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Payments Middleware Integration Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Over 15 years experience in IT industry, which includes experience in Analysis, designing, development, leading and implementing development and Implementation of Projects in teh areas of Business Process Management (BPM), ETL / Data warehousing applications using technologies such as Informatica, SSIS, Korn Scripts, Java/J2EE Client/Server and Perl.
  • Twelve years experience in working on complex ETL applications and systems involving different platforms such as AIX, AS400, Linux, Microsoft technologies.
  • Ten years experience in different flavors of Unix like Solaris, Digital, HP, Aix and Linux. Experience creating shell scripts for FTP automation.
  • Eleven years experience in core Java and more TEMPthan five years experience in J2EE and analysis, designing, developing and leading and implementing Web and core Java applications.
  • Experience working with real time data using JMS with Informatica as well as TIBCO, MQ using C, Java. Also worked on Informatica B2B Data Exchange .
  • Experience working on large scale data migrations,data consolidation with or without re - engineering to new platforms like DB2 to Netezza, AS400 to DB2 on Aix.
  • Experience creating ETL detailed design documents using Visio. Experience creating traceability matrix for complex projects, creating database models for data warehousing applications.
  • Experience working with different databases such as Oracle, DB2, Netezza, SQL Server, Informix, DB2 on AS 400 and Flat files. Experience tuning performance of SQL, applications, evaluating different approaches for performance gain.
  • Good experience with Informatica creating Mapping, Maplets, Workflows, sessions, XML data sources and property files. Good experience in integrating applications in a large enterprise setup, adhering to company and industry standards, creating test plans, testing, coordinating implementation efforts with different teams, presenting changes to change management boards.
  • Good experience mentoring technical and non-technical team members as well as end users with new or existing processes. Has experience working with complex work environments, working on different projects concurrently, prioritizing tasks.
  • Around a year of experience in design and development of Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Engines (BRE) applications using PRPC.
  • Experience in designing and development of end to end Class structure, User Interface, Process Flows, Activities, Decision & Declarative rules and Security management.
  • Experience in building and implementing SOAP web services and consuming external web services from Pega PRPC by creating Service and Connect SOAP rules.
  • Experience in troubleshooting PRPC applications using Rules Inspector, Clipboard, Tracer, PAL and Log analyzer.
  • Also me has good experience with different programming languages such as Java (around 11 years), J2EE(5+ years), C (3 years), C++ (1 year), Perl (1 year) and extensive noledge in XML / XML schema design.


Hardware: Intel Pentium, Sun SPARC, DEC Alpha IV, HP

BPM software: Pega Rules Process Commander V5.1, V5.4, V5.5,V6.1

Unix Skills: Unix Internals, Shell scripts, IPC

Operating Systems: Unix, Windows (XP, 2000, NT, 95), DOS, AS400, Linux

Languages/IDEs: JAVA, C/C++, Object Pascal, XML, VisualAge for Java, BEA Workshop Delphi, C++ Builder, Black Berry IDE.

Databases: Netezza, Oracle 10g,9i/8i/8.0,MYSQL, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Informix

Case Tools: Rational Rose, VISIO

Web / Java Enterprise Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, Servlets, Applets, J2EE, BEA Weblogic Server 8.1, iPlanet Application Server, WebShpere Application Server, Macromedia Flex, XSLT, Web services, JNDI, WSDL.

Tools & Utilities: Informatica Power Center, XML Spy, Exceed for Windows, Ingenium Pathfinder API, Yolus, Eclipse, Test Director

Build Tools: ANT, Maven

Domain Knowledge: Stock Trading, Insurance, Security management Systems, Retail, Banking, Healthcare


Confidential, Dallas TX

Payments Middleware Integration


  • Worked as a Lead developer in teh File request processor team
  • Technologies - Java, Spring,Hibernate, JPA, Informatica 9.5, Informatca B2B Data exchange, LinuxOracle, Autosys, Perforce, Eclipse
  • Lead developer for ISO - Oneview Integration.
  • ISO has Direct Debit v1, Credit transfer v2,v3 Payments files processed for various client, teh Oneview
  • application is a front end application which will show where a particular payment or a file is with current
  • status, Teh application me developed will send appropriate events like file received, departed, failedprocessed to Oneview via MQ at various stages of processing.
  • Developed Informatica workflows, Java code, B2B Data exchange configurations, scripts to NDM payment files.
  • Lead developer for OFAC Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) . To receive transaction file from GDI (Global Delivery instructions) which could be to teh tune of 20Millions lines of data and would constitute around 800000 records, teh application will split teh files into smaller files with appropriate header information and send it to Enterprise transaction scanning team ETS, who will respond back for each file with response file, which will contain HITS / NO HITS information for each record, teh application will consolidate all teh hits from all teh files and send one response back to GDI.
  • Developed Informatica workflows, java code, Oracle SQL, B2B Data exchange accounts, partners, profiles, workflows and endpoints, scripts to NDM payment files
  • Coordinated teh setup of MQ queues and NDM net map nodes
  • Helped in end to end integration testing and coordinated between teh offshore team for development efforts as well as testing.

Consultant-Senior System Architect

Confidential, Scranton PA


  • Atlas1.0 is an innovative system built to automate teh complexity of government healthcare management by providing a comprehensive transaction processing solution.
  • Worked on teh member enrollment module, developed flows, flow actions, activities, SOAP Connectors
  • decision rules, validate rules, Service file and Parse XML rules with respect to User interface based enrollment as well as file based enrollment.
  • Made code fixes for premium withhold change, update membership, manage eligibility, request for information, Authorized representative / responsible party modules.
  • Detailed documentation of Enrollment module and its sub processes.
  • Designed and developed High level class structure and data structures.
  • Created Properties, Edit-Validate, Edit-Input and HTML Property rules.
  • Designed and developed teh Process flows that represent teh business process.
  • Created listeners data instances for getting data from a MQ queue, Created Connect-SOAP rules for sending data to an external MQ.
  • Created Service-File rules and File listener data instances for reading files from a directory.
  • Worked on Parse-Delimiter rules for parsing teh data from teh files.
  • Worked on defining teh SLA’s for teh work objects and Assignments.
  • Worked with Tracer, Rules Inspector and Clipboard for troubleshooting.
  • Prepared High level design document for teh application.
  • Prepared Application Usage document and provided User Training.
  • Provided production support for teh application.
  • Worked on stabilizing environments.
  • Knowledge on using Log analyzer, PAL for performance troubleshooting.

Environment: PRPC 5.5/6.1, MS Visio 2007, Java, J2EE, Java Script, SQL, HTML, XML, SQL, SOAP, SQL Server, Oracle 10g, Web Sphere 7.0,Unix,Windows XP

Consultant-Systems Analyst

Confidential, Addison TX


  • Analysis and Level 3 support of Mortgage applications such as
  • Common services and interfaces: Supports multiple internal and external client serving as teh hub for data needs in and out of teh master iSeries database. This application has more TEMPthan 120 interfaces which run 24/7 .
  • Business Rules Management System: Rules engine which supports multiple clients for teh evaluation of fees and loan modifications.
  • Flexweb: Servers as a webservice providing Payoff demand information for an external client by name First American .
  • Proposed and designed teh support grid for close to hundred different interfaces part of teh common services interface.
  • Lead Initiatives on CRM deployment leading a team of 5 to provide access related support for more TEMPthan hundred users and 50 mortgage applications.

Environment Java, J2EE, .Net, MQ series, Spring, Autosys, SQL Server, Oracle, AIX and IBM iSeries.

Consultant / Systems Analyst



  • Design, develop and maintain Java, Tibco Business works, Spring, Eclipse, Oracle, SSIS, SQL Server applications for Risk IT ETL applications to feed teh Prelud data mart.
  • Maintain and develop applications on Yolus, Openadaptor and XML to feed data to teh memory data store.
  • Train resources on Yolus, Openadaptor, Tibco business works and ETL solutions.

Informatica Specialist



  • Designs, develops and maintains ETL applications involving Informatica 8.6, Oracle, PL/SQL, DB2, MQ Series, XML, Shell Scripts and Control-M for teh Direct Office Integration project.
  • Informatica application was developed with parsing teh XML's from MQ series with custom XML views, routers, lookup, sorter, update strategy, mapplets, sessions, workflows and other components.
  • Performed analysis of teh existing processes with teh legacy systems and data feeds from teh proposed new system and brain storms different design approaches.
  • Designs database schema, develops test cases, performs unit and system testing and develops migration documents.

Systems Analyst / Lead



  • Designed, developed and maintained Java and DB2 applications for teh operational data store. It acquired data from various sources on different databases such as Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL server, AS400 and served as a hub for data to systems across teh enterprise and point of sale systems. It was a multi-threaded core Java application using JDBC and jobs were networked and maintained using Autosys. Teh application was multi-threaded, also teh jobs were made to run parallel to enhance performance and minimize data load duration.
  • Designed and developed ETL applications with Informatica Power Center 7.2, Perl, Netezza 4.5, DB2, Shell Scripts (AIX, Linux and HP) and Autosys.
  • Developed applications using C to extract data from TIBCO log.
  • Developed personal scripts and tools to increase productivity. Developed a result set comparison tool in Java to compare result sets from two same or different databases,teh comparison is done in memory instead of teh conventional file compare, which makes it work faster as it has less disk me/O. Shared those with other team members as appropriate. This tool was very easy to use and less time consuming TEMPthan script-based tools.
  • Contributed to a team effort to develop written ETL standards.
  • Created high level design and unit task level documents with Visio.
  • Reviewed design documents from business system analysts to ensure they were consistent with existing processes and completed enough to work from.
  • Migrated promotion data from AS400 to DB2 using Informatica. Consolidated teh data with data from a new SQL Server source. Participated in teh prototyping of teh generic data warehousing approach.
  • Led teh initiative to migrate data from DB2 to Netezza for these subject areas. Promotions, merchandise financial planning, pricing and markdowns also contributed substantially for migration of sales and national score card. Teh loads were done in Perl and Korn shell scripts to minimize load times significantly as opposed to using Informatica.
  • Created database designs and participated in logical/physical DB design reviews.
  • Worked as a technical lead/developer. Designed, developed, tested and deployed ETL modules, re-engineered and migrated data for teh data warehouse and teh operational data store project and mentored developers, business systems analysts and end users with processes and technologies.

Systems Analyst (Consultant)



  • Designed and developed web applications with Java J2EE, iPlanet, BEA WebLogic Server and Oracle.
  • Worked as part of a team. Designed, developed, tested and deployed a complex quoting engine module implementing caching techniques, which improved teh response time of teh quoting engine by a factor of 4.
  • Designed XML Schema.
  • Implemented industry standard Acord XML schema for variable annuities using teh advanced XTbML structure to model commission tables in teh XML. Staged teh annuity products in a third party platform. Represented teh company in industry conferences and meetings. Maintained and delivered product rules for new releases.
  • Designed and developed ETL applications using Informatica PowerCenter. Worked as teh designated subject matter expert for teh business guided program logic and led teh effort to integrate application modules.
  • Designed, developed and maintained two ongoing projects, (1) Smithbarney conversion where teh annuity product information was sent in proprietary format and was converted to relational tables using Informatica; and (2) Licensing and appointment feeds were processed using Informatica.
  • Developed Oracle procedures-based error logging for Informatica to log errors in teh database table. This was useful for conditional error logging.
  • Worked as team lead and on site coordinator. Created design specifications and served as a liaison between offshore and on site teams and business area clients. Tested and integrated various modules. Responsible for maintenance, version control in PVCS and new product enhancements.
  • Worked with forms automation.
  • Designed processes for dynamically creating and merging multiple PDFs. Implemented business rules using XML.
  • Co-developed a quote generation application for teh Blackberry platform using J2ME and SOAP.
  • Developed an application to simulate an automatic order entry system using message queues and Java to communicate with Ingenium’s Pathfinder insurance policy administration system front end.
  • Developed and integrated Web Services with Flex Rich Internet applications.
  • Used Load Runner for performance testing applications.

Senior Developer



  • Worked as a consultant. Developed Web applications for multi-national companies like Sony, Refco, GE using Java J2EE.
  • Served as lead developer. Designed, developed and implemented a Web-based tool to enable managers to assess whether a purchase should be auctioned or not.
  • Functioned as team lead. Designed and implemented Electronic Data Interface (EDI) Module for GE Financial Assurance.
  • Optimized teh SonyStyle.com Shopping Cart. Administered Oracle and Solaris for teh development environment.
  • Served as team lead for REFCO-SIFY Securities E-Trading tool. Designed and developed teh Market Watch Module and backend (UDP) broadcast listener. Teh application was designed as a multi-threaded application with separate thread servicing teh Listener, loading data to teh database, loading data to teh memory cache, and servicing teh client to enhance performance.
  • Served as lead developer and coordinator. Responsible for implementation of Citibank’s Security Management System at National Stock Exchange in India.
  • Managed data and application porting between different UNIX environments including Solaris, HP-UX and Digital AIX.
  • Worked as liaison for users of Citibank, National Stock Exchange and developers from Polaris and was responsible for maintenance and enhancements of security management system (SMS) a project developed on C and little bit of C++.
  • Trained National Stock Exchange staff to use a security management system.
  • Developed Web application to generate Pro C code for creating reports using Oracle cursors that reduced processing time from hours to minutes. Teh Cursor approach reduced teh me/O significantly and enhanced teh performance.
  • Developed hardware interface for dialogic cards using Delphi and C++ Builder.
  • Designed, developed and implemented various Interactive Voice Response (IVR) projects for teh Department of Telecom India. Applications included teh payment reminder system, modems monitoring system and hardware simulators.
  • Designed and developed flight delay announcement system for Jet Airways.
  • Developed reusable components with Delphi.

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