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Java Developer Resume

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Akron, OH


  • Having 7+ years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Implementation of Multi - Tier distributed applications using java, J2EE and PHP Technologies.
  • Strong front-end UI development skills using scripting languages like JSP, HTML, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, GWT and CSS.
  • Extensive experience in design, development and implementation of Hibernate ORM Framework.
  • Strong database skills in Oracle and MySQL.
  • Proficient in developing Web Services and its related frameworks like: WSDL,SOAP,REST, JAXR and JSON.
  • Extensive experience in implementing MVC framework usingSpring, Struts in J2EE architecture
  • Expertise in programming wif SQL, PL/SQL and Stored Procedures.
  • Expertise in designing applications using various J2EE design patterns like Singleton, Value Object, Data Access Object, Factory, Session Façade, Business Delegate and Service Locator etc.
  • Experience wif various software development methodologies like SDLC, Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), Agile Software Development, Scrum Methodology.
  • Expertise in using and configuring various web & application servers like WebLogic, Tomcat, WebSphere and JBoss.
  • Used Log4j for application logging and notification tracing mechanisms.
  • Expertise in development of test cases using JUnit.
  • Used various core Java concepts such as Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Collection API’s to implement various features and enhancements.
  • Hands on experience wif Onsite-Offshore coordination.
  • Ability to learn quickly in work environment, fluent in communication, productive interpersonal skills wif ability to understand and cooperate wif group requirements efficiently.


Languages: Java, PHP, SQL and PL/SQL.

JEE/JSE Technologies: JDBC, JPA, AJAX, JSP, Servlets, JMS, EJB, ESB and JavaScript.

Markup Languages: HTML, CSS, DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT.

Web Services Technologies: XSD, SOAP, JSON, REST, WSDL, JAXR.

Application/Web Servers: WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss.

Application Frameworks: Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate.

Web Application Frameworks: Angular.js, Node.js

Databases: Oracle 11g, IBM DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB.

Tools: Ant, Maven, JUnit, Log4j.

IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, WebLogic Workshop, IntelliJ.


Confidential, Akron, OH

Java Developer


  • Converting teh Use cases into Technical Design Documents and Developed Code using Java.
  • Responsible for writing several Action Classes, Helper Classes, Property files, events etc. in different layers of teh application.
  • Developed teh Graphical User Interface using JSPs, Struts tag libraries and Custom tags.
  • Updated teh existing EJB components (stateless session beans) to meet teh business requirements.
  • Involved in developed teh user interface of teh application using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS.
  • Configured connection pools, data sources for JDBC connections onTomcatand WebLogic based servers.
  • Developed Business Objects for business logic implementation and Data Access Object using JDBC API for database interaction.
  • UsedHibernateFramework for persistence onto Oracle database.
  • Wrote complex SQL, PL/SQL queries and stored procedures for bulk processing of data.
  • Unit testing using JUnit and bug fixing through Symphony Caliber defect tracking system.
  • Automated IT and business reporting manually jobs.
  • Used XML, XSD to designSOAPbased Web Services.
  • RESTweb services have been developed using JSON, Spring 3.x, Hibernate and Oracle 11g on Web sphere 8.
  • ImplementedSpringMVC architecture andSpringBean Factory using IOC, AOP concepts.
  • Deployed and tested teh application on development and test UNIX environments.
  • Built and managed teh jars and war files using Apache ANT.
  • Providing teh support for all teh applications developed.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Hibernate, JUnit, Shell, SQL, Eclipse, Tomcat, WebLogic, jQuery, UNIX, AngularJS, REST, SOAP, JSON, Spring.

Confidential, Cary, NC

Java Developer


  • Involved in analysis and design phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Designed teh framework using J2EE for teh system, this includes coding business component and interfaces to be used by teh team for system development.
  • Requirement Analysis and gathering in teh initial phase of teh project.
  • Design and developed teh views to perform CRM functionalities (MVC Framework).
  • Developed front-end web-based enterprise application inAngularJS/Node.js/HTML5 technology stack.
  • Used Eclipse as Java IDE tool for creating Servlet Action class, used XSL Workbench for developing XSL files and deployed teh application.
  • Developed and maintained teh data layer using Hibernate.
  • Extensively worked wif Oracle Application servers, ApacheTomcat and JBoss.
  • Developed java code using Eclipse, SQL and Stored Procedures using SQL Developer.
  • Created a wrapper class to engulf teh logging framework using Log4j.
  • Storage and retrieval of objects intoMongoDB.
  • Created designs for teh front end of teh website in GWT for a better look and feel of teh project.
  • Used Jazz (IBM product) for tracking teh progress of teh project and teh due submissions.

Environment: JDK 1.6, Spring MVC, Hibernate, AngularJS, Node.js, Servlet, Log4j, Jazz, Tomcat, JBoss, GWT, MongoDB and Bootstrap.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in analysis and design phases of Software development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Worked on Agile methodology.
  • Development UI modules using HTML, JSP, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Wrote object-oriented JavaScript for transparent of both client and server-side validation.
  • Designed and developed application based on Spring MVC design pattern.
  • Used Spring validation and wrote validation rules.
  • Extensively designed and implementedRESTservices for downstream projects to consume.
  • Involved in developing code for obtaining bean references in spring framework using Dependency Injection (DI) or Inversion of Control (IOC) using annotations.
  • Primarily focused on teh spring components such as Dispatcher Servlets, Controllers, Model and View Objects, View Resolver.
  • Developed Application BL modules using EJB session beans.
  • Applied annotations for transforming POJO/POJI to EJB’s.
  • Involved in developing of Web Services using JAX-WS.
  • Involved in developing and maintaining Struts controller, Struts configuration files, Struts Action forms beans using Struts 1.2 version.
  • Involved in teh implementation of DAO using Spring-Hibernate ORM.
  • Involved in teh JMS Connection Pool and teh implementation of publish and subscribe using Spring JMS. Used JMS template to publish and Message Driven Bean (MDB) to subscribe from teh JMS provider.
  • Involved in creating teh Hibernate POJO Objects and mapped using Hibernate Annotations.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model wif a SQL-based schema.
  • Writing service methods and SQL queries, PL/SQL to interact wif teh Oracle DBMS.
  • Created Connection Polls in WebSphere and configured as needed.
  • Developed teh application using Eclipse for editing, debugging, compiling, formatting, build automation, test case template generation, mutator/accessor code generation, EJB template generation.

Environment: JDK 1.5, Spring MVC 2.5, JSP, JMS, JSTL, JavaScript, EJB 3.0, Struts 1.2, REST, JPA/Hibernate 3.0, POJO’s, CSS.


Java Developer


  • Developed web pages using Java, Servlets, JavaBeans, Applets, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Developed various reports to present to teh users over teh net using Servlets, HTML.
  • Played a key role in Unit Testing, Integration Testing and Bug Fixing and Quality Review.
  • Participated in User requirement gathering and created Use Cases.
  • Designed and generated Class, Sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Built Prototype and demonstrated teh User Interface to team members.
  • Involved in teh application Code development and Unit testing.
  • UsingSpringMVC frame work, configuring teh action path elements and redirecting teh requests to teh application.
  • Used Spring framework for dependency injection and integrated wifHibernate.
  • Written and executed Stored Procedures on teh Back-End using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Review and Walkthroughs of Design Artifacts and code.
  • Implemented Tomcat security Autantication and Authorization based on Roles.

Environment: Java, JDK 1.2, Servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, Applets, JDBC, JavaScript, Hibernate, Spring MVC, CSS and Tomcat.


Jr. Java Developer


  • Coordinated wif teh users to gather and analyze teh business requirements.
  • Design & Development of design specifications using design patterns and OO methodology using UML (Rational Rose).
  • Involved in Use Case analysis and developing User Interface using HTML.
  • Developed dynamic page designing using JSP to invoke Servlets (Controllers).
  • Developed JDBC connection pooling to optimize database connections.
  • Wrote different stored procedures in Oracle using PL/SQL.
  • Used JavaScript for Client side validations.
  • Implemented Session Tracking and User Autantication.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JavaBeans, HTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Tomcat.

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