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Java Developer Resume Profile


To seek a challenging role as a Java/J2EE programmer in a progressive organization where I can undertake projects related to development, execution maintenance and contribute to my personal growth and the growth of the organization.


  • Over 7 years of potential experience in SDLC Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing in diversified areas of Client-Server/Enterprise applications using Java, J2EE technologies.
  • Hands on experience in developing Enterprise Applications using Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, JSF, Hibernate, EJB, JSTL, JSP Custom Tags, Java Beans, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, Java Messaging Service JMS , JAXP, UML, JUnit, LOG4j, SQL, PL/SQL, Maven.
  • Strong database development skills using Database Servers like Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and hands on experience with SQL, PL/SQL. Extensive experience of backend database programming in oracle environment using PL/SQL with tools such as TOAD.
  • Experience in software development using Agile and SDLC methodologies.
  • Domain expertise in Banking, Retail, Insurance and Health Care.
  • Good exposure to both Application and Web servers like IBM WebSphere, Oracle BEA Weblogic, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS and also involved in setting up, configuration and deployment process.
  • Well acquainted in applying design patterns like Singleton, Factory, MVC, Proxy Interface, Business Delegate, Service Locator, VO, DAO and Session Facade.
  • Implemented SOA architecture with Web Services using SOAP, REST and WSDL.
  • Highly proficient in using XML related technologies like DTDs XML Schemas, Namespaces as well as XML parsing APIs like DOM and SAX.
  • Well versed in JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS and JSON for the development of front end.
  • Adept in OOAD Techniques in developing UML Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams. Very good working knowledge on Performance Tuning, Debugging, Testing on various platforms.
  • Very Strong inter-personal skills, in interacting with End-Users, Managers and Technical, personnel and good technical troubleshooting/problem-solving ability.
  • Motivated team player with ability to work under minimal supervision.



Java, PL/SQL, C, C , HTML

J2EE Technologies

SOA, Web Services , Servlets, JSP, JDBC, SOAP, RMI, JNDI, XML, JSTL, EJB, DOM, SAX, JAXP, Java Mail, JPA, JMS, Sonic MQ


BEA's Weblogic, IBM's WebSphere , JBOSS, Apache Tomcat,

Design Patterns

Singleton, Factory, Front Controller, MVC, Business Delegate, DTO, DAO, Builder, Adapter, Service Locator

Web Services


Web Technologies



Oracle 9i/10g/11g, MySQL , SQL Server, DB2


Spring IOC, AOP, JDBC, ORM, OXM, MVC, TEST , Hibernate, Struts, Tiles, Java Server Faces JSF , ApacheCXF


RAD, Eclipse, MyEclipse.

Build Tools

ANT, Maven

Operating Systems

Windows, UNIX, LINUX

Other Utilities Tools

Toad, MySQL Workbench, SoapUI, JUnit, Log4J, Firebug, Rational ClearCase, CVS, SVN, GITHUB, UML, Rational Rose



Java Developer


  • Used Scrum Agile Software Development methodology for developing the application
  • Designed and developed user interface components using AJAX, JQuery, JSON, JSP, JSTL Custom Tag library.
  • Java Script is used for client side validations.
  • Implemented Core java concepts including Multithreading and Exception Handling
  • Developed an Asynchronous AJAX based rich client to meet the user requirement.
  • This application is developed based on MVC Architecture with Spring framework for user interface development and server side validation.
  • Used Tiles framework for designing the layouts of multiple pages in the application.
  • Extensively used the J2EE design patterns like Business Delegate, Service Locator, Value Object Transfer Object and Data Access Object and session facade.
  • DAO layer is implemented using Spring with Hibernate
  • Implemented Transactions and Batch Updates using spring framework.
  • Written Unit test case using JUnit and Mock framework.
  • Implemented exception handling and audit logging using Spring AOP.
  • Involved in configuring JMS, Data Sources and JNDI in Web Sphere application Server.
  • Developed MQ JMS Queues for asynchronous messaging.
  • Implemented and consumed SOAP and REST based web services using ApacheCXF.
  • Designed various tables required for the project in Oracle database and used the Stored Procedures in the application.
  • Used Rational ClearCase for version control and source code management.
  • Involved in the process of Performance Testing and analyzing the utilization report Memory Utilization, Heap space, CPU, Processing times .
  • Worked with QA team to detect and resolve issues.

Environment: Java SDK, J2EE, Java 6, SQL, JSP, JQuery, JSTL, AJAX, JSON , XML, XSL, Spring AOP, Spring Hibernate, Spring ORM, Spring OXM, Log4j, Java Script, Eclipse IDE, Tiles, WebSphere Application Server, Maven, SOAP, SOAPUI, REST, PL/SQL, ApacheCXF, JMS, Data Sources, JNDI, JUnit, Rational ClearCase, Mock framework, Oracle, SQL, Scrum Agile methodology.


Java Developer


  • Developed User Interface using JSP, HTML and JQuery plug-ins for easy user interactions.
  • Used Javascript, AJAX JSON technologies for front end user input validations and RESTful web service calls using ApacheCXF.
  • Used Firebug to debug the front end implementations.
  • Designed validation component using Spring validator to validate data, based on the requirement developed validation rules to accommodate special business rules.
  • Created Server side components with coordination of Hibernate and Spring using web established frame work implementing various design patterns like Business Delegate, session fa ade, Service locator, DTO and DAO.
  • Configured different layers presentation layer, server layer, persistence layer of application using Spring IoC and maintained the Spring Application Framework's IoC container.
  • Implemented cross cutting concerns like business transactions, security, Logging and monitoring mechanism using Spring AOP.
  • Designed and developed the communication tier to exchange data to Xpress Services through JMS and XML over HTTP.
  • Executed unit test cases using JUnit and Mock Objects.
  • Implemented Hibernate to persist the data into database and written HQL to access/update the data from/to the database
  • Applied JMS to send the notifications and Emails to the concerned people
  • Developed Maven scripts to build the application.
  • Configured, packaged, and deployed the application in WebLogic server in different environments.
  • Used CVS as version control system for the source code and project documents.

Environment: WebLogic, JSP, HTML, JSON, JQuery, Java Script, AJAX, REST, Firebug, XML, JMS, CVS, JUnit, Mock Objects, Log4j, Maven scripts, Hibernate, Spring AOP, Spring IoC, Spring ORM, Spring Validator, Spring Hibernate, Linux, Oracle, PL/SQL, Multithreaded environment, TOAD, MyEclipse IDE, Scrum Agile methodology.


Java Developer


  • Performed designing and coding of business classes using Spring IoC and Spring AOP features.
  • Used Spring ORM support and Dependency Integration DI , Hibernate for development of DAO layer.
  • Written Hibernate annotated POJO classes
  • Used hibernate criteria to build pagination.
  • Configured web.xml for security constraints. Used J2EE security framework security to configured data security, application security and access control.
  • Queried the database using hibernate and Hibernate query language HQL .
  • Developed Web Services using AXIS2 and worked with SOAP/WSDL.
  • Developed generic servlet to receive user requests.
  • Primitive client side validations are handled using java scripts.
  • Worked on UNIX shell scripting for setting up and running the application and even for daily maintenance and backups.
  • Used Weblogic Data sources instead of JDBC database connections.
  • Implemented unit testing by using JUnit.
  • Created build scripts for building the application using ANT.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring ORM, Spring IoC, Spring AOP, POJO, Data Sources, SOAP, WSDL, Hibernate, HQL, XML, MySQL, JBOSS, CVS, Eclipse IDE, JUnit, UNIX.


UI/Middle-tier Developer


  • Involved in System Requirement study, conceptual design and designing of Use Cases based on the requirements using Rational Rose and UML.
  • Developed UI screens by using JSP's and XML.
  • Implemented Model View Controller architecture using Jakarta Struts framework at presentation tier.
  • Developed server-side services using Core Java concepts.
  • Involved in core java technologies multithreading, exception handling.
  • Retrieved audio recording, utterance value, confidence value by using struts and core java concepts.
  • Designed a dirty prototype for eliminating Signature guarantee override.
  • Wrote client side and server side validations using Struts Validators and Java Scripts Validations.
  • Followed Scrum concepts of Agile Methodology to produce high Quality application.
  • Implemented unit testing by using JUnit.
  • Creating Deployment Descriptor in Struts framework.
  • Performed testing and maintenance on application built using Struts framework.
  • Involve in writing Stored Procedures using DDL, DML SQL queries and used JDBC to connect to the database.
  • Involved in developing web services using SOAP, XML.
  • Used SVN as version control tool.

Environment: Core Java, JSP, UML, Struts, JavaScript, SQL Server, SVN, JUnit, JDBC, SQL queries, Log4J, XML, RAD, Web Logic, ANT, Web Services, SOAP, Agile, JSON, Scrum agile methodology.


Associate Java Developer


  • Created user interface for Contracts, Capacity Release subsystems using JSP and JSTL.
  • Implemented Struts framework for the customer validation on the user interface.
  • Developed Contracts, Capacity Release subsystems using EJBs for implementation of business rules.
  • Used J2EE Design Patterns for Middle Tier Development for better performance and maintaining data consistency.
  • Extensively used PL/SQL stored procedures and functions for enforcing database constraints on XML data.
  • Implemented query optimization and performance tuning on the DB2 database using indexing, clustering and partitioning techniques.
  • Performed testing for Contracts, Capacity Release subsystems using JUnit and Cactus.
  • Used JProbe as the tool for checking code coverage.
  • Fixed the issues and sent for peer review.

Environment: J2EE, JSP, JSTL, EJB, JDBC, Struts Framework, Windows, Eclipse IDE, Apache Tomcat, DB2, TOAD, ANT, JProbe, JUnit, Cactus.

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