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Software Engineer Resume

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Greenville, SC


  • Software Engineer with Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and 4 + years of JAVA experience including Spring and Hibernate JAVA frameworks.
  • Experience with xmlbeans and Oracle. Team player with strong interpersonal skills. Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem - solving environment adding value by high motivation to achieve your goals and a passion for current technology.


Applications: Eclipse Source Control Svn Databases MySQL, Oracle

Operating Systems / SDKs: Java 1.6 + Mac\Linux\Windows Mozilla, IE,Chrome

Software Development: Agile principles JUnit Real - time machine control Visualization and graphics

Languages / Notations: XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS C++. Javascript SQL J2EE


Confidential, Greenville, SC


  • Developing a working online game using advanced html 5 features and bleeding edge technology
  • The development website for the game

Confidential, Greenville, SC

Software Engineer


  • Rapidly became expert on the extensive 3 year old code-base and 3-tier architecture which translates file formats
  • Rapid in-house development of new software updates and modifications using JAVA to support existing legacy system and to provide newly created cases
  • Supervised junior programmers and guided them with assigned development projects through providing one-to-one guidance in JAVA programming techniques.
  • Built a gui tool using SWT that helped developers with their general workflow.
  • Modified an existing legacy system to have a more modular and object oriented structure.
  • Did a presentation on the modular system that I developed that helped the team refactor other codebases.
  • Created an automatic scenario tester that used an excel spreadsheet and xml to verify requirements after every run.
  • Was a part of the discussion of new ideas and used my experience in multiple teams to help keep out negative changes.
  • Participated in the process of moving a system to using QA and well documented scenarios for requirements
  • Created a solution that removed a system that was having issues due to the fact that it dynamically created jython code that was hitting method limits.
  • Helped to keep on track the refactoring of a migration of a legacy system.




  • Collaborated in the in-house development of new software for dietitian needs

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