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Senior Software Engineer Resume


  • Java Developer with over 6 years of experience developing applications using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Good understanding of Object - Oriented programming, Database and Query Optimization
  • Experienced with various frameworks like Spring, Hibernate.
  • Experience in programming with JDK tools, Applets, Swing and AWT packages of Java.
  • Good Knowledge of different J2EE Design Patterns like MVC, Data Access Object, Data Transfer Object and Singleton.
  • Experience at all levels of STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) and PDLC(Product Development Life Cycle)
  • Experience in Web Services like SOAP and REST.
  • Hands on experience in writing SQL queries, Stored Procedures and Triggers and have exposure to different databases likeMYSQL, Oracle, and MS Access.
  • Developed Client/Server applications using the databases MySQL.
  • Experience Working with Development IDEs like Eclipse,NetBeans.
  • Worked on Build Automation tools like ANT Maven, Jenkins.
  • Experience in User Interaction, Business Analysis, Development, Integration, Documentation, Testing, Deployment, Building, Configuration and Production/Customer Support, Maintenance and Enhancements of both Web and Client/Server Technologies.
  • Experience in version control system tools like Tortoise SVN.
  • Possessing strong analytical skills, an excellent team player with good leadership qualities and strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong communication, collaboration & team building skills with proficiency in grasping new technical concepts quickly.


Operating Systems: Win 95/NT/2000/XP,8,10, macOS Sierra, High Sierra

Technologies: J2EE, JDBC, JavaScript, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, PHP, Python.

Database: MySQL and Oracle

Tools: Spring Suite, Appium, Selenium, PyCharm, Raspberry pi 3,Tableau 10, SAS Visual Analytics,Power BI


Senior Software Engineer



  • Worked on JavaScript, HTML, CSS files for Webpage and Mobile applications.
  • Worked on Core Java concepts such as OOP, Exception handling, Collection Framework, and Data Structures to implement various features.
  • Identifiedproduct defects and reported them in VersionOne.
  • Created tables,stored procedures, SQL queries, joins, integrity constraints and views for multiple databases, using MS SQL Server
  • Led the Testing team of two for Web and Mobile Application Development, which included Test Plan creation, reporting daily, weekly status and test completion reports, also helped team with project estimation.
  • Executed Automation scripts using JavaScript for both Web and mobile applications.
  • Participated in requirement gathering and followed all the process of Agile Methodology.
  • Created Unit, Acceptance and Integration Test Documents and Code Review Documents.
  • Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, VersionOne, Agile Methodology (PDLC).

Java Developer



  • Developed REST based applications using Spring MVC.
  • Implemented with Spring Security basics, RESTful endpoints, JUnit testing.
  • Worked extensively on Spring IOC/ Dependency Injection. Configured the crosscutting concerns like logging, security using Spring AOP and Spring Security.
  • Refractor java code to make it more maintainable and REST web services have been developed using JSON, spring, Hibernate and Oracle on Apache Tomcat.
  • Made extensive use of Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).
  • Used Maven as a build and deployment tool.
  • Wrote various stored procedures in PL/SQL and JDBC routines to update tables.
  • Wrote PL/SQL stored procedures, Prepared statement and used API.
  • Wrote various SQL queries for data retrieval using JDBC.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing.
  • Analyzed, debugged and Fixed Klock work issues using Java.
  • Extensively worked in generating Jasper Reports.
  • Anticipated hurdles and difficulties during the design stage and resolved them in a timely manner.
  • Identifying the software defects and reported them in JIRA.
  • Technologies used:JAVA: J2EE, JavaScript, JSON, Postman, JNDI with Spring MVC

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