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Sr.java Developer Resume Profile


  • 6 years of Java/J2EE developing experience in telecom, finance and e-commerce industry with excellent understanding of Object Oriented Design and Programming.
  • Strong comprehension of Core Java concepts including Multi-Threading, Collections Framework, Exception Handling, Input/Output System, Reflection, Generics and Annotation.
  • Solid understanding of GoF Design patterns: Singleton, Prototype, Decorator, Factory Method, Proxy, Fa ade, Adapter etc. and J2EE patterns: Model-View-Controller MVC , Plain Old Java Object POJO , Data Access Object DAO etc.
  • Concrete knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC , such as Waterfall Model, Test-Driven Development TDD , Agile development, Scrum and Extreme programming XP .
  • Expertise in developing J2EE applications using Spring 2.x/3.x . Hands-on experience of Spring MVC, Spring Security configuration.
  • Experience of using Servlet, JSP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJs and AJAX to create the front-end of websites.
  • Proficient in using XML and JSON to transmit data objects.
  • Expertise in using JDBC, DBCP and Hibernate 3.x to communicate with databases.
  • Experience of writing SQL, PL/SQL and Stored Procedures in relational databases such as Oracle and MySQL.
  • Knowledge of web services such as SOAP and REST.
  • Experience of deploying web servers, such as Apache Tomcat and JBoss.
  • Proficient in using Unix/Linux, shell scripting.
  • Knowledge of multiple testing methods including Unit test, Integration test, Regression test, white box test and black box test.
  • Familiar with version control software SVN and Git.
  • Experience of using JIRA to track bug resolving progress.
  • Excellent problem solver with good communication skills, a reliable teammate and an energetic individual.


Programming Languages

Java, PL/SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS

Web Technologies


J2EE Technologies

JSP, Servlet, Spring 2.x/3.x, Spring Security, Spring Cache, EJB, JavaMail, Log4j, Hibernate 3.x


Oracle 10g/11g, MySQL

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux

Web Services


Web Servers

Apache Tomcat, JBoss 5.0

Test and Version Control Tools

JUnit, QUnit, SVN, Git

Development Tools

Eclipse, Maven, JIRA



Position: Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Engaged in most phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC , especially Implementation and Maintenance.
  • Developed the front-end using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS.
  • Used AJAX calls to asynchronously retrieve data from back-end.
  • Implemented RESTful web services to provide methods requested by AJAX calls.
  • Implemented the structure of the system using Spring MVC.
  • Used and configured Spring Security to control user login authentication and authorization.
  • Developed POJO classes for various objects used in the system and added Hibernate Annotation for O-R Mapping.
  • Used GoF Design Patterns like Singleton and Factory Method to manage instance creation of bean and session.
  • Extensively used Spring IoC features to assign values to fields in various objects.
  • Built Data Access Object DAO to form a dedicated database communication module.
  • Used and configured Hibernate as the underlying layer to do the database operations.
  • Developed the back-end using Core Java, including Collections Framework, I/O, Generics and Exception Handling.
  • Created tables in Oracle 10g system based on the Entity-relationship model which is specified in the requirements.
  • Wrote various SQL/HQL queries and stored procedures to store and retrieve data from the database.
  • Configured Hibernate cache to store frequently used queries for better efficiency.
  • Tested Java classes using JUnit for Unit testing, also involved in other testing phases such as Integration testing, Regression testing.
  • Wrote QUnit test cases to test front-end JavaScript code.
  • Implemented email confirmation function using JavaMail.
  • Deployed the system on Apache Tomcat Server using DBCP configuration.
  • Used SVN to do the version control during the development.
  • Developed the system using Eclipse.


Core Java, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX, RESTful, Oracle 10g, Eclipse 3.7, Apache Tomcat 7.0 Web Server, Hibernate 3.2, Spring 3.1, JUnit 4, QUnit, JavaMail, SVN.


Position: Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed the system with a team using Agile software development process.
  • Designed the front-end user interface with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Used AJAX calls to asynchronously retrieve data from back-end.
  • Implemented RESTful web services to provide methods requested by AJAX calls.
  • Development the system using Spring, configured Spring Controller annotation to map url requests to the methods in controllers.
  • Configured the Spring Cache for the system to achieve better performance.
  • Used Hibernate to do the database connection and operations.
  • Configured the Hibernate mapping file for Java beans and tables in the database with XML format.
  • Implemented the back-end of the system using Core Java features, such as Collections Framework, Generics and Multi-threading. Used various design patterns when implementing, including Singleton, Proxy, Adaptor.
  • Used Oracle 10g to store customer information.
  • Deployed the system using JBoss application server.
  • Used JIRA for project development.
  • SVN is used to achieve the version control.


Core Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, RESTful, Oracle 10g, JBoss Application Server, Hibernate 3, Spring 2, Spring Cache, SVN.


Position: Java/J2EE Developer


  • Participated in various development phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC .
  • Implemented the front-end page using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Used REST web services as the system's structure that takes care of the data transfer between front-end and back-end, along with JDBC to communicate with database.
  • AJAX is used to implement the submit payment function. Used JSON data type in AJAX as the transferring object between front-end and back-end.
  • Developed the back-end objects as Enterprise JavaBeans EJB .
  • Used JavaMail to send an email with invoice to customer after successful payment.
  • Involved in Unit Tesing, Integration Tesing and Load Testing of the system.
  • Used Log4j to make logs when the system is running.
  • Achieved version control by using SVN.


Core Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JBoss Application Server, JDBC, AJAX, REST, JSON, EJB, Log4j, SVN.

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