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Senior Application Engineer Resume

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Beaverton, OR


  • 15 years of intensive work experiences in software solutions design and development in the areas of QoS - aware and secure wireless and IP networks, VoIP networks, real-time accounting and billing, and financial services industries.
  • 10 years of Java based application and system development.
  • Expertise in system integration, distributed systems.
  • Expertise in debugging and problem solving; and system performance analysis and tuning.
  • Senior system architect, software designer and engineer with strong data modeling.
  • Tech and team leads, mentoring, and architecture/design/code reviews.
  • Demonstrated experience and strong leadership skills in making influence on project stake holders, senior technical leads, and management team. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Abundant research experiences, abundant academic activities including writing scientific papers, patent.
  • Expertise in initiatives, and self-motivated learner.


  • Java
  • J2EE
  • Design Patterns
  • Spring Framework
  • Web Services
  • Eclipse RCP Development
  • TDD
  • Distributed Systems
  • Problem Solving
  • SQL
  • Wiindows
  • Linux
  • VoIP
  • QoS
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Networks
  • Business Development
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management.


Confidential, Beaverton, OR

Senior Application Engineer


  • Create SOAP client web services for order search, order details search, claim and shipment details, invoice search and details based on WDSLs; map the response payload in Json format.
  • Create RESTFul service controllers, services, and DAO for creating, reading, updating, deleting, and submitting claims with MongoDB, and RabbitMQ. Use MocMVC, MocServer in Groovy for testing.
  • Design and implement a system for receiving confirmation requests, send notices via Email Bridge and Extact Target using spring integration.
  • Performance tuning with MongoDB, with indexing, aggregation. Use Yourkit to profile the apps.
  • Mongo ReplicaSet: implement Mongo ReplicaSet in production environments, and Mongo Single in development environment.
  • Use AOP interceptor for OpenToken authenticator, and Backdoor authenticator, session renewal based on cookies.
  • Implement a mechanism for detecting service availability using AOP. Angular.js directives and services to probe testing query results.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Senior Software Developer, IT Architect, Tech Lead


  • Design and implement Analytics Report for costing and pricing using MVC pattern, event-driven pattern etc.
  • Design and implement RESTFul web services uploading financial factors for deal analysis.
  • Profile the app using Yourkit; Identify and fix issues.
  • Interface with project stack holders, collect requirements.
  • Architectural design to cover business requirements in application releases.
  • Code review and mentor new development team numbers.
  • Lead offshore team numbers from China, Romania, India and Austria.


Senior Software Developer


  • Design multi-threading systems to dispatch and progress requests.
  • Query user’s SLA in Oracle databases in a stateless manner.
  • Performance tuning and optimization.
  • Design and implement Eclipse plugin for User Management;


Software Developer and Network Engineer


  • Develop traffic query tools in Perl, and analyze traffic, and generate real time reports for voice line status using Java.
  • Develop traffic analysis tool, data mining voice call data.
  • Engineer engineered VoIP networks in Mexico, Trinidad, Honduras, Vietnam, Germany, with SIP, H323 protocols, and Cisco hardware to setup Virtual Private Networks.




  • Develop new generation of signaling protocols in IPv4/6 wireless networks. Quality of Service and Network Security were the two main features that were considered in the design. Implementation of SLP integrated in a downloadable protocol platform in Java.
  • Implementation of GUI using Java Swing in a senor network.
  • Design, simulation and implementation of a scheme for secure and efficient QoS-aware mobility support in cellular mobile networks, in C, C++.
  • IEEE802.11 MAC simulation in QoS routing protocols in C++.
  • US patent: US 7,171,202 B2 - Verifying check-in authentication by using an access token.
  • Journal and conference papers in wireless mobile computing, performance analysis, network security and QoS.

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