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Sr Java Developer/lead Resume



  • 10 years of IT industry experience encompassing a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals
  • Good understanding on J2EE Architecture, developing server side business logic using EJB and MVC model using Struts and Spring Frameworks (Spring DI, Spring MVC, Spring IO, Spring Boot) Expert in Java version JDK 1.7/1.8 with strong understanding of Hibernate, Collections, Multithreading, Event handling and Exception handling.
  • ATG Framework experience and good hands on ATG Commerce, ATG Merchandising and ATG Personalization.
  • Involved in all phases of software life cycle including Requirements Gathering, Designing, Development, Testing and Debugging of Java/J2EE Application
  • Good experience with WebLogic, JBOSS, and Tomcat Application and Web Servers
  • Good understanding of Java/J2EE Design Patterns and n - tier architecture
  • Experience in continuous integration using Jenkins for timely builds, code coverage, running test. Having good understanding in XML, XML schema and XML parsing using JAXB.
  • Developed Java applications using Eclipse Experience in IBM Rational Application Developer RAD Rational Software Architect RSA, Net Beans, and Eclipse for integrated development environment for building, testing, and deploying various applications
  • Good knowledge Continuous Integration Server - Installation, Configuration, Design and Administration, plus experience of extending and integrating these tools with other systems, platforms and processes using Java, Shell Scripting.
  • Good experience using QA tool - HP Quality Center.
  • Good experience using version control tools like Clear case, VSS (Microsoft Visual Source Safe) and CVS, SVN, MKS.
  • Experience in writing Unix/Linux shell scripts based on the need and scheduling them
  • Experience in using Database IDE tools like TOAD and Oracle SQL Developer
  • Good knowledge in Object Oriented Concepts and Design and UML
  • Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements and architecture.
  • Strong Java/ J2EE skills, Object Oriented Programming design and development knowledge
  • Executed software projects for Telecom Industry, HR Domain, Investment Banking and Mortgage Industry.
  • Capable of quickly learning and delivering solutions as an individual and as part of a team


Programming languages and Scripts: Java, J2EE, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSTL, XML, PL/SQL

IDE Tools: JDeveloper, JBuilder, IBM RSA, RAD, Eclipse and Net Beans

J2EE Common Services APIs: Java Servlet, JSP, EJB2.0/3.0,JDBC, JPA, web services, JMS, JNDI, JAXP, JTA, JNDI, JAXB, AJAX.

Application Servers: BEA WebLogic, ATG 9.0 / 9.1/10.2/11.1, ATG Dynamo, ATG Merchandising, ATG Commerce, ATG Dust Case, Netscape Application Server, Oracle Application Server JBOSS, WebSphere Application Server

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat 4.1.18, Dynamo server, JBOSS

Frameworks / APIs / Tools: ATG 11.1/10.2/9.0/9.1, Struts 1.1/1.2/Tiles, JSF, Log4j, SpringMVC,IOC,AOPandSpring JDBC, Hibernate.

XML: XSL, XSD, DOM, XML Schema, and Designing DTDs.

Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, SQL Server, MYSQL, JDBCPL/SQL,T-SQL, DTS in MYSQL

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7, UNIX, LINUX, Solaris


Confidential, Oklahoma

Sr JAVA Developer/Lead


  • Worked with agile team in 2 week sprints to develop web services demonstrating output bi-weekly to product managers and incorporating the feedback.
  • Provided technical leadership to internal customers and development team on troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Developed several REST web-services supporting XML, and JSON to perform tasks financial data analysis, credit ratings and research on banks, insurance firms, corporate and sovereigns.
  • Used latest JAVA 8 changes in this project and existing modules.
  • Wrote AngularJS controllers, views, and services for new website feature
  • Developed resource-oriented architecture to integrate with third-party systems.
  • Created Maven archetypes for generating fully functional Rest web-services supporting JSON message transformation.
  • Continuous integration using Jenkins for nightly builds and send automatic emails to the team.
  • Used Jenkins plugins for code coverage and also to run all the test before generating war file.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection Spring DI and Spring MVC for REST API's, Spring Boot for micro-services and Spring Batch for running batch jobs.
  • The application uses Thymeleaf as the view-technology (for generating dynamic HTML)
  • Created Responsive Designs (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop) usingHTML&CSS,Bootstrap.
  • Conducted data import and export operations using the DTS wizard.
  • Used T-SQL to write complex queries involving multiple tables and stored procedures for Business logics.
  • Maintained high level of unit test coverage through test-driven development using JUNIT frameworks.

Environment: JAVA 8, Spring DI/ Spring MVC/Spring IO/Spring Boot, Hibernate, CSS, AngularJS( Angular1/2),Bootstrap, Thymeleaf, JSON, JUNIT, Jenkins, Oracle Database 12c/18c,T-SQL, DTS, Apache Tomcat version 8.5.31/ 9.0.8, SVN

Confidential, Warren, New Jersey

Sr JAVA / ATG Developer


  • Involved in requirement gathering phase of SDLC for Business user Module.
  • Worked on the Agile-Scrum methodology all through the development phase of the module
  • Developed the presentation layer in CSS, Angular JS, JSP for multiple browsers and client-side validation using Struct 2 for new functionalities to access data.
  • All the functionality of Customer Service Center module is implemented using Spring IO / Spring Boot and Hibernate ORM.
  • Implemented Java EE components using Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring transactions and Spring security modules.
  • Added batch job to kick off database jobs to reflect the changes into real time.
  • Used SOAP (with WSDL) as communication protocol to provide Web Service to access data from other modules for business users module.
  • Convert existing functionalities in Business User modules to ATG
  • Customize BCC to adhere to the needs for business users by adding new properties and adding their view mapping, overwriting the existing view mapping.
  • Provide user role based access to items in BCC.
  • Create new repositories for additional usage and also add new item descriptors in the repository to extend the catalog.
  • Provide separate views in BCC with filters for displaying data from huge core tables for easy access.
  • Migration of data from legacy system into the catalog programmatically.
  • Process daily feeds from internal and external system to update the catalog asset and properties such as price, promotion, etc
  • Process feed to update pricing repository into CATA/CATB without versioning since the pricing data is updated very often.
  • Preparation of test plans and independent unit testing of project and defect fixes.
  • Participating in weekly meetings, UAT bridge calls and other status meetings.
  • Responsible to analyze and estimate for the enhancements or bug fixes and also responsible for root cause analysis.
  • Responsible for training business users on the usage of the application.
  • Involved in overall system’s support and maintenance services such as defect fixing, feature enhancements, testing and documentation.
  • 24X7 applications support and monitoring.
  • Prepared of Technical Design Document, to get clarifications for ambiguous requirements.
  • Design, Coding and Development different services need for the project like Email Services that can be used as a common service throughout the project.
  • Provide resolutions to issues faced by developer on issues related to Struts 2 tags, validation, etc.

Environment: Windows 7, Java, Struts2, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, IBM RSA 8.5.1, RAD 8.0.4, WAS, Log4j, SVN.

Confidential, New Orleans, Louisiana

Java Developer


  • As a Developer me was a key member in Development, preparation of Technical Design and Support for implementing a J2EE and JDBC oriented project, to communication with other teams within and to get clarifications for ambiguous requirements and to provide resolutions.
  • Design, Coding and Development of intranet application (UI) for BAP Registrations and its functionality which involves calls to web service.
  • Able to complete the coding phase with minimal defects and provided quick transaction fixes for the defects
  • Coding JUnits test cases, preparation of Test plans and independent unit testing of project and defect fixes.
  • Participate in code reviews for project changes and defect fixes as well.
  • My Tenure in Production support deals with handling HP tickets and defect fixes in various components. Successfully handled frequent changes in requirements and rapidly gave the resolutions for the defects assigned without any delay and completed them within the SLA period.
  • To mentor the new team in business domain and technology, handle some of the complex modules independently.
  • Prepared and submitted some of the BOK (Book of Knowledge) which are useful for the new comers and gave KT's on the concepts me have learned.
  • As a Configuration Controller my responsibilities include:
  • Apart from the regular development activities actively handled SCM activities which involves stream maintenance, trunk deliveries and rebase, Jar & EAR release.
  • Provide status of all changes to the streams in time to team members within and to other dependent teams.
  • Assigning the defects within the team and making sure work is equally distributed.
  • Communications within as well other teams for proper code to be delivered in time without any merge issues.
  • Status report for the defects opened as part of this project and working with quality tools namely QA4J tool used for Quality and Audit purpose.

Skills/Tools/Environment: Windows XP, Java, Struts, JSP, Web Services, Axis 1.4., VSS, IBM RSA 8.0.4/8.5.1, QA4J tool, RAD 8.0.4, WAS, Log4j, SVN.


Sr JAVA / ATG Developer


  • Worked on the developing the data exchange between the interfaces.
  • The interfaces involved JMS mode of xml transfers and the XSD preparation as large amount of interfaces were involved
  • Given the sole responsibility for a Data Migration of Web hierarchy into the catalogue that would appear on the website.
  • Played the role of a back-up for one of the senior developers while he was away and ensured timely delivery.
  • The prototype, use cases and Unit test plans for all Feature Space requirement were done.
  • The design for the Migration of data from excels to Product Catalogue.
  • Was involved in the customization of BCC which involved alot of research on its existing functionality.
  • During this period me Stretched working hours to maintain timelines since the effort estimated was lesser than wat was actually involved. Later was moved to Web Hierarchy and Feature Space modules for development. Earned trust among my seniors for the sincerity and dedication shown during my entire tenure in the project.
  • Provided support during the test phases required for Feature Space and Web Hierarchy modules.
  • Primary person of contact for the Merchandising module as well as involvement in fixing of defects which aroused in these phases.
  • Involved in developing code for the changes requested.
  • Analyse and resolve the issues/defects that got raised.

Skills/Tools/Environment: Windows XP, ATG Dynamo 9.0/ 9.1, ATG BCC, ATG Dust, JUNIT, Oracle 10g, QA tool - HP Quality Center


Java Developer


  • Involved in the prototype, use cases and design documents for all the MNR requirements were done using JSF framework.
  • Involved in the design for the MNR is done as Feature Design and Service Design Documentation.
  • Involved in the design of Vendor Maintenance, Project Management.
  • Documented the Feature Design Document in Vendor Maintenance and Project management takes care of the screens that are xhtml pages. The web components can be .xhtml pages or managed beans, which would function as the backing beans for the .xhtml pages. The document also lists the fields in the .xhtml pages and their mapping in the Managed Beans. It also provides the details about the service invocation from managed beans.
  • Documented the Service Design Document that provides the detail design of all the services. The services can be coarse grain business services, that will be exposed to the web layer, batch layer or other applications over messaging or web service. The services can also be fine grained application services which will be consumed by business services or other application services.
  • Was involved in the coding of the most important area in the project ‘Work Order’.
  • Invoked in the coding of batch jobs for the ‘Work Order’ using a custom built lightweight framework for controlling and processing of batch processes.
  • Implemented the schedulers through a shell script thus making it compatible with any standard Enterprise Batch Scheduler

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