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Java Developer Resume

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Austin, TX


  • Over 7 years of experience as a Software Developer in Analysis, Design, Development and Testing and Implementation of applications on Java/J2EE technologies
  • Expertise in using JavaScript, jQuery 1.x, DOM, AJAX, JSON, HTML/DHTML and CSS for view layer
  • Excellent technical knowledge in back - end RDBMS tools like Oracle 9i/10g and MySQL
  • Strong programming experience in JAVA, J2EE, JSPs, JQuery, EJBs, Servlets, Struts, Tag Libraries, JSTL, RMI, XML, HTML5,CSS3, Web services, PHP.
  • Extensive experience in Object Oriented design, Systems Analysis, Software & Web Application development.
  • Strong experience in implementing MVC framework like Struts 2.0, Spring 3.x and ORM tools like Hibernate in J2EE architecture
  • Extensive development experience in web applications using Java 5/6/7, J2EE1.4/1.5, JSP 1.2/2.0, Servlets 2.5, EJB 2.0/3.0 and APIs like JDBC, Java Mail, JNDI, XML and JavaBeans
  • Experienced in SOA and Web Services technologies, including Restful, JAX-WS, JAX-RPC, Axis, Soap, XML, WSDL, SAX and DOM
  • Good understanding of JAVA / J2EE Design Patterns like Singleton, Factory, Front Controller, Value Object, Business Delegate, Service Locator and Façade
  • Experienced in buildtools like Ant and Maven, Log4j for Logging and jUnit for testing
  • Expertise in using J2EEApplication Servers such as IBM WebSphere 4.x/5.x/6.x, WebLogic 10x, 12x, JBoss 7.x and Web Servers like Tomcat 5.x/6.x/7.x
  • Extensively used IDE for Application development like RAD 6.0, Eclipse3.x, and Net Beans.
  • Experienced in database GUI/IDE Tools using TOAD, DB Visualizer and MySQL Client
  • Experienced in handling Version Control Systems like CVS, VSS and SVN. Working experience with the operating systems like UNIX, Solaris andWindows.
  • Development experience includes working with cross functional team and global development teams in Onshore/Offshore Model
  • Proficient in working across all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile methodologies
  • Expertise in object modelling and Object Oriented design methodologies (UML). Experience with UML diagrams like Class, Object, Use Case, State, Activity diagrams
  • Innovative in implementing asynchronous applications and Message Driven Beans using JMS.
  • Good working experience in writing Stored Procedures, Functions, and Packages
  • Experience on object oriented development using agile development, design patterns and tiered architecture.
  • Domain knowledge in Technology, Finance, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare industries.
  • Planned,directed, and coordinated activities of different projects to ensure that goals/objectives were accomplished within prescribed time frames and budget.
  • Demonstrated track record of analyzing situations, implementing in a fast paced environment.
  • Experience in working with diverse global teams in product development and testing.
  • Highly motivated, dedicated, ability to work independently and as a resourceful part of the team, along with excellent Technical, Analytical and Communication skills.


J2EE Technologies: Servlet, JSP, JDBC, RMI, JNDI, JSTL, Web Services, EJB

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat 5.x/6.x/7.x, IBM WAS 5.1/6.0/7.x, JBoss, Weblogic Server 10

Frameworks: Struts 2, Hibernate, Spring 3, JUnit, Log4J J2EE Design Patterns

Languages: Java/JDK 7.0, SQL

XML Technologies: XML, DTD, XML Schema, DOM, SAX, SOAP, WSDL, JAXB, XML-Beans, JAXP, AJAX, JQuery, JSON

Web Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DHTML, Apache Axis

Databases: Oracle11g, MySQL

IDE Tools: Eclipse 3.0/2.x, My Eclipse 10

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN

Operating Systems: Mac OS,Windows 10/8/7/XP/2000/NT, UNIX, Linux


Confidential, CA

Java Developer


  • Participated in development phases of the project with major emphasis on coding and unit testing of the modules.
  • Development methodology used was the agile methodology. Process included iterative development, 2 week sprints, and daily stand.
  • Developed the presentation layer on Struts framework using Servlets and JSP.
  • Used Eclipse for developing web components such as JSP, Controller tier that includes action classes.
  • Designed and developed the business logic components using facade design pattern.
  • Created war/ear files and deployed them on WebSphere application server.
  • Developed various stored procedures, functions, and packages and materialized views along with JDK and JDBC for backend and middle level data access layer between Java and Oracle in OLTP application.
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures to perform complex database operations.
  • Front-end designing and validation were done using the JavaScript.
  • Prepared Test Case document to test the required functionalities.
  • Performed Unit as well as integration testing for all the modules.
  • Created Technical documentation as per the company standards.
  • Used Ant scripts to fetch, build and deploy the application to development environment.
  • Enhanced the system with change requests and coordinating with business and development team.
  • Interacted with DBAs, Data Architects, Application Team, Infrastructure team.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSPs, Servlets, JDBC, Web Services, SOAP/HTTP, Struts, Web sphere, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, NetBeans, Oracle, Windows.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Java Developer


  • Responsible for taking business Requirements from business people
  • Involved in full Development Lifecycle.
  • Involved in designing the system based on UML diagrams which include Data Flow Diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram.
  • Have worked in all phases from Development till post-production in all Releases.
  • Developed business components and configured as beans using Spring Dependency Injection.
  • Generated POJO classes and Hibernate mapping files using Reverse Engineering.
  • Developed DAO classes using Hibernate Template from Spring with Hibernate API.
  • Used different primary key generators such as sequence, identity and native.
  • Managed Associations such as one-to-many, many-to-one, etc.
  • Designed and Implemented MVC architecture using Spring MVC.
  • Developed administrative interfaces with the technologies of JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, spring and Hibernate.
  • Used Eclipse as an IDE for developing the application.
  • Used SVN for version control.
  • Developed the application using frameworks like Struts, Java Server Faces (JSF) and Spring frameworks.
  • Proficient with Web Services Description Language (WSDL) for describing Web services and developing a UDDI compliant registry for publishing and finding description for Web services.
  • Wrote WebServices using SOAP for sending and getting data from the external interface.
  • Implemented the validation, error handling, and caching framework with Oracle Coherence cache.
  • Done production Support to Live Users.
  • Worked on database objects.
  • Developed JUNIT Tests to unit test services and integrated them to build and deploy process using Maven Build Tool.
  • Designed UI screens using JavaScript, JSP 2.0, Ajax and XML, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.
  • Used Log4j for logging and Eclipse for Development.
  • Responsibilities include working web sites and content management systems. Provide services on java based content management system by utilization of XSLT.

Environment: Java 1.6, Hibernate 3.5, Spring 3.0, Spring MVC, XML, SOAP, WSDL, Ajax, CSS, JDBC, Java Script, Eclipse, Oracle 10g, JDK, JUNit, Unix.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Java Developer


  • Responsible for prompt development of services, features and tools for the company's highly interactive UI System.
  • Involved in writing XML WebServices using SOAP to communicate between applications.
  • The existing web system was enhanced using Struts.
  • Involved in repetitive machine driven effort using Agile Methodology.
  • User Interfaces were developed using Servlets, JSP, JSF, JS, CSS, JQuery, Struts and HTML.
  • Used CORE and HTML tag libraries for expressing Java Server Faces within a view template.
  • Created a UI which involved in displaying the customer transaction and profile information.
  • Designed and developed various Pages which are being used by the IT team.
  • Used Velocity variables while creating dynamic templates.
  • Designed HTML, JSP’s for front-end templates.
  • Wrote different queries to be used to retrieve information from the DB.
  • Used various UI tools like AJAX, EXTJS and JSON.
  • Involved in testing the UI developed.
  • Responsible for the building and deployment of the created UI along with all the functions integrated in it.
  • Modified the existing databases, stored procedures, objects, tables, sequence and indexes according to the functional requirements of the business flow.
  • Client side validation was done using JavaScript.
  • Involved in administering Weblogic Portal Server.
  • J2EE application development on Windows and UNIX platforms using MVC pattern.
  • Weblogic 10.3 was used for deploying and testing purposes.
  • Developed an Ajax framework for rapid development of Rich Internet Application access to databases.

Environment: Java EE 5, EJB 3.0, JSP, JSF, Servlets, Hibernate, JavaScript, Struts, WebServices, Visual Basic.NET, Oracle10g, HTML5, CSS3, XML/XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, Clear Case, Junit, Toad, JSF, Eclipse-Galileo, AJAX, Core Java, UML, Weblogic Portal Server.

Confidential, Allentown, PA.

Java Developer


  • Created the Mock-ups using HTML and JavaScript to understand the flow of the web application and created class diagrams using MS Visio 2007.
  • Involved in the process of analysis, design, and development of the application.
  • Maintain and modify the application entry system Rapport, customizing as the business dictates.
  • Developed the user interfaces using HTML, JSP and Servlets for different User Interfaces using RAD 6.1 tool.
  • The entire application was developed in J2EE using an MVC based architecture with help of Spring (MVC)
  • Developed spring Controller classes, Command classes and configured dispactcher-servlet.xml for Spring (MVC)
  • Created dynamic HTML pages, used JavaScript, JQuery to create interactive front-end GUI.
  • Used spring and created the Dependency Injection for the Action classes using ApplicationContext.xml.
  • Configured the deployment descriptors in Hibernate to achieve object relational mapping.
  • Involved in writing procedures, queries using PL/SQL to process the data on MS SQL Server database.
  • Performed regression testing, unit testing using JUnit.
  • Used Web Services (JAX-WS) for exchange rate calculations and used WSDL and SOAP messages for getting credit card information from third party and used SAX and DOM XML parsers for data retrieval.
  • Used IBM Rational Clear Case as version control tool for maintaining source code and project documents.
  • Implemented Log4J for Logging Errors, debugging and tracking using logger components.

Environment: Java, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, XML, XSD, SOAP-UI, UML, Eclipse, MS Visio 2007, MS SQL Server, Maven, JUnit, Rational Clear Case, Linux, Log4J, Apache Tomcat.


Java Developer


  • Analyzed object oriented design and developed sequence and class diagrams using UML.
  • Developed Admission & Census module, which monitors a wide range of detailed information for each resident upon pre-admission or admission to your facility.
  • Developed Care Plans module, which provides a comprehensive library of problems, goals and approaches.
  • Developed UI using HTML, JavaScript, and JSP, and developed Business Logic and Interfacing components using Business Objects, XML, and JDBC.
  • Designed user-interface and checking validations using JSP and JavaScript.
  • Managed connectivity using JDBC for querying/inserting & data management including triggers and stored procedures.
  • Developed components using Java multithreading concept.
  • Developed various EJBs (session and entity beans) for handling business logic and data manipulations from the database.
  • Involved in design of JSP's and Servlets for navigation among the modules.
  • Designed cascading style sheets and XSLT and XML part of order entry
  • Developed client side validations with java script.

Environment: J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, EJB, JNDI, JavaBeans, Java/JDK, JMS, JDBC, Oracle, PL/SQL, XML, XSLT, RAD, HTML.


Java Developer


  • Worked closely with the Requirements team and analyzed the Use cases.
  • Elaborated on the Use cases based on business requirements and was responsible for creation of class diagrams, sequence diagrams.
  • Adopted J2EE best Practices, using Core J2EE patterns.
  • Developed in Eclipse environment using Struts based MVC framework.
  • Designed and developed presentation layer using JSP, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Created JSPs using JSTL and Struts tag libraries
  • Developed Struts Action and Action Form classes. Created the Tile definitions as required.
  • User Input Validation is done using the JavaScript and Action Form.
  • Performed SQL operations using Oracle Database.
  • Designed and developed an Intranet/Internet application.
  • Implemented action classes, form beans, helper classes, persistence manager and data access objects.
  • Used Session Beans for business logic and Entity Beans for database persistence.
  • Deployed J2EE components (EJB, Servlets) in Web Logic Application server.
  • Performed unit testing using JUnit framework.
  • Participated in Functional Design Document and Technical Design Document reviews.
  • Actively participated and contributed to establishing Standards and Guidelines.

Environment: Web Sphere Server, Struts 2.0, JSTL, CSS, DB2, JSP, JDBC, EJB, RAD, J2EE, Java, UMLs, HTML, Joint, Log4j, JavaScript, J2EE Patterns, SQL, MVC, CVS.

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