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Application Architect,resume Profile


  • Smart-working skilled Professional with 16 years of experience in Software Development
  • 10 years as an application Integrator, Application Architect, SDLC System Design, Business Process automation.
  • 14 years in Java/J2SE/J2EE
  • 9 years in SOA/EAI.
  • Strong messaging experience: JMS, IBM MQ Series
  • Designed and Developed Enterprise Architecture, Policies and Standards.
  • Designed and Developed SOA, EAI, J2EE, Web Services and workflow based solutions for cost reduction, integration with disparate systems and efficiency improvements.
  • Implemented Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, Hbase and Yarn technologies to process flat files text files with millions and millions of records from the partners and the legacy systems in the conversion efforts for the Curam Application implementation.
  • Working effectively with Stakeholders business and technical folks
  • Technical Design authority and Assurance Architecture reviews, Design and Code Reviews ensuring adherence to IT strategy, Architecture, Policies and Standards.
  • Decisions for Architecting, Designing, Building and Management of small/large scale service/components based Enterprise Business Solutions.
  • Enterprise Architecture Models Business, Applications, Data and Technology .
  • Risk Identification and Management.
  • Working complex problems through to simple solutions recognizing synergies and options
  • Researching new technologies that can drive innovation.
  • Ration Unified Process RUP
  • Business Process Reengineering and Automation.
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • SAP R/3 ABAP 4.
  • IBM AS/400
  • Oracle 8i DBA.
  • Curam.


  • SOA/EAI/ESB Technologies IBM Business Process Server BPM, Web sphere Enterprise Services Bus, Integration Adapters, IBM MQ Series , Web Sphere Process Server WPS ,Web Sphere Message Broker, Web Sphere Message Queue, Service Mix, SCA, JMS, Oracle BPM, BEA Aqualogic, Sprinf Batch, Spring Integration, Curam, Advantage.
  • Design Methodologies SOA, OOP, OOAD, Component Based Development CBD , Service Component Architecture, Inversion Of Control IOC , Service Component Architecture SCA , Consistent Programming model methodologies using Interfaces.
  • Modeling/Designing Rational Rose, Rational Architect, IBM Websphere Integration Developer WID , ER-Win, Rational Application Developer, Eclipse, Visio.
  • Technologies Data Services and Web services BPEL,WSDL,SOAP,UDDI , J2SE Swing, AWT, RMI, Networking , J2EE JSP,JSTL,JNDI,EJB,JMS,JDBC,JMX,JCA,JTA ,XM Schema, Struts, MQ, Hibernate, JAXB, JAXP.
  • IDEs/Editors RAD, WSAD, Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Age.
  • Framework/Middleware/Patterns/Cots Packages MVC, J2EE Models and Design Patters, Struts, Spring, JMS, IBM MQ Series, Seebeyond Egate, Curam, IBM BPM Engine, Oracle BPM, Oracle Service Bus OSB .
  • Application Severs WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Process Server, WebLogic, Oracle Application Server, JBoss, Tomcat.
  • Databases RDBMS Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PL/SQL, E-R Modeling, TOAD, SQL Developer, SQL Plus, ERWin.
  • Security WS-Security, SAML, XML-DSig, JAAS, PAM, SSL/TLS
  • Operating Systems MS-DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP/2007, Macintosh, Solaris, UNIX, AIX, Linux
  • Project Management Tools MS Project.
  • Presentations/Documentation MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, MS Excel



Role: Application Architect/Interface Lead


As an Interface lead/Architect,

  • responsible for working with different application teams to understand the requirements and issues with existing architecture and define a new architecture that address all views of the architecture logical view, deployment view, process view and physical view of the cass interface applications.
  • Identified different design and architecture flaws in existing poorly performed interface applications, and provided different architectural solution that can be workable in all stages or phases of the system using reusable common code, loosely coupled components, flexible deployment model.
  • Applied layered architecture to separate the technical concerns between the applications that use different data processing methodologies.
  • Implemented Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, Hbase and Yarn technologies to process flat files text files with millions and millions of records from the partners and the legacy systems in the conversion efforts for the Curam Application implementation.
  • Defined a runtime view of a system that will have minimal impact on each other when one system on maintenance or a failed status.
  • Defined and developed components that can be extendable with minimal efforts when system goes future changes.


Interface and Integration LEAD

As an Interface lead,

  • responsible for working with different application teams to understand the requirements and needs, and define an architecture for middle ware layer ESB that will orchestrate the interdependent applications, and provide transformation, routing and load-balancing needs of upstream and down-stream applications.
  • Defined failover and High Available architecture to support 24/7 system availability SLA for batch and online applications.
  • Utilized MQ clustering feature to support load balancing the high volume through batch jobs using HA setup.
  • Defined a runtime view of a system that will minimal impact on each other when one system on maintenance or a failed status.
  • Defined and developed components that can be extendable with minimal efforts when system goes future changes.
  • Utilized different applications protocols FTP,SFTP,HTTP,HTTPS to integrate different applications and worked with different

Environment: Edifes, IBM Web sphere message broker, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, IBM Business Process Server, Web Sphere Process Server WPS , IBM Integration Developer, Business Objects, Web Sphere Enterprise Service Bus, Web Sphere Message Broker, AIX, Spring Batch, Spring Scheduling.


Integration and Integration Architect


  • Over all solution is Integrating all the 5 modules with SOA architecture into one system called CMIPSII Case Management Information Payroll System
  • Involved in this project from the beginning of the RFP in defining the Design and Architecture of the System.
  • Provided the design solution that includes end-to-end Process Flow, Web Services definitions/message formats/System Alerts/SLAs, integration services using Curam, IBM Business Integration Services, Advantage Payroll Systems.
  • Creation of Data Services using IBMs Web Sphere Process Server to receive the updates from the downstream systems Case Management Curam Application, Adavantage Payroll system and Business Objects Batch Process and deliver it to the external partners using IBMs Adapters.
  • Provided the use case analysis and Object Oriented Analysis on the system requirements to derive domain model and use the domain model to customize the Curam Cots package to State of California's Case Management System requirements.
  • Develop Technical Road Maps using the estimates and technical requirements analysis.
  • Work Allocation to Developers.
  • Creation of Technical Policies and Standards.
  • Reporting to Application Services team Directors, Deputy Directors.
  • This project has 5 main components.
  • The first component Case Management contains a statewide database of Recipients with associated case information and Provider's using the C ram COTS package. This component receives information from county users through online application form susbmission and evaluation process.
  • The second component in this system is Payroll Processing/Fund Source Management calculates Provider's base and overtime payments from the hours worked for each Recipient, rate of pay, applicable taxes, benefit or union dues deductions, and applicable liens using the CGI Advantage COTS package
  • The third component is Timesheet Processing and Scanning receives, scans, and validates Provider timesheet data at an EDS management facility using the Saber HighView Electronic Documentation Management System EDMS /ERMS COTS package
  • The fourth component is Management Reporting supports the production of program forms as well as management information reporting using the BusinessObjects XI - Crystal Reports COTS package
  • The fifth component is Interfaces manages the external interactions between CMIPS II and external agencies and data exchange partners using the IBM Business Integration Server BIS COTS package

Environment: Curam, Advantage, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, IBM Business Process Server, Web Sphere Process Server WPS , IBM Integration Developer, Business Objects, Web Sphere Enterprise Service Bus, Web Sphere Message Queue, Advantage, AIX, Spring Batch, Spring Scheduling.


Application Interface Lead

  • Working with BA'S to understand the BCBSMA Health Care Reforms System requirements, Participating in creating and reviewing business requirements.
  • Developing the technical requirements in interfacing the MA's state sub connecter enrollment system for receiving the enrollment X12 files.
  • Writing interface components using Seebeyond JCAPS product such as ETD, JCDS, Connector components as eWays, JMS queues, Defining the XSD for input data structure and building input and output data parse components using the Seebeyond JCAPS integrator product. This involves writing interfaces for ftp application, Mainframe, Oracle, MQ Series etc.
  • Defining the common exception handling data structure using xsd and building interface components to interface with common exception handling system incase of exception happens in the business system.
  • Building business process tracking system and writing interfaces to interact with common tracking system from business application such as Health Care Reforms and Blue Quote plus.
  • Rewriting the existing seebeyond 4.5.3 interfaces in to Seebeyond's latest version JCAP 512 by creating OTD and JCD, connectivity mapping, environment profiles and deploying them in to the JCAPS environment and Understanding the business requirements and interacting with business analysts for more clarification.
  • Writing common business logic outside the seebeyonds integration development to facilitate the reusability of the some of the common tasks in the system. And also provide more prove more flexibility in the unit testing process using Java Junit API.
  • Developing JAVA frame work for some of common business tasks for scheduling and real-time business process to avoid the future conversion efforts when version of vendor product changes.
  • Defining and configuring logical host and domains. Creating Deployment Profiles
  • Writing junit test cases to test common and reusable business components out side the Seebetond. Deploying and Seebeyond components in the registry host using Enterprise Manager.

Environment : Java, J2EE, JCA, Web Sphere, JCAPS 5.1.2, Seebeyond 453, Oracle, MQ Series, ESB,WMB,AIX, Spring, Hibernate.


Application Interface Designer.

  • Building the prototypes from high level requirements, Pototyiping the requrements, Demonstrating and getting approvals from Business users. Gathering comments and using them to finalize the detailed design requirements and generating artifact documents. Participate in the technical review sessions and get the sign off on the requirements from architects.
  • Building data services for downstream applications using Web Services. This includes web services for publishing message in Web Sphere MQ ESB using Canonical Message format.
  • Create a frame work to route Canonical Message to appropriate subscribed applications. This includes routing, subscribing and monitoring the Canonical Message flow.
  • Identifying proper framework for error handling and tracking business process flow that can be used across all the subsystem for
  • Building interfaces for Blue Squared real-time and batch process from design documents by creating interfacing component for MQ Series, FTP, JMS, Oracle, DB2 applications.
  • Designed, Modeled and created Message Models, Message Nodes, Message flows in Message Broker Environment for Blue Square interfaces. Created runtime environment using Execute Groups to host and run Web Sphere Message Broker Message flow applications.
  • Building Web Services for Common interface and expose them by deploying them in the Apache AXIS engine.
  • Develop Business work flow logic in the Java to facilitate the work flow between all the interfaces using the business requirements.
  • Providing the estimate and making the time line document and presenting them to users. Phase out the products in to smaller deliverables as per their inputs and expectations and getting sign off at each deliverable status.
  • Working with the business analysis team, q/a team, operations teams and other groups in order to implement the application and Services.
  • Upgrading to major releases and service packs.
  • Mentoring other Co-developers.
  • Designed and developed Work Force Web Authentication Interface.
  • Designed and Developed Supplemental Factor User Interface Using RAD 6.0 and Struts Framework.

Environment: SOA,WSAD,RAD 6.0, Websphere 5.1, Struts, Seebyond 4.5.3,MQ Series/Web Sphere Message Queue, Web Sphere Message Broker, ESB, Java/J2EE.


J2EE and EAI Seebeyond Consultant

  • Web based auto financing system for auto dealers, funded by Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and GM.
  • Designed XML service for J2EE system, which involves capturing the contract worksheet data into the Java objects, converting into the XML schemas using castor and publishing it into Seebeyond JMS queue asynchronously.
  • Built middle-ware interface using 'Seebeyond' to process the XML message published into the Seebeyond Queues using XML Service. This involves signing the XML message using the Dsig application, creating and sending the SOAP message over HTTPS using Seebeyond HTTP e Way. This HTTP call involves servlet call which publishes the message into the Finance Source's JMS Queues. Designed the Inbound Application Interface, to process messages from Finance source.
  • Designed and developed Test Tool called Simulation Finance Source using Jakarta Struts, JSP, J2EE, Websphere, Seebeyond
  • Tools used in Route One:
  • WSAD5.0, Seebeyond, 4.5.3, Struts, castor, Hibernate, Oracle 9I


J2EE and EAI Seebeyond Consultant

  • Description Clients Common Communication System Architect: Lead Small team of developers in the Design and development of Clients Common Communication System
  • Architected and Developed a B2B connection point into the LabOne HL7 Transaction System using Apache Axis as a Web Service Platform.
  • Wrote a pluggable work flow processing engine to control incoming HL7 transactions both synchronously and asynchronously over a variety of protocols HTTP, FTP, WebServices using Seebeyond, eGate and Websphere Application SERVERS.
  • Implemented Business Process Manager using Oracle BPEL Engine to Control and Monitor work flow. Involves communication point to various subsystems using JMS Queues.


  • Description The project involved development of a claim system integrated with legacy mainframes using Seebeyond.
  • Tasks Handled
  • Implemented e Xchange and e Insight and maintained.
  • Designed and Developed e Gated schema which involves converting Transactions from ANSI to XML and XML to ANSI.
  • Created Mux, Multimode e Ways and Connection points to communicate between Seibel applications and MQ Series Applications.
  • Developed Fastbatch and Batch applications using SeeBeyond e Gate schema to FTP the Transactions to Trading Partners and Gate ways using Batch Dynamic e Way.
  • Rendered production support for the e Gate Applications.


NJ. J2EE and EAI Seebeyond Consultant

  • Description Technical Lead for Integrating Pfizer's Supply Chain System with Global Markets.
  • Worked closely with the Business Analysts to convert the Business Requirements into Technical Requirements.
  • Designed Web Services Interface using Jakarta Struts MVC Framework, Websphere 4.0, XML, Seebeyond JMS API to upload the CSO, PLA files to Pfizer's Seebeyond Messaging Interface. This involves creating the SOAP, signing and sending the SOAP Message over HTTP.
  • Designed and Developed DataMapping and Cash Engine using combination of Stateless Session Beans and Entity Beans to facilitate the incoming XML file using Java/Castor API Techniques.
  • Designed and Developed Seebeyond EAI interface to process and distribute the incoming CSO, PLA files to Supply Chain System down stream application.



  • Implemented e Xchange by installing and configuring the default modules.
  • Involved in identifying the communication channels in the e Xchange system while communicating with partners.
  • Setting up the outer envelope and inner envelope for EDIFACT and X12 Messages.
  • Created acknowledgments Control and 977 setup in e Xchange for EDIFACT and X12 messages.
  • Used EDIFECS spec builder to generate .sef file and guideline creation for partners.
  • Created validation collaboration in e Xchange system for EDIFACT messages like DELJIT, DELFOR, CUSRES, DESADV and X12 messages like 214 using e Xchange validation rule builder.
  • Developed modules to feed the messages to e Xchange ePM engine and send the messages from the ePM engines to e Gate Applications
  • Setting up coding standards for development by processes and roles.
  • Developed CXI and ALX systems using the e Gate interfaces
  • Installed SAPALE e Way
  • Created SAPALE e Way to interface with SAP System.
  • Created IDOC etd using IDOC Description file.
  • Created collaboration rules to apply business rules for inbound and outbound etd EDIFACT, IDOC .
  • Configuration of STC-Standard, JMS IQ Managers and IQs
  • Created and Configuration of JMS and Oracle e Way connections
  • Development of Collaborations Routing of pubs / subs
  • Involved in end to end Unit and System Integration Testing
  • Implemented Java performance to monitor e Gate modules at SIT phase.
  • Team Size 70

Environment Java JDK1.3 , HTML, Servlets, JSP, Apache Web SERVER, UNIX AIX 4.5, e Gate 4.5.2, e Xchange 4.5.3, EDIFECS Spec builder.


Description Designed and developed interfaces to integrate new e-commerce application ATG Dynamo and Oracle 8i with their back-end legacy systems Unisys mainframe, Oracle 8i . Utilized almost all new features of 4.5, Java ETDs, Java Collaborations, eWay Connections, MUX, and HTTP eWays. Fine tuning STC-Standard IQ, Oracle IQs. Developed a custom Notification routing Script to send the system and application related alerts to pre-defined channels Paging, e-mail, printing etc. .


  • Prepared Interface Design and Architecture documents.
  • Encapsulated the message structures using Java ETDs.
  • Encapsulated the business logic, transformation rules and data mapping using Java Collaboration Rules.
  • Configuring eWay components using File, Dynamic Batch, and MUX and HTTP eways.
  • Configuration of IQ Manager, STC-Standard and JMS Queues.
  • Configuration of Oracle eWay connections.
  • End to end Unit testing of the interface
  • Import and Export Scripts for eGate schemas to migrate across multiple environments
  • SNMP Alert Agent for eGate system alert notifications.


  • Description Scan SERVER is a product developed for Konica, which manages Konica scanners over a subnet. The entire product is designed on
  • Client/SERVER Architecture which uses different protocol frameworks to communicate with scanners. HTTP framework is used to develop an HTTP SERVER for HTTP client. SNMP is for managing the scanners, LDAP is to maintain the scan users, SMTP to send messages to the client.

Contribution Involved in Design and development of framework for HTTP SERVER, SNMP Interfaces and creating LDAP schema objects.

Team Size 4

Environment JDK 1.1.7, SNMP, LDAP, SMTP, HTTP, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, SWING, Windows NT, Windows 95, UNIX.


Description This is a Web based claim process for VSP doctors who provide service for the VSP customers members . Web SERVER collects data from the browser as an HTTP request and sends the data to the Application SERVER as Http Servlet Request object of servlet. e Gate 4.5.1 is used for integrating the back-end applications to Web based claims processing application using MUX, multi-mode, file, and batch e Ways. Used JMS queues which also accommodate other XA aware Java based applications publish events directly to the JMS queue.

Team Size 9

Environment Websphere, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Java JDK 1.17 and JDK1.3 , HTML, Netscape Web SERVER, PVCS project management tool , Visual Cafe, UNIX, SOLARIS, e Gate 4.5.1.


Description The main objective is to develop a customized ERP solution for LKP Merchant financing limited. The application employs client SERVER Architecture for providing a complete solution to the organization by integrating all their administrative and accounting operations. It comprises of six modules namely Setup, Clients, Sales, Purchases, Exports and Reports. Provision for acceptance of online orders and generation of required reports is encapsulated into it.

Contribution As a part of development team involved in the Designing and creation of Website using HTML, Ms Front Page, Java Script etc. Created XML data Source objects, to replace the data identifiers in the HTML template dynamically. Also involved in developing components which access the data from the database using Applet - Servlet communication this is in case of Order form and connecting to the database using JDBC and Servlets.

Team Size 5



Description Developed Bearing Condition Analysis Software Product for day to day life Activities of Mechanical maintenance. Consists of Five Modules like Maintenance, Print out, Registers, System and Help. Registers Module is for maintains database of Mechanic Components of a Equipment, and also can be used enter the Metadata of Equipment Components. For scheduling the Daily Maintenance activities, Work Order forms are used. Print out is for generating the reports as per user requirements. System is for System settings.

Contribution Development user interface using swing for Maintenance and System modules.

Environment JAVA, JDK 1.2, SWING, JDBC, ORACLE.

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