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Tools Software Developer Resume

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  • Results oriented IT professional, with more than 15 years experienced in leading Agile/Scrum architecture design, development and implementation process for large - volume, high frequency, state-of-teh-art products in Code Java/J2EE applications at Nokia, Here GIS application, and GE Global Healthcare IT.
  • Enhanced and built software products that generated revenue growth and high degree of customer satisfaction, proved teh solid background in algorithms and leadership skills, employed technical abilities and analytical skills to resolve teh complex problems during teh successful completion of consulting assignments.


Confidential, IL

Tools Software Developer


  • leveraging teh existing Core Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlet, GWT, Hibernate, Spring, Tomcat and Oracle architecture, enhanced main functionalities of Metrics Tools in server site with design pattern and attributes tables in Oracle database, built, deployed and released new versions for global team.
  • Led Agile software tools development by managing JIRA with cross functional team members. Created teh
  • new architecture of J2EE web environment and managed both web servers for online Map GIS searchable locations in conjunction with oracle database server. Created new database tables, persistent data query and deployment in release to support web services, data queries and multiple metrics views with dynamical data updates.
  • Led new architecture design of server image storage library and interactive web tools applied GWT, GWT ext, and RCP. Successfully delivered new designed Library Tool and Web Inter-Reactive Tools to effectively handle all necessary operations including searching, retrieving, editing, saving, deleting and adding of new records, effectively and accurately get search result both in texts and images.
  • Led and created new algorithm development for Auto Address Calculation based on data miner report and ground truth records in address ranges. Collected and handled more than 18 use cases and scenarios in production with high pass rates. Documented “Auto Address Technical Documentation”.
  • Led varieties of mobile tools software development including Java, C#, POI PDA, Python, Perl and MS VBA for large volume of production. Configured and managed 4-5 software projects in Nokia Source Management server using GIT, Subversion for team access. Created Clearcase VOB, main and integrated view, branch for multiple releases. Mitigate teh critical and major issues through daily JIRA agile process.
  • Created comprehensive internationalization from J2EE server, generated teh automatic mechanism to export customer data from database in more than 20 international languages.
  • Designed and implemented teh new XML parser using teh approach of XQuery, Xpath, and contents SOAP/REST web service and GIS API. Enhanced route and POI Map application in global web map analysts.

Confidential, IL

Senior Software Engineer


  • Specialized DICOM PACS global medical image product in client-server of Windows, Sun Solaris, and Linux environment and offshore leveraging existing infrastructure of Core Java/J2EE, JBOSS, Axis2,JMS, C++, XML and SQL from Sybase database by using Healthcare IT standard process, Agile and Scrum methodologies.
  • Interfaced with global radiologists, cardiologists and internal cross function teams, delivered high-level design documentation in DOORS and My Workshop, Flex, UML architecture, workflow and code implementation of Java package for image processing, archiving/retrieving and access of patient clinic documentation.
  • Developed teh new architecture and methodology to communicate Java UI with internal objects through info bus. Achieved synchronization of multiple tasks in different scenarios using Model-View-Controller design pattern. Executed and updated dynamic status. Performed SQL and JDBC programming in Java multithreading environment. . Provided autantication and access control in middle tier web service using Soap and Axis2 and set maximum connection in database source to prevent server crashes.
  • Enhanced teh algorithm to achieve doubled image buffer using Java and C++ Windows32 API, automatically detected and allocated image buffer and JVM heap size.
  • Modified Java application launcher C++ exe, and varieties of DLL files by using TCP/IP, Socket, and JMS to access different application. Exchanged messages between applications, generated deadlock thread dump.
  • Led innovation projects of State Information Auto Report (SIAR), created components, captured dynamical states according to event changes from Java UI in teh life cycle for all major subsystems, monitoring teh dynamical JVM performance and garbage collection, created SIAR through Java, XSTL, XQuery and XML in teh event of system crashes for diagnosis and recovery.
  • Enhanced Java CORBA API for access of distributed systems, message communication, data query, image resources, workflow and approval of report. Administrated extended application server, configured users, licenses and networking environment in server to mimic teh sites. Resolved teh critical issue for distributed system through communication messages.
  • Overseen teh hazard and risk tasks, enhanced teh Java algorithm for transmission of historical in CORBA, resolved critical issue of screen freeze during teh 3D launching from10 S. to 1.5 S. in teh new release.
  • Participated configuration management of data center, developed Perl scripts and Install Shield for Java build process and deployment for all necessary documentation, created web download deployment package in server and send to QSE prior e-Distribution.
  • Led and performed teh design and code review for team through full cycle of Agile/Scrum processing, and ClearCase source management tools. Diagnosed and resolved complex and critical issues from build, deployment, system integration including JUnit and automatic performance testing, release management, mining and manipulation from Sybase database, customer support and resolution for FDA audit issues.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Software Engineer


  • Specialized in Non-Invasive Vessel Analysis with 3D image in Core Java multithreading, C++, Oracle and XML.
  • Led and enhanced teh algorithm for statistics studies of volumetric blood flow rate in patients using Model-View-Controller design pattern.
  • Configured DICOM TCP/IP and FTP transfer through web and networking by using Java, XML, XSLT, and HTML.
  • Administrated Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) for team code merge, build process, integration test and media distribution, optimized system CPU and memory performance in 3D flow. Led teh system integration test prior to major release. Worked out of issue solutions from teh sites and hospitals.
  • Created teh software design, generated and improved software control strategy, and algorithm. Implement teh source code in C/C++, in Linux for embedded engine and diagnosis control system.
  • Developed Graphics User Interface to fully access EFI (Electronics Fuel Injector) ECM (engine controller module) by supplying variables/parameters, engine tuning tables, program ID, and real time diagnosis for all engines.

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL



  • Engaged SDLC Web-Enabled Intelligent Diagnosis of Locomotives in GM Electro-Motive by using all aspects of Core Java, components such as multithreading, Java Swing, AWT, XML data modeling, JavaScript and JDBC database connectivity to SQL server.
  • Administrated teh electronic documentation of locomotives including XDF files exported from AutoCAD, PDF, images, diagnosis models, and HTML files through Core JAVA API, Model-View-Controller design pattern and various new created DLL files for security access, dynamic encryption/decryption, archiving and retrieving, display and update during teh session. Controlled source code by using Microsoft SourceSafe (VSS) including teh web-enable configuration.
  • Configured and implemented mechanism to synchronize one selected record in teh meta-table with display of relevant records in another tab and/or indication of different colors using High Grid views. Monitoring teh dynamical JVM performance and garbage collection, resolved teh performance issues by using Java NIO API library and manipulation of IO operations.
  • Engaged Java SAX API, XML DOM, XML parser to parse raw archive text file from teh library or communication link, storage, retrieve teh dynamical metal table, transfer data in teh diagnosis processing by using XML, XSTL, and SQL auto query through database server.
  • Developed teh communication protocols for remote monitoring of health of engine, governor, fuel injection, generator, AC/DC motors, dynamical break, and other sub-systems of locomotives under Unix C/C++ environment.
  • Completed SDLC using Intel 80320 embedded C/C++ for HDSL Fiber Network communication in client of Westell Technologies.


Languages: Core JAVA/J2EE/J2SE, C/C++, JSP, EJB, Servlet, GWT, Hibernate, Spring, JMS,CORBA, JDBC, Swing, AWT, Tomcat, JBOSS, Axis2,Ant, JUnit, STL, C#, .Net, XML, XSLT, XQuery, SQL, PL/SQL, AJAX, SOAP, SOA, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, Python, Perl, Shell, VBA, Embedded, UML.

Operating systems: Windows 8/7/Window XP/2000, Sun Solaris, Ubuntu, RedHat Linux.

Development Tools: Oracle, SQL, JIRA, GIT, ClearCase, Subversion, DOORS, Eclipse, JBuilder, MyWorkshop, Apache, LAMP, ArcGis, Flex, Project, PACS, DICOM, HL7, DDTS, VSS, PVCS, AltovaDreamweaver, Rational Rose, Visio, Tracker, Test Director, InstallShield, Matlab, AutoCAD.:

Embedded: Windows Phone 8, PDA, Power PC, Intel 8051/80320, 68HC11/12/08, TI MSP430, Hitachi SH7032/7034, ARM, MC68xxx, PIC.

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