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Software Engineer Programmer,resume Profile


Results oriented, resourceful senior software engineer, architect with multi-billion corporation and startup experience, specializing in large scale, big data, high performance, high volume, high availability, business critical distributed software development with more than a decade experience in designing and implementing sophisticated applications using C /C, Java J2EE , SOA, MVC and n-tiered architecture on hybrid platforms.


Languages: C /C, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, SQL, Shell, HTML

Platforms: UNIX Solaris, AIX, Linux , Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7, Sever 2003

Databases: Comdb2, MySQL,SQLite, DB2, NoSQL Memcached

Other: STL, Visual C , API, J2EE JDBC, JNDI, EJB, JMS, JAXB, JAX-WS, XSD, XML, JSON, SOAP, REST, JPA, JUnit, Tomcat , Eclipse, RCS, Git, AJAX, GTK, SOA, Distributed Computing, Multithread, Multiprocess


Software Engineer Programmer Mentor Project Lead Architect


Automatic Data Feed Processing and Validation Platform

1 Led development of a new data validation system to provide robust datasets of greater precision, accuracy, and quality.

2 Reduced cost and increased efficiency by designing flexible architecture, employing design patterns and developing reusable code bases, resulting in greater efficiency, versatility and interoperability.

3 Initiated and led the design and implementation of high performance high throughput structured product data feed which interfaces with 1000 clients.

4 Utilized distributed data processing to achieve high availability and load balancing in a service oriented environment Bloomberg Application Service and J2EE Web Service .

5 Developed a custom automated testing framework and built a new deployment process, and providing rollback capabilities.

Analytical Data Search, Calculation, Report and Visualization

1 Developed analytical libraries used for credit risk valuation using customized risk model from Zurich Insurance Group.

2 Designed a structured query language interface to quickly search and query massive data.

3 Implemented privilege based reporting and notification system through Bloomberg proprietary messaging platform.

4 Revamped Bloomberg LEAG data visualization. Doubled the active client base.

5 Adapted software system design to user habits, resulting in simplified efficient software system.

6 Re-architected existing data storage and search backend with high rate, high concurrency infrastructure, increasing performance by 300 and allowing real-time search and aggregation.

Mission Critical System Design and Maintenance

1 Led Bloomberg Open Symbology Infrastructure project which provides Bloomberg Global ID for 190M securities across all security classes with potential scale up to billions.

2 Crafted the disaster recovery plan to ensure system stability in the worst case scenario.

3 Coordinated departmental effort to achieve high availability during system stress test.

4 Implemented various measures to limit the impact of cascading failures, preserving 100 uptime and reducing outage to none during the actual system stress test.

5 Captained Bloomberg R D currency redenomination effort. Devised rollout and failover plan.

IT Consultant


Lead consultant for a joint university and industry business intelligence project for the largest supermarket chain store Kroger Inc. The project includes a website for data visualization and backend for algorithmic data mining PHP/MySQL/JavaScript//AJAX/JSON/Java/JDBC .

Research Assistant


My research is about Electronic Design Automation, with a focus on testable design. Experience includes IC and microprocessor design, compiler, data modeling and algorithmic optimization. Tools used are VHDL, HSPICE, C/C /STL, Visual C , Java/JDBC, PHP/MySQL/Shell Scripts. Four published top IEEE journal papers available upon request.

Lead Programmer / Technical Sales / Network Admin


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