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Java Developer Resume



  • Over 8 years of experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of information systems.
  • Experience involves working with Spring Framework, Spring MVC and Restful.
  • Good experience injavaapplication with J2EE technology by using LCDS (Adobe Live Cycle Data Services)
  • The GUI was designed on the base of MVC design - patterns.
  • Good knowledge and experience on creating/maintaining Sprint Boot Applications.
  • Strong experience in J2SE 5.0,JavaServer Pages (JSP),JavaServlets (including JNDI), Ajax,JavaBeans,Javadatabase Connectivity (JDBC) technologies.
  • Educate company's front-end web developers through weekly presentations and one on one meeting. (Topics include: Basics of Object Oriented JavaScript, Singleton and Factory JavaScript Design Patterns and AJAX) Integrate YUI components into existing proprietary J2EE framework.
  • Designed and developed the Action Form, Action classes, and implemented Model2 design patterns using Jakarta Struts and Taglibs. Familiar with Mongo DB clusters,Javascripting to load unstructured data.
  • Proven ability to execute all phases of the software development process.
  • Extensive experience using Application Servers Web Sphere Application Sever, Web Logic Application Server, Tomcat 5.5.
  • Expertise in developing both front end & back end applications usingJava, Servlets, JSP, ANT, AJAX, EJB, Struts 2.0, Hibernate, JMS, JDBC, XML, Restful Web Services.
  • Experience in J2EE Design patterns, Struts framework, spring, Hibernate, MyBatis.
  • Object oriented analysis, design and hands on experience inJavaSDK, JDBC, EJB, JMS, JNDI, Spring, JSF, Hibernate, Web Services (UDDI, SOAP, WSDL), XML (SAX, DOM), JAX-WS, AXIS, HTML.
  • Good experience in configuring, deploying applications using WebLogic, WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, JBoss Servers.
  • Experience developing Oracle based stored procedures using PL/SQL.
  • Strong exposure working with J2EE design patterns like MVC, Front Controller, and Factory Design pattern, Value Object, Singleton and Proxy Design Pattern.
  • Proficiency in developing Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture based applications using Struts and Spring Frameworks.
  • Good experience with Multithreading, Collections and Exceptions.
  • Strong experience in RDBMS technologies like SQL, Sub Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions.
  • Engineering web development, multi-tier applications, acting as all players from Database to user interfaces.
  • Good knowledge and experience in Client/Server and Web Applications.
  • Extensive experience in using and developing environment tools ofJavaincluding WSAD 5.1, RAD6.0, and Eclipse.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in SQL, PL/SQL, MYSQL.
  • Implemented Object Oriented Methodologies like UML and Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Experience working with AWS for Storage & content delivery and Application deployment services
  • Expertise in designing and developing web-based applications using JSP, JDBC, Web services (REST and SOAP)
  • Developed applications using Log4j, an open source-debugging tool to trace messages.
  • Excellent Client interaction skills and proven experience in working independently as well as in a team.
  • Good at documenting and understanding user requirements and system specifications.
  • Excellent communications skills, analytical, interpersonal and presentation skills. Adept at building strong working relationships with coworkers and management.
  • Participated in project requirement and planning meetings with the customers.


Operating Systems: Linux and Windows 7/vista/XP/2000

Programming Languages: Java 1.8, J2EE, UML, XML, PL/SQL, JavaScript. My SQL, .NET

Web Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JSON, JDBC, JMS, JSF, EJB, SSRS, Web Services, XML, HTML5, CSS3, SOA, AJAX, SSIS, Angular JS, jQuery.

Design Patterns: Core J2EE patterns - MVC, Value Object, Service Locator, Data Access Object, Singleton

Methodologies: SDLC, OOAD, Agile, Scrum, TDD

Servers: IBM Web Sphere, WebLogic, JBoss 7, Apache Tomcat 5/6/7.

Frameworks: Struts, Spring, JPA, Angular JS, Hibernate, Apache CXF, JSF

Version Controls: SVN, CVS, GIT

Databases: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, Sybase, IBM DB2 7.0, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Development Tools: Eclipse, STS, Intellij

Build Tools: Ant, Maven

Logging and Testing Tools: Log4J, Junit

Web Services: Restful Web Services, soap


Confidential, PA

Java Developer


  • Responsible for Requirements gathering, Conceptual Design, Analysis, Detail Design, Development, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Data Validation, Version Controlling and deployment.
  • Design and developed web application using JSF, Spring Web Flow, Spring and AJAX technology.
  • Used Selenium Web driver for automating functional testing and to identify various critical points in applications.
  • Followed Agile methodology and participated in Sprints during development.
  • Reverse Engineered using Hibernate plug - in for RAD to generate Hibernate configuration, POJO classes and DAO classes and wrote finder methods using Hibernate Query Language (HQL) for dynamic searches.
  • Wrote JavaScript's for validating the client-side user information based on their business rules.
  • Coordinate activities and motivate others through leadership and a positive outlook, having Strong analytical and debugging skills.
  • Developed Custom tag libraries for providing multi-lingual functionality.
  • Worked with HTML5, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JSON in UI pages.
  • Developed Mail Merge framework to create bulk mails by merging data with MS Word templates using MS OfficeJavaAPI.
  • Prepared and Execution of test scripts using Selenium.
  • Designed and Developed LDAP Authentication & Authorization Services usingJava, LDAP.
  • Designed and Developed Business Process layer components and integrated with Spring framework.
  • Developed complex service components for Data Access Layer, DAO classes to interact with backend usingJavaand Hibernate Framework.
  • Created and maintained mapping files and transaction control in Hibernate.
  • Set and tune System Parameters for Mongo DB. Install and run Mongo DB with multiple instances on servers.
  • Configured web.xml, faces-config.xml for navigations and managed beans. Integrated JSF, Spring and Hibernate Frameworks.
  • Developed Restful services inJavaSpring Boot.
  • Implemented exception handling inJavaSpring boot for REST API, by making use of Exception Handler and Controller Advice annotations.
  • Designed and developed Web Services to provide services to the various clients using SOAP and WSDL.
  • Experience in Web Services development using Apache-Axis, JAX-RPC, JAXB and Security architecture for marinating security levels for business process.
  • Developed complex stored procedures (common shared routines) to interface with Aging and Youth application.
  • Involved in transforming XML data in toJavaObjects using a JAXB binding tool.
  • Wrote builds and deployment scripts using ANT and was also responsible in maintaining them.
  • Wrote Junit classes for the services and prepared documentation.
  • Integrated various modules and deployed them in Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Responsible for debugging, testing, maintaining and deploying the application.

Environment: Java1.7/1.8, J2EE, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, JSF, Spring Boot, Hibernate, XML, JavaScript, Web services, SOAP, WSDL, Servlets, Mongo DB, HTML, JUnit, Selenium, Web Sphere Application Server.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Java Developer


  • Worked closely with Business Analysts in understanding the technical requirements of each project and prepared the use cases for different functionalities and designs.
  • Used Agile practices and Test - Driven Development techniques to provide reliable, working software early and often.
  • Reviewed the Selenium scripts developed by the team members.
  • Automated the User interface testing using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Implemented Different Design patterns like singleton, factory and J2EE design patterns like Business delegate, session fa ade, Value object and DAO design patterns.
  • Designed new classes and functionalities using various OOPs concepts for CRM application for customer service, especially using dynamic polymorphism concept.
  • Used the JavaScript dynamic functionalities for different UI components and handled the exceptions.
  • Wrote Page level code using JavaScript with angular.js, Backbone.js, Node.js, Bootstrap framework along with jQuery and other JavaScript libraries.
  • Development, deployment, configuration of theJavaMessaging Services (JMS) on JBoss.
  • Responsible for having exposed the development team to the Agile practices that have become the norm during his time with the company.
  • Used Log4j for logging errors, messages and performance logs.
  • All the Business logic in all the modules is written in coreJava.
  • Involved in creating Restful services with the JAX-WS Provider and Dispatch APIs.
  • Developed Restful web service using CXF framework implementation provided JAX-RS 1.1 and JAX-RS 1.0 thejavaAPI to create the web services.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool and defined the mapping and relationship of each table in data base.
  • Used Maven as Build Tool.
  • Implemented Executor Framework from multithreading to achieve better performance.
  • Implemented business objects and business logic of the application different modules of wholesale (Java).
  • Worked with key stake holders to meet requirements and drive results with extensive usage of HTML4/5, CSS2/3, AJAX and JQuery.
  • Designed and implemented the Mongo DB schema.
  • Responsible for coding SQL Statements and Stored procedures for back end communication using JDBC.
  • Used SVN for version control.
  • Developed reporting and web service client applications using SOAP

Environment: Java/J2EE 1.6/1.7, HTML4/5, CSS2/3, JUnit, Apache CXF, Spring Boot, Angular JS, Selenium, JQuery, JavaScript, JBoss, SQL Server, Mongo DB.

Confidential, Newark, NJ

Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) as requirement gathering, data modeling, analysis, architecture design and development for the project.
  • Followed agile methodology and participated in scrum meetings.
  • Created POJO Beans to build data model and configured Hibernate Mapping files.
  • Designed and developed the core components of management for the service layer.
  • Created REST based web services using Spring MVC.
  • Implemented JMS and Message Driven Beans to process messages.
  • Extensively used Eclipse as an IDE for building, developing and integrating the application.
  • Provided JUnit test cases for the application to support the Test - Driven Development (TDD).
  • Deployed the applications with WebLogic and managed source repository using Git for version control. Used Hibernate Annotations to reduce time at the configuration level and accessed Annotated bean from Hibernate DAO layer.
  • Used HQL statements and procedures to fetch the data from the database.
  • Transformed, Navigated and Formatted XML documents using XSL, XSLT.
  • Used JMS for asynchronous exchange of message by applications on different platforms.
  • Developed the view components using JSP, HTML, Struts Logic tags and Struts tag libraries.
  • Involved in designing and implementation of Session Facade, Business Delegate, Service Locator patterns to delegate request to appropriate resources.
  • Involved in developing SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views using oracle tools like Toad, and SQL* plus.
  • Involved in writing Stored Procedure in using PL/SQL.
  • Worked on Linux environment for jobs scheduling for inbound data on monthly basis.
  • Used JUnit Testing Framework for performing Unit testing.
  • Deployed application in WebSphere Application Server and developed using Rational Application Developer RAD.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, Spring, JavaScript, JSP, CSS, Spring MVC, JDBC, Oracle 11g, XML, Angular JS, Hibernate, WebSphere, Junit


Java Developer


  • Requirements gathering and preparation of Software Requirements Specifications.
  • Performed Low & High - Level application design documents by Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams using Microsoft Visio tool
  • Used Struts framework to define Controller, action mappings, forms and View pages.
  • Designed UI using HTML, DHTML, jQuery,JavaScript, CSS
  • Implemented business logic components using POJOs
  • Involved in peer design and code reviews using JProfiler
  • Involved in writing Oracle SQL & PL/SQL- Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Sequences, Indexes and Views.
  • Worked on the creating different screen using ExtJs
  • Involved in IBM MQ Series set up & messaging using Queues
  • Configured the JMS environment by setting up Queue and Topic connection factories and achieved asynchronous messaging using JMS message listeners (EJB MDBs).
  • Application deployment and Application Server maintenance.
  • Production server issues investigation and providing solutions (Common and reusable) for technically challenged problems
  • Application code investigation, code cleanup and code repository maintenance
  • Used Eclipse as IDE to develop the application
  • Prepared Change Request business documents and participated in testing.
  • Onsite Coordination with customer, business partners of RTA and project team
  • Performed Change and release management and supporting business users of CM21 application.

Environment: Java, Struts, IBM MQ Series, Oracle-SQL & PL SQL, Eclipse, HTML,JavaScript, CSS, SQLDeveloper, IBM Clear case, JProfiler.


Java Developer


  • Involved in Requirements analysis, design, and development and testing.
  • Designed UI using HTML, SASS, DHTML, jQuery,JavaScript, CSS, JSP.
  • UsedJavascript for client - side validations.
  • Designed and built advanced game applications for Android platform, and collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and launch new features.
  • Developed SQL queries to store and retrieve data from database & used PL SQL.
  • Used Struts frame work to maintain MVC and created action forms, action mappings, DAOs, application properties for Internationalization etc.
  • Used Struts Validation frame work to do business validation from server side.
  • Used JMS for Asynchronous messaging.
  • Used Eclipse IDE to develop the application
  • Involved in fixing defects & tracked them using QC & Provided support and maintenance and customization
  • Developing customized reports and Unit Testing using JUnit.
  • Dealt with business processes and Updated Project documents.
  • Involved in fixing QA, UAT & Production defects.
  • Following Coding guide lines & maintain quality of code.
  • Involved in building the code & deploying on the server.

Environment: CoreJava, J2EE, JSP, JBoss, Oracle, Eclipse, JMS, XML, HTML,JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, SVN, Struts, XML, QC.

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