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Java Developer Resume Profile


  • Over 9 years of experience in design, development and implementation of software applications using Java, J2EEand Adobe Flex technologies. Having good experience in the Information Technology Industry and also healthy participation in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC including analysis, design, coding and Testing.
  • Good knowledge and hands on experience in MVC Struts , spring, ORM Hibernate , Parsley frameworks.
  • Extensive experience in using various design patterns and industry best practices such as MVC Model-View-Controller , Singleton, Facade, Factory and DAO, DTO.
  • Knowledge on UNIX and Shell scripting.
  • Good documentation skills on both functional and business requirements.
  • Good knowledge in Setting Hadoop Cluster
  • Good knowledge on Hadoop and its components like HDFS, Map Reduce, Apache Pig, Hive, Sqoop and HBase
  • Good knowledge on writing the Pig scripts to reduce the job execution time
  • Expertise in Distributed and Web environments, focused in JAVA Technologies Java collections, Threads, J2SE, JDBC, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Parsley Framework.
  • Extensively experienced in Middle Tier Development using Servlets and JSPs.
  • Expertise in Web-Development technologies like Servlets, JSP, JSTL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, MXML, Action Script.
  • Good knowledge and experience with multiple Servers like Web Logic server, Apache Tomcat, JBoss.
  • Extensive experience in working IDE tools like Eclipse, Adobe Flash Builder 4.0.
  • Extensive experience in implementation of the version control softwareSVN, CVS.
  • Experienced in generating logging by Log4j to identify the errors in production test environment and experienced inAnt and Maven.
  • Hands on experience using Messaging Services like JMS.
  • Proficient in RDBMS concepts and experience in working with MY SQL PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Procedures, Functions.
  • Closely worked with Release Management Team in doing builds and deploying code into various environments like DEV/QA/UAT/Prod.
  • Have excellent analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, with ability to interact with individuals at all levels and can work as a part of a team as well as independently.



Java, SQL, PL/SQL, C, MapReduce, Pig, Sqoop, Hive, Hbase.

Web Technologies

JSP, Servlets, JNDI, JDBC, MXML, Action Script, HTML, DHTML, Java Beans, JavaScript.

XML Technologies.

XML, XML Beans

Web/App. Servers

Apache Tomcat 4.0/5.0/6.0, Web Logic 8.1/9.1, JBoss.


Eclipse, Adobe Flash Builder 4.0


Ant, Maven, PL/SQL Developer, Junit

Operating systems

Windows, UNIX.


Oracle, My Sql, MS-Access.

Design Patterns

MVC, Singleton, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Facade, DTO, DAO, Factory Pattern etc


Struts, Spring Dependency Injection, Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Context, Spring AOP, Spring DAO, Spring IOC, Spring JDBC, Spring with Hibernate , Hibernate, Log4j, Parsley.

Version Control




Role: Flex/Java Developer

  • MedIntelli Product is certified electronic health records for ambulatory practices. Medintelli Electronic Health Record EHR solution makes it easy to transition from paper to electronic health records. We provide a complete Electronic Medical Records EMR solution that is easy to use with fully integrated Medical Practice Management and patient portal solution. Through the patient portal, patients can securely access their medical records, view test results, pay bills, and schedule appointments from anywhere, at any time via the Internet and create a HIPAA-compliant paperless environment.
  • Patient Health Records PHR : Manages patients in this module. The patients have full access to their records from this portal. They can schedule/cancel an appointment, view lab records, alerts, medication, prescriptions' from this module.
  • Front desk portal:
  • The front desk portal manages different modules .In this module they can schedule an appointment check the validation of insurance billing.
  • Doctor portal: This portal is integrated with different modules. The doctor can have the electronic medical records with HIPPA compliance. Doctor can get alert of history, allergies and complication of a particular patient. Fromthisportalhecanaccessdirectlythetranscriptionportal.
  • Grouping and Matching: With this you have the ability to maintain groups. This in turn eases the ability to match the regulations setup by HIPPA. You can create searchable groups and categorize applicants based on your requirements.
  • Smart Communication: Since communication is a key aspect of healthcare process, this system gives you the flexibility of communicating via email, phone, and fax. This piece is tightly integrated with the software and can be invoked and used from very minor use to critical pieces. You can set reminders, send group messages, can send smart responses etc. We have tight integration with PDAs and Smart phones/ devices and give you theflexibilitytomanagecommunicationwiththesedevicesanytime/anywhere.
  • Compliance Reporting: You have lots of built in report types that can tell you everything you want to know about your patients, Customers and job order. You also have the ability to generate custom reports for any specific purposes. Compliance reports dramatically reduce time spent gathering regulatory information forgovernmentandother reporting requirements.
  • Other System Integration: Integration to others systems is very important to any new software system. With this we can integrate our system to variety of systems like Lab integrations, Electronic prescriptions


  • Involved in SDLC Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using Agile Model.
  • Developed web application using Spring MVC ,Parsley framework
  • Used Spring Inversion of Control, to make application easy to test and integrate
  • Used DAO classes with Spring Controllers
  • Developed GUI using Adobe Flex, MXML,Action Script and CSS
  • Utilized Spring annotations and XML configuration for Dependency Injection
  • Implemented web services for communicating by using SOAP
  • Provided connections using spring with Hibernate to the database and developed SQL queries to manipulate the data.
  • Used Spring DAO concept in order to interact with database My Sql using Hibernate Template.
  • Used Web Logic Application Developer for building, testing and deploying application locally.
  • Used Log4j to print the logging, debugging, warning, info on the server console.
  • Interacted with testing team to fix defects.
  • Involved in bug fixes, enhancements and code refactoring.

Environment: Web Logic Application Server, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Java, Action Script, MXML,JSP, HTML, Log4j, Maven, Unix.


Role: Flex/Java Developer


  • Attended discussions with the client to discuss and understand various components of the requirement and to implement the same.
  • Status report was provided to the manager/Scrum master regarding the progress of the task assigned at both the beginning/end of the working day. JIRA tickets were created and tasks were completed in the assigned time.
  • Used UI such as Action Script for enhancing the user interaction with the application and for client side validation. Coding, Testing and implementing new functionalities for new requests in the Application.
  • Actively participated in the implementation, maintenance and testing phases plan generation using spring, Hibernate framework.
  • Enhanced user interfaces to enable input of additional personal information for the purpose of plan generation using CSS, Action Script.
  • Used SVN version controls to check in/out files, etc.
  • Used data modeling for creating a data model by applying formal data modeling techniques.
  • Experience in application servers like Tomcat locally and Web logic to host it on the Linux server.
  • Involved in creating and extracting data from database using SQL Queries, PL/SQL Stored procedures.
  • Extensively used log4j to log regular debug and exception statements.
  • Performed code review and unit tested the application using Junit framework.

Environment:Java 1.5,Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, J2EE, JSP, MXML, Action Script, Parsley, My SQL, SVN, JBoss, Eclipse, Maven, Apache Tomcat, XML 1.x and Web Services, Unix.


Role: Flex/Java Developer


  • Responsible for developing Flex UI components using Flex Builder 3.
  • Responsible for development of MXML and Action Script files to meet the business requirements.
  • Developed Action Script functions for event handling, response handling and error handling.
  • Responsible for implementing chart Applications, States, Custom components, Custom events.
  • Responsible for implementing HttpServices ,Web Services in flex
  • Implementing Proto version Also
  • Worked on Session Fa ade design pattern to access domain objects.
  • Involved in building service and repository layers.
  • Developed Graphical User Interfaces using MXML, Action Script for user interaction.
  • Used Maven to build, run and create JARs and WAR files among other uses.
  • Implemented Hibernate in the data access object layer to access and update information in the Oracle Database
  • Wrote test cases in JUnit for unit testing of classes.
  • Used Eclipse 3.8 IDE for developing code modules in the development environment
  • Implemented the logging mechanism using log4j framework
  • Used SVN version control to track and maintain the different version of the project.
  • Worked on a variety of defects to stabilize application.

Environment:Java/J2EE 1.5, Servlets, JSP, MXML, Adobe Flex, EJB, Eclipse3.8, Maven 3.0.4, JUnit 3.8, Log4j, SVN, Unix.


Role: Java Developer


  • Developed the GUI of the system using MXML, Action Script and client-side validations was done using JavaScript.
  • Responsible for developing Flex UI components using Flex Builder 3.
  • Responsible for development of MXML and Action Script files to meet the business requirements.
  • Responsible for implementing best design patterns from Cairngorm architecture to interact with backend J2EE and Web Services layer to pull out the data to Flex UI components.
  • Worked on Data integrating with LCDS Life cycle data Services .
  • Developed Action Script functions for event handling, response handling and error handling.
  • Responsible for implementing chart Applications, States, Custom components, Custom events.
  • Responsible for implementing Http Services ,Web Services, Data management Services in flex

Environment:Java/J2EE, MXML, Action Script3.0, JSP, SAP, Eclipse, CVS, Unix.


Role: Java Developer


  • System Requirements gathering for the project.
  • Use Struts and JavaScript for web page development and front-end validations
  • Created Servlets, JSPs and used JUnit framework for unit testing
  • Use Ant scripts to automate application build and deployment processes
  • Support Production/Stage application defects, track and document using Quality Center.

Environment: Java, Struts, JavaScript, JDBC, CVS, Eclipse, Web logic Server, Oracle.


Role: Java Developer

This eDepo product has been developed for ICAP USA, as an online investment user interface. The eDepo is ICAP s electronic service that allows customers to meet their short-term cash management. It provides the electronic banking platform, allow investors to make automated active investments into a wide variety of short-term products. The application has hierarchical user roles like client, sales person, trader and administrator. The administrator holds the privilege of company, accounts, products and user management.

Administrator is the user of the ICAP and the salesperson, trader come under non ICAP entities in a hierarchical manner. It is a completely modular system and provides a single platform for trading across financial products. It facilitates the Banks and its clients to provide online trading for various types of products like Time Deposits, Commercial Paper, Certificate of Deposits and Fed Funds.


1. Responsible for developing User Administration module.

2. Implementing Server Side Validations

3. Involved in configuring the XML files like struts-config.XML, validation.XML

4. Developing JSP pages.

5. Writing Action classes, configuration files.

6. Fixed the defects in Assembly and Integration environments

Environment: Java, Struts, JavaScript, AWT, JDBC, SVN, Eclipse, Web logic Server, Oracle.


Role: Java Developer

  • Implemented 25 business functional specifications to fulfill the enhancements and customization for Insurance Company.
  • The main functionality Includes: when a user comes logs in and clicks the Annuity link on SBG Portal he should be automatically logged into NaviSys Front Office where business logic resides and does his work.


  • As a team member, was responsible for
  • Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients
  • Design and Development
  • Testing - unit testing integration testing
  • Developed Java Beans which are called in JSP to access the Database

Environment: Java, Struts, JavaScript, AWT, JDBC, JSP, SVN, Eclipse, Tomcat, MySql.

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