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Java J2ee Developer ,resume Profile


  • 6 years of diversified experience in the IT industry involving System Analysis, Design, Coding.
  • Experience as a Java/J2EE/J2SE/Web logic portal developer in various domains such as financial services like banking, credit card industry business processes and Health Care.
  • Expertise in application programming using JAVA/J2EE/Struts/Spring/Hibernate/
  • Portal technologies. The experience encompasses analysis, design, coding, development, testing, implementation, and deployment.
  • Experience in MVC Model View Controller architecture, using spring, struts frameworks.
  • Experience in developing Back end of web application with Servlets, JDBC, XML, Oracle, My SQL.
  • Experience in developing Web Applications with various Open Source frameworks: Jakarta Struts Framework 1.1/1.2, Spring Framework, Spring MVC, and Hibernate 2.0/3.0.
  • Extensive experience in design and development of J2EE applications using Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, HTML,Struts, JSTL, style sheets, Java Script and Oracle.
  • Strong Multi-Threading and Debugging experience with exposure to high volume transaction processing platforms.
  • Experience in Ant 1.x and Maven 2.x build tools for project development and deployment.
  • Hands on experience with JUnit and Log4j in developing test cases and determining application functionality.
  • Expertise in using Java IDE tools of Eclipse 3.0/3.2, WebLogic to develop dynamic web applications.
  • Good working knowledge of Application Server like Application Server 6.x/7.0, Apache Tomcat 3.0/5.5, Bea WebLogic 8.1/9.2, JBoss 4.2, and JBoss Application Server 4.2.3.
  • Experience with weblogic Administration.
  • Good working experience with database connectivity JDBC for databases like Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i database,SQL Server, MS Access.
  • Experience in developing web application applications using BEA WebLogic, Tomcat Apache Server, IBM WebSphere, JBoss.
  • Hands on experience in writing Web Services SOAP/WSDL
  • Developed Presentation layers using HTML, CSS,Jquery and JavaScript.
  • Participating in a collaborative SDLC and Agile Methodology team environment.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work in team/independently and adapt quickly to new and emerging technologies.


J2EE and Software Development Technologies

Spring MVC




Design Patterns







Java beans











Web services

Tag libraries




Tools and Platforms









WSO2 Developer Studio








Application Servers


Web logic

Web sphere



Oracle 10g/9i


SQL Server




Role : Java J2EE Developer


  • Implemented RESTful WebServices. The service involves CRUD operations to be involved on tables.
  • Developed the myBatis configuration xml file containing the mapping between the domain objects and SQL statements for CRUD operations. Accordingly created the interface mappers class having same name as methods in mapper xml.
  • Created the domain object class which is simply a POJO for database columns.
  • Developed the ServiceImpl class for implementing the mapper interface methods which are called by facade.
  • The facade assembled the cargo and domain objects. Implemented the controller using annotations like Controller, RequestMapping, Resource, RequestMapping, ResponseBody, etc. and REST client.
  • Tested this functionality using Rest client jar passing JSON string and also developed the test client class to test the code.
  • The other sibling to PAW is termed as Risk Control Workstation RCW . The design pattern for RCW is different in which the UI managed backing beans directly calls the myBatis mappers.
  • Implemented the PAW design pattern for RESTful web service namely system notifications of RCW. Implemented the myBatis mappers for all the four CRUD operations. The myBatis interface methods implemented using serviceipml class along with domain objects class for database columns.
  • Developed the facade that assembles the domain and cargo objects, a controller and rest client. Accordingly developed the test classes using Spring JUnit.


Java 1.6, Spring MVC 3.2.1 , RESTful Web Services, JUnit 4.8.1 , XML, JSON, log4j, Maven 3.0.5 , myBatis 3.0 , DB2, JSF 2.1.21 , BladeLogic, Jquery,SonarQube, Linux, Eclipse Juno 4.2 , IBM WebSphere 8.5.5 , Javascript , HTML.


Role : Java J2EE Developer

. Responsibilities:

  • Developed user access module Presentation layer using JSPs, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Servlets and MVC framework
  • Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Involved in development of Web Services using spring, hibernate.
  • Involved in the development of Web Services, Spring Beans and POJOs.
  • Write, tune and optimize SQL queries as part of developing WebServices
  • Mapping domain objects to tables using hibernate mapping xml
  • Involved in Developing and calling RESTful and SOAP web services
  • Worked with SVN, Maven, Ant for development deployment
  • Used Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping ORM and data persistence.
  • Fine grained authorization through integration with WSO2 Enterprise Services and WSO2 Identity server.
  • Used Apache Maven for project management and building the application.
  • Used Log4j utility to generate run-time logs.
  • Deploying and testing the applications on tomcat server.
  • Involved in coding for Dao , Services and Controllers.
  • Configured database mapping with hbm.xml and made easy to access and update Hibernate ORM objects on initial load of application and throughout the application process.
  • Wrote Java utility classes and main JSP actions that are common for all of the modules.
  • Focused on Test Driven Development thereby creating detailed JUnit tests for every single piece of functionality before actually writing the functionality.
  • Worked closely with QA team and fixed QA bugs as well as production issues with a quick turnaround time.


Java jdk 1.5 , J2EE, JSP, Spring 3.0, Servlets ,JDBC,Hibernate, JQuery,JSTL, JavaScript,Oracle Web logic, Eclipse 3.4, log4j,Oracle 10g,JQuery, Maven,HTML,Java Script,SQL .


Role : SoftwareDeveloper


  • Implemented Hibernate instead of traditional JDBC code
  • Designed the applications using Spring MVC framework for easy maintainability
  • Developed various helper classes needed following Core Java multi-threaded programming and Collection classes
  • Used multithreading in programming to improve overall performance
  • Designed the Front-end screens using JSP, Servlets, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Involved in requirements gathering User Interface, Business Processes and Non-functional requirements.
  • Responsible for presentation layer in JSP, HTML, Java using Spring framework.
  • Involved in writing Thread Safe blocks for multi-thread access to make valid transactions.
  • Involved in the development of Spring Beans and POJOs.
  • Write, tune and optimize SQL queries as part of developing WebServices
  • Mapping domain objects to tables using hibernate mapping xml
  • Used SVN version Controller.
  • Involved in writing JSTL tags, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Created several Exception classes to catch the error for a bug free environment and orderly logged the whole process using Log4j, which gives the ability to pinpoint the errors.


Java jdk 1.5 , J2EE, JSP, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.0, Servlets ,JDBC, JSP,JSTL, JavaScript, Eclipse 3.4, log4j, IBM-WebSphere Lombardi 7.2.0,Oracle 10g, Java Script, Jqury,Xml , Html.

Worked at I Biz Cyber Tech Pvt Ltd ,


Role : Software Developer


  • Gather requirements, Estimate, Design and implement Production defects and new enhancements.
  • Coordinate with other IS teams to report any defects in Transaction processing and understand the impact of new products/fields.
  • Developed the Model, View and Controller Components in implementing Framework.
  • Developed front-end GUI screens using HTML, JSP and CSS.
  • Java Servlets and JSP were used as a middle-ware to communicate Client Server used JDBC for database access.
  • Developed the Struts Controller Servlet for the application.
  • Built various StrutActionclasses to Model the business logic.
  • Developed Action Forms to capture the screen data.
  • Developed JavaBeans components as the business objects.
  • Implemented Struts Validate Framework for used data in all modules.
  • Deployed application on IBM Web Sphere application Server.
  • Performed logging with Log4j.
  • Used JDBC to provide database connectivity to database tables in ORACLE.
  • Developed JSP pages and developed web application using MVC Framework , Hibernate Framework.
  • Configured Struts-config.xml and Web.xml, Struts-specific descriptor.
  • Configured database with hibernate.cfg.xml database mapping with hbm.xml and made easy to access and update Hibernate ORM objects on initial load of application and throughout the application process.

Environment: Java 6, J2EE,JDBC, JavaScript, Hibernate, Struts , DAO,CSS, HTML, Servlets, PL/SQL, Apache Server, MVC, Oracle 10g, log4j, Eclipse.

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