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Technical Lead,resume Profile


  • Technology generalist with over 20 years of applications development and solutions integration experience using a wide variety of languages, frameworks, tools operating systems
  • System Architect/Technical Lead on projects focusing on agile, web-based and object oriented technology including Web Portals, Search Services, Content Management and Social Media
  • Very Strong on the backend with expertise developing PL/SQL, tuning SQL queries and implementing data load/filter/transformation processes against relational databases
  • Solutions Integrator with expertise in the installation, configuration, customization integration of Business Intelligence/Reporting tools and Web Portals

Technical Summary

Programming Languages/Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript node.js, JQuery , PHP, Python, RESTful webservices, HTML5, C , Smalltalk, Perl, Struts, Tapestry, AJAX, ASP, JSP, XML/XSL, C, C , PRO C, UNIX Shell Scripts

Platforms: Red Hat/Ubuntu Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Ultrix, AIX

Web/Application Servers/Portals: Haproxy, Nginx, Passenger, Apache, Tomcat, Drupal, Wordpress, Lighttp, Mongrel, BroadVision Portal, Websphere Portal, Websphere App Server, Plumtree Portal, Oracle 10g Portal, Mambo Portal, Netscape IPlanet Directory Manager, Brio One Portal, Verity, Crystal Enterprise ePortfolio, WebObjects App Server, HAHT Scenario Server, WebLogic, MS Internet Information Server IIS , Netscape Enterprise Server

Integrated Dev Environments: Aptana Studio/RAD Rails, Sublime, Eclipse, Visual Studio .Net, Visual Slick Edit, Oracle JDeveloper, Borland JBuilder, WebObjects, HAHTsite Workbench, VisualWave, Visual Cafe, ClassicBlend, Oracle Developer/2000, WindowBuilder, Motif

Relational Database/Directory Tools/Frameworks: Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Hibernate, LDAP, SQL, PL/SQL, SQR, Toad, Embarcadero Rapid SQL, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2

Information Management Tools: Verity Spider, Verity Intelligent Classifier/Extractor/Profiler, Inxight Analysis suite, Entrieva/Semio metatagger

Business Intelligence Tools: Brio Enterprise, Brio.Report, Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise, SQR Server, QueryManager

Source Code Control Defect Tracking: Git, Subversion, CVS, PVCS Version Manager, PVCS Tracker Notifier, Visual Source Safe, ENVY, ProSTAR, RCS, DDTs

Experience Highlights


Environment: Ruby on Rails, PostGres, Nginx, Haproxy, Passenger, Capistrano, Ansible, Git, AWS, edX, Django, Python

Technical Lead: Technical lead on projects to deliver Cisco certification courses online. Course content delivery apps are written in ruby and python and video for course content is hosted on Amazon. Server instance setup is managed through ansible scripts and deployments are managed through Capistrano.


Environment: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHP, node.js, dojo, JQuery, Drupal, RESTful Web Services, New Relic, Git

Lead Architect: Developed and am currently supporting a Ruby on Rails app which performs a property lookup across data sources including tax records, MLS and demographic data, and then integrates the search results with a mapguide open source layered map viewer written in PHP/Ajax along with an ecommerce solution written in Java. All integration is done via RESTful web services with JSON payloads. New Relic is used for application performance monitoring, transaction analysis and load metrics.


Environment: Ruby, Rails, Drupal, PHP, Apache, MySQL, AJAX, Agile Development, HTML5

President/Technical Lead: Lead architect on small projects to rapidly deliver web applications in the GIS, Social Media, auto parts, and medical spaces. Created automotive aftermarket parts lookup and mapping applications for small businesses in Ruby on Rails. The auto parts lookup and mapping applications are interesting as an auto part can be mapped to thousands of automobile applications. Providing an administrative interface to map these parts, and a search interface to perform application based lookups is a complex problem in UI dependency management. The built in AJAX components combined with the agile development concepts baked into Ruby on Rails made this a natural choice. Ruby on Rails was also utilized to deliver a web presence for Preston Medical Associates which allows them to track patient encounters and distribute appointment and newsletter communication via automated email. Designed and developed a not-for-profit site protecteverychild.org in PHP/MySQL for the education and safety of children on the internet. Leveraged the new embedded video attributes of HTML5 to include video help in most sites.


Environment: Ruby on Rails 3.x, Drupal 7, PHP, MYSQL, REST, Git

Drupal Consultant: Developed enhanced, custom functionality for a Drupal Portal with manages the collaboration of scientists involved in hydroelectric studies. Developed custom modules in Ruby on Rails to facilitate workflow and content management. Communication between the Ruby Apps and Drupal platform was achieved via RESTful web services.


Environment: Ruby on Rails 3.x, Nginx, Cucumber, Fitnesse, Slim, Capistrano, Shotgun, Thin, Sinatra, Git

Senior Consultant: Developed enhancements for high volume rental property lookup sites ApartmentGuide.com / Rentals.com . Environment for both sites was a combination of Ruby and JavaScript.


Environment: C , .Net, Java, JBoss, Kanban

Technical Lead: Lead architect for an R D Enhancement service. Using agile methodology to rapidly deliver small enhancement projects for scientific applications. Technology used depends on the project being enhanced, but includes C /.Net, Java/JBoss and other web frameworks.


Environment: PHP, Facebook, Twitter, Java, RMI

Technical Lead: Developed Facebook apps for Sony Media for the promotion of their recording artists. Leveraged Live Gamer and a 3rd party virtual currency exchange to give social users awards for promoting their favorite artists.


Environment: Java 4/5, AJAX, C , Visual Studio .Net, SharePoint portal, MS SQL Server, Ruby on Rails, Groovy, Struts, JSP, SOAP, XmlBeans, WSDL2Java, JUnit, JMeter, EasyMock, Tomcat, Websphere, Oracle 9/10, BroadVision Portal, Active Directory, Verity, Maven, Unix Shell Script, BroadVision Portal, Test Driven Development

Principal Consultant/Technical Lead: Enhanced a Ruby on Rails application to monitor patient calorie burn patterns and goals via a USB device. Recently delivered custom application in C /Visual Studio.Net to be deployed on an MS SharePoint portal for the purpose of enabling medical investigators to request research grants from a large Pharmaceutical company. Developed products and server side components to track global energy resources which are delivered via a BroadVision portal. Utilized JMeter to stress test BV portal components. Lead architect on development of a content management system in support of bank credit card applications. Developed suite of web services clients to synchronize bank card product and pricing data with internal Oracle database. Implemented controls and modified code in existing applications to bring to compliance with American's with Disabilities ADA standards. Implemented an application to enable clients to dynamically create customized small business credit card offerings. Designed and Implemented an internationalization framework for Canadian credit card applications. Integrated the Canada credit card app with TransUnion's Fraud prevention web service Identicate . Developed several Ruby on Rails/Groovy on Grails apps in support of internal tools and as pre-sales opportunity prototypes. AT T utilizes an agile development methodology with a focus and rapid development cycles and test driven development.


Environment: Verity K3 Spider, Verity Intelligent Classifier, Verity Extractor, Plumtree Portal 5.0, Inxight Analysis suite, Entrieva/Semio, Lotus Notes, Documentum, ODBC, Java, Tapestry

Technical Architect R D: Technical Architect responsible for building searchable document collections using Verity's spidering technology against web, file system, odbc, Notes and Documentum data sources. Technical Lead on project to build a transformation process that allows R D hierarchical document classifications to be expressed as Verity Taxonomy structures. Technical Lead on pilot of metadata extraction and analysis software. Implemented several vendor solutions to extract metadata from raw document text and insert back into the Verity index for improved document searching, categorization and summarization. Technical Lead on project to design and implement a Browse application to navigate the R D Corporate Taxonomy. This application is tightly integrated with the Plumtree Portal used as the corporate Intranet at GSK.


Environment: Oracle Portal 10g, Java, Tapestry, Eclipse, OFBIZ, Tomcat

Software Consultant: Lead Architect/Developer for a Payroll Budgeting product. Product captures time and attendance at storefronts and analyzes past sales to predict future staffing needs. Development/Deployment env is open source java utilizing the Tapestry and Open for Business frameworks running on a Tomcat server. Product is made available to end users via the SSO integration with an Oracle 10g portal.

Lead Architect Developer for a Database of Vendor Parts. Vendors transmit xml files containing parts data via sftp. Data is then parsed and loaded into a Parts Data Warehouse. Developed java programs to fetch data from ftp server, parse xml and load parts data to an Oracle base and then allow users to view parts data via a web application.


Environment: Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5, Plumtree Gadget Dev, Oracle 8i, Verity, IIS, C , .Net, Java, JSP, ASP, Toad, Visual Slick Edit, Oracle JDeveloper, XML/XSL, PVCS VM, Tracker Notifier

Web Portal Consultant: Technical Lead/Architect for the Delivery team focusing on developing common gadgets/portlets and managing infrastructure for GSK's Intranet and Extranet portals. Responsible for delivering portal components that can be used by Content Maintainers as well as re-used by Business IT Groups. Responsible for delivering any framework changes to the Plumtree code base to deliver a custom user experience across the enterprise. Lead architect on infrastructure interfaces to other functional areas such as eSearch and Extranet. Developed process for passing user credentials to secure searches on the Verity back-end. Worked with eSearch team to create an eSearch portal community and portlets which front the Verity back-end. Developed Brio reports to analyze eSearch usage metrics.

GSK is a global community and , as such, all deliverables must be internationalized for each target locale. We are utilizing the PVCS versioning and tracking software for Software Change Management. Most development is performed using Visual Studio.Net C or JSP.


Environment: Visual Studio .Net, C , .Net Framework 1.1, Oracle 8i, Smalltalk

Web Consultant: Ported and enhanced a legacy client server application which manages the flow of Orders through Nortel's Billing Systems. The application was ported from a non-supported flavor of Visual Smalltalk to a .Net Web Application using Visual Studio .Net.


Environment: Business Intelligence/Reporting, Oracle 8i, IIS, Visual Basic, Windows NT, ASP, Toad, Embarcadero, PL/SQL, ETL

Business Intelligence Consultant: Provided Business Intelligence systems expertise in order to facilitate an installation of Crystal Enterprise. Wrote custom ASP/CSP to tailor the CE Security Model to L M's existing security architecture. Integrated and customized the CE ePortfolio web portal into L M's web application infrastructure to meet corporate standards. Setup and Maintained the IIS Web Server to provide URL forwarding and HTTP aliases used by the web applications. Developed reports using the Crystal Reports designer to track key business indicators. Wrote PL/SQL modules and Triggers using Toad Embarcadero Rapid SQL to implement an ETL process to move data from the transactional database to the new datawarehouse/reporting base. Developed application in Visual Basic 6.0 to facilitate email notification of error conditions.


Environment: Business Intelligence/Reporting, Brio Enterprise, SQL Server, Windows NT, Visual Basic 6.0

Business Intelligence Consultant: Provided Business Intelligence systems expertise in order to facilitate an upgrade of Novartis's reporting environment from Brio Enterprise 5.x to version 6.x and to address key technical issues with their reporting architecture. A Visual Basic application was developed to update report scheduler job, action report parameter tables in the SQL Server database.


Environment: Java WebObjects , JavaScript, ASP, JSP, IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, HTML, Oracle 8, LDAP, Brio Enterprise, Brio Portal, Win98/NT/2000, Unix HP UX

System Architect/Technical Lead: Led a team of six developers on BRDS the Billed Receivables Dispute System. BRDS is a web-based application written in Java WebObjects which allows for input and reporting of customer disputes against invoices. Invoice and Dispute data is stored on an Oracle 8i database running on the HP UX unix platform. Used Java LDAP api to access Nortel's corporate directory server in order to facilitate automated email notification of disputes. Was the sole administrator for a Brio One Portal reporting environment. The Brio One Portal was used to integrate the application, Brio Enterprise reports and other content used by the Accounts Receivable group. Set up and maintained secure access model SAM software on departmental servers to achieve single point of logon to Nortel's intranet. Enhanced all web applications to accept user's intranet global id/password. Installed, configured and maintained the IIS Web Servers and Netscape Enterprise Web Servers on both WinNT 2000 platforms to provide URL forwarding load balancing and HTTP aliases used by the web applications. Implemented Active Server Pages ASP and Java Server Pages JSP to retrieve user data stored in web session to pass to web based client server applications. Wrote interfaces to SAM to provide access to applications and reports to external customers. Completed an upgrade of all Brio version 5.x reports to version 6.2. Performed Win2000 validation for all applications and reporting tools.


Environment: WebObjects, Java, JavaScript, HTML, IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Oracle 8, LDAP, Brio Enterprise, Brio Portal, Win98/NT

System Architect/Technical Lead: Led a team of three developers on the Program Performance Monitor project. The Program Performance Monitor is a web-based application written in Java WebObjects designed to track and report metrics key indicators of program performance. Performance indicators are tracked at the Task, Project, Organization and Program level. Performance metrics are captured for budget, schedule, critical path task completion and resourcing. The metrics are used to highlight programs or projects, which are in jeopardy and to provide historical trending information, which can be used to better plan future projects. The Brio One Portal was used to integrate the application, reports and other content used by the IS organization. Installed, configured and maintained the IIS Web Servers and Netscape Enterprise Web Servers on the WinNT platform in support of the application runtime environments DEV, TEST, PROD .


Environment: Java Visual Caf , Brio Enterprise, WebLogic, Brio.Report, SQR Server, WinNT

Brio Consultant: Contributed to product designed to enhance employee performance via satisfaction surveys, employee development and employee incentive plans. Primarily responsible for installation of Brio servers/software and integration of Brio reporting architecture into customer's product. Customer's product is written in Java Visual Cafe, WebLogic with a SQL Server backend.


Environment: Java Web Objects, Visual Caf , WebLogic, Visual Source Safe, JavaScript, Perl, HTML, Oracle 8, Brio Enterprise, Win95/NT

Consultant Software Engineer: Developed modules Perl to enhance a web-based time sheet entry and reporting tool to include project management features. Sole developer on a project implemented in Java Visual Caf , WebLogic to enhance a web-based customer satisfaction CSAT survey creation and reporting tool. Developed an add on UI to include software delivery satisfaction DSAT components for the Information Systems organization. The DSAT project was implemented in Java WebObjects . Developed web-based reports using Brio Enterprise 6.0 in support of multiple projects across IS.


Environment: Java WebObjects , Smalltalk/Visual Works/VisualWave/ClassicBlend, JavaScript, IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Objectory, HTML, Oracle 7, Brio Enterprise, Win95/NT, HP-UX, Macintosh

System Architect/Technical Lead: Led a team of six developers on a project to re-engineer and enhance several legacy financial systems using Java WebObjects , ObjectShare's VisualWave and Applied Reasoning's ClassicBlend to provide Web access, platform independence and millennium compliance. Brio Enterprise is being used to facilitate distribution and web access to reporting components. Developed an Order Tracking System to manage the workflow of claim resolution activities across multiple organizations within NORTEL's billing system. Responsible for the design, development, configuration management, packaging, distribution, support of Smalltalk applications. Utilized Classic Blend to provide a Java web interface for the Smalltalk client/server applications. Extended java components to provide support for features not included in the Classic Blend product such as Cut Paste . Installed, configured and maintained the IIS Web Servers and Netscape Enterprise Web Servers on the WinNT platform in support of the application runtime environments DEV, TEST, PROD . Authored user manuals, guide to system security and application test plans. Maintain departmental web pages, administer Brio On-demand and Broadcast servers and provide WinNT server administration support across the organization.


Environment: Smalltalk/Visual Works 2.5, ENVY, Oracle 7, SQLPLUS, Windows NT

Consultant Software Engineer: Delivered system to manage the ordering and disbursement of pharmaceutical inventory. Responsible for the design, development, configuration management, packaging, distribution of Smalltalk applications.


Environment: OS/2 Warp, Sun OS, ParcPlace Smalltalk/VisualWorks 2.5, Digitalk Smalltalk/WindowBuilder Pro, Rational Rose ST, Recoverable Queuing Services, Encina, Sybase, SQL Server

Consultant Software Engineer: Participated on a large scale hospital billing collections project. Primary responsibility was the development of a Workflow Manager and Process Editor designed to automate the billing and collections process. Designed and developed a Contact Editor and Lookup application to track calls to insurance carriers, patients and their guarantors regarding payments due. Have also been responsible for global testing and bug fixes.


Environment: IBM RS6000, IBM PC, OS/2 3.0, AIX 4.13, Motif 1.2, VisualAge/IBM Smalltalk 3.0, C, DB2, OS/2 QueryManager, MS Windows

Consultant Software Engineer: Completed a port VisualAge/IBM Smalltalk to the AIX/Motif platform. Developed extended widgets Grid control, Embedded Shell in IBM Smalltalk to support controls/parts that are not native to Motif. Have been providing AIX/Motif expertise to solve platform specific problems. Primarily responsible for addressing problems with the VA Application Builder and general widget usage. Validated the DB query parts for AIX against a DB2 database.


Environment: HP 9000, Macintosh, HP-UX, ParcPlace VisualWorks, ENVY, CRC, Oracle 7.0, Silverrun, Motif 1.2, C, Symantec C , Pro-C, PL-SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, sqlplus

Consultant Software Engineer: Developed applications in VisualWorks/ParcPlace Smalltalk, Pro-C, PL/SQL for the scheduling component of NOM a Networked Order Management system using CRC Class-Responsibility-Collaborator design methodologies. NOM is a large scale, object-oriented, client-server based system with applications running on Macintosh HP-UX clients accessing data in a Central Order Database Oracle 7.0 DB server . Designed/implemented an automated activity notification tool to facilitate inter-person/inter process communication on the NOM project. The front end of this tool was developed in Motif/Pro-C for the HP-UX clients and Symantec C for the Macintosh clients. Was responsible for DB table design and creation and other miscellaneous DBA activities for our group. Used the tool Silverrun for all data modeling. Received NT bonus for outstanding performance.


Environment: Real-time embedded system, DEC Alpha, Ultrix, MIPS 3000, VxWorks, Motif 1.2, C, Cadre Teamwork, Builder Xccessory, Centerline Codecenter

Senior Software Engineer: Designed/developed embedded Motif applications in C language for PC medical vital signs monitor. Designed custom widgets Keyboard, Key, Menu . Applications are coded, tested, debugged on DEC stations running Ultrix UNIX. Target hardware is based on dual MIPS 3000 processors and runs VxWorks OS. Used Cadre's Teamwork for all design and data modeling. Did some GUI prototyping with BX Builder Xccessory . Designed and implemented internationalization processes/tools to enable software to be easily translated into multiple-languages -- was submitted for patent. Received bonus for outstanding performance.


Environment: IBM PS/2, OS/2 1.3, Presentation Manager, C, OS/2 DatabaseManager, ESQL, Distributed Automation Edition

Senior Associate Programmer: Technical lead on manufacturing application enabler project co-developed with Boeing for 777. Product was developed in OS/2 PM C language for the PS/2. This was a client/server application with an OS/2 Database Manager server. Took product through complete software life cycle including verification of National Language Standards compliance. Primary responsibilities were data access authorization methods, NLS compliance, and resolving technical issues brought up by customers Boeing IBM internal . Received award for providing client/server expertise to Boeing on a related project. Received Boeing Special Recognition Award for rapidly developing expertise in new technologies.


Environment: IBM RS6000, RT/PC, AIX, ADA

Associate Programmer: Developed real-time token ring network management functions as part of an air traffic control system designed for the FAA. Responsible for development of error, performance, and processor monitoring software. System is coded in ADA on the RS6000 for the AIX Windows environment. Awarded for extra hours put in to meet project milestones.

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