mobile web app using JQTouch Created a web interface experiment with EXT.JS.
  • Used ionic framework for the icons used in this application for presentation.
  • Designed and Developed Mobile Application with ionic framework.
  • Used ionic 2 framework for the icons used in this application for presentation.
  • Develop mobile applications using IONIC Framework to deliver hybrid iOS and Android Applications.
  • Developed Hybrid Mobile App with Ionic and Cordova framework on both Android and IOS platforms.
  • Used the Apache CXF and Ionic 2 framework to build web service clients.
  • Worked on full software development cycle from concept through deployment for iOS and Android.
  • Used jQTouch to handle touch events on iOS and Honeycomb.
  • Worked with CSS and bootstrap to create Responsive web designs for multiple departments/pages.
  • Implemented the responsive Web designs using with CSS, Bootstrap and SASS.
  • Participated in making Responsive Web Designs using Media Queries and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Used Apache Cordova for Cross platform development by HTML5, CSS, Javascript.
  • Integrated Redux data store allowing React components to have access to data resulting in highly maintainable code.
  • Utilized React to build reusable components with JSX including (landing, forms, and buttons), resulting in optimized rendering and performance.
  • Used PHP, HTML and JavaScript webpage coding integrated with MySQL using Apache HTTP and Optimized PHP project running on Symphony framework.
  • Worked in MVC frameworks like ZEND and CodeIgniter as well as web environments such as CCK, Views, Drush, and agile Development.
  • Worked with major PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Zend, etc.
  • Used Spring Data Mongo DB as the persistence framework in retrieving the user and medical benefits details from Mongo DB.
  • Wrote Restful web services to communicate with Mongo DB and performed CRUD operations on Mongo DB using restful web services.
  • Wrote data ingestion systems to pull data from traditional RDBMS platforms such as Oracle and TERADATA and store it in NOSQL databases such as Mongo DB.
  • Worked on many custom modules and widgets using React JS/CSS/HTML and made those cross-browsers consistent.
  • Worked on the development of applications using Ruby on Rails (RoR), and Jruby.
  • Developed and executed software systems utilizing JavaScript and Groovy.
  • Worked on JIRA development with JAVA and Groovy scripting.
  • Used Python with OpenStack, OpenERP (now ODOO), SQL Alchemy, DJango CMS etc.
  • Developed website based on Django CMS.
  • Created and populated digital brochures using PageTurnPro and built photo galleries on website in the Django CMS and also using Django CMS plugin.
  • Maintenance and development of a high-traffic and -demand site and platform running on a custom-rolled Django CMS.
  • Implemented Grails TagLibs to avoid groovy code in GSP pages.
  • Used Ruby on Rails to create API endpoints that served data to multiple components of TocaTV Platform including overlays for user generated content.
  • Worked with Database Administration support and troubleshooting, including install PostgreSQL software, patches and upgrades; manage and monitor Tablespaces.
  • Expertise in Analyzing data Quality checks using shell scripts. Upgrading, installing, and configuring PostgreSQL.
  • Developed the various feature of the application using front end technologies likeBackbone JS and React.Js.
  • Used React-Router to turn application into Single Page Application.
  • Used Apache Cordova for extending application on one or more platforms.
  • Worked with Apple Store Stylekit and Data-Binding to create Responsive web designs for all pages.
  • Worked with CSS3 and foundation to create Responsive web designs for all pages.
  • Developed web apps for iOS (iPhone) and Android using frameworks like jQTouch, iWebKit.
  • Design and written Unit test cases and scenarios for Windows Phone 7.
  • Familiar with iOS SDK (UIKit,CocoaTouch, Core Data, Core Location, etc.)
  • Developed an Android keyboard entry game with different selectable skins in a dynamic drawing threaded environment.
  • Experience in Web development with JavaScript,Dojo, JQuery, JSP, XML, and HTML.
  • Design and implementation of desktop, mobile and web applications in Java and HTML5/Javascript
  • Developed HTML5 Mobile application with HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, JSON and RESTful web service.
  • Implemented CSS3, DOM Api, DOJO and Ajax to create a dynamic and interactive experience.
  • Utilize Dojo framework for performing front end validations.
  • Designed and implementing a Node.js based mobile text and voice messaging app and its cloud backend.
  • Maintaining the C++ knowledge modules product information.
  • Developed and implemented many PhoneGap and Titanium applications along with Java and Objective-C plug-ins for iPad, iPhone and Android platforms.
  • Developed UI components for email and link sharing of documents and files for a Content Management System using Backbone.js and jQuery.
  • Developed the presentation layer (UI) using JSP, Tag libraries, HTML, Flash, CSS and client validations using JavaScript.
  • Developed front-end User Interface by Flex and Action Script create reusable UI component for the client side
  • Coded several large Flash-based Actionscriptapplications for financial firms.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, JSF frame work with AJAX, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented various Ajax Frameworks and JavaScripts using jQuery, DOJO, JSON
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using JS, Sencha EXTJS and JQUERY.
  • Designed and modified User Interfaces using JSP, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.
  • Utilized Node.js to create a fast and efficient chat server.
  • Spring MVC and Jquery were used for the site navigation. Bootstrap was used for html styling.
  • Created web application prototype using jQuery and Angular JS.
  • Developed frontend widgets in Backbone.js and Handlebars.js.
  • Involved in the deployment of Web-Service End-Points using Apache CXF.
  • Developed the (SOAP/Restful) web services to get the accounts details from the external System.
  • Written and consumed Web Services (Soap) to develop the business layers.

Tools: Ionic, Mobile,Android, iOS, Struts, JSF, XML, XSLT, C++, Cocoa, Xcode, Objective-C, Restful Web Services, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, Eclipse, SOA, Web 2.0.

Confidential, Columbus, Georgia

Sr. Mobile Developer


  • Used Phonegap to build themobileapplication suitable to Android, Iphone andMobileBrowsers.
  • Used Sencha Touch to create Android and iOS applications to support RoR app.
  • Implemented CSS3, DOM Api, DOJO and Ajax to create a dynamic and interactive experience.
  • Used DOJO to create interactive user interface.
  • Architected and implement REST api interfaces using javascript and Node.js.
  • Delivered mobile app for book reading capability with HTML5 Sencha and online services with Flash/Flex.
  • Developed portals using project specific custom components built in Flex.
  • Develop Silverlight application using Onion/PRISM Architecture.
  • Implemented business requirements using Actionscript.
  • Performed basic, system and performance testing on the iPhone/iPad application before sending them to the end to end testing team.
  • Developed a multi-platformmobileapplication to visualize gene expression database using Sencha Touch
  • Develop mobile time tracking user interface for iPhone and Android using PhoneGap library
  • Developed iPhone and Android mobile app using Sencha Touch and Phonegap framework
  • Using sencha touch for development to find relevant people for the same social Networking Websites
  • Assisted in the logistical parameters of the iPad deployment process by keeping a daily count of total iPads and monitoring the shipping methods.
  • Created, modified and loaded images onto iPad devices
  • Involved in updating the application UI and application data structure for both Iphone/Ipad.
  • Using JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery Mobile and EJS developed UI for a J2EE web application.
  • Redesign part of an existing web application that was meant for desktops to work on mobile phones using JQuery Mobile
  • Used JQuery JavaScript libraries for providing richer user interface and facilitates asynchronous request invocations using AJAX.
  • Prepared statements are used for communication with MySql database
  • Wrote Servlets programming and JSP scripting for the communication between web browser and server.
  • Coded scripts to clean normalize, reformat data for loading into the system using Ruby scripts

Tools: iOS/Android, Jquery mobile, Java, Swing, Blackberry,Tablet, Selenium, Mercurial, JSP, Servlet, ANT, XML, Jira, Swing, cognos, Linux, Unix, Ruby Wordpress, Drupal, .Net, ASP, C++, Mainframe, COBOL, PL/I, JCL, SQL, SAS VB, ASP.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Software Developer


  • Developed iPhone and Androidmobileapp using Sencha Touch and Phonegap framework
  • Used Sencha Touch to create Android and iOS applications to support RoR app.
  • Mobileapplication development utilizing Sencha Touch Javascript API Framework.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Web Design based on CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap Front-End Framework.
  • Developed HTML5Mobileapplication with HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, JSON and RESTful web service.
  • Used JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS3, and HTML5 as data and presentation layer technology.
  • Design front end with CSS3 and HTML coding
  • Extensively using JqueryMobile, Google Maps UI plugin and Google Maps Javascript Api.
  • Repurposed the Content of web forMobileusing jQuerymobile& launched aMobile Application.
  • Worked on the MVC architecture of Angular.JS in developing the Single Page Application (SPA), build the controllers and directives which are totally customized to meet the needs of the application.

Tools: Java, Spring, RESTful web service, Spring data, Tomcat, Eclipse, log 4j, JSON, SVN, Oracle, Maven.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Java Programmer


  • Analyze requirements, involved in agile methodology approach, meetings with business team to evaluate business requirements and transform them into technical aspects.
  • Developed a high performing fault tolerant data services layer using Spring/JDBC/Oracle DB /PL-SQL/Hibernate/EJB technologies.
  • Developed data exchange interface between legacy systems and billing sub-systems using Open Source technologies like Apache Axis, Spring, JDBC/JMS template etc.
  • Developed and consumed REST and SOAP API based Web services that allow sophisticated, effective and low cost application integration. Used JSON as the data interchange format.
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures, cursors and Triggers in Oracle database.
  • Worked on Git Hub for Configuration management, Jenkins for Continuous Integration (CI).
  • Followed Agile Development methodology, attended retrospective meetings every sprint and Daily scrums.

Tools: Java, J2EE, JDK, Eclipse, Spring, JDBC, JMS, Web Services(SOAP and REST), CXF, JSON, SOAP UI, JUnit, XML, HTML, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, XSD, XSL, Web logic Application Server, Oracle, TOAD, Maven, Jenkins, Git Hub.

Confidential, CA

Java Programmer


  • Worked with OOPS concepts and developed the project for Mobile Application.
  • Designing UI screen for Insurance Quote to get User information with JSP.
  • Writing custom tag handlers for Insurance Quote page to calculate the age of the person using the date of birth information entered.
  • Developing Action Classes, Service Classes for Resident Insurance Premium payment module.
  • Developed reusable web components, JSP, Servlets andJavaBeans that use the MVC pattern to access EJB (Entity Beans) for the modules of user registration.
  • Writing PL/SQL Queries to get schedule of policy payment and defaults.

Tools: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans, EJB, PL/SQL.

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