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Java Programmer Resume Profile



  • Well-versed in active listening understanding core issue s .
  • Ability to summarize / break-down complex issues into relevant points.
  • Use of strategic-thinking skills to generate viable options.
  • Proven ability working through intense situations.
  • Experienced working in team environments forming excellent working relationships with co-workers.


  • Experienced in all stages of software development lifecycle initial requirements to maintenance .
  • Well-versed in Object-Oriented Analysis Design OOAD Rational Unified Process RUP software development.
  • Accomplished trouble-shooter with excellent problem-determination skills using critical-thinking methodical processes.
  • Highly-skilled at detecting bugs, analyzing their cause s , engineering verifying solution s .
  • Developed diagnostic regression testing plans for software quality assurance.
  • Accomplished path-finder : researching, experimenting with new technologies providing detailed documentation to team members.



Java Programmer

  • J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition , J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition , Spring Framework v3.x 4.5 years: 2014-July
  • JavaServer Faces JSF 2.0 , Expression Language EL 2.0 , Managed/Backing Beans, Primefaces v2.2 - 4.0
  • Java Beans, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages JSP scriptlets-based JSTL-based
  • JSTL Java Server Page Standard Template Library standard tags, JSTL custom tags
  • Java EE5 / EJB3.0: Stateful / Stateless Session Beans Entity classes JPA Java Persistence API ORM Object-Relational-Mapping : Toplink, Hibernate, EclipseLink2.0 JPQL Java Persistence Query Language CMT Container Managed Transactions BMT Bean Managed Transactions Java EE Timer Services JMS API Java Messaging Service Java MDB JMS-Message Driven Beans
  • Java EE / Web Services Technologies: SOA Service-Oriented Architecture , EJB Enterprise JavaBeans as web service endpoint, SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol , WSDL Web Service Definition Language , SAAJ SOAP with Attachments API , JAXB Java Architecture for XML Binding , JAX-WS Java API for XML - Web Services , RESTful Web Services, JAX-RS Java API for XML - RESTful Services , Jersey Sun implementation JAX-RS , Web Services design deployment patterns for JAX-WS JAX-RS
  • Confidential Accomplished with development maintenance browser-neutral HTML / JavaScript
  • HTML Hyper Text Markup Language , JavaScript Document Object Model DOM / jQuery / JSON, CSS Cascade Style Sheet , AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • Confidential XML, XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language / Xpath, Java based XML processing JAXB, javax.xml.
  • Confidential MongoDB, Spring MongoTemplate, Spring RESTful web-services SOA , conversion/processing: org.codehaus.jackson.
  • Confidential Database modeling, design, implementation, interface / access.
  • Integrated relational databases into N-tier architectures.
  • RDBMS / Relational Databases: MySQL 5.1 4.5 years: 2014-July , Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MS-Access, Informix, Apache Derby
  • ODBC, JDBC, SQL, ORM: Hibernate EJB3.0 / JPA


  • Using Spring's MongoTemplate, Mongo java driver com.mongodb. , org.bson. , MongoDB shell: admin, CRUD operations, developing useful SQL-equivalent queries
  • Windows operating systems Win-XP, Win-2000, Win-NT, Win-9X, Win-3.1, MS-DOS, IBM-DOS
  • IIS Internet Information Services , Visual-C / C MS-Visual Studio , COM objects / Active-X DLLs
  • Active Server Pages ASP , VBScript, Visual Basic

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