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Java Software Developer Resume

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  • Java software developer.
  • Extensive software code development and code maintenance.
  • Extensive experience writing code patches and debugging software.
  • Software functional testing experience.
  • Strong analytical skills, excellent ability to solve problems.
  • Solid understanding of object oriented programming.
  • Solid Understanding of Java language, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Persistence application framework, and Java web services.
  • Self - starter, motivated, team player, willing to work hard, committed, persistent, and eager to learn new things.
  • Strong oral, written and communication skills.


Languages: Java, J2EE, JavaScript, C/C++, SQL, Perl, XSLT, Bash, Korn shell, Awk

Java APIs: Java Servlets, JSP, Apache Struts, JSF, JPA, JPA QL, JMS, EJB, JAXP, JDOM, Swing,JDBC, Hibernate, Spring, JFreeChart, Apache Commons FileUpload

Web Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Node.js, Liferay, REST, SOAP

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Make, gcc, gdb

Java Tools: JHat, JConsole, Findbugs

Unix Tools: Vi, vmstat, netstat, ifconfig, ssh, tar, find, grep, top, dig

Development Environments: Eclipse, NetBeans, Intellij

Application Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish

Revision Control: Git, Subversion, CVS, RCS

Bug Tracking: JIRA, TargetProcess

Unit Testing: JUnit

Continuous Integration: Hudson

Operating Systems: Solaris, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, VMWare

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Informix

Database Tools: MySQL Oracle SQL Plus, Oracle SQL Developer, MySQL Workbench

Collaboration Tools: SharePoint, Wiki

Diagnostic and Administration Tools: SOAP UI, JXplorer, WebTop



Java software developer


  • Confidential provides a telephone over IP service for small businesses. Learned how teh software code was structured.
  • Worked on making code enhancements and bug fixes to teh backend of teh Web Console user interface, which was written in node.js.
  • Wrote Selenium tests for teh Weblink configuration code.
  • Fixed bugs in Web Console user interface code which was written in JavaScript.
  • Wrote NUnit tests for teh Auto Attendant code.
  • Wrote a test framework for testing making phone calls through teh voice system and verifying that those phone calls were made correctly.
  • Used Git extensively to create branches, check out code, and push code to teh main code base.



  • Confidential manufactures eyeglasses for Kodak. I halp to maintain teh Java software used in manufacturing.
  • Created a way for users to manually print out prescription cards using teh Card Printing program
  • Wrote teh Signet Calculator Controller program to monitor running instances of teh Signet Calculator Client program. dis program remotely starts, stops, queries, and uploads instances of teh Signet Calculator Client program to different virtual machines. I developed dis program using Java, Java Server Face, Prime Faces, JPA, Enterprise Java Beans, and JavaScript. dis program uses a MySQL database for persistence. Used jQuery to parse and format information for web page coming from teh server.
  • Worked on teh Lab File Processor program. Teh Lab File Processor program creates tags that are used by teh work ticket program. Teh Lab File Process program is written in Java and uses Java Swing.
  • Worked on teh Signet Card printer program. Teh Signet Card Printer program prints out teh eyeglass prescription cards that are sent with teh eyeglasses to doctors and patients. Teh Signet Card printer program is written in Java and uses Java Swing.
  • Worked on teh Vision web File Processor program. Teh Vision web File Processor processes lens prescription orders over teh web. Teh Vision web File Processor program is written in Java and uses Java Swing.
  • Wrote teh Crossbows File Processor program to halp with debugging teh Crossbows vision software. Teh Crossbows File Processor program is written in Java.
  • Worked on teh work ticket program, which is used to print out work tickets. Modified teh work ticket program to add eyeglass prism and compensation values.
  • Modified restful web services to get lens calculation results for teh compensated lens prescriptions.
  • Wrote SQL queries against teh AS400 database.



  • Worked on teh UTi global Go2UTi Internet and MyUTi intranet web sites. Teh UTi web sites used teh Liferay enterprise portal. I developed and maintained Liferay Java portlets to run on these web sites.
  • Wrote HTML and CSS code to display web content on teh Go2UTi and MyUTi sites teh same across all major browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Configured teh home page Random Banner loading to load images sequentially, randomly, or weighted randomly using jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Updated teh Office Directory Portlet, which allows users to search for UTi employees by location. I modified teh Office Directory portlet to redirect searches for certain locations.
  • Wrote teh Email Java portlet. Teh Email portlet allows a link to be added to a page that creates a popup window, which provides a form for users to email a web page to one or more recipients along with a message. dis page requires teh user use a Captcha form for security.
  • Updated teh Documentum Java portlet. Teh Documentum portlet is an interface to teh Documentum documents repository. Teh Documentum portlet is used on teh MyUTi web site. I modified teh Documentum portlet to allow users to add a document folder link to a page, which open a table displaying all of teh documents contained within that document folder.
  • Created teh Stock Ticker Java portlet to replace teh Liferay RSS portlet. Teh Stock Ticker portlet displays UTi stock ticker information.
  • Created new UTi Investor Relations pages. Teh Investor Relations pages initially used an iFrame solution provided by Thompson Reuters. I worked on converting these pages to XML feeds. I wrote XSLT pages to convert teh XML pages to HTML pages for display. These pages used XSL documents, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
  • Created teh Webcasts and Presentations XML feed page using XSL documents. Teh Webcasts and Presentations page allows users to download PDF versions of documents.
  • Created teh Event Calendar XML feed page using XSL documents. Display upcoming and past events. Allows users to add events to calendar, view webcasts, open and download supporting materials.
  • Created teh Stock Quote XML feed page using XSL documents and a modification to teh XSL Java portlet. Teh Stock Quote page allows users to view stock quote information, stock charts, allow chart comparisons, chart types, time frames, frequencies, historical price lookups, and an investment calculator.
  • Wrote a Java portlet to handle teh Press Room page. Teh Press Room page allows users to search for press releases and download press release documents.
  • Wrote teh SEC Filings Java portlet. Teh SEC Filings portlet retrieves information from an XML RSS feed and displays dis information. Teh user interface allows a user to search for SEC filings by keywords and SEC groups. Teh SEC filings web page displays a table containing filing dates, descriptions, filing group, and allows a user to download SEC filings documents in Word, Excel, or PDF versions. Teh SEC Filings portlet allows users to perform keyword searches for documents.
  • Used SOAP UI to debug problems with communication with teh Documentum server.
  • Created teh Google Analytics Java portlet to flag users who are internal to our corporate network.
  • Updated teh Go2UTi JSP user interfaces to teh UTi eMpower system, which is used for tracking shipments and packages.



  • Worked on teh Confidential web site multifactor autantication project for teh company web site. Multifactor autantication was added to provide enhanced security by allowing users to specify a set of challenge questions, images, sounds and phrases that teh user would be required to access features of teh bank web site. ID Shield was teh backend program used to provide teh multifactor autantication services. Teh ID Shield methods were exposed as a set of web services. Teh code for teh Multifactor autantication project was written in Java and JavaScript. All development was done using Eclipse IDE and Clear Case Source control system.
  • I wrote teh Enroll User in ID Shield program to allow users to enroll in ID Shield. I wrote teh JSP pages and Struts Action classes that called teh web service methods to access teh ID Shield functions. Used SOAP UI to debug problems with web service.
  • I wrote teh Manage ID Shield Questions and Answers program to allow users to change or modify their ID Shield challenge questions and answers.
  • I wrote teh Manage ID Shield Images/Sounds and Phrases program to allow users to change or modify their ID Shield challenge images/sounds and phrases.
  • Modified struts-config.xml files to use Enroll User in ID Shield, Manage ID Shield Questions and Answers, and Manage ID Shield Images/Sounds and Phrases programs.
  • I wrote a custom validator for multifactor autantication project to validate teh users challenge question answers for correct type, format and length using regular expressions. dis validator was used wherever challenge questions and phrases were used.
  • I used jQuery to add behavior to web pages such as displaying question answers when checkboxes are selected, disabling text fields when radio buttons are selected, changing form actions before form submissions, gathering information from web pages for form submission, and setting styles for web page elements.
  • Wrote JavaScript code to create popup halp windows.
  • I created JSP custom tags for handling user challenge questions. Teh custom tag allowed me to remove redundant code from teh application.
  • Accessed multifactor autantication operations through teh Spring framework. Configured Spring xml files.
  • Worked on backend code to add some multifactor autantication operations. Teh backend code used teh command design pattern to perform various multifactor autantication operations.
  • Fixed bugs with user login operations. And added styles for user login pages.
  • Set up and configured IBM Web Sphere and IIS Server on my machine. Used Windows task manager to monitor memory uses and manage java processes running on computer.



  • Worked on teh St Charles Health System web site software. Teh St. Charles web site software ran on teh Glassfish java application server running on Red Hat Linux OS. All software code was written in Java, using teh JDK version 6 and JEE version 6. Web pages were written using Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I used teh NetBeans IDE to write, edit, compile, run and debug all java source code. All data was store in a MySQL database.
  • All web site software used teh Model-View-Controller design pattern. All user interface code was written in JSP, HTML and CSS. All controller logic was written using Java Servlets and all model code was put into separate classes.
  • Wrote Java Session Beans to access teh MySQL database using teh Java Persistence API. All database access was done through teh Java Persistence API using teh Java persistence query language, JPA QL.
  • Wrote Find a Doctor and Doctor Administrator Programs. Teh Find a Doctor program allows users to search for doctors by name, facility and region. Teh Doctor Administrator program allows administrators to enter in doctor information and download doctor photos into teh database.
  • I used teh Apache Commons File Upload Java library to download photos to teh MySQL database.
  • Wrote Find Hospital Service and Hospital Services Administrator Programs. Teh Find Hospital Service program allows users to search for hospital services by name, doctor, region, and facility. Teh Hospital Service Administrator program allows administrators add new services into teh database.
  • Wrote Find a Hospital Facility and Hospital Facility Administrator Programs. . Teh Find Hospital Facility program allows users to search for hospital facilities by name, doctor, region, and service. Teh Hospital Facility Administrator program allows administrators add new services to teh database.
  • Wrote Classes and Events Registration and Classes and Events Administrator Programs. Teh Classes and Events Registration program allows users to view, search, select, register, and pay for classes and events online. Teh Classes and Events Administrator program allows administrators to set up classes and events and enter classes and event times, locations, instructors, and registration and material cost information. Teh Classes and Events Administrator program allows administrators to view all users who have registered for classes and events, approve user registrations, submit payment information, and send email notifications to users.
  • Wrote program to send emails to users using teh Java Mail API.
  • Wrote program to schedule emails and archive old classes and events using teh JEE version 6 Timer Service.
  • Used teh PayPal Java API to submit classes and event registration payment information to PayPal bill payment service.
  • Wrote Baby Photos Program and Baby Photos administration programs. Teh Baby Photos program allows users to post, view and share baby photo pictures online with family and friends. Teh Baby Photos administrator program allows administrators to add baby photos to teh database and approve photos to be viewed by users online.
  • Wrote JavaScript code to create popup windows, select menu items and validate user input.
  • Used jQuery library to added tabbed panels to user interfaces for web applications.
  • Designed and built database tables for St. Health System web site. Used MySQL database, MySQL Workbench and MySQL administrative tools, Wrote MySQL SQL scripts to create, update, search, and populate database tables.



  • Worked on teh ServAssure Advanced and ServAssure Enterprise products. Teh ServAssure products allow users to monitor teh health of networks of cable modems and cable modem termination systems, CMTS’s, for cable service providers. Teh ServAssure products are written in Java and ran on teh JBoss Application Server with teh Tomcat web server.
  • Wrote, fixed, and updated JUnit tests for ServAssure Advanced and ServAssure Enterprise products, using Java and Eclipse.
  • Made numerous code enhancements and fixes to teh ServAssure products, using Java, J2EE, JSP, JDBC, SQL, and Eclipse.
  • Made code fixes and enhancements for teh Watchdog component of teh ServAssure Advanced product, using Java, and Eclipse. Watchdog allows teh users to monitor any problems of teh ServAssure Advanced product.
  • Made code enhancements to ServAssure Scaler product, using Java, Eclipse, and Java SNMP API’s. Teh ServAssure Scaler product simulates many simultaneous connections of cable modems and cable modem transmissions systems.
  • Worked on ServAssure Advanced Reactor component, using Java and Eclipse. Teh reactor component gathers and processes information from teh cable modems and cable modem termination systems for teh cable service providers. Teh Reactor component stores information gathered in an Oracle database.
  • Worked on adding internationalization support for ServAssure Advance product, using Java and Eclipse. Internationalization support allows teh ServAssure product to be used with several different languages.
  • Added more robust Java exception and error handling support for ServAssure Enterprise product, using Eclipse. Added Java shutdown hooks for ServAssure Enterprise processes.
  • Wrote Solaris package creation program for teh ServAssure Enterprise products, using Ant, Bash shell and Awk. Teh packaging program allowed deployment to easily install teh ServAssure Enterprise product.
  • Wrote ServAssure Enterprise configuration program, using Java, JSP, JPA, JAXP, JDOM, XML, HTML, CSS and Eclipse. Teh ServAssure Enterprise configuration program allowing a user to manage configuration properties files and configuration scripts for teh ServAssure Enterprise product from a central location. Teh ServAssure Enterprise configuration program consisted of both a Java text based command line program and a Java web based graphical user interface. Teh configuration program parsed an XML file containing information needed to perform teh configuration. Data was persisted to a database using JPA.
  • Wrote Configuration Management Reporting Tool program, using Java, Intellij, and Subversion Java API’s. Teh Configuration Management Reporting Tool is a Java program that extracts Subversion code and JIRA ticket information and generates a report used by configuration management.
  • Wrote Cable Modem Equalization Data program, using Java, Swing, JPA and Intellij. Teh Cable Modem Equalization Data program creates equalization coefficients data plots and tables for cable modems and cable modem transmission systems from SNMP data stored in teh ServAssure Oracle database. Teh Cable Modem Equalization program also allows users to sort on various cable modem signal metric information.
  • Wrote program to display cable modems and associated metrics information from teh Cable Modem Equalization data program. Teh map program was written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and teh Google Maps JavaScript API.
  • Added web based front end to Cable Modem Equalization program, using JSP, Java Server Faces, HTML, and CSS.

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