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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Over 7 years of experience in delivering enterprise solutions in multiple domains like E - commerce, Finance, Telecom, Insurance, Health and other related domains. Expertise designing and coding technical solutions using Java/J2EE and UI technology to satisfy complex business problem statements.
  • Expert in Various Agile methodologies like SCRUM, Test Driven Development, Incremental and Iteration methodology, Pair Programming, Agile Development &Testing using Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Experienced in Full stack UI technologies using Gruntjs, Gulp Server, Yeoman generator for Angular.
  • Expert level skills on JSON, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Tiles, Tag Libraries and UI frameworks - Twitter Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, jQuery Mobile.
  • Experience with jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, Nodejs, ReactJs, BackboneJs, AngularJs, Angular 2.x/4.x and Client-side validations.
  • Experienced in Java Web-based, Desktop Based Development with Concepts of Object-Oriented Design (OOD), Object Oriented Analysis (OOA), Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and its implementation.
  • Expertise in the implementation of Core Java concepts of Java, J2EE Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JSF, JSTL, EJB transaction implementation (CMP, BMP, Message-Driven Beans), Struts, Spring, Swing, Hibernate, iBatis, Java Beans, JDBC, XML, Web Services, JNDI, Multi-Threading, Data structures.
  • Diverse experience utilizing tools in N-tier and Microservices architecture applications using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud config, Netflix OSS components (Eureka, Zuul, Hystrix), Pivotal Cloud Fundry, AWS, Rabbit MQ, Kafka, Zookeeper, Cassandra, My SQL, Restful Web Services.
  • Experienced in developing web-applications using various design patterns, including session facade, MVC, Data Access Object, Singleton and Factory Pattern.
  • Proficient in using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Extensive experience focusing on services like EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Watch, CloudFront, CloudFormation, IAM, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, SNS, SQS, AMI.
  • Experience withDocker containers, leveraging Linux Containers and AMI's to create Images/ containers.
  • Experience with messaging systems like Kafka, Kafka event sourcing.
  • Worked on (JMS) MQ's like Rabbit MQ, IBM MQ and Active MQ.
  • Expertise with employment of Spring Kafka and Zookeeper apart from JMS as messaging service.
  • Good Working Experience in Apache Frameworks like Apache CXF, Apache Camel and Apache Velocity.
  • Experienced in building Web Services using SOAP and RESTFUL.
  • Expertise in XML technologies such as DTD/Schemas, DOM, SAX, XSLT, XPATH, Castor.
  • Experience in configuring and deploying the applications on Tomcat 5.x/4.x/3.x, GlassFish, WebSphere 6.x/5.x/7.0, WebLogic 9.x/8.x/7.x/6.x, and JBoss Servers.
  • Experience in database modeling, design and development of PL/SQL stored procedures, packages in relational databases: Oracle9i / 10g / 11g, SQL Server 2005/2008, DB2, PostgreSQL andMySQL.
  • Strong experiencewithMongoDB development (reports, schema design, map reduce functions) and migrations from SQL relational databases to NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra and CouchDB.
  • Good Experience in software configuration management using CVS, GIT and SVN.
  • Experienced in performing unit testing using JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, integration and deployment of applications using tools such as ANT, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins & debugging through log4jand Splunk.
  • Created Test automation framework using Cucumber and Selenium web driver.
  • Expertise on UI testing with Karma, Mocha, Jasmine and Chai.
  • Experience using secure authentication mechanisms like LDAP, SASL and Kerberos v4.
  • Good knowledge on dependency management tools such as NPM and Bower.
  • Developed Interactive graphs using D3.js with JSON data.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application.
  • Created and injected spring services, controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection.
  • Heavily used Spring Inheritance, Auto-wiring, Core Container, Security, AOP, Spring Quartz for scheduling tasks to generate reports and emails to clients.
  • Developed Persistence layer using Spring Data to interact with the Database.
  • Developed Spring Restful/Microservices and implemented Spring Restful/Micro Services and implemented Spring Eureka, Netflix, Ribbon as part of Services Discovery using Apache Axis.
  • Implemented Spring MVC flow to interact with different modules and extensively used Spring AOP and Dependency injection during various modules of project.
  • Developed Microservices with Spring Eureka to retrieve API routes for the entire cluster. Using this strategy each Microservice in a cluster can be load balanced and exposed through one API gateway.
  • Used Micro service architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Implemented Spring Circuit breaker pattern, Hystrix dashboard to monitor Spring micro services.
  • Implemented Authentication & Authorization with Site Minder and Spring security.
  • Implemented REST based web services using JAX-RS annotations, Jersey provider and consumed using HTTP services from angular 6 modules.
  • Developed applications using Angular6, Java8 and new features of java (lambda expressions).
  • Developed screens using HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Design and developed the application using frameworkAngular6 with HTML5, CSS3 and Typescript.
  • Developed UI components using Angular6 dependency Injection, data binding and controllers.
  • Implemented Angular6 Router to enable navigation from one view to another.
  • Used Protractor to perform End to end testing for single page application developed using Angular6.
  • Developed Application to asses JSON and XML from Restful web service using Angular6.
  • Experience with Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap and Plygrid framework.
  • Developed various generic JavaScript, Angular functions to implement client-side validations.
  • Developed Thread Safe blocks for multithread access and distributed transaction management.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) like EC2, S3, cloud watch and Elastic Bean for code deployment.
  • Writing Entities in Java, Play Framework along with named queries to interact with database.
  • Experience in Updating, Modifying queries in Oracle 11g.
  • Composed and executed MongoDB scripts to insert and update NoSQL database and reporting.
  • Developed quality code adhering to Scala coding Standards and best practices.
  • Worked with Kafka Cluster using Zookeeper. Developed Applications using Rule Engines-Jboss Drools 4.x, Human tasks to implement Business rules validations.
  • Developed data transformer for converting legacy data from Source tables to format and feed into Kafka using Camel.
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging, integration of Spring boot.
  • Created the Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life cycle.
  • Worked with the Node package manager along with Karma, Jasmine, and Grunt for test and build.
  • Smoke Test and Acceptance Testing is performed with Selenium in multiple Java platforms.
  • Worked with the automation team to understand theSeleniumscripts and review the code, run the tests and review the results and provide inputs to the team.
  • Used Maven and Jenkins to automate the build and deploy process and Git was used for project management and version management.

Environment: Java 8, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Angular6, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, Node.js, Spring Data, Protractor, Mongo DB, Oracle 11g, IntelliJ IDEA, Junit 4.4, Mockito, Git, Selenium, AWS, Docker, Spring Cloud, REST, Apache Tomcat, Apache Kafka, Camel, Maven, Jenkins, Karma, Jasmine.

Confidential, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Followed Agile Software Development Methodology building application iteratively.
  • Participated in scrum related activities and daily scrum meetings.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JDK 1.8, Ajax, Web Services XML, schemas.
  • Involved to implement various screens for the front end using Angular4 and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Execution of tasks in asynchronous mode using multithreading Executor Service Framework.
  • Used JDK 1.8, Java8 Lambda expressions along with Streams for creating internal iteration and performing chain operations such as Filter, Map, Collect on a collection.
  • Used IBM MQS to Listen the Flight Messages and Implemented Listeners to Process the Data.
  • Used spring core for dependency injection/inversion of control (IOC), and integrated with Hibernate.
  • Implemented Restful Services in Spring Boot Framework for consuming and producing JSON Data.
  • Implemented SOA to develop Spring Restful/Microservices and implemented Spring Eureka, Netflix, Ribbon as part of Services Discovery using Eureka.
  • Building Cloud Microservices and implementing back-up using Spring Boot.
  • Used Microservices with Spring Boot services and combination of REST, Apache Kafka messages.
  • Worked on custom Docker container images, tagging, pushing images, integration of Spring boot.
  • Provided cloud environment for Microservices using spring cloud Netflix (Eureka server).
  • Implemented Fail Safe and circuit breaker patterns in Spring Boot Microservice applications using Hystrix and monitored the services using Hystrix Dashboard.
  • Used Microservices with Spring Boot services and combination of REST.
  • Used AWS SQS to manage message queuing service that makes it easy to decouple and scale Microservices, and serverless applications and Communication with External Services.
  • Heavily used joins stored procedures, views, Unions in Oracle database to fetch the data.
  • Developed Hibernate with Spring Integration as the data abstraction to interact with the Oracle 11g, implemented transactions, proxies, locking, HQL, Criteria, Projections and Stored Proc calls.
  • Created Generic DAO Custom Implementation Using Spring Data JPA.
  • Hibernate framework is used on DAO layer to persist application data into Oracle database.
  • Kubernetes is configured for automating deployment and scaling of containerized applications.
  • Monitored Health check and managed the application in production by using Spring Actuator.
  • Used SOAP UI, Postman, Rest Client, Spring Mock MVC, spring 4Junit for testing the web services.
  • Worked with several testing frame works such as JUnit, Easy Mock, Mockito and Power Mock.
  • Used Maven/Nexus as build and dependency management tool for creating EAR, WAR and JAR file to be deployed in application servers and integrated with GITHUB, Jenkins, and Jenkins Jobs.
  • Used GIT repository to push the code and interact with other developers throughout the company.

Environment: Java 8, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Angular4, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, Node.js, Oracle 11g, IntelliJ IDEA, Junit, Mockito, GIT, Groovy, Selenium, PCF, Docker, Spring Cloud, RESTful web services, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Jenkins.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in the design and development phases of Agile Software Development.
  • Analyzed current Mainframe system and designed new GUI screens.
  • Developed the application using 3 Tier Architecture i.e. Presentation, Business and Data Integration layers in accordance with the customer/client standards.
  • Used FileNet for Content Management and for streamlining Business Processes.
  • Created Responsive Layouts for multiple devices and platforms using foundation framework.
  • Implemented printable report using HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript for client-side validation.
  • Worked onUNIX to move the project into production environment.
  • Created Managed Beans for handling JSF pages and logic for processing of the data on the page.
  • Implementeddesign patternsin Scala for the application.
  • New library development with microservices architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot and PCF.
  • Used Object/Relational mapping tool Hibernate to achieve object to database table persistency.
  • WorkedwithCoreJavato develop automated solutions to include web interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web services.
  • Developed web GUI involving HTML,JavaScript under MVC architecture.
  • Creation ofWebLogicdomains and setup Admin & Managed servers forJAVA/J2EE applications on Non-Production and Production environments.
  • Involved in the configuration of Spring Framework and Hibernate mapping tool.
  • MonitoringWebLogic/JBoss Server health and security.
  • Creation of Connection Pools, Data Sources inWebLogicconsole.
  • Implemented Hibernate for Database Transactions on DB2.
  • Involved in configuring hibernate to access database and retrieve data from the database.
  • Written Web Services (JAX-WS) for external system via SOAP/HTTP call.
  • Used Log4j framework to log/track application.
  • Involved in developing SQL queries,storedprocedures, and functions.
  • Creating and updating existing build scripts using ANT for deployment Tested and Used Rational Clear Case for Version Control.
  • Familiarity with Order Management, Inventory Management, and Item Management systems
  • Ability to define requirements, drive product development and support activities
  • Ability to develop highly effective automated test scripts

Environment: FileNet, IBM RAD 6.0, Scala, Java 1.6, JSP, Servlets, Core Java, Spring, Swing, Scala, Hibernate, JSF, ICE Faces, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, UNIX, Restful Web Services using Microservices architecture, Web Services- SOAP, XML, IBM WebSphere 6.1, Log 4j, IBM DB2

Confidential - Erie, PA

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Responsible forReactUI and architecture, building library, including Tree, Slide-View, and Table Grid.
  • Responsible forBuilding applications usingReact.jswhich allowed us to render pages on both the client and server using the same codebase.
  • ImplementedReact.jscode to handle cross browser compatibility issues in Mozella, IE 7, 8, 9, Safari and FF. UsedBabelplugin tool for conversion of ECMA versions to support all type of browsers.
  • Developed the flux pattern by using Redux framework as a core dependency.
  • Used Java-J2EE patterns like Model View Controller (MVC), Business Delegate, Data Transfer Objects, Data Access Objects, factory patterns.
  • Designed and developed the End Points (Controllers), Business Layer, DAO Layer using Hibernate and Spring IOC (Dependency Injection).
  • Migrating existing application into microservices architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot, Spring Cloud config Netflix OSS (Eureka, Zuul, Hystrix) and AWS.
  • Extensively used MVC, Factory, Delegate and Singleton design patterns.
  • Developed e services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot and pivotal cloud foundry.
  • Developed clients to consume Rest Web Services, as well as other enterprise wide Web Services.
  • Designed and Developed Presentation Tier using Spring MVC and JSP integrating Custom Tags, JSTL, JSP Expression Language and AJAX.
  • Used Hibernate framework for back end development and Spring DI for middle layer development.
  • Used Spring MVC Transaction Management and Hibernate cache concepts.
  • Modified the Spring Controllers and Services to support the introduction of spring framework.
  • Creating Docker containers leveraging existing Linux Containers and AMI's in addition to creating Docker containers from scratch and developing Docker images to support Development, Testing Teams and their pipelines, distributedJenkins, Elastic search, Kibana and Log stash.
  • InstalledPivotalCloudFoundry(PCF) on EC2 to manage the containers created byPCF.
  • Used Docker to provide virtualize deployment containers and push the code to EC2 cloud using PCF.
  • Experience in working with big data platform with a combination of Hive MQ, Cassandra and Spark.
  • Worked with high volume and complex PL/SQL stored procedures and packages using TOAD.
  • Experience in data structure design, Data Modelling in Cassandra.
  • Developed JUnit,Chai,Mochaand Gulp test cases for unit, integration, and functional tests.
  • Ran Log aggregations, website Activity tracking and log for distributed system usingApache Kafka.
  • Used Log4j to print logging, debugging, warning and info on server console. Debugged the MAVEN scripts for building entire web application.
  • Implemented Cucumber for behavioral testing of application.
  • Developed reusable UI components using ES6, Handlebars andWebpack.

Environment: React.js, Node.js, Babel, Redux, Bootstrap, Docker, Jenkins, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), Docker, Cassandra, JUnit, Chai, Mocha, Gulp, SOAP Services and Restful Web Services using Microservices architecture, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Apache Kafka, Log4j, MAVEN, Cucumber, Webpack.


Java Developer


  • Application developed in SOA Architecture, MVC architecture using Spring framework 2.5, EJB, Hibernate 3.0, Struts 1.2.
  • Design and Development of User Interfaces, Menu’s using HTML, JSP, Java Script and XML, Ajax, JQUERY (face box, thick box).
  • Hibernate 3.0 was used for Object Relational Mapping. Hibernate Query language and the Hibernate Criteria Queries where used in the DAO layer.
  • Responsible for retrieving data from various sources such as Oracle database and XML documents.
  • Handling data from XML documents XQuery, XSL/XSLT is used.
  • Involved in XML Transformations using XML, XSL, XSLT, and XPATH.
  • Injection of Control and Aspect Oriented programming Modules of Spring framework were used.
  • Designed enterprise level applications on XML schema, SOAP and WSDL technologies.
  • Creating, identifying and exposing system as Web Services and defining architecture based on service-oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Used XML Spy for XML editing, generating XML schemas and code generation in Java according to the data model defined in the XML Schema.
  • Stateless session beans in EJB were used for Transaction management.
  • Extensively involved designing, developing and implementing SQL Queries and Stored procedures.
  • Implemented the Factory, Abstract factory, and MVC and Singleton design patterns.
  • Design and development of prototypes for different screens.
  • Developing the technical specifications for various screens.
  • Used CSS to improve the style of the GUI for the Web service test GUI.
  • Involved in developing, testing and deploying on development and stage environments.
  • Involved in preparing the JUnit Test cases for the classes.
  • Worked on Flush cache system, to flush the cache on 3 layered clusters.

Environment: Java 1.5, Struts 1.2, Spring 2.5, EJB 2.0, Hibernate 3.0, Oracle10g, WSDL, Web Services, XML, Eclipse IDE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery 1.3.1, Apache Tomcat 5x, Log4j, JUnit framework, Mock Objects, RSS, Apache Ant 1.7

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