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Senior J2ee Developer Resume

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  • Over 15 years of experience in programming and analysis with excellent problem solving skills.
  • Self - starter, able to contribute to a project team at all phases of the system s life cycle.
  • Training and experience with the latest client-server and web environments.
  • Agile Methodology. Coach, Best Practices, Client Satisfaction
  • Electronic Health Record, HL7, CDA, FHIR, hData, OMG, vMR
  • Clinical Decision/Reasoning Support
  • Drools, openCDS, RDF, Jena, OWL
  • Design and Architecture, Requirements
  • Requirement Based Solutions with User Stories
  • SOA, WebLogic/WebSphere experience
  • VistA, CHCS, Oracle, NoSql, Graps
  • Open source experience Spring, Hibernate, JBoss
  • Prototypes with dynamic languages and Frameworks Groovy, Grails, Ruby
  • Certified in Developing Enterprise Applications Using EJB/JMS"
  • Certified in "Java for Distributed System Development".



Senior J2EE Developer


  • As a Senior J2EE Developer, provided technical expertise for the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs), implementing solutions for Electronic Health Record (EHR) and VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) initiatives.
  • Under the EHR initiative, worked with the Health Repository Team (HDR) designing and delivering enterprise solutions (Weblogic) to leverage access to VA’s electronic health system (VistA). Wrote SOAP Web Services to convert HL7 v.2x messages and other data feeds into common format for persisting in HDR (Oracle). Wrote XML exporters for Labs, Meds, Problems, TIU and other medical domains. Created applications to retrieve data from disparate VA systems and presenting it as uniformed VA Clinical Record. Worked to support integration with non VA data feeds including DoD clients (CHDR).
  • Worked with HMP team to develop the Health Management Platform - a modern tool for clinicians to access VA Patient Data. Wrote software to retrieve Patient Data from VistA using custom RPCs (Mumps) into NonSQL data store (Cache). Worked on data synchronization processes, developing XML and JSON exporters. Enabled Patient Data repository with full-text search and real-time indexing for blazing fast searches of documents (Apache Solr) . Have implemented new functionality in Extjs4 (Sencha) client. Wrote Controllers and Services (Spring) to handle Ajax and JSON requests. Worked with HL7/HITSP specifications to ensure proper data fields mapping.
  • Developed tools under VINCI initiative to ensure Veterans' privacy and data security while enabling medical researchers to access Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW). Created Web services (Groovy on Grails) to interact with research client apps. Added new functionality to VINCI Flex application and helped to integrate with existing E-HOST (Swing) client. Wrote ETL process to provide data for VA and non VA research projects. Focused on providing intuitive REST interfaces for storing and retrieving data. Wrote Maven build scripts to produce consistent builds, integrating different types of projects.
  • Worked on improving and coaching Agile process in VA. Worked with Analysts to gather and refine Business Requirements and convert them into Implementation Requirements for the User Stories. Lead team to enable Agile practices. Started fixed size iterations, which improved software quality, and reduced release time to SQA and Production. Introduced use of TDD process, which allowed team successfully achieves test code coverage at 80%.
  • Troubleshoot Production and Alpha environments. Focused on resolving performance issues. Helped Configuration Management Team to install and configure Profiling and Monitoring tools such as PerfomaSura 4.x, Foglight 5 server. Helped with scripting Automated smoke tests and load tests.

Confidential, Salt Lake City, U T



  • Responsible for development J2EE components of Overstock’s complex web application hosted on state of art UNIX server farm.
  • Utilized working knowledge of OOA&D to meet scalability, availability and performance guarantees in demanding environment of on-line retail application.
  • Developed reach web components with Jamon templates, JSP, JavaScript and Ajax; worked on re-factoring, custom error handling and navigation.
  • Designed and implemented high-performance, reliable and maintainable business tier components using Hibernate 3.2 and Oracle 9.
  • Used TDD for component and unit testing with Mock objects using JMock. Worked with QA group to automate testing of user interface using Selenium and WATIR. Used enterprise build tools such as Ant and Maven for deployment and development.
  • Practiced and coached Agile methodology to help transition into iterative delivery cycle. As result team improved ability to estimate time to develop software features and deliver on time.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Consultant with Fannie Mae


  • Participated in all stages of large scale J2EE project development. Java 1.5, Struts, Hibernate, Oracle 10, JMS and Castor for Multi Family Negotiated Transactions project. Quickly came up to speed and contributed to intense release schedule of 2 week iterations. Produced reliable well-tested code.
  • Lead development of mobile application, utilizing Multicast messaging for Smart Phones and Windows Mobile clients. Wrote C# Server code using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (.Net Framework 2.0) and Client code using .Net Compact Framework 2.0 and Windows Mobile 6 SDK.
  • Developed and deployed Bulk Load Reporting web app, implemented with Spring MVC and Hibernate. Oracle 9 database. Wrote deployment scripts for development and production environment using Ant.
  • Worked with Care First rules engine Portico. Developed and implement solutions for database cleanup. Wrote rules and wizards using scripts Jython. Designed and developed solution for resolving address ambiguities using Yahoo Maps web services.
  • Delivered TIBCO Enterprise Message Service testing harness for automated testing. Implemented mechanism for quick compare of XML files using MD5 hash generation. Provided technical documentation and training session for Care First staff.
  • Developed a tool for integrated automation testing, using Ruby/, TK, WATIR, SSH and FTP gems. Implemented multithreading to enhance GUI features, worked with SQL and Oracle DB plug in for Capital One. Used and coached test first development and unit testing, working with teams of client developers. Developed new and modified existing Unix and Expect scripts.
  • As a member of agile team of consultants developed Voxant’s “The News Room” application - web news media portal. Hands on experience with open source frameworks and tools such as Spring 2, Hibernate 3, JSF (MyFaces, Tomahawk), MySQL 5.0, Maven 2, Quartz 1.5.2, Tomcat 5.5, Apache 2. Worked on providing best solutions to accommodate several Architecture changes integrating with third party software (Autonomy). Designed solutions to provide performance and reliability. Wrote and maintained a complex XML parser for ingestion implemented with Castor Mapping API and JNI wrappers to handle custom modifications for media content. Wrote deployment script for integration with product. Worked on integration of “The News Room” application with Ruby on Rails subprojects.
  • Developed a client-server application responsible for creating and managing embedded software and hardware media for Arbitron. Working as a member of an Agile team, took part in development of all parts of the application, including the desktop client (SWT) and web client (J2EE) using Spring (1.2.4) and Hibernate (3.0). Worked on presentation layer for the desktop SWT client and Data Access Services and Business Logic Components. Troubleshoot and debugged persistence functionality working with Oracle 9 and PostgreSQL databases. Wrote and maintained Unit tests for all the application tiers using JUnit with mock objects for unit-testing of services and controllers.

Confidential, Charlottesville, VA



  • Heavily involved in J2EE development with MyEclipse IDE: JSPs, Tag Libraries, Servlets, SQL and JavaScript for Confidential Manuscript Central online application
  • Implemented new features, fixed bugs and supported production system maintenance: Linux Suse 8.1, WebLogic 8.1, Apache 1.3, DB2. Worked on solutions to improve performance and usability of the system. Took part in porting existing application into new architecture - Struts, Spring, Hibernate.
  • Analyzed production environment with profiling software and fixing hot spots. Set up, configured and tuned up WebLogic 8.1 server for the development and QA environment. Upgraded and troubleshoot production system during switching from WLS 6.1 to 8.1. Scripted Apache virtual host files and WebLogic plug-in directives.
  • Used Poseidon and Omondo UML editors for system design documentation
  • As a team leader for the Admission module worked with Project Managers and customers to collect and understand Requirements. Analyzed and documented detailed Technical specifications, including coding standards, best practices and use of patterns for Enterprise Applications.
  • Worked with UML tools (Poseidon) to create documentation required for Design Process, including Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Package diagrams and Deployment diagrams. Learned and adapted new framework features and development strategies, such as Data Access Objects, Session Bean Facade, Master Detail.
  • Developed code for Non Traditional System - total campus solution for Higher Education. Writing code for all tiers: Presentation layer - thick client using SWING; Middle tier J2EE EJB, stateless Beans, servlets, JMS. Using existing XML bindings for the Persistence layer.
  • Maintained current mainframe admissions module used as ERP (UNIX, C) in all stages of the Application Life-Cycle, including help desk and QA support. Recommended Development & Production tools and deployment scenarios.
  • Designed and developed CRMs for a new Portal solution, based on existing back-end interfaces, via Client Access Services COM Bridge.
  • Coded application components, such as Plug-ins for an existing Portal web client (COM+).

Confidential, Owings Mills, MD

Senior Software Engineer


  • Designed and developed trading client-server application. Analyzed and documented user requirements. Seniority in writing Wireless, Mobile and Web clients. Designed and implemented solutions for enterprise environment using patterns. Repairing, redesigning and debugging existing code.
  • Successfully delivered edge-cutting wireless applications to large brokerages such as Charles Schwab, Merrily Lynch, Bear Stearns. Ported existing solution for Palm OS, written in C, to Pocket PC and RIM using C++, MFC and embedded Visual Basic.
  • Evaluated and deployed web applications for various web clients including HTML and WML, using JSPs and Servlets. Improved existing MVC architecture model with STRUTS framework. Worked closely with Business and Data (Oracle) tier, writing and using EJBs, JMS, JNDI and other J2EE components for financial customers such as Prudential and N.D.B.
  • Simplified and transferred enterprise architecture to less expensive solutions utilizing Microsoft technology including IIS server, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript. Writing and using Stored Procedures for Microsoft SQL Database.
  • Lead a group of three web and client developers. Oversaw overall presentation tier architecture for multiple protocols (HTTP, WAP and AIM) and implementation of the solution in Weblogic server. Handled technical customer interface, installation and support during customer QA cycles.
  • Developed and analyzed algorithms for routing and distributing software. Successfully and timely integrated my modules with other members of 15 people team. Maintained and improper existing product trough several releases. Worked on custom solution, gathering customer’s requirements.
  • Great hands on experience with Microsoft Visual C++. Writing, maintaining, fixing and debugging MFC and C++ code.
  • Created desktop and client-server applications for Windows OS. Manipulating Microsoft SQL database using Stored Procedures.
  • Learned and successfully used Crystal Reports and Install Shield applications to satisfy requirements for varieties of customers and operating systems.
  • Designed and implemented software applications for industrial Automated Systems. Wrote a C parser to translate and load to memory low level Interlock commands. Modernized user interface from command line to graphical, easy to use application, using MFC.
  • Designed and implemented software applications for industrial PLC systems.
  • Improved techniques and designed algorithms to efficiently handle and store large amount of field data. Wrote test scripts. Was heavily involved in debugging and fixing process programs.

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