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Java Developer Resume

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Hagerstown, MD


  • Over 6 years of professional experience in building multitier software applications dealing with teh design, development and maintenance, with expertise in object oriented java and J2EE technologies.
  • Extensive understanding of relational database concepts and commendable experience in constructing Queries, stored procedures, functions and triggers using My SQL and SQL server.
  • Experience in designing and developing enterprise applications for J2EE platform using Servlets, JSP, EJB, JNDI and JDBC and knowledgeable about SDLC and facilitating practices.
  • Adept in design practices using creational, structural and behavioral design patterns such as Factory method, Singleton, Abstract factory, Front controller, Data access object, etc.
  • Proficient in implementing collections, multi - threading using concurrent design patterns and well versed with teh Exception handling mechanisms in java.
  • Expertise implementing MVC architecture using framework (Spring MVC, DAO) for designing, developing and deploying web applications with IOC and AOP mechanisms.
  • Experience working with Hibernate 3.2 as teh back-end Object Relational Mapping (ORM tool) for mapping java classes with database using teh HQL (Hibernate Query Language).
  • Strong knowledge of JMS for asynchronous communication across applications and Proficient in developing and deploying applications on Tomcat and Web logic servers.
  • Ability to work with XML mapping and annotations and XML related technologies like XSL, XSLT, XSD, SAX and DOM parsers and used log4J for configuring and customizing logs.
  • Experience working extensively with source code analysis tools like JUNIT for developing server side test cases and determining application functionality.
  • Strong skills in developing web services using SOAP/REST by means of JERSEY implementation and good knowledge on data evaluation and transformation using Shell scripting.
  • Commendable experience working with Rapid application development tools like Eclipse and hands on experience building web applications using HTML, CSS, Java script, JQuery and Ajax.
  • Worked on Agile and Waterfall methodologies and actively participated in daily SCRUM meetings to produce quality deliverables within time with good understanding of business cycle.


Languages/API: Java 4/5/6, Java EE1.4/1.5, JDBC, HTML, XML, XSLT, XSD, Java servlets, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, EJB 2.0, Design patterns, Multithreading, Shell scripts, Java script

Web/Application services: Apache Tomcat, IBM Web sphere, BEA Web logic 7.1/8.1/10.3/11 g

IDE/Tools: Eclipse, Junit

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 8i/ 9i/ 10g/ 11g

Operating Systems: Windows 98/ Vista/ 7 / 8, Linux flavors, Solaris 2.x, Solaris 8/9


Confidential, Hagerstown, MD

Java Developer

Environment: Spring 2.0, JSP, JDBC, Linux, Ajax, CSS, JPA with Hibernate, Hibernate- Annotations, Hibernate- entry manager, HQL, JAXB, JMS, Struts, Subversion, Eclipse, Junit, Java 5, Web services, Oracle 10g, Weblogic 10.3, Log4j.


  • Developed teh back-end part of teh application involving Spring 2, JPA, Hibernate 3.2 and Web Services.
  • Developed Graphical User Interfaces using Struts, JSP, JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Used JPA and Hibernate annotations for object relational metadata and practiced Generic Data Access Pattern for designing and implementing persistence layer.
  • Used SOAP UI to test web service API calls.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like Singleton, command, Factory, Business Delegate, Session façade, Service locator, Transfer object and view object for developing enterprise application.
  • Involved in creating Restful web services using JAX-WS, JAX-RS and Apache Axis-2.
  • Included client side caching using Angular JS and performed teh server side caching using Hibernate EH cache.
  • Designed effective test cases to test business logic using JUnit.
  • Provided production support for product after development and resolved defects and worked on bug fixing and resolving issues working with teh QA team.
  • Used Spring framework for Dependency Injection, AOP and Transaction management.
  • Experienced in handling different core interfaces, caching mechanisms and joining strategies using teh Hibernate framework.
  • Designed effective integration test cases using Spring for persistence layer testing.
  • Used various features of Spring 2 such as XML configuration extensions for declarative transaction management, Java generics support, Annotation driven dependency injection.
  • Developed user- friendly GUI using JSP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Created web servlets using JSP, JavaScript, JDBC and adopted Agile methodology in teh development including daily SCRUM.
  • Developed teh front end screen using Ajax and EXT-JS.
  • Teh test cases included testing teh persistence layer concepts such as attach/detach entity objects, optimistic locking, transactional behavior of methods using database.


Java Developer

Environment: Oracle 11g, Eclipse IDE, JBoss Application server, J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets), JNDI, HTML, XML, Junit, JavaScript, Windows NT/Enterprise, Rational Clear quest, Rational Clear case.


  • Developed secure server side application using JBoss.
  • Responsible for writing J2EE compliant java code for application development effort which involved working with JSP, Servlets, JDBC, XML, EJB, etc.
  • Used Spring AOP for logging.
  • Involved in multitier J2EE design using Spring IOC architecture and developed PL/SQL scripts to fetch and update Oracle database.
  • Used Hibernate ORM framework as persistence engine.
  • Involved in gathering information from clients and provided production support after teh application developed.
  • Performed various CRUD operation using RESTful web services.
  • Practices core java design patterns like Abstract factory, Factory, Singleton and Façade for assuring quality coding and development of teh application.
  • Implemented server side using XSL, XSLT, SAX and DOM parsers for XML files.
  • Implemented analysis, development, testing and integration for subsystems within a complex Medicaid system implementation.
  • Implemented business logic using session beans for integration of EJB’s into struts framework.
  • Used Agile development environment and involved in daily SCRUM and worked on UAT issues and production support issues as a part of teh Release support team.
  • Performed unit and system testing and created test plan and test cases using MOKITO.
  • Involved in teh design phase of teh application and worked on teh design diagrams, use cases, pseudo code and data components.
  • Performed code reviews and ensured compliance with teh corporate standards.
  • Involved in teh architecture of teh modules according to teh J2EE standards like client tier, web tier and business tier.
  • Developed web pages using struts view component JSP, JavaScript, HTML.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Sr. Java Developer

Environment: Java 1.4, J2EE 1.4, JSP 2.0, Servlets, Spring 2.5, IOC, JPA, Struts 1.x, JDBC, JMS, JavaScript, Web services REST, WSDL, SOAP, Oracle 10g, SQL, HTML, AJAX, XML, WebSphere 7.0, Eclipse 3.2, Junit.


  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture by developing Java web services using WSDL and SOAP.
  • Used JPA/Hibernate to write DAO classes for interaction with teh database.
  • Implemented various design patterns - Singleton, Abstract design Factory, Business Delegate, Value Object and Spring DAO.
  • Developed teh web tier using JSP, Spring MVC.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as requirement gathering, modeling, analysis, architecture design and development.
  • Used Spring framework for teh implementation of teh application.
  • Used advanced core java features like annotations, generics, enhanced for loop, etc. throughout teh application for well-defined programming.
  • Developed business rules using Core Java (J2SE).
  • Involved in fixing defects in application worked in JSF managed beans, converters, validator and configuration files.
  • Designed and developed front end applications using Struts 1.x.
  • Mapped business objects to database using Hibernate and used JPA annotations for mapping DB to objects.
  • Deployed teh application in WebSphere server.
  • Created teh unit test cases and mock objects using Junit framework and used Eclipse as teh IDE for teh development.
  • Stored teh entire details of teh project for database needs using Oracle 10g.
  • Developed business components and integrated those using Spring features such as Dependency Injection, Auto wiring components such as DAO layers and service proxy layers.
  • As part of a different application, implemented MVC web based application using Struts.
  • Implemented REST services for web application using JERSEY implementation of RESTful services. Integrated JERSEY core to Spring and developed all business components in Spring.
  • Implemented JAX-WS based web services.
  • Used java architecture for XML binding (JAXB) for marshaling and u marshalling of java objects and teh XML files.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

J2EE Developer / Business Integration Analyst

Environment: Java 6, J2EE, CSS, Ajax, JQuery, Oracle 10g, Hibernate 3.0, Spring 2.5, Spring web flow, Eclipse 3.5, 5.1, Weblogic, XML, SOAP UI, Active MQ 5.1, Unix.


  • Implemented Java multi-threaded process responsible for spawning light weight threads for multiple job activities and ensuring concurrent processing of teh jobs.
  • Used Agile methodologies and SDLC for managing life-cycle development of teh project.
  • Maintained and improved teh distribution systems for teh removal involved with documentation which included developing asynchronous multithreaded queues of processing of documents, enhancing custom ORM metadata systems, etc.
  • Configuring Spring Dependency injection with Hibernate and Struts frameworks.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, JSP tag libraries, Struts Tag Libraries, JavaScript and Ajax for simplifying teh complexities in implementing teh application.
  • Worked closely with QA team for system testing and bug fixes.
  • Actively involved in creating complex stored procedures, functions, triggers and created index’s on database table.
  • Create Hibernate mapping files to map with teh data base tables and Java objects.
  • Managed FTP archive such as mirroring software and internal vs external access coordination and management.
  • Implemented JMS using IBM MQ series.
  • Validated all forms using Struts validation framework and implemented Tiles framework in teh presentation layer and implemented Action classes using Dispatch action.
  • Used Spring AOP to implement Distributed declarative transaction throughout teh application.
  • Developed Restful Web services using JAX-WS and JAX-B and used Castor to map teh Java objects to XML schemas for Marshalling and Unmarshalling of objects.
  • Created Message listeners to listen on teh Active MQ queue.
  • Actively involved in creating schema and schema changes in Oracle database and wrote complex named query in Hibernate.
  • Used Task Executor for managing multi-threading in order creation module.
  • Implemented Web Services using Axis2 along with Reliable messaging with Sandesha2 and created unit test cases and tested teh components using JUnit framework.
  • Responsible for on-site offshore co-ordination for requirement gathering and for project execution.


Java Developer


  • Developed email interfaces to interact with third party applications like Knoah soft.
  • Contributed to development of client side and server side codes for external and internal web applications.
  • Contributed to servlet based web application development.
  • Interacted with product/business owners and other teams for teh identification and removal of teh application problems.
  • Used JDBC connection pooling to handle data transmission.
  • Re-designed and re-implemented teh existing functionalities into a modern n-tier architecture using J2EE Framework.
  • Involved in developing web pages using HTML, CSS and JSP and developed java classes dat used JMS to communicate with teh Queue managers with JNDI for managing teh applications.
  • Provided support to teh testing team and resolved bugs raised by teh testers in teh stored procedures.
  • Implemented E-Receipt program for ICICI using web services.
  • Involved in migration service of E-mail service provider to Responsys API and provided assistance and support to programming team members as required.
  • Assisted in maintaining and updating teh existing applications and modules.

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