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Senior C++ Programmer Resume

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Jersey City, NJ


  • More than 15 years software development experience in C, C++ and Java.
  • MS in Computer Science - Software Engineering.
  • Extensive Object-Oriented Design/Programming experience.
  • Extensive multithreading/multiprocessing and networking-socket experience.
  • Familiarity with Windows and Linux/Unix system development environment.
  • Using and developing complex data structures and algorithms.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work with a team or independently.


Languages: C/C++, Java, XML, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, CSS

Tools: Visual Studio, emacs, Eclipse, ExamDiff, Editplus, SQLNavigator, Rational Rose. SVN, VSS. NullSoft.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MS access, MySQL.

Operating Systems: Windows Linux, UNIX.

Servers: WebSphere, Sun one, IIS, JBoss, Apache.

Advanced Programming: Socket Client/Server, Multithreading/Multiprocessing, Windows Service, Windows Form/GUI, LSP, low level system function, COM/ATL Applets, Swing, JSP, Servlets, Web Services XML/SOAP, ISAPI, STL JNI, MFC, J2EE, J2SE. Applets. AJAX.

API: WinInet, Win32, LDAP, WinSock, ODBC, MSXML, GDI, Swing.


Senior C++ Programmer

Confidential, Jersey City NJ


  • Requirements derivation by studying Client Requirements documentation
  • Designed and developed Plug-ins (Drivers) for OCS Module, Which are used to communicate with Remote RSPs.
  • Designed and developed TCP/IP protocol streams for both DCA and OCS Modules.
  • Designed and developed TCP/IP protocol stream for Prefix Router service Thread
  • Involved in Prefix component migration from the 32bit to 64bit platform
  • Developed Born shell scripts to automate some tasks
  • Member of both streams: Software development and Unit test case development
  • Incident Report(IR) analysis and bug fixing
  • Contributed significantly in Configuration management and System releases.
  • Preparation of Unit and Integration Test Case documents
  • Coding, Unit and Integration testing of charging interface module on target platforms
  • Responsible for tracking Unit Testing defects and resolution
  • Tracking of Integration Testing defects and resolution
  • Tracking of BOX (Black BOX) testing defects and resolution
  • Tracking of System Integration Testing defects and resolution
  • Reviewing Architectural documents, System Requirement Specifications, BOX test cases and SYSTEM test cases
  • Written multi-threaded test stubs and simulated the environment to send simultaneous requests
  • Presenting the Green Light sessions on system features
  • Developed DLLs, each DLL is a separate component as a COM object that makes up all business logic.
  • Developed extension DLL linking Anvil Application and accesses Anvil API.
  • Developed GUI, used MFC and Win32. Client side user can track and investigate market. From COM objects received data and displayed in list control to track logic of business role. value stored in database used SQL Server
  • Developed and designed classes and complex data structures based OO programming and design. Used design patterns: facade, state/strategy, command, singleton, factory, observer, mediator…
  • Developed complex data structures and algorithms that make decision during automatic trading.
  • Communication between them established via TCP/IP used Win Socket
  • For version control used visual source safe.

Senior C++ and Java Programmer

Confidential, Mclean, VA


  • Led project Parental Controls: "Parental Controls" is an application to prevent children from accessing restricted web sites and applications.
  • Designed and developed classes using object oriented programming.
  • Used Pipe and "DLL segment data" for sharing data between multiprocesses and DLLs. Used Mutex and Event for process synchronization. Used CriticalSection and Events to support thread synchronization.
  • Used WinInet API to make HTTPS and HTTP calls to authentication server and communicate with portal server
  • Configuration file is an encrypted XML data. Used encrypted algorithms (blowfish) to encrypt configuration data file.
  • To parse XML data used MSXML API.
  • To block web sites in Firefox and IE developed BHO DLL for IE and extension (XPCOM) DLLs for Firefox using Gecko SDK ((1.8 for firefox2, 1.9 for Firefox3 and 1.9.1 for firefox3.5).
  • Using Windows hook to load DLL in all process. Each process has been scanned; it is stopped if parent account restricted child account to run it.
  • Led the project to implement LSP. LSP DLL intercepts Winsock functions and modifies TCP stack. (LSP)Layered Service Provider is a DLL that uses Winsock APIs to insert itself into the TCP/IP protocol stack. It can modify inbound and outbound Internet traffic.
  • All messages are low level TCP messages. Rewrote WinSock functions. all socket functions redirected to LSP DLL function.
  • Led the project to develop installer to install or uninstall safely LSP DLL.
  • Developed Detour like DLL which intercepts Win32 functions gethostbyname and getaddrinfo to support HTTPS redirection.
  • Applied support for browser redirection, dynamically reading content of page. Implemented regular expression support and changed dynamically string pattern, dynamically analyzing javascript calls.
  • Add support for 64 bit version. Application can support 64 bit browsers.
  • Maintaining and supporting server side code
  • Developed WebServices in C++ and in Java. Parsed SOAP messages using MSXML API..
  • Developed API to interface with system and database, XML files, encrypt\encode data, Safely log large data into file and database.
  • Developed API on Linux system for log files, modified C++ codes.
  • Project Digital Life: J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans, JQuary, AJAX. Apache Web Server. On Linux System. This is a payment system. AT&T offers service home security monitoring system.
  • Analyzing requirements, writing code. Modifying and debugging.
  • Writing Servlets, JSP pages and JavaBeans. JavaScript AJAX, JQuary, HTML.
  • Rewriting C++ code in to Java and vise versa.
  • Maintaining and supporting server side code. Used WinInte API to call HTTP request from client to server. Used SQL Server to store data in database.
  • Developed and enhanced store procedures.
  • To expose new services developed ISAPI DLLs. ISAPI DLL is an extension of Sun WebServer
  • Developed algorithm to search and locate IP from range, used Insertion sort and binary search
  • Modified multiroom chat application (Java applet) for better performance and to fix security issues
  • Developed cookie drop/removal monitoring tools.
  • Involved in development of single sign on (portal, parental controls, authentication server and entire AT&T system).

Senior C++ Programmer

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • Worked on Toolbar controls and Windows dialogs, image animation .gif files.
  • Synchronized all instances of IE to display same time and secure token and ID on toolbar.
  • Developed paradigm and DLLs for Toolbar to change language, by loading other language DLL which contained only resource for other language. Developed only Japanese and English DLLs.
  • Installed faking Windows NT serviceto switch accounts runtime from Admin to ordinal user. Giving User choice to install toolbar as an admin by showing RunAs Windows dialog box.
  • Zipped multiple resources into executable file and later extracted from file.
  • Used DLL data share, mutex and events to synchronize multiple instances of IE.
  • Developed complex data structures with use of STL,
  • Manipulated Windows user account.
  • Wrote NullSoft script.
  • Led development project Secure Access Management System.
  • Designed classes and data structures using object oriented design.
  • GUI designed using Win32 functions.
  • Connection established to SQL server via ADO API.
  • Worked on controls: List Control, Combo Box, List Box, Edit Box, Static Control, Tab Control.
  • Designed entire database. Wrote stored procedures, triggers, views, functions, tables.
  • Designed logic to display controls based on user.
  • Application designed to display large amount of data in List Control in multiple tabs. It can download from multiple sources at a time and display in List Controls using minimal memory resources, achieved by using multi threads. Most data is depicted in hard drive which is swiped in between operating memory when it needed.
  • Application converts data into Excel format and saves into file. It can upload from Excel file to SQL Server, all operation are not blocked operation, every operation is in it's own thread.
  • Application produces reports in Word format and saves file into disk. Scanned documents (.DOC or .PDF) saved into or downloaded from SQL server, which is encoded into base64 format.
  • Used NSIS to build installation package.
  • Developed and debugged COM and Regular DLLs, synchronized multiple threads,
  • Improved GUI functionality.
  • Worked on SQL statements, stored procedures, triggers.
  • Established communication through TCP/IP and COM port between computers and other devices such as printers, bar code printers, and bar code laser readers.
  • Handling tickets logged by plants, fixed and released new application version.
  • Developed Print images on label. All vehicle building companies using images on label (Ford uses triangle). Developed printing images functionality on label along with barcodes, one application downloads image on printer, another application sends command to printer to print label and image on it, image file is a byte code, developed by companies such as Chrysler, Ford…
  • Develop API to communicate with Intermec 4420 printer. Communication based on TCP/IP.
  • Johnson controls receives broadcast messages from vehicle building companies containing information about order request, each request message contains item code. Developed application to store item code along with quantity and request number in Oracle database.
  • Worked on Johnson Controls internal web site.
  • Designed and developed Applet. Applet received data from server and displayed on table. User could create new data and upload on server. Data also can be entered from Excel file, web page uploads excel file on server, Servlet downloads file and calls DLL functions to read excel file. JSP forwards excel data to Applet and displays on table.
  • Developed API to communicate with DLL worked on JNI.
  • Worked and enhanced SWING controls functionality.
  • Worked on server WebSphere 5.0: worked on J2EE technology,, JSP, Servlet, JavaScript EJB JavaBeans (session), DOM/XML

C++ and Java Programmer

Confidential, Herdon, VA


  • Adding and changing system behavior, GUI, performance. Debugging and testing. Developed front end using C++ Win32 and MFC.
  • Worked on menus and controls such as buttons, list controls, combo boxes and edit boxes. Changed text color, applied popup menu on mouse click, designed new windows.
  • Developed all the middleware components, consisting of all the business logic, using C++ and Java technology.
  • Developed API DLL to java function call and visa versa used JNI API.
  • Developed chart functionality for application, chart server received data from main server and data stored in SQL Server database. Client sent request to access data from server and stored in local file. Used GDI wrapped into MFC.
  • Developed connection to other trader system and bank applications, CFX connects to DLL and DLL connects to external system either java classes or COM objects depending of external system API. Used Win32 DLL and FIX protocol to communicate with external systems
  • Developed E-mailing system. CFX application ships with capability to send and receive emails. System uses SMTP protocol, it listens to any incoming emails, parses and displays message. System is able to receive and parse more than one email at a time, but number is restricted. This system is low level socket programming parsed and build SMTP protocol messages listened on port 25 Server and client TCP/IP communication developed in C++.
  • Web prices system. 3 tier architecture. Designed and coded entire system. Developed java server application which runs as NT service on web server and applet which displays real prices on company web site, prices come from CFX server. Java server application connects to CFX server, receiving prices and posts to applets. Eclipse: Java J2SE. This server/client communication was developed in Java. CFX Server and Java communication established via JNI.
  • Led development Chat-Client-Supporter system. 3 tier architecture. Designed and coded entire system. Server application runs as NT service (C++), Supporter application (C++) runs on any machine, Client (trader) java applet runs on CFX web site. Client connects to supporter through server application. System can have more than one supporter and many clients. When client connects to server, it connects to supporter with less number of connected clients.
  • Implemented and developed trade algorithms. For sorting stock data used sorting algorithms.
  • Developed data structure that received data from server, for supporting multithreading used MFC synchronization classes and Win32 functions.
  • For debugging application used VS 6.0.
  • Supported and maintained multiple accounts and multiple stocks (symbols).
  • Developed DLLs, each DLL is a separate component as a COM object that makes up all business logic.
  • Developed and designed classes and complex data structures based OO programming and design. Used design patterns: facade, state/strategy, command, singleton, factory, observer, mediator…
  • Developed complex data structures and algorithms that make decision during automatic trading.
  • For version control used visual source safe.
  • Developed GUI, used MFC and Win32. Client side user can track and investigate market. From COM objects received data and displayed in list control to track logic of business role. value stored in database used SQL Server

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