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Solution Architect/lead Resume

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Bellevue, WA


  • Hands - on senior technologist with over seventeen years of experience in the IT industry with more than ten years of experience in multi-channel eCommerce ( Confidential and Confidential ) technology consulting, solution architecture and implementation using ATG eCommerce Framework and Endeca search.
  • Experienced in analyzing, organizing and prioritizing business objectives, providing cost effective solution alternatives based on eCommerce best practices, personal experience, current and future trends and then lead a team to deliver on that vision with utmost quality.
  • Years of experience and expertise to assess vendor solutions and recommendations and suggest alternatives to minimize project cost and total cost of ownership.
  • Experienced in architecture, design and implementation of Responsive, Scalable and highly available eCommerce Web sites, active/active data centers, coherence caching and stateless REST services catering to RWD.
  • I take pride in getting the most out of any team I lead by organizing the resources where they will thrive and enpower them with the clarity of business goals and provided technical guidance.
  • Certified Scrum Master with leading multiple successful agile process implementations and Waterfall to the agile process mappings.
  • Experienced and expert in leading Agile Scrum teams and followed test driven development using industry standard frameworks, Selenium, Cucumber, Jenkins, Continuous Integration etc.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal), quick learner, trustworthy and a perfectionist with an honest and passionate approach towards work.


Development Technologies: MongoDB, ATG REST, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), ATG Merchandising, ATG Content Administration, ATG BCC, ATG Endeca Integration, Coherence, JSON, CQ 5.6, Handlebars, ATG Commerce (Catalog, Pricing, Promotions, Shopping Cart, Profile, Order Integration, Processor Chains and Pipelines, ATG Repositories), ATG-Search, Hibernate, Apache and Microsoft SOAP API, XML-RPC, Xerces and MS XML API, ANT, COM, JNI, JINI, Weblogic Portal, Websphere Portal, Core Java, J2EE (EJB, MDB, JMS, JNDI, JDBC), Ant, UML, XML Schema, XML, Swing, Java Beans.

Design Patterns: GoF and Sun J2EE Design Patterns, Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD).

Web Presentation: ATG REST, Jquery, CQ5, AngularJS, Responsive Web Design, ATG-Form Handlers, ATG-Droplets, JSP, Struts, Servlet, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Open Document Management and WebDAV API.

Testing Technologies: ATG Dust, JUNIT, Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber and QTP Automation, Jenkins, Continuous Integration.

Web/Application Servers: BEA WebLogic, Sun ONE, Jakarta-Tomcat, JBOSS.

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Linux, Solaris.

Databases: Oracle DB, Oracle RAC, and SQL server.

Tools: Eclipse, Rationale Rose, Enterprise Architect, ATG-ACC, ATG-BCC Weblogic Workshop, Weblogic Integration, and RosettaNet Confidential messages,WSAD, Perforce and SVN.

Process Frameworks: Agile, Waterfall, Iterative.


Solution Architect/Lead

Confidential, Bellevue, WA


  • Worked with the business and technical teams to analyze the functional and non-functional requirements including third party integrations.
  • Create a phased approach (with scope) of multisite enablement of the platform in general and enablement/introduction of Canada storefront.
  • Delivered architecture and design documents of the multisite enablement approach (DB, core commerce components, BCC, Endeca experience manager, ATG Endeca assembler, shipping, payment, feeds and other third party integrations etc.).
  • Lead an agile development team, project execution, code reviews, client sprint reviews and sprint delivery.
  • Identified and assesses third parity integrations for multisite enablement.
  • Lead discussions with third party vendors to finalize scope and implementation/collaboration plans. Collaborated with their technical teams to discuss implementation and integration approach and integration/environment issues.
  • Coordinated with the EB technical teams to establish performance benchmarks and performance testing of the new platform.
  • Supported functional, end-to-end, performance testing and released the final product.

Environment: Oracle Commerce 10.2, BCC, Content Administration, Endeca CAS indexing, Endeca assembler search, JBoss 5.8, java1.6, ANT, Oracle 11g, Tax integrations (Vertex, BorderFree Express), Recommendations integrations (Certona, Bloomreach), Payment integration (PayPal, credit cards and gift cards), exact target and channel advisor.

Solution Architect/Lead

Confidential, Union, NJ


  • Planned the phased approach to upgrade ATG eCommerce, ATG CA and ATG-Endeca assembler integration to the latest versions.
  • Managed an onsite team of seven resources on the planning and execution of upgrade project.
  • Delivered technical documents of the upgrade approach (DB, Weblogic, ATG, ATG BCC/CA, ATG Endeca CAS Indexing, ATG Endeca Query using assembler API) and steps involved.
  • Interacted with the eCommerce and Endeca teams and architects on upgrade discussions and proposed system design walkthroughs.
  • Support functional and end-to-end testing of the upgrade phases.

Environment: ATG eCommerce 11.1, ATG Merchandising, BCC, Content Administration, ATG legacy REST, Versioned Custom Catalog, Internationalization, multisite, Endeca CAS indexing 11.1, ATG Endeca assembler api 11.1, Weblogic 12, java SDK 1.7, ANT, Eclipse, Oracle 12c, SVN, GIT.

Solution Architect/Lead

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA


  • Reviewed, assessed vendor proposals and saved nearly $35 million of project cost by proposing alternative scalable solution architecture and design.
  • Solved critical pieces of the architectural solution pain points by implementing POCs (proof of concepts).
  • Delivered Integration Architecture and Design of ATG platform with MongoDB as front cache layer serving more than 30 million requests a day.
  • Led internationalized site architecture, design and implementation efforts to meet high scalability and big data requirements with minimal infrastructure investment on ATG merchandising, content administration and eCommerce platform.
  • Managed agile onsite/offshore teams of fifteen resources on the planning, design, development and implementation of the project.
  • Estimated business needs and analyzed requirements (Object Oriented analysis and design).
  • Delivered technical design documents with architectural considerations (performance, scalability, maintainability and design patterns).
  • Assisted in analyzing and performance tuning of the application using Eclipse MAT & Profile4J.
  • Assisted the release management teams in creating test, UAT and production environment plans and deployment configuration.

Environment: Agile, Oracle ATG 11.1, ATG BCC, Content Administration, ATG REST, Versioned Custom Catalog, Pricing, Price Lists, Promotions, Internationalization, Content Groups, Workflows, MongoDB, Data Import, JSON, Apache POI, Excel Import/Export, JBOSS 6.1, java1.8, GIT, Oracle 12c, Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT), Profiler4J.

Solution Architect/Lead

Confidential, Bothell, WA


  • Upgraded the existing the ATG application (DB and application) from 9.4 to 10.2.
  • Analyzed redesign requirements and proposed the new architecture of the application redesign using ATG 10.2 E-Commerce REST framework, coherence caching and new personalization modules Confidential the backend and front-end responsive Web design using angularJS, CQ5 and templates to generate static HTML pages making them agnostic of server-side technology.
  • Implemented POCs (proof of concepts) of the main technology touch points show casing the application as a more scalable and available one.
  • Reviewed the business requirements (communicated with the product owner to help refine product backlogs) and estimated the business needs for project sprints.
  • Delivered technical design documents with architectural considerations (performance, scalability, maintainability and design patterns etc.).
  • Managed agile onsite/offshore team of 20 resources on the planning, design, development and implementation of the project.
  • Implemented using the test driven development methodology and writing unit (using Junit) test cases and CI using Jenkins and Selinium test cases.

Environment: Oracle ATG 10.2, ATG REST, Coherence, Custom Catalog, BEA Weblogic 12c, java1.7, Oracle 11g, CQ 5.6, angularJS and Handlebars 1.3.1.

Sr. ATG Lead

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Reviewed the business requirements and estimated the business needs for project sprints.
  • Designed pluggable personalization and payment modules as part of ATG eCommerce Integrations.
  • Delivered technical design documents with architectural considerations (performance, scalability, maintainability and design patterns etc.).

Environment: Oracle ATG 10.2, ATG Personalization, Profile, JBOSS, java1.6 and Oracle 10g.

Integration Lead

Confidential, SFO, CA


  • Led the architect and designed Confidential payment gateway integration with ATG eCommerce.
  • Delivered technical design documents, ATG 10.2 E-Commerce framework plugin and CRS as front-end application.
  • Designed architect and the asynchronous payment processing (requiring parent approval) by extending ATG fulfillment processes and providing REST interfaces.
  • Delivered on time, cost effective and high quality solution.
  • Supported functional/integration and end-to-end testing.

Environment: ATG 10.2, Confidential Payment Gateway, ATG Profile and payment groups, ATG fulfillment, JBOSS, java1.6 and Oracle 10g.

Solution Architect/Lead

Confidential, Bothell, WA


  • Led the pilot agile delivery teams and defined the agile software delivery processes.
  • Introduced test-driven development methodology and framework in the agile teams using unit (Junit)/integration (ATG Dust)/automation test cases (using Selenium Web-Driver and Cucumber framework).
  • Set up continuous integration environment (Jenkins) that made teams more productive and minimized the percentage of production bugs, saving businesses millions of dollars.
  • Managed two agile onsite/offshore team of seven resources (each team) on the planning, design, development and implementation of the project.
  • Successfully deployed bug free release with newly introduced agile process and with 99.99% test case pass rate.
  • Reviewed the business requirements (communicated with the product owners to help create and refine product backlogs) and estimated the business needs for project sprints.
  • Delivered the project on time with high quality and successful agile teams with agile processes embedded.

Environment: Agile, Scrum, ATG Confidential 9.3, Repository, Catalog, Pricing, Profile, Weblogic, java1.6, Oracle 10g, Junit, ATG Dust, Selenium (IDE and Webdriver) and Cucumber BDD.

Solution Architect/Lead

Confidential, Bothell, WA


  • Successfully deployed multiple releases with the waterfall process and with 100% test case pass rate.
  • Analyzed the system requirements (Object Oriented analysis) and provided technical designs with architectural considerations (performance, scalability, maintainability and design patterns etc.) of the System Integrations and System modules using ATG framework and two-phase http XML/schema SOAP based system integrations.
  • Interacted with the domain architects on design/architectural discussions and proposed system design walkthroughs.
  • Implemented system modules with the utmost code quality and earned rewards by providing almost bug free implementations on time.

Environment: Waterfall ATG 9.3, Repository, Catalog, Pricing, Profile, Weblogic, java 1.6, ATG SQL-DMS, Oracle, XMLBeans, XML and XSD.

Technical Lead/Solution Architect

Confidential, Bentonville, AK


  • Analyzed the requirements (Object Oriented analysis) and helped the business analysts to provide refined and quality use case documents.
  • Conducted brain storming sessions with business analysts, client representatives to clarity business requirements and brought clarity to end-end flows.
  • Delivered on time and high quality technical design documents (profile management, browse and shop experience, membership and payment gateway integrations, checkout process and pipelines) with architectural considerations (performance, scalability, maintainability, design patterns etc.) to the offshore teams.
  • Analyzed current item feeds to map them with ATG product catalog without affecting the current third party integrations depending on the current item setup.
  • Interacted with the Confidential architects on design/architectural discussions and proposed system design walkthroughs.
  • Interacted with the OMS team to design fulfillment integration processes and gift card processing.

Environment: ATG Confidential 2007.1, JBoss-4.0.5, Merchandising, ATG customer care, payment gateway integration, checkout, express checkout, browse & shop, external profile integration, java1.5, Subversion, ANT, Eclipse, ATG SQL-DMS, MQ Series etc.

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