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Java Developer Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • 5+ years of professional experience in IT industry involved in developing, implementing and maintenance of various web based applications using Java, J2EE and open source frameworks.
  • Extensive work Experience and knowledge of all phases of Software development life cycle (SDLC), which includes Client Interaction, Business Analysis and Modeling, Design/Architecture, Development, Integration, Documentation, Coding, Testing, Deployment and developing applications utilizing AGILE and SCRUM methodologies.
  • Expertise in developing and using J2EE frameworks like Struts, Spring, MVC, Spring - JDBC AOP, Context, Security, Batch and Spring Templates .
  • Vast experience in design and development of Java and J2EE Technologies like Servlets, JSP, JDBC JTA and JNDI.
  • Proficient in developing Web Services and its related frameworks like: WSDL, SOAP, REST, AXIS and Jersey.
  • Used SOAPUI Functional testing tool for API Testing which supports multiple protocols such as SOAP, REST, HTTP, and JMS.
  • Experience with Core Java with strong understanding and working knowledge of Object Oriented Concepts like Collections, Multi-threading, Exception Handling, Reflection, I/O and Serialization.
  • Experience in Object Relational Mapping (ORM) like Hibernate, JPA and configuring using configuration files and annotations.
  • Experience in designing and developing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML5, XHTML XML, XSL, XSLT, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript and CSS3, JSF, JSP, JSTL Servlets, React JS and Angular JS.
  • Experience in writing PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Complex SQL’s.
  • Configured Log4j and developed unit test cases using JUNIT and Mockito for determining application functionality.
  • Implemented Deign Patterns like Service Locator, Session Façade, Data Access Objects (DAO), Factory, Singleton, Data Transfer Object (DTO), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Delegate.
  • Experience in configuring build tools like MAVEN, GRADLE and ANT for the development and deployment.
  • Worked on different IDEs such as IntelliJ, Eclipse and NetBeans for the development of all the J2SE, J2EE applications.
  • Experience in deploying and configuring Application Servers like Web Sphere, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat and JBOSS.
  • Install and configure the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0 components, Monitor exceptions in the web-based ESB Management Console and Create complex itineraries.
  • Extensive experience with Model2 (MVC) architecture and Jakarta Struts/Tiles. Solid experience in using Jakarta Apache frameworks like Struts, ANT, JUnit and Log4J.
  • Designing and creating business rules using IBM ILOG RILES Engine.
  • Experience in RDBMS such as Oracle, MySQL and IBM DB2 databases.
  • Developed UML diagrams like Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence and Behavior Diagrams.
  • Experience in JAXB & JAX-WS web services.
  • Experience with using SVN, CVS and GIT as source code management.
  • Experience in developing projects for Banking, Insurance and Public sector.
  • Ability to work effectively in cross-functional team environments.
  • Good presentation and communication skills.


J2SE Technology: Multithreading, Reflections, Collections, Serialization, I/O, Logging

Middleware & J2EE Technologies: JMS, MQ Messaging, Active MQ (Middleware), Servlets, JSP, JTA, JDBC, JNDI (J2EE)

WebLanguages: Core Java, J2EE (JSP, JSF, Servlets, Struts 2.0, Spring Web Flow, JSP Tag Libraries, EJB 3.0,JDBC, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL

Frameworks: Spring MVC, Spring Security (LDAP), Struts, JSF Framework, Hibernate

Scripting Language: Extensible JavaScript, Java Script, CSS, AngularJS, PHP, Shell

GUI: HTML5, XML, XSD, AJAX, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular JS, JQUERY, CSS3

Database: Oracle11g, MySQL 5.x and SqlServer

Programming Language: C, C++, Java

Operating System: Windows 9x/NT/XP/2003/7/8/10, Linux, UNIX

IDE Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Spring Tool Suite

Web Services: SOAP, REST, Web Logic, Web Sphere, Tomcat, JBOSS

Methodologies: OOPS/OOAD, UML, J2EE Design Patterns

Automation Tools: Maven, ANT, Gradle, Log4J, JUnit, TOAD, SOAPUI, Rational Rose, SVN, CVS

ORM Tools: Hibernate, JPA


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java Developer


  • Used Object-oriented analysis (OOA) for object-modeling techniques to analyze the functional requirements for a system.
  • Designed and developed the view-controller components using Servlets/JSPs, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, HTML and DHTML.
  • Developed user-friendly interface to seamlessly combine the new module with existing login system by using Angular JS.
  • Responsible for making AJAX Calls for theUIInteractions to the Controller Actions using Angular JS and getting the Data back as JSON and parsing it onto the UI.
  • Developed the JSON structure for the data transfer in between the Goggle Web Toolkit (GWT) and business tier.
  • Created a Front-end application using JSPs, JSF, Swing, GWT and Spring MVC for registering a new patient and configured it to connect to database using Hibernate.
  • Experience in writing database queries on Oracle 9i.
  • Created Action Classes for the application using Model View Controller (MVC) approach.
  • Involved in developing and configuring server sideJ2EEcomponents like Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JSON, REST Web Services, JNDI, LDAP,J2EEplatform using Eclipse IDE.
  • Used spring core for dependency injection/Inversion of Control (IOC) and connection pooling.
  • Implemented Spring MVC architecture and increased modularity by allowing the separation of cross-cutting concerns using Spring AOP.
  • Written Client/ Server side validations for the project using Struts Framework.
  • Implemented Java Persistence API (JPA) through Hibernate.
  • Worked on development of Hibernate, including mapping files, configuration file and classes to interact with the database.
  • Provided SQL scripts and PL/SQL stored procedures for querying the database.
  • Deployed application on JBOSS application server environment.
  • Provided utility to connect to LDAP to get the user details and the authorized packages.
  • Extensively used Eclipse for writing code.
  • Used spring JDBC template for persistence with data base.
  • Deployed the application using Tomcat web server.
  • Responsible for developing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture with Controllers, orchestration and web services.
  • Implemented Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and other ESB guidance artifacts in the custom orchestrations.
  • Developed Web services to allow communication between the applications using Rest and SOAP based Web services.
  • Tested Web Services using SOAP UI toolkit locally.
  • Developed unit testing frame work using JUnit test cases for continuous integration testing and used JTest Tool for performance testing.
  • Used Log4j for Logging and Used Quality Center for Bug Reporting Tool.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, CSS, Log4J, Hibernate, Angular JS,Web services, Jboss, Apache Tomcat 8.0, Eclipse, AJAX, JUnit, Html, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Struts Framework, Spring Framework, Spring IoC, JDBC, XML, JSON, Oracle, MySQL, XML.

Confidential, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Java Developer


  • Involved in requirements gathering and analysis from the existing system.
  • Worked with Agile Software Development.
  • Designed and developed business components using Spring AOP, Spring IOC, and Spring Batch.
  • Implemented DAO using Hibernate, AOP and service layer using spring, MVC design.
  • Developed Java Server components using spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Web Services technologies.
  • Using Java1.7 with generics, for loop, static import, annotations etc, J2EE, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Spring3.1 RC1, Hibernate, Web services (Axis, JAX-WS, JAXP, JAXB) JavaScript Framework (DOJO, JQuery, AJAX, XML, Schema).
  • Used Hibernate as persistence framework for DAO layer to access the database.
  • Worked with the JavaScript framework Angular JS.
  • Designed and developed Restful APIs for different modules in the project as per the requirement.
  • Developed JSP pages using Custom tags and Tiles framework.
  • Developed the User Interface Screens for presentation logic using JSP and HTML.
  • Have Used Spring IOC to inject the services and their dependencies in dependency injection mechanism.
  • Developed SQL queries to interact with SQL Server database and also involved in writing PL/SQL code for procedures and functions.
  • Developed the persistence layer (DAL) and the presentation layer.
  • Created Angular JS controllers, directives, models for different modules in the frontend.
  • Used MAVEN for build framework and Jenkins for continuous build system.
  • Developed GUI using Front end technologies JSP, JSTL, AJAX, HTML, CSS and Java Script.
  • Developed a code for Web services using XML, SOAP and used SOAPUI tool for testing the servicesproficient in testing Web Pages functionalities and raising defects.
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML, file that contains declarations and business classes are wired-up to the frontend managed beans using Spring IOC pattern.
  • Configured and deployed the application using Tomcat and Web Logic.
  • Used Design patterns such as Business Object (BO), Service locator, Session façade, Model View Controller, DAO and DTO.
  • Used Log4J to print info, warning and error data on to the logs.
  • Involved in writing the Junit test cases as part of unit testing.
  • Prepared auto deployment scripts for Web Logic in UNIX environment.
  • Used Java Messaging artifacts using JMS for sending out automated notification emails to respectiveusers of the application.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring Core, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Batch, Spring Scheduler, Restful Web Services, SOAP Web Services, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, Angular JS, JSP, JSTL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Web Logic, Tomcat, XML, XSD, Unix, Linux, UML, Oracle, Maven, SVN, SOA, Design patterns, JMS, JUNIT, log4J, WSDL, JSON, JNDI.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Java Developer


  • Worked in organizing daily scrum meetings with the developers, to follow AGILE methodology and delivering in sprints.
  • Involved in delivering the digital transformation of ROLB to decoupled architecture based on micro services to help power the existing apps using Restful API’s.
  • Developed the backend tier of the decoupled Smart Investor app using Spring Core, Spring MVC (CXF-JaxRS) framework providing Dependency management pattern invoking the FNZ API’s.
  • Involved in retrieving the data from FNZ in JSON and binding the JSON with the Angular JS framework and displaying on the UI.
  • Developed the Spring Controllers for the Smart Investor app which returns the JSON object, which in turn calls the Adapters used for implementing the validations and that has a REST call to the FNZ service via CXF implementing JAX-RS API.
  • Developed the MVC application according to the user requirements using Struts2x MVC, JSP, JSTL, HTML, JSON and CSS.
  • Implemented Hibernate Caching (Query and second level EH Cache) for frequent queries executed against database for reports.
  • Designed and Developed complex UI screens using Spring MVC, AJAX, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script for request management and search and filter modules.
  • Worked on Core components of Angular JS.
  • Integrated the Spring MVC with the Adobe CQ5 server and hosting the HTML pages on the CQ5 server to enhance security constraints for the application.
  • Implemented Restful and SOAP based web services layer to interface with ORACLE database using JAX-RS, JAX-WS, and JAXRPC API’s.
  • Implemented the Account Management micro service that used Spring Data to implement a JPA and Spring Rest to provide a Restful Interface based on Spring Boot application.
  • Involved in implementation of business logic in STRUTS framework and Hibernate in backend.
  • Worked with Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool Hibernate, using XML mappings and JAVA objects.
  • Developed database adapter, web services adapter, ftp adapter, messaging adapter and custom workflow for non-Oracle systems using Apache Camel.
  • Implemented EJB: Session Beans, CMP Entity Bean, and MDB using JMS.
  • Implemented the Smart investor app using RDBMS based MySql database design.
  • Built application interface and web scrapping scripts using OO designing, UML and python scripting.
  • Developed JSON objects and wrote rules using ILOG JRules business engine in UNIX development environment.
  • Maintained detailed technical documentation relating to development assignments using ILOG JRules.
  • Maintained backup schedules for server storage using JAVA Batch processing jobs using shell scripting.
  • Developed web-based user interfaces using Servlets, JSP, HTML, CSS and XML based client and server application.
  • Extensively worked with Core java Collection classes like Array List, Hash Map and Iterator etc
  • Performed deployments on SIT environment using Jenkins to promote to higher environments and used Maven for local builds. Sonar test cases were automated using Jenkins.
  • Worked as an onsite Defect coordinator with the testing team representing the build team for any defect related queries. Used Find bugs and Corbertura as plug-in in Development Environment to avoid bugs and thorough code coverage.
  • Used JUnit Test Cases for unit testing to achieve required coverage and wrote BDD using Mockito and Easy mock framework, raised peer code reviews along with external code reviews and implemented the code accordingly.

Environment: Java, J2EE, HTML5, Servlets, XSLT, Web Logic Application server 8.x, SOAP Web services, WSDL, Restful, Struts 2.0, Hibernate 2.5, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, JQUERY, Angular. JS, JavaScript, JDBC, CVS, XML/XSL, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Agile, Ajax, JDBC, ANT and UNIX, Micro Services


Java Developer


  • Designed client application using HTML, JSP, CSS and XML.
  • Responsible for use case diagrams, class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose in the Design phase.
  • Used Spring Core for dependency injection/Inversion of Control (IOC) to have loose-coupling.
  • Implemented application using MVC architecture integrating Hibernate and spring frameworks.
  • Implemented the Enterprise JavaBeans to handle various transactions and incorporated the validation framework for the project.
  • Used various Java, J2EE design patterns like DAO, DTO, and Singleton etc.
  • Used XML Beans for data interchange.
  • Developing and consuming web services likeSOAP (JAX-WS),REST (JAX-RS).
  • Wrote SQL Queries to interact with Oracle Database.
  • Developed Web Services to transfer data between client and server vice versa using SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
  • Used “Agile Development Methodology” and tested the application in each iteration
  • Developed version control using Subversion.
  • Used Spring Security for Authentication and authorization extensively.
  • Used Log4j for debugging the issues and exceptions.
  • Participated in designing Web services framework in support of the product.
  • Wrote SQL and HQL queries to retrieve data from the Oracle database.
  • Used XML to transfer the application data between client and server.
  • Developed a specific dashboard module and integrated with the application.
  • Used the JDBC for data retrieval from the database for various inquiries.
  • Done with unit testing of all java classes using JUnit framework.

Environment: Java, J2EE, spring, JDBC, JNDI, Hibernate, JMS, Junit framework, Tomcat, Eclipse, Oracle 10gXML/XSLT, HTML, JSP, JavaScript, SQL developer, Rational Rose, Subversion and Junit.


Java Developer


  • Involved in the analysis, design and development phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Used Rational Rose to generated Use case diagrams, Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams that modeled the design details of the application.
  • Developed UI screens using JSP, Struts tags and HTML.
  • Used Jakarta Struts Framework, based on the Model View Controller 2 architecture, for rapid application development and ease of maintenance.
  • Implemented several design patterns such as Business Delegate, MVC, Singleton and Factory.
  • Encryption and Decryption using symmetric keys.
  • Password encryption and Decryption and making it more sure.
  • Implemented SQL queries and Stored procedures for Oracle9i database.
  • Used Eclipse for writing JSPs, Struts and other java code snippets.
  • Used Junit framework for Unit testing of application and Clear Case for version control.
  • Built application using ANT and used Log4J to generate log files for the application.

Environment: Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts 1.3, Hibernate, XML Web service, SOAP, JAX-WS, Apache Tomcat 6.0, Unix, MySQL, NetBeans, Multithreading, Visual Source Safe.

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