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Java Developer,resume Profile


An accomplished web developer with experience in online promotions and donation systems, human resources software, and content management systems. Possesses background in the full life cycle of online solutions development using agile methodology. This includes requirements gathering and documentation, database and code design and optimization, and testing and maintenance. Experience with a broad range of online applications, and the development and deployment of desktop applications. Additional online applications media and news sites, e-learning sites, and e-commerce sites. Proven ability to quickly learn and implement new technologies is an advantage in the deadline-driven online solutions industry.

Summary of Qualifications

  • 1.5 year's experience supporting and developing Perl applications used in online promotions and loyalty programs
  • 1 year's experience supporting and developing a Java application using the Spring MVC
  • Software development utilizing agile methodology, including scrum, extreme programming, test driven development, and version control.
  • Experience working with clients to gather and document technical requirements.
  • Experience creating comprehensive testing scenarios.
  • Four year's experience supporting the needs of the University of Michigan's philanthropic and fundraising community via online giving solutions and desktop applications.
  • Experience in implementing varying levels of user access and security.
  • Experience developing and managing information architecture.
  • Experience in creating solutions that work across a variety of browser/OS environments.
  • Strong team player with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Successful at meeting new technical challenges and finding solutions appropriate to the client's needs.
  • Three years' experience working with PHP and Oracle to create workflow solutions for large clients, including Kaiser Permanente and Hewlett Packard.
  • Over five years' experience creating scalable, dynamic content management web tools.

Summary of Skills

Programming languages: Perl, Java, HTML, MySQL, SQL, JQuery, Javascript, Visual C , PHP, PL/SQL, CSS, XML, JSON

Software: Eclipse, Notepad , Vim, Jenkins, Git, Ant, Linux CentOS, Linux Ubuntu, MySQL Workbench, Jira, Vagrant, Penatho, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-2010, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle 9i-11g, CVS, Tortoise SVN, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Office Suite, Apache Tomcat, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Selenium IDE, Unfuddle, Microsoft Sharepoint

Communications: Development of client-facing business requirement documents and internal technical requirement documents, email and phone support for clients, help text, editing and proofreading

Professional Experience


  • Made changes to and provided support for a Perl-based framework used for building online promotions
  • Used a Vagrant virtual machine for development of Perl code
  • Made changes and provided support for a Java web application built on the Spring MVC platform
  • Used Git Enterprise and SVN for branching and version control
  • Created ETL for automatic upload of ordered prizes to our prize fulfillment partner and consumption of error response file as well as consumption of prize shipped data
  • Collaborated with end-users to analyze requirements and create requirements documents
  • Wrote comprehensive testing scenarios for QA to use in verifying the changes made to the above-mentioned systems
  • Provided support to internal technical teams and the prize fulfillment team in trouble-shooting issues with promotions and prizing data
  • Wrote queries and macros to provide support to the prize fulfillment team


  • Participated in the initial design, alpha and beta testing, and implementation of the University of Michigan's new online giving presence BBIS via the Blackbaud Fundraising CRM software. As we do not have access to the underlying C .NET components, we have had to modify functionality through CSS, jquery, and javascript.
  • Implemented automated testing on all BBIS environments using Selenium IDE. Began implementing Selenium-WebDriver testing.
  • Lead and deployed several iterations of BBIS.
  • Developed an award-winning desktop application, DC3, for entering donor contact reports into the University of Michigan's legacy DB2 database. This software was built in Actionscript 3.5 and Java, using the BlazeDS turnkey server.
  • Lead several releases of the proprietary EIS software, built in Powerbuilder 9.
  • Gather requirements from major stakeholders and determine priorities for each iteration and sprint.
  • Managed beta testers and feedback gathering.
  • Crafted communications regarding new releases and drafted release notes.
  • Participated in a new version release of a utility built in Visual C to gather and present gift data for validation and processing. Provided long-term support for this utility to Gift Records, the team using the utility.
  • Created a tool combining an Access 2010 front end with Oracle and SQL databases and SSIS to allow the Annual Giving team to enter codes necessary to process funds received via website or mailing. Provided support for utility.
  • Participated in the creation of the Development Services help site and implemented site updates.
  • Supported original online giving solution, run through Blackbaud's Kintera product and expanded through a suite of javascript files corresponding to each giving page.
  • Created donation and registration pages through Blackbaud's Kintera product and provided reports on revenue to the schools, colleges, and units.


  • Provided technical guidance in developing a migration plan for clients transitioning to the WorkforceLogic human resources software solution from a previous solution.
  • Developed a statement of work creation and management utility.


  • Developed client-specific monetary approvals for Kaiser Permanente in the ECG Chimes software suite, including validation over multiple cost centers per approver. Involved creating new PHP code in the assignment wizard to work with server-side changes.
  • Worked with ECG project offices to interpret client requests and create client-facing business requirement documents.
  • Implemented changes specified in the business requirement documents, including designing code and database changes to meet the needs outlined in the document.
  • Developed additional workflow software that was integrated into the existing Chimes suite per client request in addition to modifying existing software.
  • Worked extensively with the data load wizards and the assignment wizards, including integrating two separate PHP assignment wizards start assignment and edit assignment into one. Data load wizards' functionality was expanded to include the ability to download a template .csv file, upload and validate that file, and subsequently validate the uploaded records through a PHP utility before the data was loaded as live into the database.
  • Was responsible for writing efficient PL/SQL functions, views, and queries.
  • Worked closely with QA to ensure that any new functionality shipped was of the highest quality.
  • Was on call during new version deployment of the Chimes software and was responsible for working with delivery support and DBAs to address any issues that arose.


  • Developer on two versions of http://media.ford.com.
  • Lead developer on during my employment. MGoBlue is no longer a TekGroup client.
  • Created robust proprietary solution for Specialty Sports Ventures to dynamically create and manage multiple websites through one set of management tools.
  • Created Google and Yahoo spiders for use on daily newsletter sites. Spiders' keywords were dynamically managed and imported news stories were non-duplicate.
  • Created rss feed management tool.
  • Created batch management utility for use on daily newsletter sites that allowed the user to update the data associated with multiple news stories as a batch rather than individually.
  • Created wish list functionality for http://www.geardirect.com, functionality to mirror that of amazon.com.
  • Created development plan for a proprietary ColdFusion tool to dynamically manage the fields that appeared on content publishing forms.
  • Additional experience on e-learning solutions, poll and survey software, photo and video management tools, and advertising management tools


  • Developed online archives management software from initial meeting with the client through proof of concept and QA.
  • Imported existing archives records from Access to SQL, and collated and normalized the data to remove redundancies and inconsistencies.
  • Developed tools for the internal Ford Communications Network site and created advanced search functionality for internal Ford Public Affairs site.

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