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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer Resume

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Washington, DC


  • Sr. Java Full Stack Application developer having 10+ years of experience developing Java based Web apps with excellent problem - solving skillsets and striving for teh best Client satisfaction.
  • Skilled in all phases of software development life cycle, familiarity with major IT architectures, expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions; and fanatical about quality, usability, security and scalability of products.
  • Experience in developing and maintaining REST based Java APIs for cloud-based platforms like AWS and Azure.
  • Experience in developing highly responsive web apps utilizing latest JS frameworks like Angular, ReactJS and NodeJS.
  • Experience in data modelling on both SQL and no-SQL based databases.
  • Ability to develop detailed and robust requirements, code, test, and implement proposed systems by seamlessly managing workloads to meet teh deadlines promptly.
  • Ability to provide recommendations and technical insights to all levels of project stakeholders like technical, management, end users etc.
  • Expertise in developing clean, reusable, safe and secure code by strictly following OWASP principles.
  • Ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot production problems.
  • Experienced in working with Agile Scrum TDD and familiarity with implementing design patterns.


J2EE Frameworks: Java 8, Spring (Boot, Batch, MVC, JPA, Security, Data), Hibernate, Angular, Bootstrap, JSF, EJB, JMS

Frontend tools: Angular, React, Bootstrap, NodeJS

Cloud tools: AWS, Azure, EC2, S3

Scripting: jSON, XQuery, jQuery, xHtml, HTML5, CSS3, Drools

Databases: Oracle, Postgres, DB2, Sybase, Mongo DB, Cassandra

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, Jboss, Web Logic

Version Control tools: GitLab, Bitbucket(Git), GitHub, Perforce, SVN

IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ, VS Code, Atom

Other tools: SOAP, REST, Splunk, Jira, Visio, Agile Scrum, Maven, UML, JMeter, Docker, Dynatrace, LoadRunner, Qlik pdf tools, SonarQube, Rest Assured, Protractor, Postman, Mockito, MQSeries.


Confidential, Washington DC

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developing, troubleshooting and maintaining RESTful Java APIs written on Spring framework like Spring MVC, Spring boot and Spring batch to be consumed from teh front-end applications (Angular/React).
  • Coordination and task distribution with offshore developer teams and deliver requirements to client.
  • Designing and developing UI components, validation rules and data structures using Angular, ReactJS and Bootstrap web UI components for consumption and display of data from Java APIs.
  • Translating business rules to application logic, configuration objects and persisting data using ORM techniques to Hibernate and MongoDB backends.
  • Used Spring caching, Spring security and Spring transactions extensively.
  • Write complex hbm relational mappings and queries to retrieve data from Spring JPA repositories.
  • Implement CRUD transactions to Postgres, Oracle and Mongo databases.
  • Developed xml-based templates to be invoked from APIs for creation, manipulation and storage of pdf documents for document management system.
  • Resolving versioning issues on Bitbucket and setting up of wso2 security features.
  • Setting up configurations for performance testing and integration, by working with devOps team.
  • Supported unit/functional/e2e testing using Protractor, Rest Assured, Mockito and Selenium.
  • Enforcing code quality control by performing refactoring and enhancing test coverage through SonarQube.

Environment: Java 8, Angular 5, ReactJS, Spring MVC/Boot/JPA/Security 4+, Tomcat, hibernate 5.0, Jira, Scrum, micro-services, Postgres DB, Oracle, Hadoop Hdfs, Mark Logic, AWS, NodeJS, Protractor, Rest Assured, Maven, TDD, iTextPdf, PdfBox, Gitlab, Dynatrace, SonarQube, jUnit, Selenium, Mockito, Bamboo.

Confidential, Chevy Chase, MD.

Sr. Java Developer


  • Provide application level developer support for new release cycles, server-patching activities and systems troubleshooting during production issues.
  • Ownership of tasks assigned, work with teh project associated groups effectively and make sure it is implemented teh most efficient way as per teh specifications.
  • Prepare coding estimates and develop implementation design docs like design diagrams and testing plans by self or halping analysts to prepare them.
  • Perform evaluations on current application’s ability to handle teh new business changes and provide recommendations on how to make it feasible.
  • Develop code during implementation of new change controls on Front end tier (Angular, ReactJS, JSF and other JS libraries), middle tier (Java and Blaze advisor), caching system, build scripts, database queries, MF copy book additions/integrations, environment configurations, Splunk alerts, etc.
  • Developed backend thread pool based asynchronous real time and batch processes.
  • Integrating new SOAP/REST web-services or upgrading existing ones into teh main application.
  • Developing scripts with load testers using LoadRunner and JMeter and improve performance.
  • Assisting analysts/testers to prepare teh test scripts/suites and detailed user instructions for testing.
  • Troubleshooting source code version control issues on Perforce with CM team.
  • Troubleshoot production problem by analysing Splunk logs and Dynatrace.
  • Used JSF on UI for user input, validation, data binding, invoking actions and rendering teh response.
  • Used EJB3 for building Java side models, persistence and jms based data transfers.
  • Attending availability interruptions reported by Users and work with teh CM teams to restore availability.
  • Developing MQSeries interfaces for JMS transmission to MF endpoints.
  • Provide developer support for software migrations to teh cloud especially using tools like AWS Lambda and EC2 stacks.
  • Worked with DevOps team to support and management of code distribution and testing on production environments.
  • Supporting teh ongoing initiative to rewrite applications on .Net technologies by halping .Net migration teams with technical insights regarding legacy Java implementations and troubleshooting issues identified on .Net side from a legacy Java standpoint, etc.
  • Implemented new interfaces to communicate with new .Net services from legacy Java code (eg: MS adfs token based single sign-on initiatives).
  • Implementing micro-services model to Sales legacy Java applications to improve scope.
  • Moved and encrypted archive data from mainframe to Azure cloud and pipelines for adding real time data.
  • Used SonarQube in maintaining quality code by refactoring complexities and enhancing test coverage.

Environment: Java, Angular, React, JSF, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Blaze Advisor, JBoss 6, Hibernate 3/4, JavaScript, Maven, Gradle, Ant, Drools, EJB3, DB2, Oracle, DB Visualizer, Oracle Coherence Cache, Selenium, Cucumber, Protractor, Jira, Bitbucket, Perforce, VMware tools, Shell scripting, WebEx, Dynatrace, Jenkins, Hadoop, micro-services, SonarQube, jUnit, Mockito

Confidential, Warrendale, PA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Worked on configuring/building Spring, Struts, hibernate framework-based configuration files for implementing data models and handled Sr. Developer role on multiple Agile Scrum based projects.
  • Applied design patterns and OOPs design concepts to improve teh existing Java code base and refactoring it with test driven development principles.
  • Worked together with senior architects in modifying and implementing new data models and processes.
  • Worked extensively on storage and processing of XML documents for a Mark Logic server database system.
  • Developed Mark logic scripts using XQuery which are controlled through Java processes both batch as well as continuous types.
  • Implemented Java multi-threading capabilities to enhance performance for some batch processes.
  • Deployed applications on WebLogic server on Linux platform.
  • Developed XSDs, DTDs and XSLTs for various XML data requirements.
  • Experience in handling very large XQuery based utility libraries on Mark Logic server.
  • Developed build scripts using Apache Maven, which handles JARs and WARs files at various server locations.
  • Development was performed at jBoss Eclipse IDE on Windows7 and deployed at appropriate Tomcat/WebLogic Linux servers for production environment.
  • Writing Java programs to convert xml documents to pdf file using templates.
  • Developed content management processes using jBPM using jpdl.
  • Used JMeter and LoadRunner for performance, load and stress testing activities.
  • Developed Linux based shell scripts and windows-based batch scripts for executing batch processes.
  • Handled production support/halpdesk tickets by fixing bugs and performance issues.
  • Prepared technical documentation for developers and Users.
  • Assisting peer developers in resolving their local env/coding issues and code reviews.

Environment: Java 6, Spring 3.0, Struts, JBoss Developer Studio, Hibernate 3.0, Windows7, Linux, Oracle 10g, DB2, Apache Tomcat 6, WebLogic, ANT, Maven, Bugzilla, PL/SQL, SQL developer, Mark Logic 4.2, Oxygen, XQuery, JSP, Html, Agile Scrum, jBPM.

Confidential, Camp Hill, PA

Sr. Java Developer Consultant


  • Analyzed and developed use cases from user stories.
  • Reviewed code and encouraged developers to use key design patterns such as MVC, Façade, Singleton, factory, command, decorator, and provided recommendations on design concepts, best practices, exception handling, identifying and fixing potential memory, performance, & transactional issues.
  • Implemented Struts and JSF components for teh front end JSPs.
  • Implemented teh backend business logic through POJOs and other java classes through single and multi-threaded java architectures.
  • Developed web services using SOAP and REST based architecture.
  • Used teh Spring core module to implement teh dependency ingestion through Beans Factory and Application Context layers and configured teh XMLs for managing dependencies.
  • Developed Action classes and service classes to implement teh complex business models.
  • Implemented transactional-layered DAOs and ORM through Hibernate technology.
  • Worked on JSPs and developed JavaScript tag libraries and web services to connect applications.
  • Worked on hibernate as well as SQL queries on Hbm configuration files.

Environment: Java 6, Web Logic, WebSphere, Windows, Spring, JBoss Eclipse IDE, Hibernate 3.0, Struts 1.2, JSF 2.0, Web Services, Oracle sql developer, CVS, JSPs, JavaScript, Bugzilla.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Java developer consultant


  • Major responsibility was to troubleshoot current Perl scripts and make improvements to manage various data transform activities of ingested data.
  • Interacted with analysts and users to translate business requirements to technical aspects.
  • Write Java code to integrate teh data flows from one source to other.
  • Implemented various Dependency Injections on Spring MVC.
  • Worked on developing service methods involved with JMS implementations.
  • Worked on Oracle and Sybase ASE as teh backend databases and integrated Hibernate to retrieve data.
  • Helping peer team members to debug issues and prepared Unit test cases using JUnit.
  • Write, build & deploy scripts using ANT and Shell.
  • Worked closely with teh testing team in creating new test cases.
  • Took part in performance tuning of teh application and fixed problems/suggest improvements.

Environment: Java, Rational Rose, RAD, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, HTML, JSP, Servlets, Web services (SOAP), Tomcat, JSTL, Oracle, Sybase, XML, WSDL, Log4j, Shell scripts, Perl, ANT.

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