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Database Administrator,resume Profile


  • Around 6 years of experience in the IT industry working as a Mainframe Z/OS DB2 Database Administrator for 5.6 years and Netezza DBA for 2 years with a proven background of technical problem solving.
  • Self-motivated, responsible and reliable team player.
  • Highly motivated with strong commitments to quality and customer service.

Technical Skills

Language : JCL, REXX, Basic Java Script

Operating Systems : Mainframe, Linux, Windows

DBMS : DB2, Netezza SQL

Markup Languages : XHTML, XML

Multimedia Packages : Poser

Tools : BMC Change Manager, BMC Apptune, BMC Catalog Manager, BMC

DASD Manager, Infoman, Infoweb, Serena Changeman, TSO, ISPF, IBM

QMF, SDSF, Omegamon, CA JOBTRAC tool, Database utilities of IBM,

BMC CDB, CONTROL-M, Neon Tool for IMS, IBM Query Monitor, BMC

Performance monitor, File Aid for DB2 and IMS, Bind Impact analyser

BIX , ManageNow, IBM SPUFI, DPROP, QREP, RMF Performance

Management, IBM Debug tool, IBM File Manager, IBM Websphere HOD

Host on Demand , Service Now with ITSM standards, NZAdmin, Putty

Professional Experience


Database Administrator

  • As a production/application database administrator I work in DBO Database Operations development / Production Team of American Express holds the responsibility of creating/deploying/maintaining all the development/production databases with primary goal of ensuring High Availability to those databases which is crucial for the business to be running around the clock.
  • We provide proactive maintenance to the Infrastructure of AMEX and works with various Operation groups. CDM Database Production Support project provides support to 15000 databases approximately of AMEX client and for 24 7 throughout the year. Also I work in JAPA development team and have provided testing, developing of databases for JAPA application.
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Creating/Expanding/converting/dropping physical database objects in development and production environments
  • Creating/altering/dropping indeces for performance improvements
  • Recovery of tablespaces
  • Remove Database fragmentation, Migrations and Invalid objects
  • Grant/Revoke access to user or group ids to objects
  • Tuning the queries to improve performance of SQL using EXPLAIN/SQL performance Analyser
  • Track space and extent capacity availability and make necessary implementation to make it out of exception
  • Perform Database gap analysis and verify database backups
  • Bind process of plan and package
  • Perform Database level objects, structures and data recoveries
  • Monitoring the usage of programs using APPTUNE
  • To check WLM Work Load Manager when performance issues
  • Analyze and solve the COBOL and SQL stored procedure issues as well as application program issues.
  • Perform root cause analysis and create permanent solutions to identified issues
  • Perform Database growth analysis Health Check
  • SQL analysis, create/alter.drop objects, Impact analysis, etc using DB2 file aid
  • Catalog/Uncatalog VSAM dataset, GDG dataset, ISPF changes, etc using File-Aid.
  • Prepare report of restrictive status objects weekly and analyze or follow-up if needed.
  • Scheduling and rescheduling of utility jobs
  • Monitor/Analyze long run threads/jobs using OMEGAMON tool.
  • Analyze -904, -911, -913 abends of threads, jobs, etc using LOG Analysis.
  • Initial verification process IVP after IPL maintenance of IBM, BMC and CDB utilities.
  • Utilities creation and analyze support like REORG, COPY, LOAD, QUIESCE, RUNSTATS, REBUILD, MODIFY RECOVERY, RECOVER etc of any of IBM, BMC and CDB vendors during abend/failure.
  • To attend the bridge calls for severity 1 and severity 2 issues.
  • Solve production issues using incident management and apply changes using Change management using ITSM standards.
  • Create/Alter objects in test environment for testing as per application need.
  • Space monitoring for Full function/Fast Path IMS databases using NEON tool and action accordingly.
  • Monitor the replication using QREP tool.
  • Expansion of fast path areas databases.
  • Support for IMS COPY, REORG utility for IMS databases during abend/failure.
  • Coordinate with offshore team members
  • Working Environment: Mainframe Z/OS. Have worked in V8, V9 of Z/OS DB2 and currently working in V10 of Z/OS DB2.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Creating new objects from data models / alter/ dropping physical database/ table/ external table/ views/ materialized views objects in development and production environments.
  • Backup and Restore of database objects. Also monitor the jobs and check if any issues.
  • Remove database fragmentation using GROOM and analyze the benefits from output.
  • Generate statistics up to date to improve the query performance using Genstats.
  • Create new user / new group and provide necessary Grant/Revoke priviliges to nz user or nz group ids based on the application requirement.
  • Key distribution selection based on the tables relations as well as based on query.
  • Tuning the queries to improve performance of SQL using EXPLAIN. Also analyze the cost of the SQL.
  • Monitor health check scripts.
  • Schedule the jobs to take backup, generate stats, and groom using CRONTAB scheduler.
  • Monitor long running queries/process/threads and kill the process/threads if needed using NZSESSION.
  • Change the priority of the jobs/transactions if needed.
  • STOP and START the Netezza appliances in case of issues.
  • Loading/Unloading tables using external table concepts also using the files.
  • Check the pg logs, dbos logs, etc with respective to error the application faced.
  • Cluster Based Table CBT , materialized views creation based on application performance need after analysis.
  • Execute scripts to create objects and populate data on the objects.
  • Monitor the filesystem usage.
  • Use NZ Admin tool to check the hardware issues as well as data skew, stats, backup, database size, etc as it is a GUI tool.
  • Work / Co-ordinate with application team to gather information about their business requirements and suggest the key selection during complex queries.
  • Attend calls to co-ordinate with application teams.
  • Working Environment: LINUX environment. Have worked in Red Hat Linux and Netezza V7.1


  • Selected for a paper presentation in an international conference ICEICE2010 titled A Real Time Scheduling for Multimedia Applications Using Multilevel Feedback Queue Scheduling Algorithm during I worked in project.
  • Bagged Best presenter award for presenting Security Session in project.
  • Bagged Best team award for overall performance in Sangam 2012 conducted by AMEX.
  • Developed a REXX tool for clock changes using basic REXX language

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