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Consultant Resume Profile


  • A professional computer software developer with 10 years of experience in Java J2EE Programming. An expert in Information Technology, computer analysis, client solutions' trouble-shooting which includes strong versatility, adaptability and innovation through usage of design and solution techniques. A leader with demonstrated mix of business savvy, technical knowledge and client relationship skills that work together to manage complex multifunctional projects from initial conception to successful implementation experience working with diverse systems for Media, Financial Services, Insurance, and Communication Industries. A valuable team-worker that is fluent in English and French written and verbal communications with plans to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona USA .
  • Proven ability to deliver internal/external client value and corporate profitability through expertise in not only Programming and Debugging but also as a team leader who is able to mentor, educate and provide key diagnosis, streamlining and implementation of corporate computer initiatives.
  • A talented determined leader with tenacious problem-solving skills and commitment to excellence that blend together to consistently deliver projects on time, within specifications and frequently under budget.
  • Reputation for high levels of dependability, efficiency, integrity and ability to resolve any challenge.
  • Areas of Proficiency Management Qualifications

Java Object Programming

J2EE Technology, JSP, Servlets

Struts, Hibernate, Spring

SQL Programming Oracle, Postgres, MySQL...

HTML, XML, Javascript

Leader, Trainer, Team Worker

Accurate Forecasting and Projecting

Liferay 5.2

Agile method

IDE Eclipse 3.2-3.5 , WSAD

Applications server Tomcat Apache 6 , Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss

EJB 3.0


Career History



Overview: A Consultant hired to provide clients with Java Programming expertise in addition to technical software, design and web bases problem solutions. Aptus, an accomplished software development company that specializes in web design, creation and maintenance of software and web development projects for a variety of businesses.


  • France Telecom 1 year : Developed, Improved and Maintained the Video-On-Demand TV portal, as a Java Web developer, expert in J2EE applications. Worked in collaboration with France Telecom designers to brand the TV portal. Using web-services to manage the customer accounts.
  • Airbus 1 year : Developed new web application based upon specifications to final product which includes the managed availability of A380 pieces Allowable Configuration A380 . Using open sources products such as Eclipse and Tomcat UML plug-in like Together to write the architecture and technical specifications, validated by Airbus then to code the application using J2EE technologies and Oracle database. Final Testing and modification provided by the application of J-Unit.
  • Magnus 6 months : Magnus is a leader in the market of software used by local administrations to manage their inhabitants, such as birth or death declarations, moving declarations, local taxes... Working in the IT team as a consultant to develop new modules using J2EE and open source technologies, such as Hibernate and Spring.
  • Access Commerce 6 months : Cameleon is a software developed by Access Commerce which allows to manage any kind of configuration for any kind of product. Working in a very high level IT, oriented in optimization and using Agile methodology to develop new modules, in Java 1.5, such as statistics and management of a macro language.
  • Anyware Technology now Sierra, 6 months : Wavecom now Sierra , developed the software IDS which manages wireless devices such as GPS or phones. Hired in order to develop, debug and finalize the last version of their Java web platform software using J2EE technologies, EJB and web-services.
  • Interiale 2 years : An Insurance company which manages more than 500,000 people working for
  • French administration. Hired to help the IT team to develop and improve all their web applications using Liferay and Jboss environment.


Technical Expert Team Leader

Overview: Hired to lead the IT team of the SECF association in their path to new technologies. SECF is an association which manages all the race courses in France including all the harness and trotting races. Provided process expertise for the elimination of existing technologies such as Minitel through development of Intranet capabilities using Java J2EE technologies. This process allows horse trainers to manage their stable from the inscriptions to the results of races and to the genetic heritage of their horses. Responsibilities included training, mentoring and coaching for Information Technology team into new technologies with Java J2EE lessons.


Consultant and Teacher

Overview: A french institute that offers eBusiness expertise and training. Provided educational mentoring, instruction and facilitation for Java core and J2EE technologies, teacher for IBM and consultant in several projects as a J2EE programmer.

Project / Productivity Highlights: Conducted while at Inexware

IBM Inexware 1 year : Teacher for IBM and Inexware customers in Java Core and J2EE technologies JSP, Servlets, EJB 2.0 using IBM software such as VisualAge for Java, Websphere and WebsphereStudio. IBM certified to fulfill the position.

Hilti 2 months : J2EE programmer to help Hilti in the final stage on their Intranet for the sales force. Re- factoring previous code and running tests with VisualAge for Java

Societe Generale Asset Management SGAM, 1.5 years : SGAM is a leader in the bank industry for companies. Hired to develop a software which manage the customers of the bank, using J2EE technologies and Weblogic server. Developing also an interface between a C and a Java applications.

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