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Consultant,resume Profile

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Summary of Skills:

Programming Languages/Skills: Java/JavaScope/JDBC 16 years C , C , C - 10 years SQL 22 years HTML/XHTML 16 years

QA automation: Mercury Interactive now HP QuickTest Professional, WinRunner, TestDirector 2 Year JavaScope 1 year, JUnit 1 year Silk Performer 2 years

Leadership: Lead projects to add enhancements as well as to fix production problems. Worked with customers to create descriptive text of needed enhancements out of which I created technical specification. Unlike other project leads, I was quickly assigned projects not by subject area, but because of the project's need for difficult developers. Mentored junior programmers as well as being an overall departmental source of information and documentation. Lead black box manual testing as well as testing automation.

Professional Experience:



  • o I taught myself MicroFocus's SilkPerformer language. My supervisor indicated I learned these skills much more quickly than was expected. This allowed for the automation of web-based JavaScript AJAX interface testing. I learned both Silk and CGI's web-based collections product. I had to learn some UNIX to run parts of the application.
  • o Worked supervising intern to teach him to program in general and write Silk scripts specifically.
  • o Did maintenance in Java and JavaScript as necessary for product.
  • o Used Eclipse for debugging and tracing source of and fix for bugs.


Lead Programmer

  • o Programmed Java applets and JavaScript as needed including a Java application for identification of probable chemical agent used from symptoms.
  • o Also HTML and XML support as needed.
  • o All QA for site.


  • Substitute School Teacher
  • o Teach all ages and subjects, specializing in mathematics and science


Technical Lead, Programmer Analyst, and Programmer

  • o Worked on 2 tiers of a 3 tier system: mainframe, AS/400 and PC running first OS/2 and later NT . I worked on AS/400 and PC tiers. First programming in C then C and later Java.
  • o Developed Java GUI for NT.
  • o Lead various enhancements while working with customers including successfully incorporating an enhancement that had been repeatedly shelved due to scope creep.
  • o Analyzed and programmed on a project to completely automate regression testing for AS/400 and PC tiers.
  • o Lead black box testing effort for the migration of a Tier 3 distributed detached system from OS/2 to NT. Including developing procedures for testing GUI interfaces using TestDirector's methodology but I developed a custom database and JavaScope to verify complete coverage of all GUI programs.
  • o Lead set up of a testing environment on an AS/400 that interfaced with the corporate Y2K IMS environment. Defined requirements for Y2K black box testing for AS/400 and NT.
  • o Did all of the analysis and some of the programming to optimize performance of Java GUI.
  • o Lead programmer and analyst for mainframe to AS/400 conversion of another company's database to our database.
  • o Performed time estimates and analysis for the 100 tasks necessary on the AS/400 and PC for the possible elimination of the Mainframe with 3rd party software including database expansion, new GUI programs, new backend programs on AS/400 as well as changes to existing programs.
  • o Maintained and developed programs in C for GUI and programs to access a database with and without embedded SQL.
  • o Devised and implemented a system to assist the documentation and resolution tracking of problems that either had been analyzed but not yet resolved or needed further analysis. Including a system to automatically process routine error records and assign the remaining records to a specific developer.


Contract Programmer, General Secretarial

  • o Developed and maintained a dBase system that priced medical bills.
  • o Assisted mapping data relationships in KnowledgeWare a PC based case tool .


Graduate Associate

  • o My area of specialty was mathematical modeling of ecological systems.


  • Junior Assistant Programmer
  • o Developed, programmed, and documented, a system in dBase II to track employee times for government contracts. While doing this I dealt effectively with changing user specifications.
  • o Maintained someone else's programs and documented them.


Data Entry Clerk

  • o Did data entry for statistics professor
  • o Helped develop coding system for statistical survey

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