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Senior Java Full Stack Developer Resume



  • 6 years of software development experience in requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and production support of scalable, Multi - Tier distributed fault-tolerant Enterprise applications while meeting realistic implementation schedules and adhering to development goals and principles.
  • Strong experience on various J2EE Design Patterns such as Session Façade, Singleton, Factory Method, DAO, Front Controller, and Delegate Pattern and SOLID design principles.
  • Expertise in various open source frameworks like Spring Framework, Struts, Spring Security, Spring Integration, Java Server Faces (JSF), and Hibernate.
  • Expertise in all spring framework modules such as Spring IOC, AOP, Core, Messaging, ORM and MVC architecture.
  • Expertise in development and deployment of multi-tiered web based enterprise applications using J2EE technologies like Servlets 3.0/2.5, JSP 1.1/2.0, Struts 2.0, JMS, Hibernate 3.0/4.0, Spring 3.0/4.0, JDBC, JNDI, JSF, angular.js, Java Beans and Web services (SOAP, REST).
  • Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) implementing Waterfall, V-Model, & Agile methodologies.
  • Experience in User Experience (UX) design and development, User Interactive (UI) Web Pages and visually appealing User Interfaces using HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS, JavaScript, JQuery, Vue.js, Angular.js, Angular 2/4,Typescript, Node.js and React.js.
  • Experience in using various AWS components like EC2 for virtual servers, S3 and Glacier for storing objects, EBS, Cloud Front, Elastic cache, IAM, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation and DynamoDB.
  • Experience in various agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD) and SCRUM.
  • Experience in client side designing and validations using HTML, DHTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX and JSP.
  • Highly experienced with modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries like Angular.js, Node.js and Dojo, JQuery
  • Exposure on JSF framework which provides Pre-built UI components used for Component based framework.
  • Experience in cloud services such as S3, AWSLambda, EMR Cluster and Redshift.
  • Experience in building application withReact.js, Redux; Require.js, in MVC architecture.
  • Strong Core Java background with experience in Collections, Multi-Threading, Java 8, Interfaces, RMI, Serialization, Synchronization, Exception Handling, OOPs techniques, Logging and Performance Tuning.
  • Profound knowledge in configuring and deploying web applications in Tomcat Server, Web Logic, Web Sphere and JBoss
  • Expertise in Bootstrap, Angular.js and Node.js (Express, Mongoose, Body-Parser, HTTP, File systems, Browser Sync etc...) and used Log 4j for logging.
  • Extensive development experience on different IDE’s like Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, NetBeans, Web Logic Workshop, and WSAD/RAD.
  • Diverse experience utilizing tools in N-tier and Microservices architecture applications using Spring Boot, AWS, Kafka, Cassandra, My SQL, Restful.
  • Expertise in developing integration technologies like MQ Series, SAS Enterprise Application Integration, JAX-WS (SOAP), JAX-RS (RESTful) web service and LUNA Encryption Device.
  • Strong knowledge on Hibernate 2.0, 3.0. Used Hibernate Connection Pooling, HQL, Collections, Hibernate Caching, Hibernate Transactions, Criteria API, Optimistic Locking.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in RDBMS databases like Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, and MySQL 4.x, 5.0.
  • Extensively worked with the Build and deployment tools like Maven, Gradle and Ant.
  • Development experience in Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems.
  • Extensive experience in implementation of the version control software Git, SVN and CVS.
  • Extensively worked with testing tools like JUnit, Selenium Web Driver, and SOAPUI etc.
  • Exposure to Splunk for log monitoring and experience with JIRA, HP Quality Center for bug, issue tracking.


Confidential, CA

Senior Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed the application using Spring MVC intensively that leverages classical MVC architecture and JavaScript for major data entry that involved extreme level of data validation at client side.
  • Involved in developing code for obtaining bean references in spring framework using Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control (IOC), and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) on Spring Source Tool Suite.
  • Created web pages using HTML, CSS3, JQuery and JavaScript ES6.
  • Created the Spring Bean Factory for initializing services.Added security for service layer methods using Spring Security.
  • Integrated Single sign on sing LDAP and Active directory onspringsecurity layer, successfully maintained users and groups integrity in the application.
  • Created and injected spring services, spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Extensively used XML Web Services for transferring/retrieving data between different providers. Extensively involved in developing Restful Web services using Jersey framework (JAX-RS) and REST annotations.
  • Used Java 8.0 features like Lambda Expressions with Dynamo DB, COGNITO and Redshift, Lambda, AWS Lambda.
  • Used WSAD for writing code for JSP, Servlets, Struts and EJB.
  • Developed reusable Angular 4 components which are compatible with latest versions ofTypescript and angular CLI.
  • Developed robust form management system with complete CRUD capabilities inReactNative, Redux, and Firebase.
  • Used Message-driven batch application using Spring Batch to handle multiple requests accessed through Message Queue services between several Micro services in the application.
  • Developed single page applications using Angular 2,Vue.js, Typescript, web pack and grunt.
  • Used NPM packages like babel, hot-loader, and web pack,React-tabs, node-sass.
  • Developed several Micro services as part of the project using Spring Boot.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration in which all development work is integrated and involved in deploying the application using Docker to AWS environment.
  • Developed the online web application using HTML/CSS & JavaScript, Angular.js /Angular4/5, Vue.js, Node.js, Spring Boot, Spring MVN and Bootstrap.
  • Used JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, Dojo,Ext.js, CSS preprocessors such as LESS or SASS.
  • Maventool has been used for the build and deploy procedure scripts in UNIX, Linux and Windows environment using Hudson.
  • Implemented Single Page Design and customized directive and filter criteria by using Angular.js.
  • Developed Micro services using RESTful services to provide all the CRUD capabilities.
  • Involved in usingReact.js components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept.
  • Created RESTful APIs in Express and returned logic through Angular.js data binding. Wrote tests in Mocha on server side and Jasmine on the client side.
  • Deployed Docker contained spring boot micro services in to Spring EC2 container service using AWS admin console.
  • Used Spring Boot Actuator to externalize application's configuration properties for different environments andOAuth2.0 authentication protocol respectively for security and authorization.
  • Secured the API's by implementingOAuth2.0 token based authentication/authorization scheme using Spring Security.
  • Developed API for using AWS Lambda to manage theServerlessarchitecture and run the code in AWS.
  • Developed real time tracking of class schedules using Node.js (Express.js framework).
  • Used JIRA for bug and issue tracking. Worked on issues related to business logic and UI code which is primarily built using HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and Angular 4.0.
  • Massive re-design of client site from HTML/PHP form handling to cleaner Redux-Form.
  • Developed Cloud formation templates and Ansible playbooks to spin up the instances and provision packages on AWS EC2 instances.
  • Configured Kibana data visualization plugin for Elastic search, Log stash and created bar, line and scatter plots, pie charts and maps on top of large chunks of data.
  • Deployed and developed the project using AWS EC2, S3 Buckets, Data pipeline, Elastic Bean Stalk,Lambda, Amazon messaging services (SQS) and Amazon Kinesis Services.
  • Used IBM MQ for transport of data as messages between Micro services of the application.
  • Developed HibernatewithSpring Integration as the data abstraction to interactwiththe database and used dependency injection (DI) using spring framework and annotations.
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins CI tool using Chef on AWS EC2 instances.
  • Used Hibernate for mappingjavaclasseswithdatabase and created querieswithHibernate query language (HQL).
  • Extensively used IBMRESTAPIin task assignment, reassignment, and closure and ad-hoc task implementation.
  • Incorporated knowledge of TDD and BDD for front end UI applications and performed end-to-end testing with Protractor.
  • Maintained the code repository on SVN through frequent and definite updates and built the application using Maven to deploy on Websphere Server and used Jenkins for continuous integration.

Environment: Spring Framework, Hibernate5.0.9, HTML, CSS3, Vue.js, Angular4/5, JavaScript, XML, JSON, RESTful Webservices, JMS, Websphere, Spring Tool Suite, SVN, Maven, JIRA, Jenkins, log4j, Jersey, DB2, Dojo.

Confidential, NC

Senior Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed Micro services & APIs using Spring Boot and Used Apache Kafka cluster as messaging system between the APIs and Micro services.
  • Used the features of Spring Core layer (IOC), Spring AOP, and Spring JDBC in order to develop the application.
  • Developed RESTful web services using spring, Jackson, Jersey, and JSON in order to implement various APIs to check eligibility of, provision, suspend, resume and delete a Debit card token.
  • Application developed in Micro Services architecture and used technologies like spring framework 3.4, Hibernate 5.0.2 and RESTful webservices.
  • Created Micro services as part Lambda function development using Node.jsServerless architecture.
  • Creating S3 buckets, Utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • Integrated the different pages to be a single page application using Angular2 andTypescript.
  • Used IBM MQ for exchange of information between applications using message queues.
  • Developing Web Pages by using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and working knowledge of Angular 2, bootstrap.js, Vue.js andReact.js
  • Used Bootstrap and Angular 2 UI Bootstrap for creating rich, Responsive UI Screens for varying screen sizes and devices.
  • Developed applications using Angular 2, Java8 and new features of java (lambdaexpressions).
  • Implemented AJAX calls withExt.jsand handled request and responses for various modules
  • Used Maven as a build tool and Tomcat Webserver for deploying the application.
  • Used Babel,Typescriptand Web pack as a module loader/bundler and used along with React.js
  • Developed cross-browser/platform using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, Angular.js components for pay-by-phone UI.
  • Developed the Web application using Spring MVC,Ext.js, Html, JSP and JavaScript.
  • Developed the entire application implementing MVC Architecture integratingHibernateandspring frameworks.
  • Expertise in Angular JS, jQuery, Websphere and Dojo for the client side functionalities and Object oriented JavaScript functionalities.
  • Extensively usedHibernate/JPA andSpring-JDBC in data access layer to access and update.
  • Involved in Developing the Application using Struts MVC Framework by implementing Controller, Service classes.
  • Extensively used JQuery, React, bootstrap, JSON, AJAX and DOM scripting to create interactive web applications like message posting and auto complete form for secured validations.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon web Services (AWS).
  • Implemented different validation control on the web-pages using Angular 2 and developing a cross-platform JavaScript based solution using Angular.js, Build user interfaces differently by breaking them into components usingReact.js.
  • Build Spring based Java Micro services to support web application.
  • Utilized MongoDB database management system for keeping user generated data.
  • Worked on Rest Webservices,OAuthas well as Node Rest framework for backend services used MongoDB for database services.
  • Hands-on experience on developing AWS cloud formation templates and setting up Auto scaling for EC2 instances and involved in the automated provisioning of AWS cloud environment using Jenkins.
  • Built data visualizations to monitor file server load, web server speeds, data processing and more using D3.js, Backbone.js.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like Express.js, Require.js,React.js and Node.js.
  • Involved in defining build process withMavenscripts and customizing through CI builds using Jenkins.
  • Deployed web applications on JBoss EAP server and made changes to the configurations when required. Used Putty to interact with the server.
  • Developed standalone applications using Apache Camel for integrating various systems, and for routing and multi-threading.
  • Consumed various SOAP and REST web services related to Partnerships and Branded cards processing systems.
  • Setup the continuous Integration (CI) and continuous Deployment (CD) process for the application using the Jenkins.
  • Used Docker to containerize the Services and APIs to run on EC2 instances.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Load Balancer and Auto scaling groups, Optimized volumes and EC2 instances.
  • Create a JavaLambdathat watches an AWS S3 bucket, load the data to the Redshift and send a message using RESTful webservices if the file has errors.
  • Worked on Datastax’s Cassandra Java API to interact with the Cassandra Cluster.
  • Worked on creating Spring Data Repositories for SQL/NoSQL databases.
  • Migrated many applications into AWS and provide cloud Security.
  • Knowledge on Apache Spark java API and worked on Drools to configure rules as per business requirements.
  • Worked on Mesosphere’s Mesos and Marathon to handle application deployment.
  • Have written ATDD Tests using Cucumber and Gherkin and Tested Web services using Soap UI tool.
  • Developed Unit Tests using JUnit, Mockito and PowerMock and Involved in functional and integration testing.

Environment: Java 8, Spring 4, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Apache Kafka, Consul, Mesos, Jackson 1.9, Jersey 1.18, JSON 1.1, IBM MQ 8.0, Apache Camel 2.14, Maven 3.0.5, JBoss EAP 1.0.0, JUnit 4.11, Mockito, log4j SoapUI Pro 5.1, Oracle 11.2, WinSCP, SVN,AWS, Apache Cassandra, Jenkins, Mango DB, Dojo, Angular.js, Vue.js, Angular2, Node.js, Ext.js


Full stack Developer


  • Developed new architectural design solutions, functional and technical requirement specifications, use cases, non-functional requirements and provide expertise to technical and functional efforts, teams, and projects with full stack development.
  • Designed new UML diagrams through Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence, components, activity.
  • Identified scenarios and strategies for performance testing and collaborate with test team on execution.
  • Developed user interface using JSP with JavaBeans, JSTL and Custom Tag Libraries, JS, CSS, JQuery, Node.js, HTML, SASS and Ajax to speed the application.
  • Involved actively in designing web page using HTML, Backbone, Angular.js, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap and CSS.
  • Construct powerful and modern frontend architecture, involvingReact, Redux, and ES2015
  • Created Single Page Application with loading multiple views using route services and adding more user experience to make it more dynamic by using Angular.js framework.
  • Involved in Construction of UI using JQuery, Angular.js,Ext.js, Bootstrap and Java scripting.
  • Used Bootstrap and Angular.js, React.js and Node.js in effective web design.
  • Developed and deployed EJBs, Servlets and JSPs on IBM Websphere Server.
  • Used MongoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharding, replication, schema design.
  • Unit testing was performed using JUnit and Version control through Git.
  • Involved in writing the ANT scripts to build and deploy the application.
  • Analyzed the XSLFO documents and implemented the logic into the BIRT reports and integrated the BIRT engine with the application.
  • Have used ActiveMQ to handle the commands across the application.
  • Utilized Web Sockets withReactto maintain consistent and real-time state across users.
  • Designed and developed SOA based enterprise system using Oracle SOA Suite and WebLogic.
  • Established relationships and lead/direct technical development teams for SOA based design, architecture, development, and testing.
  • Developed and implemented UI controls and APIs withExt.js and Coded the front-end Ajax framework components using Web 2.0 JavaScript libraryExt.js.
  • Created Architecture enhancements for Distributed J2EE applications and legacy integration with Mainframes applications.
  • Involved in the application development using Spring Core, MVC modules and Java web based technologies; such as, Servlets, JSP, Java Web Service (REST/SOAP based), WSDL.
  • Worked on Backbone views with declarative event handling which connects it all to the existing API over a RESTful JSON interface.
  • Implemented different design patterns such as singleton, business factory and J2EE design patterns such as Business delegate, session façade and DAO design patterns.
  • Developed the HTTP based Web Service Client which calls up the existing web service to get the application related data which comes in XML format.
  • Used Hibernate - Object Relational Mapping Tool for the backend data persistency.
  • Used Struts and JSTL tag libraries in the JSP pages.
  • Executed all the web service test scenarios by using SOAPUI.
  • Automated test cases with SOAP UI and Groovy scripting.
  • Developed front end web pages using JSP2.0, JSON, Angular.js, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Developed Maven build scripts to automate the deployment to various Web Servers.

Environment: UML, OOAD, Agile/SCRUM, GOF Patterns, SOA Patterns, EAI Patterns, MS Visio, Java 8, Spring 4*, BIRT,JSP, Droplets, jQuery, MySQL, Angular.js, Bootstrap, JSON, Dynamo Servlets, JDBC, Struts, ATG 9.0, XML, Tomcat, EJB, JMS, Oracle 10g, Linux, Maven, XML, Web Services (SOAP, Rest full), Soap UI, Splunk, Jenkins, Ext.js.

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

Java/UI Developer


  • Worked with REST representational state transfer protocol for connection between end nodes in establishing connection in networks for network hyper media applications.
  • Designed and developed front end components using JSF Framework and Ajax.
  • Worked on CentOS platform which is also a Linux Distribution.
  • Used React.js with Redux to create a single page web application with efficient data flow between the client and server and used to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Develop rich user interface withExt.js and CSS3 and AJAX
  • Development of front end web pages using JSP2.0, JSON, Angular.js, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript and Spring TLD.
  • Used EJBs (Session beans) to implement the business logic, JMS for communication for sending updates to various other applications and MDB for routing priority requests.
  • Worked withIDEasEclipse Indigoand deployed intoOracle WebLogic Application Server& usedMaven build tool to achieve more functionality for build process.
  • Involved in Construction of UI using JQuery, AngularJS,Ext.js, Bootstrap and JavaScript.
  • Used the Node.js, Angular.js, backbone.js and Require.js MVC Frameworks in the development of the web applications.
  • Developed UI components using Angular.js, Node.js, JavaScript, JSP, and Html tags, CSS, Ajax and JQuery.
  • Involved in development of User Interface using XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Dojo and Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library JSTL.
  • Developed Web Services using SOAP for sending and receiving data from the external interface.
  • Used XSL/XSLT for transforming and displaying reports.
  • Used Bootstrap to show and hide classes for different and grid classes to create RWD.
  • Implemented REST based microservices using spring framework, Eureka (Service discovery mechanism) and Jersey API. Used REST Client and POSTMAN to test the services.
  • Involved in writing the ANT scripts to build and deploy the application.
  • Worked on web application implemented in JSP, HTML and Java Script.
  • Middleware Services layer is implemented using EJB (Enterprise Java Bean - stateless).
  • Used Design patterns such as Business delegate, Service locator, Model View Controller, DAO.
  • Involved in implementing the JMS (Java messaging service) for asynchronous communication with other applications.
  • Designed and developed front end using JSP, Struts (tiles), XML, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Writing commands for data access and stored procedures in MongoDB.
  • Developed the Test cases client based on FSD’S and business Rules; And for Web Client Test cases based on use cases, wire frames and Annotated Documents and Business Rules.
  • Developed Web API using Node.js, React.js andReactNativeand hosted on multiple lead balances API instances.
  • Interaction with Oracle database is implemented using Hibernate.
  • Developed various helper classes needed following core java multithreaded programming and collection classes.
  • Prepared unit test cases and performed unit testing.
  • Used multithreading to improve overall performance.
  • Developed applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Used Angular.js as development framework to build a single page application.

Environment: Java, J2EE, CSS, Subversion, XML, JDBC 4.0, RAD, AJAX, JSF, Dojo, jQuery, Intellji, XML Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, SAX, DOM, JAXB, Log4J, JUnit, GIT, Microsoft tools, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Unix, scrum, Agile, Spring 4.1, Hibernate 4, JBoss, TOAD, Oracle 11g, Rest, JavaScript, Angular.js, Jersey, JUnit, JIRA.


Java Full Stack Developer


  • Worked on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSF, jQuery, Bootstrap, underscore.js and Angular.js to design responsive UI page and collaborate with project manager, media engineer, content management team and QA team to improve multiple browsers page readability and integration.
  • Developed responsive web application pages and used Angular.js services, controllers and directives for front end UI and consumed SOAP, REST web service API.
  • Developed the view-controller components using Servlets /JSPs, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and DHTML using the Integrated Development Environment Websphere Integration Developer.
  • Designed service layer and developed business logic by using Spring MVC framework an implemented Dependency Injection (IOC) feature of spring framework to inject beans into User Interface.
  • Implemented Struts framework in the presentation tier for all the essential control flow, business level validations and for communicating with the business layer.
  • Used Spring JMS to receive the messages from other team and responsible for the technical direction and implementation of the Spring Batch framework.
  • Exposed application functionalities as RESTful, SOAP web services to clients that want to use their own UI layer - using spring for JSON output.
  • Implemented error handling on various RESTful web services to return the right HTTP status codes and wrote Automation Tests in Java to validate the end to end business functionality for RESTful, SOAP services.
  • Used DAO pattern to send input parameters and fetch data from Oracle database using Hibernateand developed persistence Layer using Hibernate to persist the data and to manage the data.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model.
  • Used Oracle 11g as data source and oracle SQL Developer for the data migration between the DAO and the Oracle data Source.
  • Used Apache Tomcat (local server) to deploy the application and responsible for developing integration test for an AWS-hosted cloud application using TDD.
  • Used JIRA for the test reports and for the communication with the team about the project.
  • Developed unit testing frame work using JUnit test cases for continuous integration and used GIT for repository and controlling the code without any conflicts.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, RESTful, SOAP, Angular.js, JUnit, JSP, Servlet, Bootstrap, Tomcat 1.8, JSON, JSF, Hibernate, Spring MVC, XML, AWS, TDD, Oracle 11g, GIT, JIRA, Websphere Integration Developer, Apache Tomcat, Oracle SQL Developer.

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