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Sr. Java Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • 8+ years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements analysis, design specification, code development, code integration, testing and deployment using Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) with Java/J2EE.
  • Solid experience in Object Oriented Programming and Design.
  • Good experience in developing microservices using Cloud Foundry, AWS services and Docker.
  • Extensive programming experience in developing web - based applications using Java Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, JavaScript, Struts, EJB, Servlets, JS Libraries and Web-Services etc.
  • Experience in developing and consuming Web Services using WSDL, SOAP, HTTP, and UDDI.
  • Expertise in implementing MVC frameworks using Struts, Spring, Custom MVC and JPA and Hibernate for persistence.
  • Experienced in Web Services approach for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and publishing Web Services both SOAP & REST (consume and implementations) that include several components like SOAP, WSDL, XSD, DTD, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JAX-RPC, WS-I and Apache Axis.
  • Good hands on experience and knowledge in developing RESTful web services.
  • Well experienced in Core Java - asynchronous programming, multithreading, collections and a few design patterns.
  • Extensive experience in Java/J2EE programming - JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL,JMS, JNDI, DAO, Java Beans.
  • Strong experience in J2EE design patterns like Data Access Object, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Facade, Singleton, Factory, Strategy, Abstract Factory, Adapter, MVC etc.
  • Proficient in using Design Patterns like Singleton, MVC, Factory, Abstract Factory, DAO, Constant Interface, Business Delegator, Controller, Session Facade, Template, Builder etc.
  • Strong experience in XML related technologies including XSD, DTD, XSLT, XPATH, DOM, SAX, JAXP, JAXB, XML-RPCand XML Beans.
  • Experience usingFuse/Apache Service Mixas integration platform andApache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, KAFKAas messaging platform.
  • Experience in Multithreading, Collections, Annotations, Reflection, Lambda Expressions, Time API, Generics.
  • Expertise in DB Design, DB normalization, writing SQL queries & PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Sequences, Indexes and Views etc.
  • Good working knowledge on NoSQL Databases MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Good experience in developing microservices using AWS services and Docker.
  • Good experience in working with integration framework CAMEL and FUSE IDE.
  • Worked on Mocking frameworks like using Karma, Jasmine and Protractor.
  • Good Knowledge of using IDE Tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ, JBuilder, Rational Application Developer (RAD)for Java/J2EE application development.
  • Experience in installing, configuring, tuning IBM Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS.
  • Experienced in writing build scripts using ANT, MAVEN.
  • Experienced in working with CICD tools like Jenkins, Bamboo etc.
  • Experience in Unit testing using Junit and Mockito.
  • Good experience on working with JIRA and Confluence and other agile project management tools.
  • Good experience on version management tools GIT, TFS, CVS, SVN and Clear Case.


Enterprise Java and Java Standard Edition: JDBC, Swing, JDBC, JNDI, JSON, JSTL, JMS, JSP, Servlets

Tools: & Framework: Spring MVC, Spring Boot, ORM, AOP, JPA, Hibernate, Web Services, AWS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Jenkins, Docker, Cloud foundry, Node.JS Mockito, JUnit, Ant, Maven and AWS.

Languages: Java, C, C++, python, Java Script, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, SQL, Unix shell scripts

Operating Systems: Linux and Windows.

Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, XML, AJAX, WSDL, SOAP, web sockets and RESTful services

Web/Application servers: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere.

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB

Tools: and IDE: Eclipse, My Eclipse, Visual Studio, RAD, Toad, Spring STS, IntelliJ and WebStorm

Version control: SVN, GitHub and CVS.

Messaging System: JMS, Active MQ Series, Rabbit MQ and KAFKA.


Confidential - San Jose, CA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Working in an Agile Scrum Development environment with frequently changing requirements and actively participating in daily scrum meetings and reviews with biweekly sprint deliveries.
  • Designed and implemented Restful application using Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, Spring Batch, Spring AOP and Spring DATA with JPA.
  • Design and development of end to end RESTful APIs, Microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Data and deployed them into Docker Containers using AWS.
  • Created new REST web service operations and modified the existing web service's WADLs Web Application Description Language.
  • Experience in deploying applications in cloud foundry using CF push and Urban code deploy.
  • Experience in configuring LDAP for authorization, configuring log aggregator for logs in Cloud Foundry by ELK/Splunk.
  • Used a microservice architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka message brokers
  • Generated Hibernate Objects and used Hibernate ORM for SOTI Publisher application.
  • Developed a data service for trade reconciliation, the data service communicates with the front end using web sockets.
  • Designed and developed the End Points (Controllers), Business Layer, DAO Layer using Hibernate template, using Spring IOC (Dependency Injection).
  • Implemented various J2EE Design patterns like Singleton, prototype, Service Locator, Business Delegate, DAO, Transfer Object and SOA.
  • Used Apache camel integration for routing and transforming the data between two Applications using HTTP protocol.
  • Experienced in working with Spark framework using Spark CORE, Spark SQL and Spark Streaming.
  • Experienced in working with apache spark for processing large data sets.
  • Worked with numerous tools and services from the AWS suite including S3, SQS, AWS Lambda, EMR, Elastic search, Dynamo DB.
  • Designed various tables required for the project in Oracle 11g database and used the stored procedures in the application and Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers and Functions on SQL Server as well as PL/SQL on Oracle to support both databases for the application.
  • Involved in writing Unit test cases for unit testing using Junit.
  • Used GITHUB for managing the project source.

Environment: Java 8, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring MVC & BOOT, SOA, SOAP, REST, DOCKER, Apache Camel, Cloud Foundry, AWS, PL/SQL, Junit, GitHub, SVN and Clear case

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. Java Developer


  • Developed, maintained cutting-edge insurance agency management software.
  • Worked in an Agile Test-Driven Development environment with frequently changing requirements and actively participating in daily meetings and reviews.
  • Collaborated with diverse programming teams to prototype and solve complex business problems.
  • Developed web applications using Spring framework for implementing Dependency Injection and utilized features like MVC, AOP and DAO.
  • Designed and developed the REST based web services using the Spring MVC, Spring Data with JPA.
  • Developed the DAO layer for the existing applications using Spring, Hibernate and developed various business logic and reports using HQL and Hibernate Criteria.
  • Involved in system design and development using Collections and multithreading for the classes.
  • Experienced in deploying J2EE applications over servers like Apache Tomcat 3.x, and WebLogic, WebSphere servers. Deploying applications using Lambda, ECS and Docker containers and utilizing CI/CD processes.
  • Proficient in using Session Facade, Composite, DAO, DTO, Service Locator J2EE design Patterns and Singleton, Factory Java design patterns.
  • Used Spring Data Framework to use the features of Spring JDBC and Spring ORM classes like JDBC Template to perform the database operations by connecting to Data sources available.
  • Involved in JDBC Integration of the components with web applications, integration with the WebLogic.
  • Built a RESTful API to save and retrieve agent information in Java using Spring MVC,Apache CXF and JAX-RS.
  • Use REST API with JAX-RS for consuming web services to handle two interfaces XML and JSON.
  • Reverse engineered shell application and redesigned in Java using Spring, Maven, and Hibernate.
  • Used JDBC template in spring batch project to interact with the DB. Created PL/SQL stored procedures and functions for Oracle 11g DB.
  • Used and Junit, Mockito for Unit testing and used GIT for version control.

Environment: J2EE, Spring (MVC, IOC, AOP), Hibernate, Mockito, jQuery, AJAX, Maven, XML, JIRA, JMS, IntelliJ, GIT, AWS, JSON, Jenkins, JBoss, Web Sphere.

Confidential - San Francisco, CA

Java Developer


  • Worked in an Agile Scrum Development environment with frequently changing requirements and actively participating in daily meetings and reviews.
  • Used HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AngularJS and jQuery to create user login, search & portfolio and report creation interface.
  • Customized the java bean validation framework to propagate constraint violations to respective fields in UI layer.
  • Standardized project and department by integrating with Maven, SVN, Jira, and Confluence.
  • Developed the Presentation layer using the MVC paradigm using Spring MVC and Spring IOC to inject services and their dependencies.
  • Developed sundry J2EE components like Servlets, JSP, JSTL, AJAX, SAX, XSLT, JAXP, JNDI, LDAP, JMS, and MQ Series by utilizing RAD.
  • Developed Web Services for data transfer from client to server and vice versa using Apache Axis 2, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
  • Used JSP tags for binding form elements on a page to values on business objects etc., to make them more elegant and cleaner than the form binding tags in any other framework for ATG that we have seen.
  • Implemented the mechanism of writing own tag library equivalents (Droplets) which is much more consistent with the Servlet API than standard J2EE tags by AGT support.
  • Developing REST APIs for communication to external application, application integration.
  • Implemented iBatis in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Java Messaging Service (JMS) - IBM MQ Series provides independent and potentially non-concurrent applications on a distributed system to communicate with each other, Used to achieve SOA.
  • Built Java entities representing database tables, and worked on systems managing database operations.
  • Implemented Spring AOP for logging and exception handling for common logic and Log4j logger tool for logging warnings and error messages.
  • Designed and implemented the MongoDB schema.
  • Wrote services to store and retrieve user data from the MongoDB for the application on devices
  • Used GIT for version control for project and issue tracking, created test cases using JUNIT, Mockito and Eclipse for IDE.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Mockito, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, Angular.JS, Bootstrap, Maven, XML, JIRA, JMS, IntelliJ, GIT, AWS, JSON, MongoDB, Jenkins and JBoss,.

Confidential - San Francisco, CA

Java Developer


  • Implemented various Employee Self Service front end UI Applications developed for easy lookup and creation of HR Records for various Employees.
  • Involved in Agile/full software development lifecycle from Designing, coding, testing, debugging and support.
  • Developed user interface using HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery UI.
  • Worked with Data Tables, a table enhancing plug-in for the jQuery JavaScript library, adding sorting, paging, and filtering abilities to plain HTML tables.
  • Developed all the UI pages using HTML, XUL, DHTML, XSL/XSLT, XHTML, DOM, CSS, JSON, JavaScript, GitHub, jQuery, GWT and Ajax.
  • Conversion of wireframes and Photoshop mock-ups into table-less, semantic XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), AJAX (jQuery).
  • Used "twitter bootstrap" along with "angular-UI" bootstrap for HTML components style definitions and user interface elements such as dialog boxes and tooltips.
  • Built web applications to meet product requirements and satisfy use cases using MVC architecture, Code igniter Framework and Drupal CMS.
  • Developed Unit, Integration and Performance Test Cases using Junit and Selenium.
  • Used jQuery core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the applications.
  • Involving in Analysis, Design, and Development Testing and Production phases for the new requirements of the Application
  • Worked closely with creative teams for understanding Low and high-fidelity wireframes.
  • Created Dynamic web pages using forms, filters, expressions and data binding.
  • Further tasks include management of all MySQL database and all the required tables to store different survey information related to the site.
  • Involved in writing and modifying Procedure, Queries, Views and Triggers and calling them from JavaScript using the Temp Net Framework.
  • Consumed SOAP Web Services to retrieve customer information and integrate with User Interface, used JAX-RS to develop REST resource to integrate with Web Interface.
  • Worked closely with SQA team in fixing the reported bugs/defects and checking cross platform compatibility.
  • Involved in developing HTML and JavaScript for client-side presentation and data validation on the client side with in the forms.

Environment: Java, HTML, CSS, Angular.js, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, MySQL, JavaScript, Eclipse, JSON, Rest Web Services.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Java Developer


  • Worked as a Java Developer and involved in analysis of requirements, design, development, Unit and Integration testing.
  • Created POJO layer to facilitate the sharing of data between the front end and the J2EE business objects
  • Used server-side spring framework and Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping of the database structure created in Oracle.
  • Involved in Hibernate configuration properties setup mapping files using generators, associations inheritance etc.
  • Implemented Message Driven beans to develop the asynchronous mechanism to invoke the provisioning system when a new service request saved in the database used JSM for this.
  • Developed various components using Spring (MVC), JSP and HTML.
  • Involved in writing JSP's, JavaScript and Servlets to generate dynamic web pages and web content.
  • Enhanced and optimized the functionality of Web UI using Rich Faces, JSF, AJAX, CSS, XHTML and JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery.
  • Wrote scripts in UNIX to process the batch jobs on a scheduled basis.
  • Implemented Spring MVC framework for the application as part of migration from Struts to Spring.
  • Implemented Spring MVC framework for developing J2EE based web application.
  • Used GOF Java J2EE design patterns. Used Business Delegate to maintain decoupling between presentation business layers.
  • Involved in Hibernate mappings, configuration properties set up, creating sessions, transactions and second level cache set up.
  • Interact with Business Analyst and Host Subject Matter Experts (SME) to understand the requirements and for any clarifications required by the team, followed agile methodology and SCRUM meetings to track, optimize and features.
  • Developed hibernate DAO framework with spring framework.
  • Extensively involved in developing core persistence classes using Hibernate framework, writing HQL queries, DB schema and PL/SQL changes.
  • Designed and implemented the presentation layer using Java Server Pages, tag libraries, and cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Responsible for unit testing the application using JUnit and used SVN for source control.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management and UNIX scripting for file transferring.
  • Used Jenkins for integrating the applications and ANT for building the application.
  • Deployment of application on JBOSS Application server in clustered environment, managing the server, monitoring the server logs.

Environment: Java, J2EE Design Patterns, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Hibernate, HQL, jQuery, Spring MVC, XML, EJB, Web Services, SOAP, Eclipse, Jenkins, JIRA, Junit, SVN, JBoss Server.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Java Developer


  • Worked on developing Object-Oriented n-tier Scalable high-performance and web application module using Java. Struts MVC framework along with JST for developing J2EE based web application.
  • Implemented Hibernate to map all the tables from different data sources to make database updating.
  • Used Jasmine as testing framework and Karma as test runner to perform unit testing.
  • Worked on Code Deployment, Tracing Errors, Defect Impact analysis, Merging & its Impact analysis for Parallel Releases, defect identification, timely documentation managing logs.
  • Enhancing Application performance by improving UI accessibility and handling services calls properly and improved the performance with using reusable components with very light utilities libraries.
  • Understanding the concepts of continuous integration using tool Jenkins and fixing the bugs quickly encountered in continuous builds.
  • Attending the daily stand-ups as part of Agile and communicating assigned user story updates and discussing any issues with the team upfront.
  • Hibernate Tools were used as persistence Layer - using the database and configuration data to provide persistence services (and persistent objects) to the application.
  • Created and executed Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer through DAO (Data Access Object) pattern and DTO (Data Transfer Object) pattern.
  • Involved in development of Front-End using JSP, Ajax, Struts, CSS HTML, Java Script, AJAX, jQuery and Backbone.js.
  • Designed and coded EJB modules that interact with Oracle 10g database.
  • XSLT stylesheets for the XML data transformations that included both mid-layer transformations (XML to XML) and final transformations (XML to HTML)
  • Used Maven for building and managing dependencies of the application.
  • Designed and developed forms using HTML and validated them using JavaScript.
  • Worked on CMVC to perform software version control and used Log4j for logging.
  • Implemented SOAP, WSDL and a subset of XML Schema for a Web services toolkit, and for web services integration.

Environment: Java 1.6, Web Services, JSP, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Struts, EJB, JST, XML, XSLT, AJAX, RAD, Log4j, SOAP, WSDL, Jenkins, Oracle 10g, Jasmine, Maven, Eclipse IDE.

Confidential, Baton Rouge, LA

Java Developer


  • Followed Agile Software Development Methodology in the progress of the project.
  • Involved in design of Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Event Diagrams as part of Documentation.
  • Used SAAS as a software distribution model through which apps are available to the customers.
  • Extensively used Web Storm for development in the front end and used Subversion as version control system and Tortoise client for SVN.
  • Developing application design guidance and consultation, utilizing a thorough understanding of applicable technology, tools and existing designs.
  • Defined and developed the application’s presentation layer using HTML, CSS, JSP and JavaScript.
  • Converted the pages from XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) to AngularJS and in this process had to deal with converting the XMI request and response in the front end to JSON (Java Script Object Notation).
  • Wrote the controller in Spring MVC which delegates the request from front end to the delegator layer and to make calls with backend systems
  • Ran the standalone front-end application in Grunt Server. Used Google Chrome for debugging the application.
  • Conducted Code Reviews and Integration room responsibilities.
  • Managed source control and version control using SVN and project status tracking using JIRA
  • Experienced in problem analysis in both technical system and application programs.
  • Designed the ER diagrams and structured data in the database with enforcing normalization for a consistent output.
  • Used advanced level of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and CSS layouts (table less layout).

Environment: J2EE, HTML4, CSS, XSLT, Web Logic Application server, SOAP, WSDL, Restful, Struts, Hibernate, Spring MVC, jQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, XML/XSL, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Ajax and UNIX.

Confidential - Chicago, IL

Web Application Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table-less designs meeting W3C standards.
  • Involved in extensive HTML coding.
  • Responsible for developing the pages using jQuery, AJAX, and JSON to parse on data on the frontend on the fly.
  • Designed CSS based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant.
  • Implemented the design of web pages and provided user roles using JSP, JSTL, HTML, AJAX and Developed Clinical Trials and prescribing information modules using Ajax and JavaScript technologies like DOJO.
  • Implemented chained select plug-in for jQuery with JSON processing and callback feature, chain multiple selects with ease.
  • Applied industry best practices and standards when project requirements were lagging.
  • Implemented different validation control on the web-pages using JavaScript.
  • Involved in developing HTML and JavaScript for client-side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Developed Page layouts, Navigation and presented designs and concepts to the clients and the management to review.
  • Involved in developing XML, HTML and JavaScript for client-side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Worked with the QA team to fix the bugs, test the load, and performance checking.
  • Responsible to track different versions of files using VSS.
  • Worked on cross browser compatibility issues and fix the bugs pertaining to various browsers.

Environment: HTML, jQuery, JSP 2.1, JavaScript, SQL Server 2008, Web services, XSLT, Servlets 2.5, DHTML, HTML, XML, WebSphere 6.1, AJAX, DOJO, TOAD, VSS, Tortoise SVN.

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