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Application Developer,resume Profile

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Professional Summary:

  • 8 years of experience in design, development and implementation of Java and J2EE application working as Senior Application Developer
  • Strong in Object-Oriented Design and Programming and multi- tier web architecture
  • Strong Experience in Core Java and J2EE technologies like JSP, JDBC, JavaBeans, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML
  • Experienced working in Spring framework and MVC architecture
  • Extensively used XML Parsers
  • Experienced working with BlueCove Library to access device's Bluetooth adapter for wireless communication
  • Strong Experience with Android Application Development
  • Experienced with server technology, NodeJS
  • Strong experience with JQuery
  • Strong experience in designing and working with MySQL and Mongo DB
  • Strong experience with Mongoose, used to access MongoDB on the server
  • Worked with version control tools like SVN, CVS and GitHub
  • Worked with Eclipse IDE
  • Strong knowledge and experience in working with Messaging Services like JavaMail and SMTP server
  • Strong experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing Unit Testing with Junit, Functional Testing
  • Experiences in banking, finance and healthcare domain
  • 2 years of experience in Android application development, worked on three applications
  • Worked on Android development with System wide Broadcasts and Background services
  • Experienced working in Eclipse Android SDK IDE, debugging on a real device
  • Strong experience is working with Camera and Chat applications
  • Strong testing experience of all testing phases such as Unit testing, Integration testing and System testing
  • Have strong problem solving and analytical skills with good ability to follow project standards
  • Excellent communication skills. Adept at building strong working relationships with co-workers and management
  • Effective team player and quick learner with ability to work with minimal supervision

Technical Skills:

Web Technologies

Java Spring, HTML, CSS, J2EE JSP, Servlet, EJB 3.0, JDBC, JavaScript, JNDI , AJAX, Web Services


Java , J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL

Application Server

Glassfish 6.0


Spring 4.0.6

Tools and IDEs

Eclipse 3.2, Visual Studio


MySQL, MongoDB

Operating systems

Windows XP/8


N-tier J2EE architecture, Client/Server, MVC architecture

Work Experience:


Role: Application developer


  • Responsible for design, development, testing and deployment of an Android application
  • Wrote Android application and the supporting Java classes for the application
  • Used Eclipse with Android SDK plugin for development of the Android application
  • Used Android Camera API of Android to click pictures without users pressing the click button
  • Wrote Broadcasts in the Android Java API in order to maintain consistency in state of the system and what user sees
  • Wrote Background services to maintain open connection with the XMPP server
  • Wrote restful services on the server in NodeJS to listen to requests from devices
  • Designed and implemented the MongoDB schema
  • Wrote services to store and retrieve user data from the MongoDB for the application on devices
  • Used Mongoose API in order to access the MongoDB from NodeJS
  • Created and maintained an XMPP server in order to add the chat functionality in the Android application
  • Used Smack Java API in the Android application code in order to communicate with the XMPP server
  • Used Nexmo, cloud messaging and voice IP API in order to send messages over the internet
  • Used Amazon Web Services for Android API to upload and retrieve user's media data
  • Made an image to user map in order to keep a track of what images were uploaded to the server by which user for what purpose

Environment: Eclipse with Android SDK, OpenFire server, NodeJS, MongoDB, Mongoose API, Smack API, AWS


Role: Java Developer


  • Involved in design and development of a web application
  • Analyzed requirements and designed a Graphical User Interface
  • Used Spring framework to build the application
  • Used Eclipse Spring development environment
  • Used MySQL database to save and retrieve data about user subscription and payment information
  • Used JDBC in order to establish and maintain connection with the MySQL database from the Java Spring Data Layer
  • Wrote Database Helper class using reflections in order to set the Java Beans using data received from the Database
  • Used HTML 5 and CSS to design the GUI of the application
  • Used Firebug and Send Http Tool to inspect, edit and monitor CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and requests in any web page
  • Used JQueryUI and KendoUI to display the data that was required to be displayed on the application
  • Used JavaScript and JSP to make the UI interactive with the users
  • Used AJAX to make the web application more interactive without refreshing the data frequently
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing and system testing

Environment: Java Spring framework, Eclipse IDE, MySQL database, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, JSP, JQuery, JQueryUI, KendoUI, Glassfish Server


Role: Sr. Software Engineer


  • Involved in design, development, unit testing and load testing of the Application
  • Built a presentation layer for PSC Patient Service Center applications using Servlets/JSP and Spring framework.
  • Built data-driven Web applications with server side J2EE technologies like Servlets/JSP.
  • Generated dynamic Web pages with Java Server Pages JSP .
  • Developed the application based on Spring MVC architecture and used the MVC framework.
  • Used Spring MVC Framework, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, Ajax, XSL, CSS and HTML for developing UI Screens.
  • Used Data Access layer and Persistence layer using JDBC.
  • Analyzed requirements and designed a Graphical User Interface G.U.I. .
  • The GUI was designed on the base of MVC design-patterns
  • Techniques and troubleshooting tips for installing JVM and Tomcat on Windows and UNIX/Linux systems.
  • Used Web servers like Apache and IIS with Tomcat to serve static content.
  • Developed JUnit Test Cases for Service Layer and DAOs.
  • Developed Client applications to consume the Web services based on both SOAP and REST protocol.
  • Implemented MySQL Queries and Triggers using MySQL Server
  • Obtained Message Driven Beans functionality using Scheduler timers and Session beans

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE, EJB, JDBC, HTML, Maven, Agile methodology, MySQL, RDBMS, Eclipse, MySQL Server, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, CSS, Spring, JDBC, HTML, Web Services.


Role: Sr. Java Developer


  • Responsible for gathering business and functional requirements from the users.
  • Developed the application using JDBC and Spring Framework.
  • Used Spring framework for wiring
  • Developed Rich user interface using HTML, Java Script, JQuery and CSS.
  • Configured Web Logic Application server and deployed the web components into the server.
  • Used MySQL as Back end database.
  • Used JDBC to communicate with the Database, mapping the entities to the tables and corresponding columns in the database by using Hibernate annotations.
  • Developed MySQL queries to implement the select, insert, update and delete operations
  • Involved in Updating, Debugging Code review compliance to the Good Coding.
  • Used Firebug and Send Http Tool to inspect, edit and monitor CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and requests in any web page.
  • Involved in performing unit testing of the application modules.
  • Involved in performing Integration testing of the whole application.
  • Responsible for updating the defects status in a daily based QA status meeting.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 3.0, JDBC, JSP, HTML, XML,CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse 3.6.1, JQuery, KendoUI and AJAX


Role: Java Developer


  • Involved in analysis, design phase, development and implementation phases for different bank applications.
  • Collected the requirements from the users and designed the architecture for the project.
  • Worked on Core Java coding with strong understanding of Java Spring, Collections, Multithreading, data structure and Event/Exception handling.
  • Adopted MVC architecture and used HTML and CSS for the UI.
  • Designed and developed the presentation layer using JSP, HTML, jQuery and Java
  • Script with Struts Framework for client side application at Bank of America.
  • Developed Helper Classes to Validate data and against a Set of Business Rules at different client applications.
  • Designed and Developed Service layer to interact with EJB layer and deploy EJB on Web logic.
  • Used Stateless Session Bean to implement Business Process and interact with Data Access layer Database access.
  • Designed the web tier using on the MVC design pattern of the Spring framework. Used spring for dependency injection
  • Developed and deployed the Application components on Web logic. Used XML to represent and transfer data between the layers.
  • Involved in writing triggers using MySQL Workbench which is used to prevent invalid transactions.
  • Used JDBC 3.0 for MySQL database connection and written number of sql queries for retrieving the data and validated that data against the business rules.
  • Wrote test cases in JUnit and performed in depth unit, system and regression testing.
  • Involved in performance tuning, debugging production problems during testing and deployment phases of the project

Environment: J2EE JSP, EJB, Servlets, JDBC, , XML, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Glassfish Application Server, Windows7, EJBs, Spring, JSPs, MVC, Multithreading, CSS, Web Services.

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