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Java Developer Resume

San Antonio, TX


  • AWS Certified Full Java Professional with 7+ Years of extensive IT experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which includes development, design, analysis, testing and Integration of various web based and client/server applications in multi - platform environments with JAVA/J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in Test Driven Development (TDD), Waterfall model and Agile methodologies like SCRUM.
  • Strong working experience in developing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro Service Architecture based J2EE applications.
  • Has good OOAD skills and data modeling using UML (Use-cases, Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams etc.)
  • Strong Development Expertise in Core Java Concepts like Object Oriented Programming, Collections, Threads and Exception Handling.
  • Experienced in Developing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using Angular JS and Node JS.
  • Extensive knowledge of Front-End Technologies such as: JSP, JSF, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node JS and React JS.
  • Experience in React JS for creating interactive UI's using One-way data flow, React Native concepts.
  • Experience in using Design Patterns, both Gang of Four patterns and J2EE design patterns (Model View Controller (MVC), Singleton, Business Delegate, Data Access Object (DAO), and Front Controller).
  • Experience in working with teh presentation layer using HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JSTL, Custom Tag Libraries, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX.
  • Expertise in estimations, analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance, performance tuning and deployment of internet, e-commerce and client-server applications using Java, Servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX, JavaScript.
  • Experience in developing web applications onMVCbasedframeworkslike spring, Spring IOC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and SpringMVC.
  • Expertise in open source framework Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools like Hibernate and also used Hibernate Annotations to reduce time at teh configuration level.
  • Experience in designing, developing applications using Struts Frame work, OAuth framework and configured teh validation framework for validations and Tiles framework for layout management.
  • Experience in using DOM4J, JAXB, JAXP parsing and XML Bean to process, validate, parse and extract data from XML files.
  • Strong Experience in web development using interactive/Web technologies, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, DOM, Angular JS, framework (jQuery, Prototype, YUI, etc.), JSON, AJAX.
  • Experience in development of REST and SOAP based web services using AXIS,WSDL, UDDI, XML, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JAXB, JAX-RPC,AJAX technologies and Jersey frameworks.
  • Good knowledge in usage of SOAP UI and Chrome Postman plugin for services testing.
  • Experience in architecting cloud-based infrastructures on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for scalability, responsiveness, stability and affordability.
  • Expertise in working with AWSCloud platform and its services like: EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, Redshift, RDS (Aurora), IAM, Glacier, SNS, SWF, SES, ELASTIC BEANSTALK, Route 53, Auto scaling, LAMBDA, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, OPS Work, Security Groups, other cloud service like Cloud Foundry.
  • Experience in setting up Amazon EC2 instances, virtual private cloud (VPCs), and security groups, Data Pipeline and Lambda. Setting up databases in AWS using RDS, storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket.
  • Has excellent knowledge in deploying teh applications in AWS as EC2 instances and created snapshots for teh data that had to be stored in AWS S3.
  • Proficient in defining AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled teh traffic allowed reaching one or moreEC2 instances.
  • Expertise’s in implementing Jenkins jobs for continuous integration of teh application and worked closely with build and release team.
  • Experienced in build tools like Ant, Maven, Gradle and using them with continuous integration tools like Jenkins to create and publish application artifacts.
  • Extensive experience in using IDE's Eclipse, My Eclipse, Eclipse Galileo, NetBeans and RAD.
  • Experience in development, deployment and troubleshooting Web based and enterprise based applications on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.
  • Expertise in using and configuring various web and application servers like IBM Web Sphere Application Server, Apache Tomcat, JBoss Application Server.
  • Has strong working experience in teh Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like PostgreSQL, My SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, SQL lite, MS Access…etc., working with cloud services like AWS, PCF and NoSQL databases like Cassandra, Mongo DB, Hbase, DynamoDB, CouchDB, Redis etc.
  • Extensive experience in using SQL and PL/SQL to write Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, snapshots, Triggers and optimization with Oracle, DB2 and MySQL databases.
  • Hands on experience in using different types of version controls GIT, Tortoise SVN, and CSV.
  • Experienced in integrating different applications using Java messaging system (JMS), topics, Queues, messaging brokers like Rabbit MQ and Integration technologies like Mule ESB.
  • Expertise in writing Unit Test Cases and having good knowledge in JUnit, used mocking frame work like Mockito. Spring test with Groovy for debugging and testing teh applications.
  • Has knowledge in integrated logging frameworks such as Log4J and commons for logging and debugging teh application.


Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS,JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, BackBone.JS, React JS, Node JS, JSP, PHP

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Oracle, MongoDB, DB2, NoSQL

Java Frameworks: Spring, Struts, EJB, Servlets.

Java/J2EE Technologies: Java, J2EE, JDBC, Hibernate, JSF, Jersey, XML Parsers, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, Struts, Spring Framework (Boot, MVC, IOC, AOP, ORM templates), Web Services, Microservices, Servlets, JMS.

Languages: Java, C, C++, SQL,JavaScript, jQuery, Scala, Python, Ruby, PowerShell, Shell Script, Bash Scala.

Cloud Technologies: AWS Services Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), AWS (EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, RDS (Aurora), Redshift, IAM, Glacier, SNS, SWF, SES, ELASTIC BEANSTALK, Route 53, Auto scaling, LAMBDA, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, OPS Work, Security Groups).

Build/ CI/ Versioning Tools: GIT, GitHub, Clear Case, Tortoise, SVN, TFS, Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Grunt, Gulp, Bower.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu.

Protocols: TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP.

Design Patterns: MVC, IOC, Session Façade, Service Locator, Data Access Object, Data Transfer Object/ Value Object, Business Delegate, Singleton.

Application/ Web Servers: IBM WebSphere, BEA Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, NGINX.

Testing Tools: Junit, Mockito, TestNG, JMeter, Postman, SoapUI, Log4J, power mock, Selenium, Mocha, Karma, and Jasmine.

IDE: Eclipse, JBuilder, Net Beans, IntelliJ.


Confidential, SAN ANTONIO, TX



  • Involved in various phases of software development life cycle which includes analysis, estimation, design, coding, integration, bug fixing and support phases.
  • Used agile approaches, Including Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Scrum.
  • Worked on Java technologies like Collections, Garbage Collection, Exception Handling, Lambda and J2EE technologies like spring, Servlets, JDBC, JSP and java 1.8.
  • Developed Application controllers, Business and Data service modules for teh web applications.
  • Developed User interface screens using Servlets, JSP, Ajax, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 and React JS.
  • Implemented business logic in client side framework using Angular controller scope and used angular directives to bind them to view.
  • Worked with Micro Services architecture using Spring Boot modularized code and implemented Rest APIs using Spring Rest.
  • Designed and developed teh Customer Service portal using framework React JS along with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.
  • Used Angular 4 route module for implementing teh imperative routing and guards and implemented teh router component for navigation.
  • Involved in React JS for Data patterns which improves readability and made it easier to maintain larger apps and used React JS for declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining architecture for Restful API using Spring Boot.
  • Implemented teh application using Spring IOC, Spring MVC Framework, Spring Batch, and Spring Boot and handled teh security using Spring Security, Spring 5.
  • Implemented Spring MVC Framework IOC design pattern to has relationships between application components. It is also used to separate teh application configuration and dependency specification from teh actual application code.
  • Implemented DAO implementation classes to interface with Database using Hibernate ORM.
  • Developed application using Spring MVC, JSP, JSTL (Tag Libraries) and AJAX on teh presentation layer, teh business layer is built using spring and teh persistent layer uses Hibernate.
  • Involved in using web services - WSDL and SOAP for getting credit card information from third party Configured Hibernate with Spring.
  • Build SOAP Web service from teh scratch Involving in all teh design & architectural implementations.
  • Designed Interfaces and API’s using Restful Web Services for all our services.
  • Implemented a SOA compliant system working on various transactional messaging using JMS, JDBC.
  • UsedRabbitMQmessage broker to route messages to teh clients across teh cloud network.
  • Implemented teh caching mechanism in Hibernate to load data from database, maintained mapping files of ORM while implementing transaction control layer.
  • Worked on AWS and related services like EBS, RDS, ELB, Route53, S3, EC2, AMI, IAM through AWS console
  • Developing templates for AWS infrastructure as a code using Terraform to build staging and production environments.
  • Building AWS S3 buckets and managed policies and usedS3 bucket and Glacier for storage and backup.
  • WritingAWS Cloud Formationtemplates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT, EC2 instances, ELB’s and Security groups.
  • Used Jenkins for CI/Automation tool for Continuous Integration. Configured master and slaves to run various builds on different machines and used GIT as a Source Code manager, Maven and Gradle as a Build Tool.
  • Developed and Deployed teh Application on Eclipse IDE andWeb LogicWeb Servers.
  • Responsible for Installing and configuring NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Manage and Monitoring large productionMongoDBshared cluster environments having terabytes of teh data.
  • Developed GIT hooks for teh local repository, code commit and remote repository, code push functionality and worked on teh GitHub.
  • Maintained JIRA for tracking and updating project defects and tasks ensuring teh successful completion of tasks in sprint.
  • Used log4j to capture teh log that includes runtime exceptions and debugging.

Environment: Java 8, J2EE, Agile, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, ReactJS, Redux, NPM, Restful API, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Security, DAO, Hibernate, ORM, Web Services, RabbitMQ, JSP, JSTL, AJAX, Amazon Web Services(AWS), EBS, RDS, ELB, Route53, S3, EC2, AMI, IAM, Terraform, Eclipse, Jenkins, MAVEN, Web Logic, MongoDB, Cassandra, GitHub, JIRA, log4j.

Confidential, FRANKLIN LAKE, NJ



  • Follows teh guidelines of Agile methodologies or SDLC for project management.
  • Involved in teh end to end Development of Projects covering all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including Requirement Analysis, Designing, Build/Construction, Unit/Assembly Testing and Deployment.
  • Involved in preparing High level and low level design documents for services used in application.
  • Used HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS and NodeJS for content layout and presentation layer (UI) designing. Used JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrapfor client-side validations.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features and also single page applications in AngularJS using built in and custom directives on DOM elements to create teh HTML tags.
  • DevelopedRESTful/SOAPweb services in Mule ESB based onSOAarchitecture using MuleSoft Any point studio forbusiness-to-business integration.
  • Used Micro services architecture with Spring Boot, Spring JPA based services interacting through teh powerful messaging tools such as REST, Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Used Core Java concepts such asmulti-threading, collections, garbage collection and other J2EE technologiesduring development phase and used different design patterns.
  • Used Cloud AWS S3 APIs to move larger volumes of data onto Cloud.
  • Implemented integration platform on Amazon Web services (AWS) - EC2, S3, and Dynamo DB.
  • Developed Junit test cases for all teh different layer implementations
  • Used Log4j Logger and Debugger to capture teh log that includes runtime exceptions.
  • Coordinate with Offshore team on teh requirements and reviewed code developed by teh team.
  • Experienced in using Maven and Jenkins for build and integrations.
  • Analyzing teh defects and providing solutions to teh client in a timely manner.
  • Created deployment guides and property files for Mule soft applications for higher environments like QA, Stage and Prod.
  • Used Sonar lint and Find bugs to maintain code quality.
  • UsedStatsD and Grafana to track AWS Cloud Operations.

Environment: Java/ J2EE, Anypoint studio 5.4,Mule server 3.7, Apache Maven, Cloud AWS, Dynamo DB, Web services, JSP, CSS, XML, HTML, AngularJS, Bootstrap, NodelJS, XSL, Oracle DB, Tomcat, REST, CVS, Eclipse, Jenkins, Sonar lint Docker, GitHub, Redis Server, Granfana.

Confidential, MINNEAPOLIS, MN



  • Responsible for Requirements gathering, Conceptual Design, Analysis, Detail Design, Development, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Data Validation, Version Controlling and deployment.
  • Design and developed web application using JSF, Spring Web Flow, spring and AJAX technology.
  • Used Selenium Web driver for automating functional testing and to identify various critical points in applications.
  • Followed Agile methodology and participated in Sprints during development.
  • Reverse Engineered using Hibernate plug-in for RAD to generate Hibernate configuration, POJO classes and DAO classes and wrote finder methods using Hibernate Query Language (HQL) for dynamic searches.
  • Wrote JavaScript's for validating teh client side user information based on their business rules.
  • Coordinate activities and motivate others through leadership and a positive outlook, having Strong analytical and debugging skills.
  • Developed Custom tag libraries for providing multi-lingual functionality.
  • Worked with HTML5, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and JSON in UI pages.
  • Developed Mail Merge framework to create bulk mails by merging data with MS Word templates using MS Office Java API.
  • Prepared and Execution of test scripts using Selenium.
  • Designed and Developed LDAP Authentication & Authorization Services using Java, LDAP, DB2 Commands.
  • Designed and Developed Business Process layer components and integrated with Spring framework.
  • Developed complex service components for Data Access Layer, DAO classes to interact with backend using Java and Hibernate Framework.
  • Created and maintained mapping files and transaction control in Hibernate.
  • Configured web.xml, faces-config.xml for navigations and managed beans. Integrated JSF, Spring and Hibernate Frameworks.
  • Web development techniques and advancements in teh area of UX and responsive frameworks
  • Designed and developed Web Services to provide services to teh various clients using SOAP and WSDL.
  • Experience in Web Services development using Apache-Axis, JAX-RPC, JAXB and Security architecture for marinating security levels for business process.
  • Developed complex stored procedures (common shared routines) to interface with Aging and Youth application.
  • Involved in transforming XML data in to Java Objects using a JAXB binding tool.
  • Wrote builds and deployment scripts using ANT and was also responsible in maintaining them.
  • Wrote Junit classes for teh services and prepared documentation.
  • Integrated various modules and deployed them in Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Responsible for debugging, testing, maintaining and deploying teh application.

Environment: Java 1.7/1.8, J2EE, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, JSF, Spring Framework, Hibernate, XML, JavaScript, Web services, SOAP, WSDL, Servlets, DB2, HTML, JUnit, Selenium, Web Sphere Application Server.




  • Involved in all teh phases of SDLC including Requirements Gathering, Design & Analysis of teh Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of teh Application.
  • Designed/Developed extensive additions to existing Struts/JAVA/J2EE Web Application utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) techniques.
  • Efficient use of Java Collections, multi-threading concurrent package and generics to make a configurable utility.
  • RESTful, service API are built using Apache CXF.
  • Worked with NoSQL Databases like Mongo DB.
  • Applying Spring Framework for transaction Management and Spring JDBC for building ORM, and Dependency Injection
  • Develop integration techniques using apache avtiveMQ technologies.
  • Used SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) for Web service by exchanging XML data between teh applications.
  • Implement teh Listener interface and overridden teh methods to perform Event-handling.
  • Followed Test Driven Development (TDD), Scrum concepts of teh Agile Methodology to produce high Quality Software.
  • Developed various Java objects (POJO) as part of persistence classes for OR mapping.
  • Developed tabs with rollover effect using JavaScript plus other effects
  • Worked on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transactions.
  • Improved teh performance and response time of teh application by implementing AJAX.
  • Developing teh user interface using JSP's, JSTL, HTML, Servlets, and Ajax.
  • Developed SQL query statements that are re-usable and immune from SQL Injection attack.
  • Developed queries and stored procedures using squirrel Sql client version3.6 for connecting to GemFireXd.
  • Used GemFire Cache to enhance performance, reduce redundant calls and proper memory management.
  • Developed teh Dao's using SQL and Data Source Object.
  • Developed several stored procedures and functions using advanced Oracle concepts such as Bulk Binds, Bulk Collects to improve performance.
  • Used Maven for building teh application and deployed to JBOSS Application Server and resolved numerous server deployment related issues.
  • Spring used to implement teh Model View Layer (MVC) architecture. Client-Side validations were done using JavaScript.
  • Developed teh global logging module which was used across all teh modules using Log4J components.
  • Used Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) as a media to fix defects raised by testing team and monitored teh product development.
  • Used JUNIT using JAVA for testing and check API performance.

Environment: Java /J2EE, Spring-4, JSON/XML, Hibernate, JUNIT, ActiveMQ, HTML 5, CSS 3, Angular Js, JQuery, JBOSS Application Server, Quality Center, Drools, Apache Maven and Jenkins.




  • Designed and developed java backend batch jobs to update teh product offer details. id Core Java coding and development using Multithreading and Design Patterns.
  • Did Core Java development and Support of Java/J2EE applications with emphasis on OOP-based web forms, business logic, and database access components. Preparing technical specifications, test plans for unit testing.
  • Hands on experience with Core Java with multithreading, Concurrency, Exception Handling, File handling, IO, Generics and Java collections
  • Used Hibernate 3.2 as ORM solution in persistence layer of teh application. Involved in developing custom tag libs, JSP, EJB's, Portlets and DB2 - stored procedures.
  • Defined persistent classes that are mapped to database tables based on teh analysis of teh business domain.
  • Wrote HBM mapping files and POJO classes to map database tables with java objects. Created an XML configuration file for Hibernate -- Database connectivity.
  • Involved in Preparing Check List for Application Deployment in Implementation.
  • Preparing technical specifications, test plans for unit testing. Actively involved in teh code reviews.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting teh bugs and resolving teh issues. Involved in bug fixing & production support and maintenance activities.
  • Performing Code merge using SVN and Deploying of code to Web sphere.
  • Performed activities for quality process by configuration management to achieve CMMI Level.

Environment: Java 1.6, JSP, Struts, Servlet, EJP, Spring, Hibernate, My Eclipse, Java Script, JSTL, Unix, Shell script, AJAX, XML, Websphere Application Server, SQL, PL SQL, Maven, ORM, Weblogic 10, Web service.

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