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Sr. Java/j2ee Developer Resume

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Kansas City, MO


  • 8 Years of professional experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) core area such as Analysis, Design, Coding, Implementation Testing, and Deployment of Object Oriented and Web based Enterprise Applications using Java/J2EE technology.
  • Wide experience in Application Design and Development of Client/Server Applications, Servlets/Applet communication, Internet/Intranet based applications using OOA, OOD, OOP, SOA,MVCand J2EE.
  • Proficient in developing web based applications using Java and J2EE technologieslikeJSP,Servlets, EJB,Struts,JDBC,JMS,Spring,Hibernate,JSF,XML,SAX/DOM,JAX - B.
  • Expertise in developing multi-tier applications usingStruts MVC, JSF andSpring MVC.
  • Good working experience in using different Spring modules (MVC, DAO, ORM, Core,AOP,ORM)in Spring Framework
  • Experience in developing persistent layer with Hibernate interfaces and annotations with good performance optimization
  • Strong experience implementing various J2EE design patterns like Singleton,Service Locator, Session Façade, Data Access Objects (DAO) and Factory for executing multi-tier, highly scalable, component based and services driven Enterprise Java applications.
  • Experience in implementing SOA architectures with web services using WSDL, SOAP and UDDI.
  • Expertise in design and development of Web Services which includes handling SOAP/REST Requests and Response using WSDL,JAX-RPC,JAX-WS and Web Services authentications
  • Expertise in building rich, interactive user interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js and Angular.js.
  • Worked extensively with GUI frameworks JSF and Swing.
  • Strong experience in developing XML Schemas, WSDL documents, XML Parsing and Bindingfor Web Service development
  • Expertise in XML and schemas like XSD, DTD and validating/non-validating parsers of JAXP (SAX & DOM) and JAXB.
  • Experience in implementing JUNIT with Mockito/Power Mock test cases
  • Hands on experience in Test Driven Development (TDD) and expertise in Continuous Integration using Jenkins and task automation using ANT and Maven
  • Good experience with version control systems like CVS, SVN and IBM Clear Case.
  • Good working knowledge of XMLIDEs like Altova XML SPY.
  • Experience in build tools like Maven to build and deploy n-tier distributed enterprise applications.
  • Strong experience with MySQL, Oracle 9i/8i, DB2, and SQL Server 2000 and Excellent skills in creating and accessing Database using SQLQueries.
  • Competence in using Java IDE tools of Eclipse, Net Beans, My Eclipse and RAD.
  • Expertise in deployment on Web/Application Servers like Tomcat7, JBoss7, WebSphere8.5 andweblogic11g.
  • Good experience withRCPfor developing the web application using the eclipse plug in development.
  • Experience in developing Data Binding logic as interface for UI and Business logic usingRCP.
  • Involved in development of business components usingRCP/RAP plugin development and OSGiFramework
  • Extensive experience in Eclipse Plug-in/API development, dependency management, Extension points,RCPProducts, EclipseEMFModeling.
  • Experience in developing Data Binding logic as interface for UI and Business logic usingRCP.
  • Expertise in Query optimization and good experience in writing SQL Queries, PL/SQL Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Cursors.
  • Experienced in Software Development Processes like Agile (SCRUM) Methodologies.
  • Extensively worked in Unified Modeling Tools (UML)indesigning Use Cases, Class diagrams, Sequence and Object Diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Experienced in deploying J2EE Applications archives (WAR and EAR) on application server.
  • Ability to adapt to new environments, and learn new technical skills in a quick and efficient manner


Languages: C, Java, J2EE, SQL

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris.

Java Technologies: J2SE, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, RMI, Web Services, Design Patterns, JAVA Beans, JSF.

Web/App. Server: Tomcat, Web Logic, Web Sphere, JBoss

Frameworks & IDE Tools: Struts, Spring,Hibernate, JSF, JUnit4, Maven, ANT, AJAX, Log4J, CVS, SVN, GIT, RationalClear Case.

Web-Development Technologies: JSP, XML, XSD, XSLT, DTD, DOM, LDAP, HTML, Java Script, JQuery,CSS, DHTML, Agile Methodology, Servlets, JSTL (Tag Libraries), JSF (Java Server Faces).

RDBMS: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Postgress, MySQL

OOAD: UML, Design Patterns.


Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Sr. Java/J2EE developer


  • Involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle including Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance.
  • Implemented single-page, user defined responsive web application to replace an old line-of-business web application as a sole developer using AngularJS.
  • Used Controllers in AngularJS to communicate between the view side and the data side of the application directives to perform DOM manipulation and Services to maintain re-usable logic such as script calls (AJAX) numerous data handling functions, parse and manage the JSON objects and etc.
  • Implemented web pages utilizing AngularJS core features such as Two way Data Binding, User Defined Directives(re-usability), MVC Model, Scope, HTML Templates, Dependency Injections, Validations, Event handlers and etc. Developed various re-usable directives to avoid code repetition and efficiently re-use the code usingDependency Injections.
  • Involved in writingJavaWebServices for supporting web application consuming those services on health care wellness application.
  • Involved in Development using Java (Back-end), Hibernate (Also SQL), JAX-RS (for REST) and Junit following Agile Methodologies. Used SVN and Maven for version control.
  • Used Hibernate core interfaces, mapping associations to implement DAO layer.
  • Integrated Spring with Hibernate and made as Spring bean using Hibernate Template.
  • Used SpringIOC framework to integrate with Hibernate.
  • Developing database adapter, web services adapter, ftp adapter, messaging adapter and custom workflow for non-oracle system using Camel.
  • Implemented SOAP based webservice using SpringCXF and jms config objects.
  • Used Http client, Jackson libraries to consume Rest based services and to handle JSON based responses.
  • Used Mockitoto test individual methods for unit testing.
  • Extensively used JQuery selectors, events, Traversal and JqueryAJAX with JSON Objects
  • Implemented New Features, enhancement, bug fixes for existing Cerner Healthcare Programs application.

Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP/Rest web services, Junit, SVN, Maven, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Ajax, SQL, Agile, Scrum.

Confidential, Mobile, AL

Sr. Java/J2EE developer


  • Involved in analysis, design and development of e-bill payment system, transactions, History, Branch Locator as well as account transfer system and developed specs that include Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams in UML with Rational tools
  • Developed the presentation tier using Spring Framework that ensures MVC rapid application development.
  • Developed account transfer system using Spring beans and developed persistence layer in Hibernate for data access
  • Used SpringFramework for Dependency injection and integrated with the JSF Framework and Hibernate.
  • Experienced in using Spring annotations based on layer in applications like @Component, @Controller, @Service, @Repository, etc. annotations.
  • Implemented and configuring Spring MVC components Dispatch servlet, Controllers and View resolvers.
  • Implemented Centralized dispatch controllers for all incoming requests using Spring Interceptors, custom annotations and Controller
  • Used XML parser APIs such as JAXB in the web service's request/response data for marshalling and un-marshalling.
  • Developed SOAPWeb Servicesby using JAX-WS and Restful web services by using (JAX-RS) Jersey framework.
  • Developed Web Servicesto provide the list of transactions for an account as a SOAP endpoint service
  • Conversion of major Openwork’s components in to EclipseRCP/SWT platform along with support of Swing-SWT components.
  • Worked with Swing andRCPusing OracleADF to develop a search application which is a migration project.
  • Design and development of Sync Administration UI that includes different modules/plug-ins like Well Manager Conflict UI, Seismic 2D/3D file synchronization UI in OSGiRCP/SWT platform.
  • Used XSLT to transform the response data in a readable form to be presented to the user
  • Implemented persistence layer using Hibernate that use the POJOclasses to represent the persistence database tables. These POJOs are serialized Java Classes that would not have the business processes.
  • Implemented Hibernate utility classes, session factory methods, and different annotations to work with back end data base tables.
  • Implemented Hibernate second level caching to improve read performance.
  • Used Jersey API to implement Restful web service to retrieve JSON response and used Jackson library to parse JSON response.
  • Implemented Ajax calls using JSF-Ajax integration and implemented cross-domain calls using JQuery Ajax methods.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete design patterns such as MVC, Business Delegate, Session Facade, DTO, Singleton and Factory.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers for efficient interaction with MySQL.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUNIT.
  • Used Log4J to capture the log
  • Built,configured and deployed applications using Maven.
  • Used CVS for version control across common source code used by developers.

Environment: Java, Hibernate, Spring, SOAP/Rest web services, JSF, Maven, WSDL, Jax-Rs, Junit, Log4j, RCP.

Confidential, Janesville, WI

Sr. Java Developer


  • Responsible for programming, and troubleshooting web applications using Java, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQLServer.
  • Responsible for Cross-browser testing and debugging, and creating graphics.
  • Involved in creating CSS for a unified look of the Front End User Interface.
  • Created optimizing web graphics, including designing and incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features.
  • Worked with the business stakeholders to determine navigational schemes, site flow and general web page functionality.
  • Prepared Technical Design Documentation for the modules designed.
  • Involved in all facets of software development life cycle, from requirements analysis, architecture, design, coding, testing and implementation.
  • Developed and maintained the application UI based on Eclipse.
  • Actively participated in requirements gathering, analysis, design, and testing phases.
  • Developed and implemented the MVC architectural pattern, JSPs as the view, Struts as Controller and as model.
  • Create plug-in for UI usingRCP.
  • Strong experience onRCP, JFace and SWT.
  • Designed on Eclipse Workbench UI, a feature based product, using Eclipse Views, Editors, Selection Service,JFaceViewers,JFaceData Binding, Dialogs, Wizards, Ps, Perspectives, Forms, Command Handlers/Actions, Status Manager and more.
  • Created graphical user interfaces (GUIs) front-end using JSP, JavaScript and JSON.
  • Struts Action Servlet is used as Front Controller for redirecting the control to the specific J2EE component as per the requirement.
  • Developed JSP with Custom Tag Libraries for control of the business processes in the middle-tier and was involved in their integration.
  • Responsible for developing the client side validations using JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Developed the XML Schema for the data maintenance and structures.
  • Prepared documentation and participated in preparing user’s manual for the application.
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing, user-acceptance testing and bug fixing.

Environment: JAVA EE5, J2EE, XML, HTML, Struts2, Servlets, Java Script, JSP, CSS, JDBC, SQL Server, Web Sphere 8, Windows,RCP.

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL

Sr. Java developer


  • Worked with development team to design solutions; implemented client side JavaScript tracking code in JSP web application using s code.js code library
  • Designed and implemented application using JSP, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Annotations, Spring Batch, Spring AOP, Hibernate, JMS, Oracle and WebLogic server.
  • Created and optimized graphic prototype websites and applications interfaces using HTML and CSS.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, WebServices using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Implemented and designed user interface for web based customer application.
  • Designed business applications using web technologies like HTML, XHTML, and CSS based on the W3C standards.
  • Ensured tagging implementation is correct by walking through the code, working with digital pulse debugger and Charles web debugging proxy. Finally validate data quality by validating reports in Adobe Analytics and Ad-hoc analysis (Discover) tool.
  • Mentored UI/UX and development team for tagging using implementation guidelines and best practices.
  • Assisted QA teams for creation of different test cases for end-to-end validation of tracking code.
  • Created classification hierarchies for Traffic variables and Conversion variables.
  • Prepared shared dashboards as per requirements of business stakeholders
  • Deployed JavaScript using Bright Tag a tag management solution for Sears and Kmart desktop sites.
  • Extensively used JIRA as an issue tracking and bug-reporting tool.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, XML, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring ORM, Spring AOP Microsoft Excel, VBA Script Debugger, Developer's Console, Bright Tag.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in the design and prepared use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams for various modules.
  • Followed Agile methodology and Test driven approach for project deliverables
  • Developed the application using JSFFramework for the web tier and EJb3 and JPA for the backend development
  • The Presentation Layer was developed using HTML, JSP, JSF, CSS, JavaScript, and JSTL.
  • Used Java Persistence API (JPA) through Hibernate
  • Developed test classes in JUnit for implementing unit testing.
  • Configured WebSphere Application Server to create Connection pool and Datasource.
  • Developed Message Driven Bean (MDB) components in WebSphereMQ Series for e-mailing and Data transfer between client and the providers.
  • RAD for application development and Rational ClearCase for source control system.
  • Implemented Graphical User Interface (front-end) using JSP, JSF, HTML, JSTL, CSS, JavaScript and custom tags.
  • Used Java/J2EE Design patterns like Business Delegate, Session Façade and Service Locator in the project which facilitates clean distribution of roles and responsibilities across various layers of processing.
  • Code review and walkthrough of the developed code and coordinating the code review by component leads.
  • Worked with production support team for the application deployment in UAT and Production
  • Gained significant business knowledge and validated the production data to be used during the QA testing of both the applications.
  • Orderly logged the whole application using LOG4j.

Environment: JSF, JSTL, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, JSP, Hibernate, Log4J, JPA, Ant, JUnit, DB2, WebSphere Server, MDB, MQ Series, Eclipse, ClearCase, Rational Rose, Windows XP.


Jr. Java Developer


  • Developed UI using struts view component JSP, AJAX, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Developed the application using Struts framework to model the MVC architecture along with Tiles and Validation framework
  • Involved in configuring Web.xml, Struts-config.xml and Tiles-def.xml files and Write Action Mappings and Action classes in development of application.
  • Developed Abstract Classes, Dispatch Action Classes and Forms for efficient request delegation
  • Used web 2.0 tools for security Aspect and dependency injection.
  • Used AJAX for interrelated web development to increase the web page’s interactivity, speed, functionality and usability.
  • Involved in implementing the DAO pattern for database connectivity and used the JDBCAPI extensively.
  • Used AJAX to make asynchronous calls to the server. The Struts action class on the server side would process the request and return the result as JSON data
  • Created standard support forms to capture requests and data for Sales Logic.
  • Handled client side validation using JavaScript.
  • Created custom tags to front-end using JSTL.
  • Developed and maintained data persistence using JDBCframework.
  • Used Web Service to exchange data between our application and third party software.
  • Extensively used Log4j logging in the application.
  • Deployment and testing of Application in TomcatWebServer.
  • Used Eclipse as the IDE for the application.
  • Worked in environments likes internal, QA and PROD.

Environment: J2EE, JavaScript, JSP, Struts 1.2, JDBC, Hibernate, Log4j, AJAX, JQUERY, Web Services, Eclipse, Tomcat 5.X, Adobe Flex, SQL Server, and UNIX.

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